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  1. author

    Caden O'Malley分 前

    Russell Wilson is the best player in the league if you look at what he has around him and the types of plays he makes

  2. author

    Mr Blue4 分 前

    Can someone put me in a coma until the NBA comes back?

  3. author

    3lement20105 分 前

    Collin: What is the country of origin? Joy: It is Croatian Collin: That helps a lot. LMFAOOO

  4. author

    Sam 136 分 前

    Colin is correct. Lakers vs Clippers or Lakers vs Bucks in the Finals

  5. author

    Steven Bresler9 分 前

    I worked for a restaurant owner who never took stock or cashed up. I also worked for an owner that meticulously counted every piece of stock every day and counted every cent. Guess which one is still operating?

  6. author

    Issy Card11 分 前

    Lebron should have like 8 to 10 mvps especially 07 taking the worst team to the finals

  7. author

    Janick Norman21 分 前

    I like Stephen, he's very street smart.

  8. author

    Sam Hibron22 分 前

    I would think nationally NFL is king but Globally the NBA is a monster they could very well be another king here nationally too. I wouldn’t call the NBA scrubs next to the NFL at all

  9. author

    Theo Tsemo23 分 前

    NBA is international. American football it's not even a sport outside the USA

  10. author

    Zeus Deuce28 分 前

    Kirk Cousins, can’t win big games but man he throws a nice ball tho 🙄

  11. author

    Optimist Prime33 分 前

    Don’t listen to Colin on this one, stinks of BS

  12. author

    Jeff Galland39 分 前

    Rather watch the NBA than the NFL

  13. author

    Notorious Dink48 分 前

    I thought that was just a really disgruntled aaron rodgers that shaved in the thumbnail

  14. author

    LAR Rodriglu49 分 前

    The world ain't give a damn about no football unless it's THE football, the nba will be fine, basketball is a global sport.

  15. author

    Bálint Rab50 分 前

    I hope Lebron and the Lakers make it to the Finals, but if it's going to be a Clippers - Bucks battle, I will enjoy it as well. Kawhi and Giannis are 2 of the best players in the league. Kawhi can become the 1st franchise player ever to win a ring with 3 different teams, Giannis also has a lot at stake, if he were to lose, he is probably out. It will be exciting either way. I understand that Lebron is the most marketable and the best player in the league, and his presence would be slightly better for the NBA overall, but the idea that no other Finals matchup will be enjoyable is straight-up not true.

  16. author

    Dndnnd Snsnsn56 分 前

    Love is better than Rodgers... change my mind

  17. author

    Dane Hart57 分 前

    bron and the lakers or not watching

  18. author

    Western Man時間 前

    Just so everyone knows, top 50 means an average of fewer than 2 players per team. Is it seriously outrageous to say there is ONE better Packer, and on average at least ONE better player on every other team? Stop over rating this guy as if he is more than a one time champion. And stop capitulating to Gottlieb. He's wrong to call someones entire list "stupid" because Rodgers hasn't performed overly well for a few years now.

  19. author

    Andre Acevedo時間 前

    At this point who else thinks he’s hating dak Prescott..?

  20. author

    Sean Kotch時間 前

    idk man after months of no sports i think we’re all going to really appreciate them way more even for another couple months

  21. author

    aidan Meyer時間 前

    Bron should literally have 11 mvps but that would be boring for the league that’s why he doesn’t win them

  22. author

    Rhys Robinson時間 前

    That’s the best analogy I’ve heard about the protests

  23. author

    Sneakyvolta時間 前

    JUST SCRAP THE NBA ALREADY ASTERISK WIN FOR WHOEVER GETS THE WIN. this is only for money and thats it. definitely NOT for the fans because there wont be any there????

  24. author

    A B時間 前


  25. author

    Susan B時間 前

    I still watch Mike Vick’s tapes in Atlanta and entertaining..😊

  26. author

    Sarthak Negi時間 前

    Hey man Nba is more global than the Nfl ..for eg here in India everybody watches the Nba religiously but the Nfl doesn't even stream here its going to be okay

  27. author

    Krishna sidhartha Potluri時間 前

    I am from India and I don't even know what NFL is except that there are a bunch of dudes crashing into each other . The NFL is not global like the NBA. I will watch most of the postseason games. International ratings will be high for the NBA with its star power.

  28. author

    Waffle Whale時間 前

    Even if the Jazz have Bogey they would still lose to the Rockets

  29. author

    Caesar Lopez Jr時間 前

    There is this thing called international viewers... (unless the NFL is actually more famous worldwide than the NBA, then I'm an idiot)

  30. author

    Levante Franklin時間 前

    Did he say Christmas? Charles trynna put me in a mental institution

  31. author

    kostas Pyrkas時間 前

    What an idiot....trying to make a business argument while his opinion is just his secret hope as a fan of Lebron

  32. author

    Steven Meinking時間 前

    Colin Kaepernick isn't in the NFL because he's not good enough, not because of his political stance. You're talking about a league that regularly hires and gives murderers, domestic abusers, and drug addicts second and third chances. If Kaepernick was good enough, he'd be on a team.

  33. author

    Veelow mUy mAlo時間 前

    Nick I don't care what they say about you, good call on my squad winning there Division. DA BEARS 🐻

  34. author

    Iversonwings時間 前

    3:30 for Charles Barkley

  35. author

    Chris Fowler時間 前

    You clearly don’t watch Bucks game. Without Giannis, the Bucks aren’t much.

  36. author

    rick m2 時間 前

    No man with a brain likes watching grown up men chasing a stupid ball to put through a hoop... it’s childish and dumb

  37. author

    Buddah Theepoet2 時間 前

    Y'all really think Carson is a future elite. No football iq at all lol.

  38. author

    Nishant Boorla2 時間 前

    This value nonsense needs to stop. No one can deny what was said about LeBron but that's not what the MVP is about. If all that is to be considered for MVP voting then there can never be a young MVP as long as there's an older star who has built a bigger legacy. D Rose will never win over Kobe or LeBron, MJ can't top Bird or Magic in the early years. Stop it!

  39. author

    Troy Wall2 時間 前

    I just wanna know why lebron didnt dig in like this for China

  40. author

    J Cabrera2 時間 前

    Collin you worry too much bron will be there and he will hold the trophies at the end of it all!!

  41. author

    dēaþ2 時間 前

    I for one will be glad when LeBron retires.

  42. author

    Brayden Mathews2 時間 前

    this did not age well...

  43. author

    D-Nugget2 時間 前

    Go Hawks Go Russell

  44. author

    MTB Maddox2 時間 前

    Did that man rly just say a golf tournament is gonna have higher ratings than the NBA final?

  45. author

    zeebo2 時間 前

    Colin, I like you. But as far as the rule changes go with the NBA. You’re wrong. You won’t be saying this is gimmicky when the playoffs come around and players like Draymond aren’t suspended for a game and make you lose a series.

  46. author

    Words of Wizdom2 時間 前

    Why does dak Prescott get so much love? He is barely a middle tier QB and wants to be paid more than the best ever. Enough said

  47. author

    beavwarius p2 時間 前

    cowherd hates the packers so much. its almost comical.

  48. author

    Thomas The Tank Vaughan2 時間 前

    Yes sir! LeBron James G.O.A.T

  49. author

    Chofly Elite2 時間 前

    As a lifelong GB fan who loves Rodgers, he belongs somewhere 40-60 overall so right at 50. He’s 19th in QBR last 1500 plays and his stats have almost universally declined 4 consecutive years.

  50. author

    Words of Wizdom2 時間 前

    I'm the biggest rodgers hater but he has to be in the top 50 players in the league

  51. author

    beavwarius p2 時間 前

    cowherd: darnhold?

  52. author

    AC NOW MC2 時間 前

    Cant wait for the return of Lebron and the NBA. What I dont want is politics. I have political stations I watch but eventually i have to be entertained. Let's focus on the court not the streets for a couple of hours

  53. author

    AC NOW MC2 時間 前


  54. author

    Danny C2 時間 前

    Wright did Leahy bad lol

  55. author

    Raymond Perez2 時間 前

    Bruh my boy is tripping

  56. author

    Brooks Orlando2 時間 前

    I know Rodgers wasn't great last year, but a lot of that was a product of being yr 1 in LaFleurs system. When they let him improvise and not rely too heavily on the run, he lit it up. Games vs Raiders, Chiefs, and Giants were examples. I'd agree guys like Mahomes and Wilson have overtook him just because they're closer to there physical prime. 36 isn't over the hill by any means though for a QB..Brady and Brees are both 5+ yrs older then him. Big Ben and Rivers are older. He should be a good starter til his early 40s if his health holds up. I'm not a big Gottlieb fan, but I agree with him. Rodgers not being top 50 is laughable

  57. author

    Banana Hammock2 時間 前

    NBA should play their season in China, where they are more aligned with the culture and the politics.

  58. author

    Corn Pop2 時間 前

    But Atlanta “made” your career right?

  59. author

    wes matthews3 時間 前

    Hes been carrying the leauge and paying yall bills for over 10 years. MJ has a autobiography/documentary and somehow his name is still in everyones mouth 🤷🏾‍♂️...and we watch value!!!

  60. author

    pearboii II3 時間 前

    He really loves Sam darnold

  61. author

    Leonardo Braynen3 時間 前

    Ummm.... Didn't Giannis win the MVP ward back 2 back? What is Colin on Lebron's nuts for????!!?

  62. author

    USA Man3 時間 前

    LeBron James is a racist sock cucker.

  63. author

    Leonardo Braynen3 時間 前

    So now colin wants the NBA to turn Lebron into *NEO*

  64. author

    Arty Harhar3 時間 前

    Dak wants Wilson money without being as good as Wilson. In fact it could be argued that he is average. Any average or even below avg QB will look good if they have time to throw and good receivers that run thier routes.

  65. author

    Lee Kautz3 時間 前

    Uhhh....NFL football doesn't go up against college football. And the NBA will definitely try to avoid football tv wise.

  66. author

    Saverio Catanzariti3 時間 前

    Basketball season needs to just wait til next year. It's too late. Move on.

  67. author

    Adam 22593 時間 前

    So Colin why not just have 2 nba teams and get rid of the rest? Let’s just keep the Lakers and the Celtics so this way Colin can get to see his man crush play every day. How about this if the lakers get knocked out of the playoffs the top seeded team gets to have LeBron on the team, and if the team with LeBron is down in the series then LeBron gets to go on the team that is leading the series.

  68. author

    juanio3 時間 前

    I don’t watch the nba because of lebron and when his gone I will continue to watch it just like I did before he got to the nba.

  69. author

    Mark Messina3 時間 前

    I didn't hear Stephen Jackson speak one proper sentence. Is he illiterate?

  70. author

    Loyalty Uncrythro3 時間 前

    U can't say the dude is declined when he got hurt and has to carry his team every year dude, enough of that 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  71. author

    Palrath13 時間 前

    without Rodgers the Packers are Drafting #1 overall.

  72. author

    Iron Mike Gouda3 時間 前

    well the burden on lebron is his fault tho. lets face it the reason why hes so talked about its cause HE is putting himself there and thats the only reason why people hate him.

  73. author

    richard ray archuleta3 時間 前

    Rodgers is overrated

  74. author

    J.D. Elliott3 時間 前

    I agree Doug

  75. author

    Turner Hoffman3 時間 前

    Lol you really think we're getting NFL this year the size of those teams it's gonna be impossible for that one

  76. author

    Pig Wizards3 時間 前

    aaron rodgers wasnt on the list which is wrong but he did have a off year compared to his other years not in stats but in play he did overthrow a lot of balls and make some other mistakes BUT the fact that DERRICK HENRY did not make that list is just plain wrong i would go to say that this year he was at least top 10 in players as he dominated everyone he ran against (besides the chiefs) and did not make the top 50 thats messed up

  77. author

    Rick Melbye3 時間 前

    I didn't see the list, but agree. Gotieb's argument doesn't hold water. Because if you're a GM putting a team together, you pick Mahomes, and then you go to all the other positions right? If you need to take a second QB it might be Wilson or even the old guys Brees and Brady... Duh! Get real.

  78. author

    Hector Rodriguez3 時間 前

    Imagine Aaron Rodgers was better than Dak Prescott

  79. author

    Modern Music3 時間 前

    The Russell and Mahomes argument is already flawed cause when the game was the on the line Russell lost week 17 to the niners and Mahomes beat them when he was down 10

  80. author

    LuDimezofKush3 時間 前

    Does Aaron Rodgers have any rings?

  81. author

    Jake Ramzy3 時間 前

    When Lebron retires the only other player I'll watch is Ben Simmons. I believe Lebron James has helped the NBA remain a high class organization he is basketball royalty and we are all blessed to have been able to watch a legend.

  82. author

    Nintariz3 時間 前

    No matter who "wins" this fake playoff thing, it's always going to be illegitimate in the minds of the public. You can't take months off, rest, play in neutral sites and call it the same thing as winning a normal championship. This a gimmick... period.

  83. author

    Troy Cohen3 時間 前

    Colin, nobody is forcing you to watch! Animal planet is always on

  84. author

    Nick Nichols3 時間 前

    Do you cup his sack when he's in your mouth?

  85. author

    S Chao3 時間 前

    This playoff format would be interesting if it turned out this way..

  86. author

    George Wray3 時間 前

    that girl definitely a cowboys fan 🚫 🧢

  87. author

    Jack Graham3 時間 前

    Funny that Colin says it’s not about stat lines yet without stats Lebron is literally just another great player.

  88. author

    Glenroy Smith3 時間 前

    You know who's going to save the NBA Colin every single one of those players and team that shows up not one player .

  89. author

    Jonathan Medina3 時間 前

    Danny interviewed really well. Great job. Excited for the nba to be back

  90. author

    Nitty Gritty3 時間 前

    I wonder how much Doug pay for his ounces of soft...🤔 I need a new connect bro!

  91. author

    Edwards4 時間 前

    That Freddie kitchens "let a fan coach the team" joke had me dying

  92. author

    Hamza Patel4 時間 前

    Yeah basketball fans going to choose basketball no matter what, so its cooling bruh

  93. author

    Vann Apragal4 時間 前

    If not Steph Curry, NBA currently would be 4th most popular sport in the US after NFL, NCAA football and NCAA Basketball.

  94. author

    Chad Atkinson4 時間 前

    Don’t forget LeBron last season They didn’t make the play-offs and they actually didn’t get any better after he came back from injury And a big part of the problem was the issue with team unity which was driven by his desire to get rid of all the young players and break up the team

  95. author

    Vann Apragal4 時間 前

    This is going to mess up 2 seasons of the NBA. NBA is going to take a huge hit all over unless something mind-boggling like the return of Jordan happens.

  96. author

    Aramis Alexander4 時間 前

    I don't believe football is bigger than basketball at this point

  97. author

    Vann Apragal4 時間 前

    "What if Clippers and Milwaukee meet in the final"... Now we know why the NBA is rigged!

  98. author

    Giacomo Gauci4 時間 前

    Based on this, Dak is the 17/18th best QB in the league... assuming Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Deshaun Watson or (Maybe Big Ben/Rivers) are better as well... I dont even like Dak's talent but that seems very low... poor judgement.

  99. author

    7700Football4 時間 前

    Nick was spot on concerning the protests and riots.

  100. author

    Vivek Reghu4 時間 前

    Colin "Married" Cowherd