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SuperM: lNTROSuperM: lNTRO

SuperM: lNTRO

ヶ月 前

HYO 'Badster' MVHYO 'Badster' MV

HYO 'Badster' MV

2 ヶ月 前

  1. author

    Taetae_luv9 秒 前

    Sm it's high time please open your eyes ..!

  2. author

    투명푸딩10 秒 前

    악플들이 쏟아지고 있을때 설리편 못 들어줘서 미안해요..힘이 되어주지 못해서 미안해요..하늘에서는 부디 편안하게 지내시길..,😭😇👌😭

  3. author

    langodai rusilawati10 秒 前

    I love u Taeyeon eonny. Stay strong and please dont care about every evil coment on social media or real life. Sone love u so much.

  4. author

    Mrs. kim13 秒 前

    So who am I really Did I do something wrong? I just want to end it -SULLI 2019 WE WILL MISS YOU SULLI❤️😭

  5. author

    Kanchana Tnmmasiri13 秒 前

    200m 😳

  6. author

    Halifah EXOL14 秒 前


  7. author

    ᄋᄋ14 秒 前

    노래는 좆구리네 못듣겠다

  8. author

    Gilang Ramanda17 秒 前

    turut berduka cita atas kepergian Sulli.

  9. author

    fared shawn20 秒 前

    I just came just for kai and baekhyun

  10. author

    Nehu Bhuriya20 秒 前

    Never forgotten Sulli.💕💕💕💕💕💕

  11. author

    리야리야33 秒 前


  12. author

    ßika Митупова35 秒 前

    클립을 기다릴 수 없습니다. ❤️

  13. author


    Now, who said that there's no dance in this song? Kindly watch their concert video, they have dance interpretation for this.

  14. author

    남도현살앙해51 秒 前


  15. author

    Thalita Desiderio56 秒 前

    Congrats, my babies

  16. author

    pj chen56 秒 前

    Yang masih streming cung

  17. author

    닭발먹고싶당分 前

    설리 언니 사랑해요❤️

  18. author

    Jungkooks Wifey分 前

    She did it for attention... Well she got but she will be forgotten soon,bts cant relate I would say try harder next time but and i oop-

  19. author

    미deliver分 前

    진짜 존나잘생겻다 진짜 와

  20. author

    Desktop ni JOSH分 前

    I cried in the end of the mv. Its like others starts to care for her after her living. 😔 Rest in Peace, Jinri.

  21. author

    Mark Pacaldo分 前

    200m congrats EXO AND EXO-L

  22. author

    grandestingz分 前


  23. author

    The Truth Untold分 前

    Rest Sulli ❤❤

  24. author

    Jilal A分 前

    I comeback again watch this MV after SULLI DIED news 😭😭😭

  25. author

    Rith Rith分 前

    200 M unlock now

  26. author

    chinami_ tsuyama2 分 前

    Wahhh suliii😭💕

  27. author

    knowing unknown2 分 前

    Heartbroken by the news of Sulli's passing, people weren't kind enough to this angel. I hope you've found peace Jin-ri, in a place where your beautiful smile can always shine. You will be remembered forever by all of us who loved you.

  28. author

    Yohann Mitsugawa2 分 前

    i got really sad after the news of you sulli.. we will miss you so much.. thank you

  29. author

    Exo Love2 分 前

    يسسسس 200m

  30. author

    nii kii2 分 前

    this song is too much nct and not superM.

  31. author

    farnaz Exol2 分 前

    300 million we are coming

  32. author

    lil sissy2 分 前

    I will miss sulli forever😭

  33. author

    성준하2 分 前

    하..진짜 개슬프다 갠적으로 팬이었는데 좋은곳에서 쉬시길 바랄게요ㅜㅜ 진짜 안잊을게요

  34. author

    Ngân Phan2 分 前

    Exo-l Việt Nam

  35. author

    Ariadne Yeira2 分 前

    She sang it with full of emotions because she also experiencing it.

  36. author

    Karen Hernandez2 分 前

    Somebody in 2019?

  37. author

    Captain Levi2 分 前

    JPreporter recommending f(x) when sulli died, rip 🙏🙏

  38. author

    exo爬梯子陪這2 分 前

    Are you coming back sulli😵 I..... Miss you 😭😟❤

  39. author

    Grif Flow3 分 前


  40. author

    Shafia Qureshi3 分 前

    All I can say be kind with your words 🙁

  41. author

    Kaisoo DikaHC3 分 前

    200M now

  42. author

    Nasrul Hak3 分 前

    Rip sulli 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  43. author

    nirma novianti3 分 前

    yeay 200M views 😍

  44. author

    Youssef Kohaï3 分 前

    She commited suicide this morning

  45. author

    Gilang Ramanda3 分 前

    turut berduka cita untuk keluarga besar Sulli dan teman-teman penggemar sekalian.

  46. author

    EXO weareone3 分 前


  47. author

    Suvu Trikhatri3 分 前

    R.I.P. sulli💔

  48. author

    april87883 分 前

    [191015] Congrats everyone !!! Finally Love Shot hit it 200M !! Now everyone let watch Shall We? n bring the vi3ws up so that Chen will get another win at the music show this week, ok !!

  49. author

    yeolllie 613 分 前

    Congratulations for 200 millions views👏

  50. author

    malaika4 分 前

    you did well.

  51. author

    Boring Tuber4 分 前

    200!!💖 The kings!

  52. author

    ELHAM TOTO4 分 前

    Taeyeon is the best singer in k-pop ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  53. author

    4 分 前

    1:10 I cannot unhear the minecraft button noise.

  54. author

    잉메4 分 前

    이제와서 이런 말 해봤자 아무 소용없는거 다 알지만 알아주지 못해서 정말 죄송했고 고생많으셨습니다. 많이 외롭고 무서우셨을텐데 부디 그곳에선 편히 쉬시길 빕니다, 당신은 아름답고 멋있는 사람이었습니다. 삼가고인의 명복을 빕니다.

  55. author

    マミ4 分 前

    昔から知ってるグループだったこそ 大事なメンバーの1人が 亡くなってしまったのが 物凄く痛かった… ソルリさん ゆっくり休んでね お疲れ様でした( ᵕ ᵕ̩̩ )

  56. author

    riantiana sri lestari4 分 前

    Congrats EXO-EXOL

  57. author

    Farhan Akbar Muhammad4 分 前

    Rest in Peace my Precious Angel 😭 29-03-1994 ~ 14-10-2019

  58. author

    Alli Gator4 分 前

    i hope u are happy in heaven now. rest in piece.

  59. author

    farnaz Exol5 分 前


  60. author

    쀵쀵귀염이5 分 前

    Choi Jin-ri, you will always be my bias and dear idol I love.. I always loved and was concerned for you even before the news of your passing.. May you find peace and true rest from the world as well as your family and true friends. ✨

  61. author

    Harriet Ollada5 分 前

    rest well there, unnie. you don't deserve all the hate.

  62. author

    Alli Gator5 分 前

    i love you

  63. author

    s c5 分 前


  64. author

    김남형5 分 前

    설리 ㅜㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  65. author

    Rabbit Princess5 分 前

    Sulli I always follow you and now I can't anymore T.T .I've known the band for 9 years since I watched Nu Abo mv I was most impressed at that time was Sulli and Krystar. I alway hope band will comeback but band disband and now Choi Jin Ri she leave forever ... im so sad and shock ...

  66. author

    김연탄5 分 前

    울 복숭아 진리야 사랑해

  67. author

    1992 exo-L_20046 分 前


  68. author

    Faiz Izzat6 分 前

    LETS GO 300M

  69. author

    Sou Pheara6 分 前

    I miss sulli

  70. author

    Veronixaàa Bae [이앙리]6 分 前

    rest,, and fly high sulli.

  71. author

    Zhanilia Khan6 分 前

    “I just want it to end”😭😭

  72. author

    Dichen bhutia6 分 前

    It's a love shot 200M 👏🎉🎊 축하합니다 ❤❤

  73. author

    vinsmoke sanji6 分 前

    I fall in love with him daily and deeper , if you love someone is far away from you , your love may not be forever , but loving them are so deep that you will feel painful if you leave them I started to love them since debut and I am so proud💜💜

  74. author

    Bryster Myster6 分 前

    Long time former Kpop hater, SONE and minor ONCE: I heard about what happened. I'm so sorry for your loss. At least neither Sulli (F(X), nor Jonghyun (ShiNee) will be bothered again, but it still bothers you fans, even for me.

  75. author

    I am Me6 分 前

    Rest in peace 🙁

  76. author

    ninas nina6 分 前

    الله يرحمك 💔💔💔💔

  77. author

    SUPERM doesn't benefit to shinee,exo and wayv6 分 前

    hope ten and mark who can understand english shouldn't visit in twitter...Those fucking haters are mad...They kept bullying and degrading SuperM...

  78. author

    Tel Marie6 分 前

    EXO-L, LETS GO TO 300M! How many people are here after 200m and waiting up to 300m? 👇

  79. author

    Ivonne Hwang6 分 前

    Rest In Peace dear Sulli 🙏 We love you and gonna miss you ❤😭

  80. author

    Kajal Sharma6 分 前


  81. author

    Sugar Mint7 分 前

    Rest well Sulli, the last song of you that I can hear :(

  82. author

    Fira Redzuka7 分 前

    Sulli 😭

  83. author

    malaika7 分 前

    *”i am not a bad person”* you were an angel, you are an angel and you always will be an angel. rest in peace.

  84. author

    정민우7 分 前

    누나 힘들어하지마요 누나가 힘들어하는거 다 제가 받아주고싶지만 그러지 못해 참 미안하고 죄송해요 하늘에서는 편히 아무 상관쓰지말고 모든것 원하는것 다 하면서 살길 빌어요 누나 사랑합니다 돌아와줘요... 제발...🙏🙏🙏😭 삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다.

  85. author

    Joude Khierbek7 分 前

    Congratolation EXO and EXO-LS for 200M its LOVE SHOT let's do it again with TEMPO

  86. author

    Iam dcbn7 分 前

    Anyone here? After Love Shot reach 200M. <3 I miss EXO. Let's watch this exoL for our support! aja!

  87. author

    Vlad P7 分 前

    The best ive seen. None of the kpop in public cover can match their feet speed.

  88. author

    berley kim7 分 前


  89. author

    Call me Noona7 分 前

    Missing you kyungsoo..ya

  90. author

    BananaYellow7 分 前

    1994 2019 Love SULLI💛💛💛💛

  91. author

    Nicole M7 分 前

    Hola pueden subtitularlo en español ? 🙏

  92. author

    Linh V-leggo8 分 前


  93. author

    슈아뚜뚜8 分 前

    설리님..조금 늦게 설리님의 감정을 알게되었어요. 설리님..천국에서 마음 편히 잘 사시길 바랄께요. 설리님.천국에선 새롭게 마음 편하게 사세요❤

  94. author

    Buachompoo Pimpagun8 分 前


  95. author

    Super M Rocks8 分 前

    We made it!

  96. author

    Irum Khan8 分 前

    Its spooky season aka October and here I am listening to this Halloween anthem. Honestly this was an iconic bop that deserves more

  97. author

    Kenzel Idalia8 分 前

    "Did I do something wrong?" 😭😭😭 RIP 😭😭😭

  98. author

    Chan 009 分 前

    Old but Cold ♥️

  99. author

    AGHASE_IGOT79 分 前

    "Would not it be better to everyone to disappear?"-- Sulli RIP Sulli .

  100. author

    Jojo Garcia9 分 前

    October 2019???