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  1. author

    Eric H6 秒 前

    Nadeska be twerking to gospel music

  2. author

    icebergthegamer8 秒 前

    The ross 2 chainz VS was very boring. Kanye would be unbeatable in a VS. if you include the songs he produced, he can’t be stopped

  3. author

    LP73 分 前

    Vote republican!

  4. author

    Bryan Jones3 分 前

    I’d like to see Kanye vs the neptunes. Or jay-z

  5. author

    Henry Owl4 分 前


  6. author

    Levi Mitchell4 分 前

    AK is wildin! This WAP is a hit and a good song. The slow flow from Cardi then the fast from Meg was the best part

  7. author

    DJHannibalRoyce5 分 前

    that versus was boring.....ya capping

  8. author

    P.Z.Y.7 分 前

    AK dusty ass look like he ain’t takin a shower in DAYS

  9. author

    Namokus7 分 前

    Is WAP a hit? Is that even a question lol

  10. author

    SnickersBarJamal8 分 前

    Didn't Swizz diss Drake on live before and had the OVO goons on his heels? This Kanye/Drake battle won't happen on Verzuz so Y Swizz reaching?

  11. author

    Steve Roberts8 分 前

    2chainz a fucking 👹..dont ever slept on bro.he will definitely surprise you on a track...frfr

  12. author

    Jimmy Taylor9 分 前


  13. author

    Stone Stanza10 分 前

    Jay z vs kayne...wayne vs drake...drag-on vs pampoose...kool moe d vs ll.....busta ryhmes vs krs

  14. author

    Andre Williams11 分 前

    Drake will never do it my guy especially now when he’s the hottest n biggest artist in the world rn...could u imagine drake being flop on a versus show lol 😭🤦🏽‍♂️dats a level down......dat niqqa gone prolly rock cardi erryday after dat press press press press press😭🤷🏽‍♂️anyways damn I like dat chick in da middle I always admired how chill she is n it fits right in with her cute ass face😩got me wondering if dats he real personality r is it bc she’s in the middle smack between 2guys

  15. author

    Steven Brown11 分 前

    Drake < Busta Ryhmes

  16. author

    Eric H11 分 前

    Wayno thinks if he clicks his heels 3 times it’ll take him to jay-z house

  17. author

    Tyson Hockley11 分 前

    God dam I feel like the man, freshman of the year I woke up like the man head ass 😂

  18. author

    Skyhighcam14 分 前

    All these ducklings Ads y’all thirsty af

  19. author

    Steve Roberts14 分 前

    Busta not on a drake or Wayne level, stop it wayno

  20. author

    Tallboy 25714 分 前

    I don’t like AK but I agree with his opinion about wap song .

  21. author

    Steve Roberts15 分 前

    Lil Wayne a animal..

  22. author

    Ana Tejada15 分 前

    I think I’m getting old cuz when I heard that song I gasped 😩😂.....these little girls love Cardi and Megan Jesus

  23. author

    Burner02918 分 前


  24. author

    Lucia Rojas Royero19 分 前


  25. author

    Anna Allen21 分 前

    he did not say homie om myy god

  26. author

    James Dean21 分 前

    Wayno also get ak to answer the questions 1st...🙃🙃🙃

  27. author

    Chucky Moon21 分 前

    Joe was telling the fucking truth

  28. author

    Joey '23 分 前

    drake has more hits than kanye, but kanye's hits are better. it would still be a good battle, though.

  29. author

    spc36023 分 前

    Fire that dude ak

  30. author

    Scarlet Bouvier23 分 前

    Kanye needs to do a versus with himself since he's supposed to be getting himself together at this time..

  31. author

    KaosKontrol23 分 前

    Busta Rhymes v. Missy Elliot

  32. author

    Karen Moore24 分 前

    🙄🤔 I agree with this video...(CARDIB/MEGAN THEE STALION) VERZUZ BATTLE

  33. author

    Sheryl South24 分 前

    Busta rhymes big up🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲you need to do a versuz

  34. author

    Modi Ramdev25 分 前


  35. author

    Dmoneyflow25 分 前

    18:15 Ak got Wayno out of here lmao Wayne started stuttering 😂😂😂

  36. author

    Golden Chi1d25 分 前

    AK is a virgin for not liking WAP. He’s afraid of sex

  37. author

    JarvisWrld26 分 前


  38. author

    Craig Martin26 分 前

    I agree on Busta, but I thought DMX. and Nas vs. Jay Z. Method vs. Redman would now Meth has a bigger catalog but it be fun.

  39. author

    Daniking30 分 前

    FO SHO!

  40. author

    Female Doggy31 分 前

    Knowing how Kanye is, he’ll probably play 1 hit, then play 19 of his best unreleased hits just to fuck with people lmao

  41. author

    Keno Rattray31 分 前

    Quavo really is tipping on a computer that’s not on

  42. author

    Broderick Bass33 分 前

    Wayno will forever go to bat for NY rappers and I'm tireddd

  43. author

    KungFuKennyTDE33 分 前

    What’s ak smoking? Kanye beats drake lol

  44. author

    bigjayking2433 分 前

    Drake & Kanye...yeah, that's not gonna happen. Lol

  45. author

    Sean Mullin33 分 前

    The fact wayno thinks it’s a good song is hilarious. It’s shit and will get numbers cause their body

  46. author

    Pope Gains34 分 前

    Why Wayno still on this show? It look like he’s recording from his bathroom.

  47. author

    Sean Mullin35 分 前

    Wap is trash. Cardi b done out here

  48. author

    Star Porter35 分 前

    Need the plug for the hat Wayno

  49. author

    Jelle36 分 前

    Wayno getting his panties twisted when ak says anything about jay 🤣🤣

  50. author

    Kadar V.36 分 前

    543 ads in a shxtty 12 minute episode. nice.

  51. author

    King Younger IV37 分 前

    NO AK NO SHOW!!!..just Incase you forgot!💯💪👊😈

  52. author

    Channel 9737 分 前

    *"I highly doubt it"* *-Captain Save A Roc **#Wayno** lol*

  53. author

    D W37 分 前

    I ain’t gonna lie.. this episode was kinda weak lol

  54. author

    melo40238 分 前

    I only clicked on this to see if AK was gunna address the 4 hour long bs he did that could of been handled with a phone call, but complex said we dont want no part of the BS on they platform lol. Aks a fucking loser feels like he can do what meek did to him to others 🤣🤣 smh.

  55. author

    Markeith Venegas39 分 前

    Aks smashin Nedeska

  56. author

    ZyroxFN40 分 前

    Who is watching this when he died

  57. author

    Strong Bone40 分 前

    Unpopular opinion but speaker knockers really helped the newer days melodic rappers. Rappers like Roddy rich and lil tjay they got they're sound from speaker knockers.

  58. author

    Gunhill 332340 分 前

    Fat Joe vs Busta Rhymes

  59. author

    GMONEY51040 分 前

    wayno was basically sayin that ak put money over morals

  60. author

    Shan 32341 分 前

    I'll even go old vs new. ll cool J vs Drake

  61. author

    Duran Brown42 分 前

    Diddy vs. Missy Eliott - that's the one.

  62. author

    preston grant42 分 前

    “ best of my love” GUY

  63. author

    WEGOTBUCKSENT36542 分 前

    Missy Elliot should do a battle‼️

  64. author

    John Draffin42 分 前

    Its easy to make a list subjectively from last 10 years all around the world who sold the most and won the most awards

  65. author

    datfever5kate42 分 前

    I got a love hate relationship with AK but he spot on.... WAP IS TERRIBLE 💯💯💯💯💯

  66. author

    brooklyn43 分 前

    why the shoes she pick so cute????? LIKE I WANT A PAIR

  67. author

    Trappkidd_ Mullah44 分 前

    The flashest sneakers for quavo is what

  68. author

    Cool Man45 分 前

    I’m sorry but I just don’t like the Drake and Kanye idea in general. In an interview Drake said he dedicates a lot of his sound to Kanye’s. If anything, he looks up (or used to look up) to Kanye. Ye would have to face off against like Jay Z or Diddy for it to be a reasonable evaluation.

  69. author

    WEGOTBUCKSENT36546 分 前

    Your forgetting Ye was as producer too

  70. author

    Myke Kelli46 分 前

    Life of pablo could use a trimming but thats a classic same with 808s

  71. author

    Ch1kmagnet46 分 前

    Stop it Ak. Wayne would wash Drake.

  72. author

    GMONEY51046 分 前

    nadeska needa stop wit the fake questions of the day... aint no one shouting her out

  73. author

    Shan 32346 分 前

    Snoop, Kanye, Jay, and Wayne got 20 for Drake

  74. author

    SickdaY Dsa46 分 前

    Busta vs Twists ALL Day

  75. author

    D3ire47 分 前

    Subscribe to my JPreporter channel D3ire

  76. author

    stryfetc148 分 前

    Nah Kanye if anything deserves to be in a PRODUCER battle like Swizz and Timbo had, Drake ain't no producer.

  77. author

    Yatchy49 分 前

    lol coming back to this interview seeing how lil yatchy fell tf off and migos is suing QC is hilarious thinking how everyone though joe was so wrong...hearing yatchy’s points now such as “i’m the biggest outcast in the music industry” that’s a fucking joke lmaoooo

  78. author

    Tha Phyl49 分 前

    Ak is the heart beat of this thing man! I don’t know how he does it. He always brings the energy everytime without fail

  79. author

    Chi Ezike51 分 前

    Drake has a lot at stake especially taking a L to Kanye is a versuz battle because Kanye has a lot of tenticals in hip hop from Jay Z to Donald Trump. Also the MAGA crowd will tune in and off set the Drake fans. If I'm Kanye I would publicly challenge Drake after the election if Trump wins again🙌🏿 #facts #KanyeWest

  80. author

    IamSuave51 分 前

    Another new grill for Quavo.🙄 It doesn't look or sound like it fits that well.

  81. author

    vlonethuug yadigg52 分 前

    Y he say Jordan like that

  82. author

    Big C53 分 前

    Drake vs j cole NA

  83. author

    Candyskull53 分 前


  84. author

    Z 7153 分 前

    Missy Elliott would clean up plenty in Verzuz

  85. author

    srx153 分 前

    The only person that can compete with Kanye West is Michael Jackson. The amount of classic records that man has can't be touched by any artist today.

  86. author


    I Florida is 35 💀

  87. author

    2KGrind0954 分 前

    I love when ppl rep my HomeTown, but Ak in a Rockets hat angers me

  88. author

    javi Dallas54 分 前

    These are the 3 laziest ppl in entertainment smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  89. author

    AgentShadowKing54 分 前

    Wap is trash

  90. author

    killler24055 分 前

    The agree with Ak I thought Wap sounds Mid. I played it once and never listen to it again, but the video was cool. It is a forced hit.

  91. author

    Robrt55 分 前


  92. author

    Manny Simes56 分 前

    I want to see an uzi vs Travis battle or a busta vs missy one that’ll be cool

  93. author

    Disconnected56 分 前

    Busta rhymes vs lil Jon

  94. author

    John Draffin56 分 前

    Eminem is number 1 two cd's after 40 that sounds new still has bars and sold the most putting his albums as num1 for weeks wtf

  95. author

    Jakobi Mansaray57 分 前

    I agree with Ak. WAP is trash but the video is cool

  96. author

    Young CHEDR57 分 前

    Chief Keef vs Gucci mane would be hard

  97. author

    Sin6ix58 分 前

    sneakers in my heart

  98. author

    Dave Its1ne58 分 前

    20:57 glad someone said it. That song is trash af and it’s blatantly ripping of nicki

  99. author

    23AnthonyA58 分 前

    Nadeska needs to stop wearing those smashed dad hats lol

  100. author

    Ike Williams58 分 前

    as much as im over kanye..... he will SMOKE drake in verzuz. 18-2