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  1. author

    JBMcC3 時間 前

    If you cannot manage your own body weight you do not get to have opinions.

  2. author

    New York3 時間 前 meeeel

  3. author

    Munuel Henandez3 時間 前

    No chingen eso fue gratis por llegar ala tienda aser promosion

  4. author

    No 1s off limits period3 時間 前

    I love them

  5. author

    RodneyAllen Rippy3 時間 前

    Your baby or grandbaby get a high fever go get them some childrens Tylenol

  6. author

    Gino Dimatteo3 時間 前

    Kill shot is by far the better distract

  7. author

    Champ Brown3 時間 前

    Kevin gates a foundational black American

  8. author

    James Haze3 時間 前

    What nike's joe from complex wearing in this?!

  9. author

    Jay Smith3 時間 前

    Shout out to 50

  10. author

    Maxwell Bridge3 時間 前

    Worst thing I have ever watched

  11. author

    Twisted Attic3 時間 前

    2020 :This popped up again in my feed. Here's my final take. Joe is still a walking contradiction and AK is still a walking penguin in a Chipmunk suit

  12. author

    Goddess M. Butterfly3 時間 前

    Ase y’all are divinely protected.

  13. author

    Jay Jones3 時間 前

    28:11 Everybody got quite an was locked in on what he had to say when that brother talk everybody listen smart man An he explain it so well and articulate

  14. author

    Monique Grogan3 時間 前

    Twin flaming.

  15. author

    Abraham Farhat3 時間 前

    Lavar is high

  16. author

    Jay Jones3 時間 前

    Man we need T.I and Gates in the same room

  17. author

    Brandon3 時間 前

    40:46 that was gerald hudson from ig 😂

  18. author

    Burn bushes3 時間 前

    Idc who you are you aint talking to me like that fuck if we friends or not ..wasnt raised like that

  19. author

    Ravi Yadav3 時間 前

    Rip King

  20. author

    Mega Moèt3 時間 前

    ❣️K.D They So Sweet It's Undeniable To Say

  21. author

    Soinas Doyi3 時間 前

    “I might jump in the dually truck vroooooooo get some wings or something”😂😂😂😂😂😂 5:38

  22. author

    Brandon3 時間 前

    "Ion care wha people say because they are not me and im winning"

  23. author

    Ant Don J4 時間 前

    The 3,000 People Who Disliked This Have To Be Miserable And Unhappy 🤔🤦🏽‍♂️ Sidenote: “Don’t Ever Play Yourself Is One Of My Favorite Khaled Records! 🔑💪🏽 #MajorKeyAlert

  24. author

    Don Hayes4 時間 前

    Gates really understand da value of a women, I believe in da same philosophy, without a woman we r unstable as men. Shout-out Gates! Stay positive brother. N come back to Mobile AL u due to a show down here, much luv fam

  25. author

    Og Ukon4 時間 前

    We still on the pusha drake and meek beefs in 2020....

  26. author

    erik puka4 時間 前

    Here while AB is in jail

  27. author

    shabazz3604 時間 前

    This the only married woman i lust after. I wanna pipe Dreka so bad.

  28. author

    ninuxy4 時間 前

    Union X Air Jordan 1: ~$1100 They were sold $1800

  29. author

    ninuxy4 時間 前

    Negro boys and girls... that's how niggas go broke.

  30. author

    Aj Beast12244 時間 前

    Miss u

  31. author

    A M4 時間 前

    I love Kevin and his wife

  32. author

    Ben G Vegas4 時間 前

    Damn, they pushing this new movie hard. Can't knock the hussle.

  33. author

    Mahesh Chaube4 時間 前

    Guy is a joker to call her a legend she is so young i loved how she pulled him up for not knowing color

  34. author

    Ayy Lando!4 時間 前

    If you don’t understand fashion you won’t understand or like the shoes....if you have an eye for fashion then you will know how beautiful these are mainly because they are so different and there is nothin like this on the market

  35. author

    Jesse C4 時間 前

    I bet he smokes

  36. author

    Jesse C4 時間 前


  37. author

    roxxylala264 時間 前

    Damn.. Kevin lost a gang of weight. Good for him!

  38. author

    MatterofFact4 時間 前

    More money than brains......superstar my ass. How can you be a superstar in a fake sport..

  39. author

    Chris Zetina4 時間 前

    19:20 she looks striaght in the camera they are special ❤️

  40. author

    DDXN chv4 時間 前


  41. author

    Magic Sam4 時間 前

    She has the glow of a woman who is so proud, honored loved and IN love with her husband. You love to see it

  42. author

    MatterofFact4 時間 前

    More money than brains....

  43. author

    Capo Kelley4 時間 前

    Me n gates are birds of a feather

  44. author

    Drease Wiley4 時間 前

    I heard everything he said

  45. author

    Kobe Lebro4 時間 前

    Gates gettin big again lol

  46. author

    Sylvester Tobing4 時間 前

    Damn Big Will Brother Ma

  47. author

    Chytown744 時間 前


  48. author

    IamjustaSingaporean4 時間 前

    Okay.... next up Jackson Wang

  49. author

    Kevin McManus4 時間 前

    Dude is a fucking cornball lame

  50. author

    Rinzi dewan4 時間 前

    Loudine is funny man

  51. author

    Dh Parker4 時間 前

    Is that nadeskas real hair ? I don’t like the blonde 😩 but if she likes it I love it 🤷🏼‍♀️

  52. author

    O'Brica Johnson4 時間 前

    I don't listen to his music, not my thing but I love him as a person. When he said he was afraid to speak on his spirituality, I'm going thru that now cuz ppl do look at u crazy and because I'm growing they can easily affect me and make me feel like I'm crazy. To see him at this stage where he cannot care and speak so boldly I'm amazed and it give me hope.

  53. author

    Expose him4 時間 前

    Can haf dogo

  54. author

    REALSPORTSTALK 3134 時間 前

    This Interview is dope in Ak was on his ctg shit he definitely getting better the?? Was dope from Nedeska in Wayno to 💯💪💪🙏📖‼

  55. author

    Tamy Johnson4 時間 前

    I felt Kevin Gates! He's high vibrational, if your low vibrational you won't understand.

  56. author

    Milo S4 時間 前

    this is literally giving old people opiates. You guys are sick.

  57. author

    Maximiliano Mata Garza4 時間 前

    @Tomazacre eres tu

  58. author

    Eddie Simmons4 時間 前

    Durk might be my cousin

  59. author

    ArieZ4 時間 前

    40:42 Gerald Huston's prank😂😂

  60. author

    Erin Dan'Yelle4 時間 前

    What song is that at 6:11

  61. author

    Ronaldo Dela Cruz San Juan4 時間 前

    It's hard to be simple when we have so much...😊🤔 Blessed.

  62. author

    Melissa Taylor4 時間 前

    Who does he keep look back at??? 😆😆😆

  63. author

    Jakarri5 時間 前

    The world need Kevin as a life coach that man is incredible and I hope to b as strong or stronger than him one day !!!!!!!

  64. author

    Riley Finnegan5 時間 前

    Mannn akademiks fat

  65. author

    dwayne royer5 時間 前

    Dose em know hes funny

  66. author

    Landon Mann5 時間 前

    He dissent enhail

  67. author

    Brock Clendenin5 時間 前

    didnt expect to see mkbhd on this

  68. author

    Utama Raj Nathan5 時間 前

    "I never get depressed, how much I spend" DJK.. awesome

  69. author

    Terrell Johnson5 時間 前

    Y’all are foolish Kevin has not changed maybe he matured but changed is different don’t be fooled y’all spiritual arenas are still off pay attention he smooth with his words and she know no better a fool to chase stupidity at its highest

  70. author

    Khnum Ra5 時間 前

    Excellent Conversation!!!

  71. author

    Joseph Ryan5 時間 前

    Is he removing his tattoos

  72. author

    octavia charleston5 時間 前

    This my fav one 😂❤️

  73. author

    Mr. Dan Freeman5 時間 前

    They was just on a bad high

  74. author

    Mr. Dan Freeman5 時間 前

    So is he native American, Italian, latino or black. Come on bruh you only got 2 parents.

  75. author

    abc5 時間 前

    they dont make people like RIc Anymore!

  76. author

    ImaSayWhatYouWont5 時間 前

    Power never shows Power 💪.... It's never gentle 😉💯

  77. author

    gmoney010105 時間 前

    Nigga never roll in his life doesn’t smoke and goin to roll backwoods 24/7 for Wakaflockaflame. Cmon now

  78. author

    Mr. Dan Freeman5 時間 前

    Man what happened with all that talk about Louisiana Gs don't get pull outs and get permanents. What a waste of money bruh

  79. author

    New RAP Flow SHY MaCK5 時間 前


  80. author

    Joey Dollar #GG5 時間 前

    When I walk up in the building RoZayyyyy

  81. author

    Xiang Gao5 時間 前

    yes they do

  82. author

    Jason Gnar Lee5 時間 前

    lol my moms be pissed at pops still cooking the bomb bomb haha the energy lol this dude reaching

  83. author

    Jose Cruz5 時間 前

    That mutha fucka sounds retarded!!!

  84. author

    WINGSXX5 時間 前

    Imagine if lil yatchy house caught on fire😬😬😬😬

  85. author

    Javonne Jackson5 時間 前

    Kevin: she saw her Dreka:🙄 this nigga... yea she came to us both 🥴

  86. author

    Dee Powerz5 時間 前

    Ase !!

  87. author

    Duckie MrPoetry5 時間 前

    Aint been here since gates was here last time

  88. author

    niko goijarts5 時間 前

    The worst acoustics on the planet.x.x

  89. author

    Don Juan DeMarco5 時間 前

    🗣*CUT* La Puma to Khalid: 😒“chill wit dat dumb ass voice” 🗣*ACTION*

  90. author

    Sierra Carter5 時間 前

    High vibrations

  91. author

    Kevin Hausch5 時間 前

    Th0se cashier looked disappointed, thought they would get a 10k sale

  92. author

    Lord G5 時間 前

    This nigga ak ain’t matching at all 😂

  93. author

    Manuel Medina5 時間 前

    Host with his hands, dont stop

  94. author

    G Bonez5 時間 前

    I want a wife like her one day.

  95. author

    peter holloway5 時間 前

    i did not know reapers give people turrets.

  96. author

    Erin Dan'Yelle5 時間 前

    I swear I love them😍😍😍

  97. author

    unicorn panda5 時間 前

    You are horrible 69🖕🏿

  98. author

    Doctor Nice5 時間 前

    The beginning of this video is funny😂 rick ross huh huh 😂

  99. author

    FrizzyLowkee5 時間 前

    Only a few of us relate to what Kevin and his wife was speaking in this video, maybe 2% of this entire comment section. Most of y’all gone cap and act like this apply to yalls life knowing damn well you be around people 24/7 and in the clubs every weekend feeding off low vibrations. Be real with yourself. Everybody can’t live like this you gotta be cut like that because it take real sacrifices.

  100. author

    Fiti Sanchez5 時間 前