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  1. author

    Sid Bat日 前

    Director had done his homework.

  2. author

    Scon 84日 前

    There is some kinda tension in that room tell me I’m wrong

  3. author

    Milla-Lahjami hän la Saunavaara日 前

    My favorite type it's Harry Potter hermione

  4. author

    Shreya Choudhury日 前

    At 4:45-4:47 Daniel’s impression of the fan that said, “Mrs. Radcliffe is here,” was so cute!!! My heart just melted crazily. 😍

  5. author

    Ryne Agheilim日 前

    John Bo-Jaeger

  6. author

    Kawicrush 08日 前

    I wanna meet towel girl

  7. author

    AR GO日 前

    Looks like It's a full grown Hermione from Harry potter

  8. author

    Lauren E Brown日 前

    Oh my God Mike Richie Stanley Eddie and Bill you guys are freaking awesome Jesus Christ I’m on I am seven years old and I watch the movies in chapter 1 and chapter 2 trillions of times and they’re still funny oh Richie I love stranger things you’re freaking awesome Jesus Christ

  9. author

    andres diez日 前

    Does someone know the name of the beautiful background music in this trailer?

  10. author

    Miriam Amir Ali日 前

    hot air ... in my opinion amy just wanted to get away

  11. author

    Ondřej Němec日 前

    There was a really great fan music video of I Want You (She's So Heavy) by The Beatles made from this movie. Now I can't find it, it was probably deleted. But if someone here knows if it's possible to find it, please tell me, I'm starving for seeing it again!

  12. author

    JOE the Boomer日 前

    TRASH! more attacks on traditional Catholicism

  13. author

    killerpants日 前

    Naomi Scott was the best in this movie but all the other actors made the movie rubbish.

  14. author

    Brylie Ellis日 前

    He strap falling had me dying

  15. author

    Khemt291223日 前

    Antonio Nappa ,I saw Margolis in the Equalizer 80s Series too.But first in Oz

  16. author

    M S日 前

    I love you

  17. author

    James Emmanuel日 前

    The last of the measuring tape

  18. author

    Candis Jones-Taylor日 前

    Wwaaaa and the ddradadwdef of the day I u k hi uugv can I get back with the car to get a new car 😁 popoooolkk to get it done by tomorrow morning if I could get a new

  19. author

    Candis Jones-Taylor日 前

    Rwqqq and the ddradadwdef is a chance of going to be a Rd and I can think rxft is a r us know if try not 💯 about it but I'm not 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💓 wear it in a junk and

  20. author

    Jose Rivera日 前

    The American Republican party supported PW Botha, the right wing goverment and called Mandela terrorist.

  21. author

    Peter Novak日 前

    Hayden may be anakin but hes a shite actor

  22. author

    Nur Islam日 前

    where can I get this movie free?

  23. author

    Josh Kresnik日 前

    The look on his face at 2:14 🤣

  24. author

    Zuber Shaikh日 前

    Name of movie 🤔

  25. author

    Chaitra Ramesh日 前

    Always wanted to watch it, tried it today, but amber Heard's face made it impossible for me to finish. Sorry.

  26. author

    Paul Hayes日 前

    George:the series is FINALLY done. Disney:hold my beer.

  27. author

    Exan Dxlgadllo日 前


  28. author

    MayrithAa Gonzalez日 前

    “Solo el amor lastima” asi de Motel con Maria Jose en versión ingles , las dos se escuchan increíbles.

  29. author

    Lauren Montera日 前

    Tex-mex, in Greece, sure... let's go with the words of the Sea witch, "pathetic".

  30. author


    Imagine.. harry come and he say 'hermione wtf are u here.. we should kill voldemort now..' thats will be funny

  31. author

    Cool Grandpa日 前

    Emma watson: people call me emily Me: people call me emma 😶

  32. author

    Glamglow asmr日 前

    Brad like an Angel 😍❤️

  33. author

    Winnie TP日 前

    Extra points to Alan, he played the notes

  34. author

    BlueMaxxW2 日 前

    Augh. That phony crap was as grueling and insufferable as the film they were promoting. Whoever had the idea that Improv actors should write movies on the fly needs to be dragged into the street and shot. I know there was a writer's strike... and I know these people were scabs and they should be ashamed of themselves if they are known at all today. Thanks for posting for History's sake, I guess.

  35. author

    SptmbrKid2 日 前

    Karen is sparkling the whole time. 💙

  36. author

    Cora Oliver2 日 前

  37. author

    Kayla Galal2 日 前


  38. author

    Playlist Dealer2 日 前

    Did this man just call him “nickale” lmao its NAHk-el

  39. author

    Jazsmin Payne2 日 前

    Taron is so cute and handsome 💋 💋💋 💋💋 💋🌹💖 💖💖 💖💋 💋🌹🌹 🌹🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  40. author

    R E E E E2 日 前

    They died because of Megan!

  41. author

    Henry V Palomeque2 日 前

    Love Charlize high

  42. author

    spider man2 日 前

    You know Deadpool would fit in Kickass

  43. author

    Dark Moon2 日 前

    She really will never get rid of being called Hermione Granger

  44. author

    A.J. Caberto2 日 前

    We’re Jena and Sam even in this interview

  45. author

    Keira-Lynn Amisson2 日 前

    Seth MacFarlane rock all haters die in a hole bitchs

  46. author

    thatonedrewguy2 日 前

    Amy Schumer looks like a Orangutan in this thumbnail.

  47. author

    Grim Reaper2 日 前

    Theo looked kind of peeved Miles was getting the attention of Shailene.. Classic "f**k off" looks being thrown!

  48. author

    Grim Reaper2 日 前

    Props to Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn....They didn't know the artist, but damn that is one great tune.

  49. author

    Aroona Munir2 日 前

    What's your fav colour: Divergent 😅😅😂😂

  50. author

    Blinq_ Tixq2 日 前

    I didnt know finn played richie i thought he only played mike

  51. author

    bcbro2 日 前

    He’s literally like the perfect man handsome and funny as hell

  52. author

    Messenger4Jesus2 日 前

    The reason Paul treats his fame differently than the rest, is because he didn't want it nor seek after it. So he doesn't have to change who he is to achieve it. He doesn't try to meet it's standards, they have to meet his. It just landed on his lap and he just took it along for the ride.

  53. author

    poopagore2 日 前

    unscripted and Edited to HELL

  54. author

    Deetya Peddireddy2 日 前

    theres the three j’s, josh, jenna, and jennifer and then sam’s just like 👁👄👁

  55. author

    Jackson james2 日 前

    Who else is here after 7 years

  56. author

    Maglec Myles2 日 前

    Why is jack so hot (I’m a minor don’t come @ me)

  57. author

    Rohit Singh2 日 前

    Who is here for Siddharth after watching him in Bloodshot ??

  58. author

    Lucas Guan2 日 前

    It's been 14 years and I'm still enjoying watching this film

  59. author

    Stephen Fermoyle2 日 前


  60. author

    Megan Bissol2 日 前

    Hi Dwayne Johnson

  61. author

    Artist_ Izzy2 日 前

    No one: Still no one: Jack: Dinkies or something

  62. author

    Kirsten Irwin2 日 前

    Theo: you can hunt your own......CHicKeNS I laughed way too hard 😂😂

  63. author

    ben flamini2 日 前

    What is soon

  64. author

    ben flamini2 日 前

    When the fuck

  65. author

    Isaiah Plays Games Channel its ya boi2 日 前

    I thought this was maudie from Inbestigators lol

  66. author

    G K2 日 前

    Is there any way to download this movie. Please help.

  67. author

    Allain Anthony3 日 前

    Phoenix or kraken? Invoker rubick and wisp portals recall? What is your elemental powers wants frozen or earth?

  68. author

    Tom-Holland_FINNEAS_Billie-Eilish_YUNGBLUD _.sTaN._3 日 前

    ngl, alan grabbed this challenged and beat it up with a baseball bat

  69. author

    Sheilla Nur8133 日 前

    My fcking fav character periodt.

  70. author

    Blackpink METAL3 日 前

    I imagined an alternate reality where Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence were the stars of "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" and Dane DeHaan & Cara Delevingne were the stars of stalker version of "Passengers" and it was glorious!

  71. author

    Mr. Krab3 日 前

    Beverly: Look at Out!

  72. author

    Crusader3 日 前

    Whag the hell? I couldve sworn daisy ridley was the actress! Lol

  73. author

    Swagger Jagger3 日 前

    My heart melts right now. He is so in love with her but shes too wild.

  74. author

    Nicholas Dechoudens3 日 前

    I just don't understand why the mom had to die, why did she have to die, why?

  75. author

    Mystic Tomato3 日 前

    I bought a Drax the Destroyer action figure to wrestle a Batista wrestler figure from years ago that i bought and have a wrestling match in a toy wrestling ring for $50 bucks that i bought and have either Drax or Batista as the winner! I think i have a youtube video of it or something! 😓

  76. author

    Nina Zuccaro3 日 前

    Chris is on so much coke lmaooo

  77. author

    That Girl Everyone Hates3 日 前

    I just imagined the actress who played umbridge walking in the streets and a young boy walking up to her and being like STUPIFY or something with a stick ahah

  78. author

    Abbie Packard3 日 前

    I'm sorry to roast you Hayden but the and,and,and he just kept repeating the words and I was dying laughing😂

  79. author

    NH2 Sweaty Banana3 日 前


  80. author

    Huệ Army3 日 前

    For me she always be Hermione Ganger 😊

  81. author

    John Berroa3 日 前

    I love these guys, I hope Jumanji 3 comes out. 🙂

  82. author

    Dinooo3 日 前

    His haircut here looks like his haircut in the clone wars

  83. author

    KR Gilmore3 日 前

    Micky mellowed down in the series imo, mick from wolf creek 1 and 2 would never let lucy fry become croc bait, she'd be going back with him dead or alive and we all know why.

  84. author

    മായാ സുരൻ3 日 前

    John Cena this is not ur area buddy..worst actor 🤣

  85. author

    christian lerø3 日 前

    this has been my "go to" vid when I need a good laugh:p

  86. author

    Mėlyna Rugiagėlė3 日 前

    Am waching this movie bc for emma watson

  87. author

    Sean Fitch3 日 前

    I don’t care what film she’s in. To me she will always be Hermione from Harry Potter

  88. author

    Дана Б3 日 前

    Can`t take my eyes off Christian. He is soo attractive!

  89. author

    psr3 日 前


  90. author

    Reek 903 日 前

    Just watched this movie ummmmmmmm 🤷🏾‍♂️

  91. author

    Scott -O3 日 前

    More Karen Gillian please

  92. author

    jolee green3 日 前

    at the end i thought dan was going to say " and thank you to me"

  93. author

    jolee green3 日 前

    8:16 Rubert: its actually quite serious me: *thinks sirius* also me: Doesnt he mean severus?

  94. author

    jolee green3 日 前

    sebastian was the crab, flounder was the fish

  95. author

    Mary Paxinos3 日 前

    hayden sounds the exact same as he does in the movie same soothing voice

  96. author

    Gee Luck3 日 前

    Pasuparadize itselfhurt walking through with Jose itselfOwnhurt uncoverLyn herself self care. Gee itself Love myself don't give up orGKFittoday quality qualified Xmas-Go unheard out now don't care about uncoverLyn herself notFitted onDisplayhurtstage punishment times now. GK-Money GKitselfMay1Family is a unturned good friend cum girlfrenzy BothLuck Suitability excitedly looking for a new job Non-Stop working-class in London notOK needed maximum money in Worldwide Magical Club Snowboarder Morning taking care of GXterbalikXberbau with Profittable CostDGitself go out GKCityWide GXPasti. CharlizeTSofia is a good frenzies unturned without theftnaya cases-GO out Xmas-Go unheard out now. They're helping GeeitselfXrugi out together with GKeithWe not Strong enough today without theftnaya cases. AK-Card is a good friend unknown. Love you Cheers mates up MisCharlieG itselfOwnLife my everything just seen GeeitselfOwn-Go is a unturned both Single peoples between CharlizeG itselfOwnLife more money than others-Go dahsyat tryingSueLain.

  97. author

    Gioia Vanoni4 日 前

    Emma has a good voice😍

  98. author

    Louis Texier4 日 前

    I'm French and I love the French accent of the characters of the movie. When they say " Bonjour" ! Love to U.S.A. and to Emma Watson who is born in Paris

  99. author

    Allain Anthony4 日 前


  100. author

    Chloe Bourgeois4 日 前

    I love Jack Dylan Grazer