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    N1CO Nintendude時間 前

    Apple is that rich friend that if you want to hang with then you must have some kind of money too. Apple is a luxury brand. Remember you control your own life choices. So if you are broke it’s on you.

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    Jesse Bocock時間 前

    I’m going to enjoy my new iPhone I am getting the blue one

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    Jesse Bocock時間 前

    My favorite color is blue

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    Suvankar Das時間 前

    Bill Gates smiles from behind!

  5. author

    Suvankar Das時間 前

    Bill Gates smiles from behind!

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    Ali時間 前

    LOL MKBHD ✌🏻

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    Glo Gorg時間 前

    internet phones (iphones) are jus the best .

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    elem2618時間 前

    Hey, your doing US a service! I appreciate that! What do you care if people throw those comments at you, really?!

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    elijah cadaoas時間 前

    "all the mega pickles" 1:52

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    SPUNKERY時間 前

    Apple went from “🚥” to “🚦” and finally to “🎛”

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    adrian armour時間 前

    let the haters hate, i love apple because it works with all the other apple products so easy. keep doing what your doing please.

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    PrettyMeka 082 時間 前

    Slofie lol

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    Tabitha Carter2 時間 前

    is the size of the pro the size as an 8+

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    Zegar safi2 時間 前

    this new iphone are for the iphone 6 user to upgrade

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    Unclejerry50th2 時間 前

    Absolutely loved hearing your background story and what you were passionate about in your teenage years.

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    shira goldstein2 時間 前

    Wow the colours r really nice ❤️

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    Seven Up2 時間 前

    To all the peeps that say if u buy this u will be ripped off .. (1) ...I am going to buy it , cuz hey I can afford to be ripped off .

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    OREH II2 時間 前

    John Legend looking fella!

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    Eddie Fanning2 時間 前


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    Seven Up2 時間 前

    Why do poor people say expensive things are ugly ?

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    Emydius Montes2 時間 前


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    Mbakatika Mulamba2 時間 前

    I think your 11pro hands-on video was pretty honest and unbias. With that said you are allowed to prefer Apple Products over others. I think you have a right to do that. As long as you are unbias in comparing them to other products in videos that have the potential to influence people to purchase the products being compared. Love your content. Keep creating.

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    DWAYNE GRAY2 時間 前

    JM glad you got to speak your truth and hopefully you dont have to deal with or answer anymore of this stuff. Great job sir

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    Oscar Cruz2 時間 前

    why do u mute SIRI?

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    mixio hili2 時間 前

    2016 Iphone 6: Touch id 2018 iphone X, Xr, Xs: Face id 2021: Iphone 12 VOICE ID!!!!

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    Ali Aljoubory3 時間 前

    Can anyone tell me if it's worth upgrading from an iPhone X to the iPhone 11? Got the X first day it came out and still have it now. Can't seem to find any info anywhere!

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    neejoy sola3 時間 前

    im guessing sooner or later, there gonna be a "Alpha" name in the iphone. Iphone Supreme Alpha - $10,000

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    Elemental Guardian3 時間 前

    Anybody else's google assistant trigger during the video?

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    jade chen3 時間 前

    he said megapickles

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    Leigh Maynard3 時間 前

    Slowfie, lol

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    RealShield1013 時間 前

    Love story time like this

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    Anna Maria Piñero3 時間 前

    We ain’t talking about “Tim Apple”? “Mega-pickle”(megapixel)? Ya’ll not hearing this?

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    Cloud Sipper3 時間 前

    4:50 no... that’s blood red

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    Jared Brackens3 時間 前

    I feel like if you have an iphone 8 plus and up theirs no reason for you to get the 11 and the 11 pro

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    Poya Hashimi3 時間 前

    You are doing as all this for free? A true Apple pet.

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    Ahmad Mohi-ud-Din3 時間 前


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    Michi4 時間 前


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    I've been using the Samsung note 4 for almost 5 years. Almost upgraded to the XSMAX thinking of going for the 11 pro

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    NCG Resources Malaysia4 時間 前

    i wonder will this monitor work perfectly with ipad pro iPadOS....

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    Hillbilly Mtman4 時間 前

    And yes, Im watching this bc Im already suckered into gettin the 11pro, (Im not insecure enough to demand that massive screen, lol)

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    Hillbilly Mtman4 時間 前

    With the price point, why dont we have thermal, or atleast 1st gen night vision??? C’mon apple, get it together

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    Sagar Goudra4 時間 前

    iPhone is for someone who really doesn't know what a 1000$ is really worth

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    Ajay Donatus4 時間 前

    Proud of you dear brother. Could really feel the genuineness in each and everyone of your videos. May others also get to understand and appreciate others than to criticize. No man's perfect. !

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    M4 時間 前

    JPreporter comments are generally 95% filth. Just rabid, hysterical anti-Apple trolls whose on-sensical and irrational Apple bashing sadly fills some kind of void in their life. Compare this with actual real life, where Apple products are INSANELY popular and loved by people, and you'll see how big of a contrast this is. If someone says good things about Apple products, it's much more likely that they're an honest, rational, objective human being with some sanity, instead of a dishonest click-chasing bottom of the barrel, lazy Apple basher and caters to the JPreporter masses. And the chance that they're being paid by Apple is zero. Dave 2D is also an Apple basher, and his analysis is really untrustworthy. If you're objective, you can see how he spins things, and how he exaggerates Apple's perceived faults, minimizes its product advantages, while simultaneously promoting everything else and minimizing their flaws. You can also see this by his almost 100% Apple-bashing, clickbait thumbs.But he knows that's what drives clicks, hence his massively increasing sub count.

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    Naej4 時間 前

    Slofies Don't ever tell me what not to do 😂

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    Bling Cat4 時間 前

    apple is a scam.

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    Kenzie Barton4 時間 前

    1:45 mega pickles????

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    Gabriel Berki4 時間 前

    Wtf is WiFi 6?

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    Daniel Rangel4 時間 前

    How do you make your videos wide screen to use the majority of the iPhone screen?

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    M.R. Otero4 時間 前

    In my opinion This is ridiculous pricing, fake features pictures, and more more people go in sick.

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    StreamHinder ’4 時間 前

    You: thing you can buy UNDER 50$ Me :seeing your vid: cool You: this thing costa$

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    OmerM924 時間 前

    I didn’t catch that Windows 95 reference.. 🤔

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    Cringe Tv4 時間 前


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    Cake Banks4 時間 前

    The only thing mind blowing about these new phones are the prices...NEXXXXXXXXT.

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    Itsnotme 014 時間 前

    You can prove it by comparing the screen of iPhone 11 with k20 pro like you did with iPhone xr and poco.

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    Mr. Kringe4 時間 前


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    TerriblyMundane5 時間 前

    The tech community is toxic. The fact that there are people out there attacking others for using what they like is just... annoying and wrong.

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    Kyle Stephens5 時間 前


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    Charlźź 1015 時間 前


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    Thiago Justo5 時間 前


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    Youssef Weheiba5 時間 前

    Calling somebody a shill just because he doesn't share your opinion is immature. I've been watching you for a while and I find that you are fair in the way you review products. Sadly, you can't please everybody

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    elektron2kim5 時間 前

    I respect the music making aspect with Apple products. The rest is mostly pop and bling.

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    Nitish kashyap5 時間 前

    People will bash you 24/7 but you gotta do what you gotta do.

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    Kim Duhamel5 時間 前

    Red please!!

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    Three iPhones I don’t know which one to get.....but the purple is calling my name lol

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    Tonybone Robert5 時間 前

    My 8 plus works just fine

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    VibeMusic5 時間 前

    Tim 🍎

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    Howie Isaacks5 時間 前

    You waste way too much time whining about the names of these phones. It. Gets. Irritating.

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    SJ Villegas5 時間 前

    I love your content. Its like you talking to me in real life. Your voice is soothing

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    anirban7476 時間 前

    Eeeks!! Ugly! It’s definitely a skip. The design team was indeed in hurry to put those 3 lenses somehow. What’s next? 5 lenses, 10 lenses?

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    Kombat Kronicles6 時間 前

    Shoutout to the #MortalKombat 2 cabinet on the right.

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    Dario Colon Gil6 時間 前

    This video is sponsored by Apple

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    Blank6 時間 前

    Lol at all the people who just heard him say mega pickle for the FIRST time 😆

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    Gumball watterson6 時間 前

    I did it

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    Beatriz Bedolla6 時間 前

    Hey how bout donate to the poor plz 😔✌️ if u get that and review it i would like it next! My b-day is on October 5✨ But it's all good if no that's cool too

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    Walid Cinder6 時間 前

    such a bullshit from apple , i never like iphones anyway samsung way better and less expensive than something not the deserve this value of money

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    Genya Lyons6 時間 前

    2:10 record in 4k video. iphone 11 comes with 64gig of storage. Ahh yea that tank will fill up really fast. still no SD card expansion memory.. :(

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    Jeroen Schiphuis6 時間 前

    This is a terrible preview

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    Henry Nick6 時間 前

    Just selling both your Kidneys to buy this IPhone 11 ...!!!😝😝😝

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    donaldtheditto6 時間 前

    Is it sad if my PC setup cost less than the stand alone

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    Skyappy _6 時間 前 try watch this so nice

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    Mr SpacePandaMan6 時間 前


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    CrazyBananasVapples 216 時間 前

    Oof...sorry bro gonna buy the iphone 11.

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    Victa Nguyen6 時間 前

    Why don't u ask for free shit?

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    Jaime Duncan6 時間 前

    It’s funny how people use protection. And they don’t even notice the amount of people that have been pay by say , puget systems, to do an specific video with a particular perspective. Even so people that hates Apple believes they are objective, when you have exactly the same video from multiple sources. Fatal. Keep the good job.

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    Jakob Strand7 時間 前

    1:28 😭😪🤮

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    BoxHead 427 時間 前

    In other words, Apple does not pay anyone, however all of the other tech companies do. 🤔🤠

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    Lauren Houghton7 時間 前

    “Megapickle” iconic

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    Adam Hatley7 時間 前

    I completely agree with you. I work in tech and have been an enthusiast for a long time and nothing gets me more when people complain about a computer or phone or anything tech....the technology we use today is extremely alien in just a decades time. Appreciate what we have and where it’s going. Think positive.

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    ravinderpal singh7 時間 前

    They pay you 10x more than me I'm being paid- 0$ So you get: 10 × 0 = 0

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    Conscious M Ness7 時間 前

    Slofies 🐸

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    aaron aggrey7 時間 前


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    Itsurboijon Standage7 時間 前


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    Colin Lankheet7 時間 前

    I went for the Pro Max 256GB Midnight Green :)

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    Joshua XOXO7 時間 前

    Get a case

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    RG DaveTGT7 時間 前

    I hate the word sl***es there censored the word thank me later

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    Beauty Neytiri7 時間 前

    how on earth is the company even still running ?

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    Potluck8 時間 前

    The “pro” should’ve had usb c-backwards wireless charging for AirPods-and stylus pen compatible

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    Guneet Kochar8 時間 前

    1:51 - “aLL tHe mEgApiCkLeS”

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    1000 subs without any videos8 時間 前

    iPhone 11 is out now but apple messed up nowadays