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  1. author

    twistedpersonality5 時間 前

    Rafiki has to be one of my favorite characters of all time. He is funny as hell, a huge fucking troll and he can kick your ass. I remember watching him when I was little and how he would always make feel so empowered somehow.

  2. author

    cbolanz18 時間 前

    Scar: I wouldn't dream of Challenging you... again. Me: Well thats a pathetic expansion. Saying that Mufasa Gave Scar his Scar is kinda boring. Couldn't he say he got it from a fight with a hyena or a getting caught in a fight with other animals because I feel like the remake really dropped the ball with that opportunity.

  3. author

    kayla ramirez9 時間 前

    Amlo Amlo Amlo

  4. author

    kayla ramirez9 時間 前

    Amlo mllonkooooo

  5. author

    Po Omega12 時間 前

    How Mufasa shown his pain when Scar diged the claws on his hand was more intense because it's a Roar intestead of a Pathetic human cry

  6. author

    Po Omega12 時間 前

    1994 Scene is Better

  7. author

    Black Roses14 時間 前

    2019, are you fucking kidding me? terrible, just waste of money on a cold no soul animation for no reason, real cats could act better. 1994: huge respect, my childhood best cartoon ever, my forever top cartoon

  8. author

    Kush Kong15 時間 前

    fucking ONIONS man !

  9. author

    PastaSauces7619 時間 前

    Bro spoilers

  10. author

    kayla ramirez19 時間 前

    Let that that that would love love that would love is is going down by contributing posters were very very happy about us based economy their parents or even less fortunate fortunate fortunate

  11. author

    Abhay Mattu20 時間 前

    Well done my childhood came back to life everything was perfect and beautiful my heart

  12. author

    Salvador Eduardo González Flores21 時間 前

    One thing i really like of the remake is the return of James Earl Jones as Mufasa 😏😏😏

  13. author

    Random Things日 前

    I’m sorry but when Scar Smacked the living life out of mufasa I just died laughing.

  14. author

    toluwase olaoye williams日 前

    Chiwetel Ejofor made the character HIS OWN. He didn't try to COMPETE WITH JEREMY IRONS He didn't try to BE BETTER THAN JEREMY IRONS He didn't try to BE LIKE JEREMY IRONS. I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND PEOPLE!!!!! They are both iconic in their individual ways

  15. author

    Muthuraja Murugan日 前

    And Mufasa is strong and bold character

  16. author

    Muthuraja Murugan日 前

    Simbha is so cute

  17. author

    TheLionKing 2008日 前

    In the 1994 version it very epic but in the 2019 it kind of feel slow

  18. author

    Beanie 89日 前

    Man, I did LOVE Jeremy Irons as Scar in 1994...wish they could’ve brought him back, but Chiwetel Ejiofor wasn’t bad either.

  19. author

    Barry Villacarillo日 前

    Easily the best part of the entire movie. 😂😂😂

  20. author

    Olaf Widuliński日 前

    Lol now I realise, scar was giving a good advice not threatning (perhaps you shouldn't turn your bsck on me)

  21. author

    Briana Smith日 前

    Fantastic to have James Earl Jones back... but how in the hell did you not bring back Jeremy Irons?! That iconic voice made Scar.

  22. author

    Border Collies日 前

    In the original, when Mufasa asks for Scar's help he sound more desperate, like he trusts that he will help. In the 2019 he sounds more demanding, like he is threatening Scar to help.

  23. author

    Gsfggg Xdjoh日 前

    Fuck 2019 version. Scar help me. Help my dick. No expression at all. And scar's voice got a laugh out of me.

  24. author

    Nahuel 1212日 前

    Mufasa entry is most epic in 2019

  25. author

    Nathan Cruz日 前

    4:33 no! Not, Mufasa’s death! 4:38 no!

  26. author

    Ciel OzBone2 日 前

    Scar in 2019 sounds way more sociopathic. Love both versions!!!

  27. author

    Steven Poulard2 日 前


  28. author

    Kiryu MG-272 日 前

    I'm gonna terminate scar!

  29. author

    TheLionKing 20082 日 前

    1994: oh zazu you made me lose my lunch 😮 made me lose my lunch 😑

  30. author

    Gsfggg Xdjoh2 日 前

    After watching the 1994 Lion King. This new one makes me angry. Totally rubbish. They destroyed the most beautiful animation ever made.

  31. author

    Squidward Tenticles Isthe Best2 日 前

    Mufasa: Scar Help me Scar: 👿Long live the king (Punches Mufasa)

  32. author

    dave IsDave2 日 前

    1994: Scar! *in pure desperation* Brother! *with meaningful love* Help me! 2019: Scar, wtf r u doing hurry up, Jesus Christ!

  33. author

    Squidward Tenticles Isthe Best2 日 前

    The 2019 version looks a joke compared to the original.

  34. author

    Vicki V2 日 前

    I knew they wouldn't do the hula scene so I was looking sooo forward to this part. Was not disappointed!!! Laughed so hard I had to rewatch it!

  35. author

    vamrack powerhouse2 日 前

    My god the voices are just 😶🔫

  36. author

    Tutoriels Faciles2 日 前

    To all of you who didn't watch the entire movie and comment, please watch it, this is very different when you are in the movie from the beggining...

  37. author

    simpleflareon2 日 前

    1994: Scar grabs mufasa and throws him off the cliff 2019: Scar literally bitch slaps him

  38. author

    Iv13093 日 前

    I loved the hula song, and I loved this nice reference to Beauty and the Beast. Why choose? Both scenes were equally epic and funny. 😂😂😂 And the way Pumba is getting up with the idea while everyone is looking at him is equally as funny as Timon's "What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula?" and although they didn't even get past the first line of the song, the way Timon screamed while they ran for their lives made me roll over the floor from laughing.

  39. author

    AllisonakaSakura3 日 前

    Classic cause timon was clueless until he saw the danger and the famous line: geez why do i have save your, ahhhhh!!!!

  40. author

    Benjamin Carmine3 日 前

    That deliver of Scar help me was bad and Long live the king was terrible.

  41. author

    rocc14 20193 日 前

    2019 Is better

  42. author

    Melanie Groves3 日 前

    How did you get the move

  43. author

    super.sam_the_man3 日 前

    This was scar’s doing😢😡

  44. author

    Jayden 3927Fan3 日 前

    Just stop it will you!? Just stop! You negative scumbags need to grow up!

  45. author

    Assyli Art3 日 前

    I really want to feel something here! It looks amazing, watching the wildebeest come over the top was incredibly unnerving in the best way, and the VA's are great!! Little Simba breaks my heart listening to him cry. But there's NO emotion on the faces! I get it, they're animals, but we've had expressive CGI animals before that look great, e.g Aslan from Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. What's going on here? And the score, as always, is fantastic, but i have to say i prefer the original, especially when it gets to the Long Live The King part; in the original the music goes quiet when Mufasa reaches the dispassionate Scar, it's quiet and heart breaking when Simba realizes his dad is dead, and it takes it's time. Here, it seems a little rushed, everything a bit too loud and over the top, and Mufasas theme blaring as he climbs i find is a little unnecessary. I'm not saying this is at all bad, i still enjoy it, and if you don't agree with me that's alright :) just thought I'd share my thoughts xx

  46. author

    BigEyesLuigi3 日 前

    The 2019 one is like a comedy movie

  47. author

    Gabrielle Clennon3 日 前

    Shenzi : a hyena’s belly never full

  48. author

    Gabrielle Clennon3 日 前

    Kamari :Friends huh? i thought you said we were revolting scavengers Azizi : Yeah and that you wanted to kill us

  49. author

    Most Blessed4 日 前

    I wish Scar was voiced by Idris Elba. His voice is much more fitting.

  50. author

    Will Robinson4 日 前

    Circle of Life is my absolute favorite song in the original and remake.

  51. author

    Ethan Peterson4 日 前

    Thumbs up for 1994 Comment for 2019 *Me* -👍

  52. author

    808natee4 日 前

    well done disney you sucessfully tore my heart out again with simba screaming help in this one

  53. author

    V'Lon Small4 日 前

    Scar is a BIG LIAR!

  54. author

    Robert Kelly4 日 前

    1994 how you murder Mufasa other is a parody.

  55. author

    Patrick DelaTorre4 日 前

    Everytime I hear mufasa's voice, when he got betrayed by his brother it's make me cry 😭😭

  56. author

    Will Robinson5 日 前

    To tell the truth- Robert Guillaume was responsible, optimistic, bold, educated, reasonable, trusting, good-natured, understanding, instructive, level-headed, loving, altruistic, unswerving, mature, efficient, modest, reverent and paternal.

  57. author

    Will Robinson5 日 前

    R.I.P. Madge Sinclair, Robert Guillaume and Zoe Leader (the voices of Sarabi, Rafiki and Sarafina)😔🙏🏻

  58. author

    kayla ramirez5 日 前

    Boko Boko Boko

  59. author

    kayla ramirez5 日 前


  60. author

    Kooka Man5 日 前

    What if someone put Yoshi's final smash in the 2019 version?

  61. author

    AJ Dezelle5 日 前

    Fun Fact: The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast are two Disney movies that are from the Disney Renaissance era.

  62. author

    SuperUmizoomiFanAlt5 日 前

    So, where did you get the movie in a quality that's this high from?

  63. author

    Kooka Man5 日 前

    Fun fact: Timon imitated a French accent in the original version of Can You Feel the Love Tonight.

  64. author

    Kooka Man5 日 前

    Ma cherie Mademoiselle It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure That we proudly present Your dinner Be...our...GAAAAAH!!

  65. author

    Willian Santos5 日 前

    Where did you download the HD movie? Please send the link.

  66. author

    T.J. Ferguson5 日 前

    Regardless of most of the negative comments on social media, besides the original, I love this version as well. Seeing some good quality clips just makes me want to see the movie already!

  67. author

    TheLionKing 20085 日 前

    I guess timone saw the song

  68. author

    wlliamson535 日 前

    Mufasa seems calmer in the 2019 version

  69. author

    wlliamson535 日 前

    1:11 what do you see? Expression.

  70. author

    Danielmus Prime5 日 前

    no matter which version, mufasa's death will always be sad to me

  71. author

    Will Robinson5 日 前

    Thank you for uploading this video.

  72. author

    Will Robinson5 日 前

    Plus, Chiwetel Ejiofor works efficiently as the voice of Scar in the remake while Jeremy Irons wastes time as the voice of Simba’s wicked uncle in the original.

  73. author

    Will Robinson5 日 前

    Oh, my god. I love hearing Jonathan Taylor Thomas, JD McCrary and James Earl Jones’s voices of Young Simba and Mufasa.

  74. author

    Will Robinson5 日 前

    In the 1994 version, Jeremy Irons was rushing through while Chiwetel Ejiofor was taking his time in the 2019 version.

  75. author

    Tommo lou5 日 前

    I find scar's death in the live action strangely satisfying

  76. author

    Michael Anderson5 日 前

    I hate that nostalgia critic put this in my head but really why didn't scar just kill simba right there and make it easy?

  77. author


    All the lines in the new one are so dry and awkward 🤣

  78. author

    Will Robinson5 日 前

    To tell the truth- Eric Andre did a great job and a much better job on doing the voice of Azizi/Ed because he acted appropriately as the voice of Shenzi and Banzai/Kamari’s associate in the remake while Jim Cummings acted inappropriately as the voice of him in the 1994 version.

  79. author

    Darth Sidious6 日 前

    The live-action scene is terrible lmao

  80. author

    Will Robinson6 日 前

    To tell the truth- Ernie Sabella and Seth Rogen did a great job and a much better job on doing the voices of Pumbaa because those guys acted appropriately as the voices of Timon’s bestest best friend while Jim Cummings and Leslie Hedger acted inappropriately as the voices of that obese brownish-red warthog.

  81. author

    STO_16016 日 前

    I was singing this song in the theatre!

  82. author

    cas flydgvr6 日 前

    Original vs porn parody

  83. author

    cas flydgvr6 日 前

    Ew. The remake looks like stuffed animals moving and talking. Even a muppet has more emotion

  84. author

    Eemia S6 日 前

    This was so bad I laughed

  85. author

    Rae Mercier6 日 前

    Ughhhhhhh. The atmosphere, the colour, the expressions, the tension, the line delivery, the hand-drawn original did so much better on every level. For the love of- The cgi Simba didn't even make a good attempt at trying to wake up or look sad for his dead father! 5:52

  86. author

    Fantasy animal !!!6 日 前

    1994: SCAR!!!!! 2019: scar 😒

  87. author

    Griffin Moeller6 日 前

    I hope this music is in episode IX or something

  88. author

    Adrian Marin7 日 前

    2:27 Is that Tina Guo?

  89. author

    KDuckly Lion King EditsTM7 日 前


  90. author

    Cyo7 日 前

    Both times Mufasa decided not to punish Simba and instead teaches him a lesson.

  91. author

    cbolanz17 日 前

    They really could've left out some umimportant details to make this a little better. 1. Leave out the chameleon so it's just Simba roaring at the rim of the cliff. 2. Leave out the tree branch so it's just Simba trying to dodge the stampede and create a little more suspense. 3. Leave out Zazu calling to simba and pointing him out to Mufasa. 4. Have Mufasa try to make his way through the stampede without the whole branch breaking and getting knocked down segment. 5. Leave out mufasa getting knocked back into the stampede, and just have him push simba to safety and then jump up to the next level of the cliff.

  92. author

    Derp Derp7 日 前

    In the 2019 they are not brothers that why Mufasa didn't say brother help me

  93. author

    Microphone Worthy7 日 前

    Amazing video you have a like 💛😊

  94. author

    Rully Prawitasari7 日 前

    I cry watch this breaks my heart 😭😭😭

  95. author

    david baryl7 日 前

    The Sprit of Mufasa.

  96. author

    Juan Risa7 日 前

    I honestly would hsve changed the scene to instead feature Scar trying to kill Simba as "punishment" to put even more guilt for Simba, to the point if making him think he should die.

  97. author

    rougoner 1238 日 前

    How are Hyenas scared of scar in original

  98. author

    Amanda Eklund8 日 前

    5:48 aaw<3 look at that sweetheart<3 poor little Simba and Mufasa:-(😭😭😭😭

  99. author

    wlliamson538 日 前

    My friends! It will take some time but together we will build our army

  100. author

    Anton Lineholm8 日 前

    fuck you bich