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    Carlos Morales時間 前


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    MRTUPAC 28時間 前

    Watson and the Texans will win the division this season. Jalen Ramsey is still Bragging about making it to the AFC championship game.

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    robert goodman時間 前

    i do not enjoy watching lazy players and coaches, stay of of the tv, put your money in your white familiy not in black families be like obama take the white skins for all their worth, when will whites get smart, like blacks, steal from the black race pocket the money like obama and biden

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    Austin Meneley時間 前

    Literally all I hear in these highlights "Pass iiiissss caught.....Pass iiiissss Caught"

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    Vizzle Maaane時間 前

    The goat is back

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    Josue Tejada時間 前

    Jaguars were supposed to be improved this year, but then the injury bug hit them

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    Patricia Mckee時間 前

    I think everyone sleeping on ted ginn , he was important to this win just as much as everyone else

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    Eric Matterson時間 前

    RBs can be all time greats but like Sanders, OJ, and Payton, if they don't have decent QB play and good run defense they will not win. No great RB won SB without help of a decent offense until 85 Bears

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    Rohan Tyagi時間 前

    Lamar is looking damn good! BUT he’s only played the Dolphins and Cardinals. If he can win against a div rival, he’ll be something to reckon.

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    VCP TV時間 前

    Deshawn is a goat and Texans are Are my favorite team I swear

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    Michael Fleming時間 前

    This is 10-12 Packers right here

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    philly_ sports時間 前

    AB has quite the history of jumping/forcing his way into things without permission....

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    Black Knight時間 前

    I’m a die hard cowboys fan , but to me I been seeing saquon being a better runner, because zeke is not the same runner as he was in 2016

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    Yo Yo時間 前

    The jaguars are a joke and were a one hit wonder with their soft schedule a few years ago. Back to the basement where they belong

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    Virginia Harris時間 前

    Why no Lambeau Leap?

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    B G時間 前

    But he caught a case last week

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    Night Terrorz時間 前

    I gotta admit that was pretty nasty this dude really is proving me wrong and everyone else who doubted him. Good job Ozzie on the pick bc he really he is starting to look special

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    EJSBeast時間 前

    17 does not look on him honestly give him 84 back

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    robert goodman時間 前

    can anyone believe the redskins are a pro team, the coach and owner should be put in a firing squad. you dont get blow out agaisnt the cowboys and not fire the coach, but this owner got rg3, and now haskins, plus the stupid white people sit in the stands watching lazy blacks enjoy big bucks, and think this sorry ass number 1 will make a difference, if i was the owner i would have drafted a cb. or a line man that doesn't suck,haskins will be cut or traded or should be traded for two number twos you idiots

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    FoodvsFood時間 前

    AB looks gross wearing 17

  21. author

    xpto41時間 前

    we are winning the game right now

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    Kitty Smalls時間 前

    Beautifully edited. Please continue to do this every week.

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    John-boy時間 前

    Boy, he was wide, wide open! Sounds like a lot of Niner fans there in Cincy

  24. author

    navynugget7時間 前

    I'm glad this organization was dumb enough to pay this average QB this much money....lololol!!!! The purple fits!

  25. author

    Wayne A. W.時間 前

    Lil’ bro Manning got to go, he brings no value to Big Blue any longer. Take the two rings and call it a day, Eli. Stop trying to get to nowhere.

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    Steven c時間 前

    Show cowboys

  27. author

    Doey時間 前


  28. author

    SNAB1987時間 前

    He should be a running back they say 🤣

  29. author

    Old Uncle Bob時間 前

    Dope could have injured a fan. All about me, AB.

  30. author

    Riley Bailey時間 前


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    mt90945557時間 前

    I still, to this day, REGRET NOT PUTTING MONEY ON THIS GAME!!!!! I would have won BIG because I had a feeling the Giants would pull off the upset.

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    Shawon Marshman時間 前

    Dallas WRs running a train on Josh Norman. Unprotected

  33. author

    The Shawshank Inception時間 前

    This guy shouldn’t even be in the league after the incident with Mike Mayock.

  34. author

    xpto41時間 前

    texans are a big joke

  35. author

    Agent CodyBanx時間 前

    Breaking news, that woman he fell onto is now saying AB assaulted her

  36. author

    Thomas M時間 前

    Good push

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    Alex Long時間 前


  38. author

    Tosh T時間 前

    On the other hand, Josh Gordon was targeted twice and has zero receptions. TB12 better make sure he gets some love in the second half.

  39. author

    AllThingsInfamous時間 前

    2007 Randy Moss

  40. author

    Logan Paul時間 前

    Showing all the redskin highlights even tho the boys got this game 😂

  41. author

    andrew moore時間 前

    Running the 40 sure came in handy, I mean look at his speed as he chases women down deserted alley ways at 3am before he assualts them.

  42. author

    Mysterious Moon時間 前

    🤡 🐍 💩

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    Chris Jennings時間 前


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    Dera Irmayanti時間 前

    🔴 Live now here 👉 « » #santuy #ayabalitungana

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    Miguel Farias時間 前


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    Tony Diablo時間 前

    If the Raiders win this, they are going to the Superbowl!

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    Ben Dover Mi時間 前

    Lol where the haters at

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    Rocky Jeter Webb時間 前

    Welcome to Pats Nation Antonio Brown! Great catch! Let's Go Patriots! Pats Nation! Let's Go🏈!

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    MidWest Ent.時間 前

    This the only game the NFL cares about right

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    akazayah67時間 前

    We losing big time man we need to catch up

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    Sports Haven時間 前

    Can everyone just shut up. I'm a Packers Fan and u guys are killing me with all of this nonsense. There's a whole half to play calm down. We haven't won anything yet. Cmon

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    Awesome Card Games時間 前

    Roger Goodell: Leaping into the stands and bumping into fan...$10,000 fine!

  53. author

    Jefferson Williams時間 前

    This is it.... this is all we Wawa Ted to see or hear about AB...

  54. author

    Thestrian Official時間 前

    I drafted that boy!

  55. author

    nikki lott時間 前

    Feed Samuels

  56. author

    Gaza Boi時間 前

    Well they can try to black mail him but u can't take his talent away

  57. author

    Coman The Dragon時間 前

    Y’all sub to me so I can hit this 1k

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    Corey Brooks時間 前

    Washington is dead

  59. author

    Anthony Okeke時間 前

    If your reading this have a blessed Sunday

  60. author

    Suscuck 1時間 前

    i didn't recognize him with all of his clown makeup off

  61. author

    Ss Bros時間 前


  62. author

    183 496時間 前

    How could anyone cheer for the Pats now? Shame on them and the NFL

  63. author

    WRECK 215時間 前

    I'm not a Washington fan and i am definitely NOT a dallas fan... but Washington I wish yall would beat the cowboys...SMFH.

  64. author

    Rebbecah Israel時間 前

    Go Ravens!

  65. author

    Eric De Silva時間 前

    Lamar Jackson is going to be seriously dangerous the more experience he gets. Arm like Patrick M. with the mobility of Vick and possibly with time the accuracy of Peyton M. He stays healthy look out. I’m not even a Ravens fan and that a scary, fun thought/image.

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    J Z時間 前

    I hate jay gruden he sucks

  67. author

    Sean Ogren時間 前

    Are the Green Bay Packers blood doping?

  68. author

    Frenzy Yugtug時間 前

    Kevin Durant shoots a jumper from 20ft from the ark****

  69. author

    ablackprep時間 前

    Garappolo is going lead the in TDs 🏈 and STDs 💉

  70. author

    Daniel Chavez時間 前

    That ain’t the black hole u roofus

  71. author

    Sean Ogren時間 前

    Are the Green Packers blood doping?

  72. author

    Kxng Tsu時間 前

    Hopefully someone snaps AB legs in half

  73. author

    The Gavel is soundgavel時間 前

    Remember when the NFL wasn’t the WWE? I do. It’s back when this league put sportsmanship and professionalism near the top of things to respect, instead of twitter skills and marketing advisors making memes for them.

  74. author

    Chris Walton時間 前

    He looks so much like Vick out there 🔥🔥 I'm anxious to see how this man develops !

  75. author

    Sabrina Asclar時間 前

    Finally 49ers is back!! Yesay!!!

  76. author

    Texan Football Houston時間 前

    Man the right there by the touchdown you you saw number 82 #5-yard out the quarterback was just looking at him should have broke on that.

  77. author

    Your Boy Mr Mac時間 前

    Dude finally makes a touchdown play, instantly assaults a girl. Is there anything more AB?

  78. author

    Alex Kroll時間 前

    Y’all ain’t ready lmaooo

  79. author

    Snow Tire時間 前

    Any single guys out there wanna give this little ole Lynx fan gal a like if you miss Case or Sloter?

  80. author

    KyleTheOtaku時間 前

    Going to be the most lethal duo this season *Brady-Brown*

  81. author

    Justin Winfrey時間 前

    7:27 not a interception 🤨

  82. author

    Lasohnda Harris時間 前

    Go Seahawks😍🏈

  83. author

    Stroker Diesel時間 前


  84. author

    game n gamer時間 前

    He wearing his old man jersey number

  85. author

    Chris時間 前

    Lamar might be the most lethal QB in the AFC North. -Browns fan

  86. author

    EaST CoAsT MaCHete時間 前

    It's about be a crazy year

  87. author

    Tazer183時間 前

    In other news, Gostkowski keeps missing. Hes missing in superbowls, playoffs, regular season, time to find someone else.

  88. author

    flyler時間 前

    Friends My next subscriber gets $1000 dollars

  89. author

    John-boy時間 前

    Nice leap by Ekeler, reminds me of the old LT days!

  90. author

    Hydra agent時間 前

    Pats getting away with that PI

  91. author

    tyvek05時間 前

    who cares, this guy is TRASH..... WHY ARE YOU GIVING HIM MEDIA TIME???? HE IS A LOSER. he needs to be benched......

  92. author

    Jay Towerz時間 前

    its not fairrrrrr :(

  93. author

    iBeezy-Minaj B-Minaj時間 前

    Die hard PACKERS FAN 💚💚💛💛 love ❤️ you AARON 🏈🏉.. we going to the super bowl

  94. author

    Dead Viking時間 前

    So the Ravens scored 42 points before halftime...

  95. author

    Big Deezie時間 前

    And it begins

  96. author

    Γεωργία Ειρήνη Βλάχου時間 前

    Εμένα γιατί δε με βάλανε να τραγουδήσω στο Super Bowl οι Αμερικάνοι και στείλαν την Beyoncé;

  97. author

    Loyal Philly fan時間 前

    I would like to buy that girl AB fell into

  98. author

    Brandon Stokes時間 前

    Man, that running back sure can throw. He could be a QB

  99. author

    All about Boston時間 前

    Why is Howard not on AB instead lmao

  100. author

    Piped and drought時間 前

    He oddly looks like a young Aaron Rodgers.