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  1. author

    Victor Smith4 分 前

    T.O. was a POS

  2. author

    taco highlite5 分 前


  3. author

    Savage Baller5 分 前

    That throw and catch could not have been any better. Nice guys!

  4. author

    quaweeguy5 分 前

    Tyrann Mathieu is so underrated

  5. author

    Beaux Richards5 分 前

    "They" say sports is 90% mental which means Dallas is playing at 15%. They'll never be a championship team until they stop making BONEHEAD plays. Johnson would have made these guys run until they puked and then made them run some more. Garrett is too soft on them.

  6. author

    anthonya2k6 分 前

    That catch by Michael Gallop was picture perfect. 1:01

  7. author

    Willie Prescott III6 分 前

    This kid is insanely talented BE PATIENT

  8. author

    DSW Aqqua7 分 前


  9. author

    Cheryl Banner8 分 前


  10. author

    A.J.9 分 前

    Who Dat

  11. author

    Der CrysisBZ9 分 前

    days of our bengals

  12. author

    leAkz Jr9 分 前

    The Jalen Ramsey wwe tackle 😍

  13. author

    Paul schitze9 分 前

    Then u realise Seahawks had injury to woooooooaaaaah

  14. author

    oktay yilmaz10 分 前

    Oh my Lions always losing while the match is good:(

  15. author

    Drewbert 42011 分 前

    Jimmy g got that faithful in him 🔥👍niners baby

  16. author

    mvpfocus11 分 前

    Substituting "throws" for "drops" in order to elicit more views -- is the definition of clickbait.

  17. author

    Nestor Lugo12 分 前

    Brady still slinging that deep ball, but it just hangs a split second longer. Only of he could get a TRT exemption from the league

  18. author

    BᴀᴅGᴜʏ BOOM13 分 前


  19. author

    Moonroof13 分 前

    Damn what a pass

  20. author

    Jayden Flores14 分 前


  21. author

    AceAlmighty1314 分 前

    "Bourne hangs onto this one." Ha ha ha ha!

  22. author

    Letts Harle15 分 前

    Make way for Jimmy G

  23. author

    Marcellus B15 分 前

    Lamar is a good QB who continues to improve in all facets of the position. This is what Raven fans have been saying since his rookie year, Louisville fans been saying since his freshman year, Boynton Beach Tiger fans been saying since the moment he stepped on the field. Most y'all are late to the bandwagon... the end of the line is back there 👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉 keep going👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉 ..sadly, some never made it to the back of the line as they passed out from exhaustion shortly before the 8 mile mark

  24. author

    Jonathan Frimerman15 分 前

    Will Cowboys beat Patriots week 12?

  25. author

    Atle Andrei Nybakken15 分 前

    Jackson steps onto the field. Texans D-line: - "Omar comin'. Omar comin', ya'll!"

  26. author

    ft5555516 分 前

    The most dominant run that didn't go for a TD is Earl Campbell's rush against the Rams where his jersey was torn off.

  27. author

    RekLeez CorLeoNe18 分 前

    Texans looked good until they came to B'more

  28. author

    Grim Weeper19 分 前

    Eagles choosing Wentz over Foles is the equivalent of Pats choosing Bledsoe over Brady...

  29. author

    felix corral19 分 前

    Raiders OFFENCE play calling sucks ass ...They barely beat one of the worst team in the league..NOT GOOD

  30. author

    T SPOKEN19 分 前

    A white kid could never

  31. author

    Ch L19 分 前

    Did Watson get more yards for the Ravens or was Lamar?

  32. author

    Scott O,Donahoe20 分 前

    Vikings coach didn't just open a can of whoop ass on his players at half time , He used a whole case !

  33. author

    Ostrich Wayne20 分 前

    I feel bad for the Eagles because so many of their. Wide Receiver's are hurt in it's hurting them this season....

  34. author

    CorporalPitts and PraiseSisterKate20 分 前

    OPERATION TNF #PITvsCLE #SmashmouthFootball i predicted a #Steelers Win and those Brownies will challenge Coach Tomlin and 'Da #Stillers to a TNF GAME to Remembered. Credit #PsycheTruth with Kristin and 100% LOVE to My #NFLFantasyFootballPartner Lady Kathleen. "hey, you are Sooooooo WELCOME, Corporal. thx for sharing my take. MUAH!!!!" #PraiseSisterKate #NFLFantasyFootball #SaintsLady "wearing the nun's habit WIN or LOSE" #100NFL Credit #NFLonFOX #NFLNetwork and Amazon #HereWeGo #WhoDat

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    Ricardo Veras20 分 前

    Belo passe para TD

  36. author

    Lonewolf Fisherman21 分 前

    Say what you want about Michael Jackson, but he was one of the greatest entertainers ever.

  37. author

    Despacito Lord21 分 前


  38. author

    Eduardo Cruz22 分 前

    Broncos were looking Soo good..then 4th quarter came

  39. author

    TheStapleGunKid23 分 前

    So can we fire Taylor yet?

  40. author

    the autistic pier champion of herb and peace23 分 前

    He's a cowboy bow who's here after they did this

  41. author

    S B25 分 前

    Is it me or jimmy G sound like Brady?

  42. author

    Raul Ramirez25 分 前

    They Vikings should’ve been flagged at least 2 in the last seconds

  43. author

    KrillDaily25 分 前

    Greatest comeback ever well there is the colts 21 point comeback with Peyton Manning but hey as a vikings fan ain't suprised and I wonder would skip is gonna say next

  44. author

    TknUdwn26 分 前

    Horrible title

  45. author

    Andre Lucas26 分 前

    Go Browns

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    Xiangdong Zhang27 分 前

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  47. author


    It was great but not perfect

  48. author

    ryan damon29 分 前


  49. author

    albert Knox29 分 前

    Comienzo a extrañar a Minshew u.u

  50. author

    chunga5630 分 前

    Bout to lose to the jets ✈✈✈

  51. author

    Thicc Bear30 分 前

    Cook is op

  52. author

    Kareem Davis31 分 前


  53. author

    Ian M31 分 前

    Still can’t pace passed this guy up for trubisky

  54. author

    Robert Slocum32 分 前

    Lots of empty seats, maybe the prices will go down???

  55. author

    Hi Baby33 分 前

    Please don't let missed field goals and penalties be our failing this year!..Go Cowboys!.

  56. author

    hector casto33 分 前

    Le pateador de los seahawks es muy malo

  57. author

    Yo Homie33 分 前

    Eagles fan here

  58. author

    Ralph Mcbride33 分 前

    Watson,,, Hopkins power up

  59. author

    Ben Hochberg35 分 前

    Trubisky is so bad.

  60. author

    Lennox35 分 前

    Misleading title

  61. author

    Andrew Hall35 分 前

    What's with all the Heart Attack comments? Could you be anymore unoriginal? Use another analogy or take that analogy deeper. Why muddy the water with comments that have already been posted?

  62. author

    Derrick Peterman36 分 前

    Hey I like it so much

  63. author

    jben jones37 分 前

    Does Sammy Watkins ever do anything? No Tyreek Hill and no Damien Williams and this guy still lays freaking eggs. Making millions to run around a field every week. Bumb

  64. author

    Eddie Menjivar37 分 前

    Rams are weak .... we coming 😈

  65. author

    Ralph Mcbride37 分 前

    Good game Ravens,, good Try Texans

  66. author

    KITE MAN37 分 前

    How is the best TE in the league that wide open TF.

  67. author

    Gabe hargrove38 分 前

    refs cheated the bills clearly

  68. author

    Mar mar _38 分 前


  69. author

    Charlito Mani38 分 前

    Maybe once this season, a Giants receiver could get that open.

  70. author

    LazlosPlane38 分 前

    Jets - Colts in context should be number one.

  71. author

    Mike39 分 前

    When you think of the Giants you think of Strahan and L.T.

  72. author

    T Love40 分 前

    Bad title!! GO CHIEFS YOU CAN WIN THIS!!!! 💓💓💓💓💓

  73. author

    William Rohnstock40 分 前


  74. author

    Christian Diaz40 分 前

    Nothing beats a day with a good daker

  75. author

    The Metal Machine40 分 前

    It's good to see Mahomes healthy again. I'm expecting a solid game vs the Ravens or Patriots.

  76. author

    Arthas Menethil41 分 前

    Kelce was open by 5 yards, Chargers or bears who is more of a failure this year?

  77. author

    Ralph Mcbride41 分 前

    Jackson a game changer for real

  78. author

    Justin Halprin42 分 前

    This guy is a professional idiot...

  79. author

    Dave Saenz42 分 前

    Can't wait till he plays a good team. Then he gets exposed as a mediocre back up quarterback.

  80. author

    LazlosPlane43 分 前

    Was LT at this game? Seems invisible.

  81. author

    Red Hot Grimmy Piper43 分 前

    Now imagine if Ray & Ed had a qb like Lamar early or middle of their careers. They could've won atleast 2 or 4 more lol.

  82. author

    Ch L44 分 前

    Bronco horse... Speedster at the start of the race but can't keep pace until the finish.

  83. author

    Joshua44 分 前

    The snakebite of the Cincinnati Bengals continues...

  84. author

    American Sports Fan44 分 前

    Kelce is a stud

  85. author

    Mike Kyeame44 分 前

    Lol I thought mahomes literally dropped sum

  86. author

    Nova Star45 分 前

    As long as the patriots don’t win..... I’m over beli-cheat and old man Tom....

  87. author

    Mack Joseph45 分 前

    I thought Mahomes drops the pass and that the title didn’t make sense lol

  88. author

    SunnySideSavage45 分 前

    Man the cowboys shoulda had this

  89. author

    GrantYT1847 分 前

    -drops- *Throws* *dimes* *completes*

  90. author

    Reaper147 分 前

    Good control by Kelce

  91. author

    Jacob Martinez47 分 前

    Mahomes is trash 🗑

  92. author

    Kirk Moore48 分 前

    Here is a sure thing: Take the bye next Sunday over the LA Chokers. The Chokers will win, but won't beat the spread.....

  93. author

    Jaccobtw48 分 前

    That stadium is honestly really nice

  94. author

    Rafael Ramirez48 分 前

    I thought Kelce drops the ball for a perfect TD since, Thats what the title kind off said.

  95. author

    LeeTravius Mckay48 分 前

    Shannon "Mahomeboy"

  96. author

    Eric Houle48 分 前

    I miss John Maddens commentary

  97. author

    Revo Jay49 分 前

    He didn’t drop it

  98. author

    Sven _49 分 前

    Seahawks and ravens are not going 8 and 8 ravens are 9-2 and Seahawks are 8-2 I’m sorry but Seahawks aren’t getting 6 losses in a row

  99. author

    itsMariahEstrada49 分 前

    George kitties the best

  100. author

    Caiden Petrie49 分 前

    Thanks Kelce... really needed those points for fantasy. Can't be losing to my friend who hasn't edited his roster all year.