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    David H6 時間 前

    Who else just fast forwards jlo performance?

  2. author

    Martin Wakefield6 時間 前

    Deon who? what always gets lost in the conversation is that St. Darrell could also hit people.

  3. author

    Justin Megadudecat6 時間 前

    Y’all really had the audacity to say the bucs boutta lose to the lions LMFAO

  4. author

    Omar alkoffash6 時間 前

    wow nice

  5. author

    chincheck736 時間 前


  6. author

    Isaac M6 時間 前

    Packers rating is such a joke

  7. author

    Ryan Howell6 時間 前

    Glad that Tannehill got another shot. Never felt like he got a fair shake in Miami. Hopefully he is the answer for Titans fans who have been starved for consistency since Steve McNair.

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    Omar alkoffash6 時間 前

    nice ma niga

  9. author

    Omar alkoffash6 時間 前

    nice yo its amzing

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    LopsterSharks6 時間 前

    I’m a bills fan so to make myself happy I love watching the patriots lose super bowls

  11. author

    Omar alkoffash6 時間 前

    wow good training NFL best team

  12. author

    Bastow Boys6 時間 前

    No randy moss bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????😱

  13. author

    Joey Johnson6 時間 前

    Watching this Super Bowl just makes me appreciate how better the commentary is nowadays compared to back then.

  14. author

    SHOBNA NAIR6 時間 前

    How idiots look like :

  15. author

    S M7 時間 前


  16. author

    Jack Zwally7 時間 前

    Wtf how do the Steelers go 13-3

  17. author

    Ben TheKeeshond7 時間 前

    The Chiefs' receivers were not as good as Clark/Solomon or Rice/Taylor. Especially after a catch. If I remember correctly, when Joe was running the 49ers offense, he hardly ever threw behind his receivers. I guess that was why KC couldn't win it all, even with the GOAT, Joe Montana.

  18. author

    bolt man7 時間 前

    Still the best wr to this day and he's banned. He'll bounce to a team after ban finishes

  19. author

    mattyoblobber7 時間 前

    waaaaaaay too high

  20. author

    Christopher Bellore7 時間 前

    Jerome Bettis is right up there, so coming from him is enough confirmation; but Earl Campbell is truly, nothing short of a PHENOMEN!

  21. author

    Aaron Mellor7 時間 前

    Um Aaron hernandez he played TE and was running down field like a wr and ran the ball like a HB he didn't get to play long cos of what he did but that does get rid of the fact that he was gonna become a hall of Famer no doubt put some respect on his name man

  22. author

    Pockit7 時間 前

    I wonder how long it will take before people realize it isn't the 90's anymore and running backs don't have a realistic shot at the MVP award over a quarterback.

  23. author

    Dregio Ramos7 時間 前

    We aint gonna see another like him

  24. author

    yvette beckwith7 時間 前

    I didn’t realize how much of a football player Mr Jackson is. Wow. Just Amazing

  25. author

    Nicat Abdullayev7 時間 前

    Comments 90% Shakira 10% Jlo

  26. author

    vadeili ramdane7 時間 前


  27. author

    The Commentator7 時間 前


  28. author

    Sensai Cudii7 時間 前

    Nah he was scared 4:26

  29. author

    Nathan Friedel7 時間 前

    The Steelers have the best fan base, no other team can invade 31 other stadiums and it look like they are in hienz field

  30. author

    Kevin Palmer7 時間 前

    I got an ad every 5 secs

  31. author

    Will Huey7 時間 前

    How do these animals keep getting on the field

  32. author

    TheBasedMessiah7 時間 前

    Dark horse is Jimmy G fellas. Bet on it.

  33. author

    CTKahuna7 時間 前

    Respect ✊🏻 From one Devontay to another

  34. author

    Ben Filimoehala7 時間 前

    weak 5 pick

  35. author

    21dzzz7 時間 前

    All that animation intro for sicko mode 😂 musical genius my ass

  36. author

    Bella Chambers8 時間 前

    who is the guy??

  37. author

    Cadet8 時間 前

    Lebron fixed his running form, thank God.

  38. author

    Baseball Slap8 時間 前

    I have some recommendations for a new name: "Washington Warriors" "Washington Sailors" "Washington Fighters" "Washington Defenders" "Washington Bloods".

  39. author

    CKM8 時間 前

    The great bridge towards racial harmony is through laughter. Dave Chapelle showed us that. Steve Harvey is a true king of comedy!

  40. author

    Mr Slate8 時間 前

    There won't be a NFL season

  41. author

    Kevin B8 時間 前

    They need to do one of these on my boy Mitchell Biscuits. 😑😑😑

  42. author

    jimb8 時間 前

    The browns superbowl 🤣🤣🤣 How did that second game work out for you!!

  43. author

    topsjawlinekilledme8 時間 前

    yes i come back here every day

  44. author

    Alicia Baez Gutierrez8 時間 前

    No words to describe jlo😍

  45. author

    Bieber Ninja8 時間 前

    what about james wilder jr? he plays for the argonauts, he can give sanders a run for his money

  46. author

    Otto Cardona8 時間 前

    As a niner fan... this is the only part of the super bowl I can watch again .... 45 minutes later it’s too painful

  47. author

    PICHI TUTI8 時間 前

    star trek discovery

  48. author

    BoltLegend84 -9 時間 前

    I truly believe he would’ve passed moss fitz and Owens as an all time great and maybe catch rice as the greatest ever Can’t believe how much things changed

  49. author

    Maison Migliore9 時間 前

    bestt wr

  50. author

    Machos Alpha9 時間 前

    I wonder were Bo Jackson would of rank if he didn't retired early because of that injury. Dude was a tall, strong & hella fast RB.

  51. author

    BoltLegend84 -9 時間 前

    Humble, quiet, happy, smart, mature and the number 2 player in the nfl Tragic whatever happened to him

  52. author

    Merlin Poofa9 時間 前

    The most Impressive part of this video is how. sane Antonio Brown is, and that’s saying something😂

  53. author

    nweenglandpatriotsmatt 20109 時間 前


  54. author

    Marcel Kuhn9 時間 前

    I cant see the face... who is Training in the snow that looks like fun

  55. author

    Green Man9 時間 前

    Purple SUCKS

  56. author

    charles beaudoin9 時間 前


  57. author

    Yujin Young9 時間 前

    I can't understand 98% of the lyrics but that's shakira. So yeah, I finished watching it.

  58. author

    IN A FLASH9 時間 前

    Why tf did they add ads on JPreporter, made this thing annoying.

  59. author

    Luis Alcocer9 時間 前

    Yo NFL, wtf. Get a better editor or reviewer because they should at LEAST put the damn names in.

  60. author

    Johnny M9 時間 前

    Damn that Ravens 2000 defense had studs all over field. Other Great defenses had few star but overall look that 2000 Ravens was full of talent.

  61. author

    James Robinson9 時間 前

    Don't worry I'm clocked in already I'm checking out the highlight tapes get my PT on the football team season 20/20 I ain't talked about MD.

  62. author

    Statford9 時間 前

    Sidenote; 0:37 shows Alex Rodriguez with the caption "Baseball Legend"...after cheating you`re still considered a legend? I guess Marion Jones and Lance Armstrong made appearances as legends during half time too? Makes sense he is with J Lo who lipsynced her way through her career.....oh and another thing...players saying they`re world champs? What other countries are competing in the NFL?

  63. author

    Felix Thill9 時間 前

    This was the first football game i‘ve seen in my life

  64. author

    GLM 18510 時間 前

    Really? Your telling me that there isn’t 90 players in the nfl better than Kyler, but he doesn’t have an 80 overall in madden. Straight dogshit

  65. author

    the game kids TTG10 時間 前

    Y'all trash

  66. author

    Carly Crabtree10 時間 前

    dora the explorer

  67. author

    Liz Time10 時間 前

    All the music sounded the same, was it one themed show?

  68. author

    James Robinson10 時間 前

    Don't worry I'm in chat rooms talking about the chatroom live on JPreporter. They thought this was a game this is real life

  69. author

    Obi-Wan Kenobi10 時間 前

    Lamar did all this without a huge offense!

  70. author

    Jesus Nuñez10 時間 前

    Yo creo que este va a ser el último concierto masivo de este año. 😥

  71. author

    Joseph McC234DY10 時間 前

    H-G-H....I want some

  72. author

    Wes Al10 時間 前

    Im sorry Super Bowl but that was Fulltime!!!!!!

  73. author

    Greg Anderson10 時間 前

    Wow, the jags ruined their shot for a super bowl. They should’ve won that game especially since they had the lead and momentum during the whole game except for the end. They ruined the key moments in the end... Jags are like the chargers, plenty of talent but choke artists

  74. author

    Philippine Ports Authority PMO-Davao10 時間 前

    Go Pats NAtion!

  75. author

    Wade Wilson10 時間 前

    Every 23 years it comes out to feed. This is year 23..

  76. author

    jhincredible PlayZ10 時間 前

    Who is that random guy in silver who walked on the stage

  77. author

    James Robinson10 時間 前

    What's up JJ Watt 99 DE . I play the same position with the Dallas cowboys/Patriots revolution/New York Giants/. I try to get traded in the draft on JPreporter but nobody to pick me up 😭 I guess I got play with the Dallas cowboys this season

  78. author

    alohawg10 時間 前

    Best pass of the day was by Robert Newhouse! RIP #44

  79. author

    Joseph Bostrom10 時間 前

    As a Jets fan, not gonna lie, I cried after this game