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  1. author

    Vicki Graham17 時間 前

    is that the st.louis yes or no?

  2. author

    micheal jackson17 時間 前

    i have restless leg syndrome

  3. author

    Alex Hatcher17 時間 前

    Yep, today is the day. Its officially out of ink.

  4. author

    Drazen Kremenjas17 時間 前

    im sad (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

  5. author

    Unimations Studio17 時間 前

    I’m so glad this pan is made in the USA. I was worried it wouldn’t be American enough.

  6. author

    Oof Master17 時間 前


  7. author

    Hypnotized Shark17 時間 前

    They have to get a new pen now

  8. author

    Creed Welwood17 時間 前

    My grandma has a he man retro vewet

  9. author

    Unforseen Commenter17 時間 前

    I would buy this. If is not wipped off sale.

  10. author

    andboom29317 時間 前

    I have one of these it is not as great as it looks

  11. author

    Jonah Armstrong17 時間 前


  12. author

    Cindy Grajales17 時間 前

    I remember I used to have these when I was a child but I would never use them because I didn’t want to ruin them

  13. author

    Premium_ Mist17 時間 前

    This is the most stressful video That’s a really bold statement

  14. author

    Anika Bhatia17 時間 前

    "not a scratch" me: yeah there is, its all dirty oh hold up thats my screen

  15. author

    Claudia Pena17 時間 前

    The color P E E

  16. author

    Maria in the Synth17 時間 前

    When you realize the people that had to eat something had to fake it in front of a different background...

  17. author

    Alton Swiderski17 時間 前

    7 year by no brain chips only covid

  18. author

    XxAwsome Tiger GamingxX17 時間 前

    Um are the milk straw beads edible?

  19. author

    Skidder the Dragon17 時間 前

    Well crap the wolf mask was discontinued well there go my dreams CRUSHED TO PIECES

  20. author

    Vincent Cox17 時間 前

    Wow cool 😮

  21. author

    Lhun 190117 時間 前

    Joey is the best singer at Vat19

  22. author

    KrispNoob Gaming17 時間 前

    I'm still waiting for the World's Largest Spicy Gummy Worm

  23. author

    Llama Boy7617 時間 前


  24. author

    Bailey Shep17 時間 前

    *says correct answers* Ben: *WHUUUUUUHH-*

  25. author

    chillflame s17 時間 前

    8:49 you once were my allie but now your my phone

  26. author

    Llama Boy7617 時間 前

    Yeah these are cool, but when I plug it in, they are faced down towards the table, so I just have Darth Vaders but facing me

  27. author

    Injectial Void17 時間 前

    I just realised most of the videos are tricking us into willingly watching their ads for some reason idk

  28. author

    Amela Edrenic18 時間 前

    In 2020 he ran out of ink

  29. author

    KittyCat lover18 時間 前

    Today we mark the death of the 7 year pen.

  30. author

    NinjaMezz18 時間 前

    What did the sink do to you guys why you clogging it over and over again:(

  31. author

    Ugene Jones18 時間 前

    I want to play this

  32. author

    keisha daza18 時間 前

    No toys were harmed in the making of this video

  33. author

    Nmnagames18 時間 前

    Fastbreak383 is in every burning questions vid

  34. author

    SLAIRE gaming18 時間 前


  35. author

    Lag Productions18 時間 前


  36. author

    Marlee Suarez18 時間 前


  37. author

    Sadie The Best18 時間 前

    Fastbreak383:I MUST KNOW MOREEEEEE

  38. author

    Fraser Matthews18 時間 前

    Is it possible to replace the candy with Hand-Sanitiser?

  39. author

    Don Perry18 時間 前

    Dad boot

  40. author

    • Amyyy •18 時間 前

    im so confused if this is real lol

  41. author

    Ora Hoffman18 時間 前

    There are only 2 halves in a whole

  42. author

    Dr. Bright18 時間 前


  43. author

    samantha jeanneret18 時間 前

    8.07 is my favorite bit

  44. author

    63Hyper18 時間 前

    3:57/4:13 Wonder how they were without the editing?

  45. author

    UniSkate 1118 時間 前

    The end is the best oart

  46. author

    duck duck18 時間 前

    Me: sees pillow pets "I HAVE ONE!" Vat19: for ages 3 and up Me: I got mine b4 I turned 5 months old haha!

  47. author

    UndeadGames18 時間 前

    Mine ran out today, exactly seven years later. They weren't lying when they said seven years.

  48. author

    2 Ultimate Siblings18 時間 前

    Woohoo 🥳

  49. author

    Llama Boy7618 時間 前

    I love your channel, but this bottle doesn't work, I was opening my J2O and it smashed the top neck of the bottle! And glass went everywhere!

  50. author

    Charlotte Hollingworth18 時間 前

    Ur products r in Carter Sharer's videos

  51. author

    Llama Boy7618 時間 前

    They probably get paid in beer

  52. author

    Heidi McLeish18 時間 前

    I like soggy cereal 🥣😀

  53. author

    qt WAWL18 時間 前

    Looks like a brain feels like a brain. Wait how do you know what a brain feels like😵😵

  54. author

    BrokenByHeart18 時間 前

    " Every penny has a Lincoln Portrait on it " ._. uh

  55. author

    Noah Leon18 時間 前

    Who doesn’t want them to go

  56. author

    Rian Elvine18 時間 前

    they got fewer than 50k likes on this video😓😔 10:28

  57. author

    Binh Bong18 時間 前


  58. author

    Keya Brookes19 時間 前

    I really wanna join vat19 because we have fun we make people laugh and you do many stuff like making a large pie lollipop

  59. author

    Creeper Cat19 時間 前


  60. author

    SGUPER19 時間 前

    I have that heads set hahaha 😂

  61. author

    Gr4ay19 時間 前

    Ben has no talent but he has blue eyes

  62. author

    Plague Doctor19 時間 前

    *GameStop would like to know your location*

  63. author

    Sophia You19 時間 前

    If you’re watching this in 2020 like this comment

  64. author

    teosmots19 時間 前

    I know 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  65. author

    Stazick 519 時間 前

    But does it have a bottle opener?

  66. author

    Kirblue!19 時間 前

    "It comes with a bottle opener!" Are they insulting themselves?

  67. author

    Kirblue!19 時間 前

    haha lemon spray go brrrr

  68. author

    red panda19 時間 前

    This one is for the memes

  69. author

    A Person Who Is Boring19 時間 前

    7 years. Has it ran out yet?

  70. author

    Aaron Burr19 時間 前

    “Jon, Danny, and Kara have some good competition!” So long, guys.

  71. author

    Thunder Cross Split Attack!19 時間 前

    When ur a 5th grader

  72. author

    Sophia You19 時間 前

    Who is watching this in 2020 then like.

  73. author

    Meemad Omer19 時間 前

    Imagine If They Were Not Recording While They Crushed It

  74. author

    alex's fandubs and multilanguage19 時間 前

    Vat 19 or bkjdksj ben karrie jon danny kyle sara jamie

  75. author

    Jacob Hielema19 時間 前

    Why don't you make commercials anymore?

  76. author

    Gabriela Morales19 時間 前

    these users are fake lol