アトラスの公式チャンネル『ATLUS Tube』にようこそ!



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    Dummy THICCTM37 分 前

    F for Switch that doesnt have the main story game

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    ラーメン美味しいよね59 分 前


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    Carlos Darrull時間 前

    Looks like joker was in the sun for to long

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    Filipinogo3 時間 前


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    AKiRAのジャングル5 時間 前


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    Hooded Hero Raven5 時間 前

    When does this come out in America?

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    SteamUser56436 時間 前

    この紹介が大好きです!私はこのゲームをNintendo Switchで購入するつもりです

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    SIMPLE VIEW CLAN kansai7 時間 前

    Who came here of Persona 5 royal

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    Blue’s Animations?!13 時間 前

    Joker showing skull a funny meme, and Ryuji fucking throws it on contact

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    ゲスミン・クズレルト14 時間 前


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    ギルが大好きアルトリアも大好き14 時間 前


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    きりさきピエロ15 時間 前


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    SonicFan15 時間 前

    P5R didn't need to exist. This game takes place after the events of the original P5. And it starts you off with a new story, too.

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    まめたけ.16 時間 前

    426が有能すぎた 東雲博士戦犯すぎた

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    まめたけ.16 時間 前


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    Lewis18 時間 前

    They polished this soo much.

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    ああ20 時間 前

    Dear Atlus and Koei please make Persona4 Scramble and Persona3 Scramble too

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    きなま21 時間 前


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    Jewtaro Kujew21 時間 前

    The game looks amazing, when does it come out?

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    Meo Ng21 時間 前


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    TheHysrin21 時間 前


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    MechaGamerz3122 時間 前

    JPreporter makes me wake up for this

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    Kontroversial Kid23 時間 前


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    Kontroversial Kid23 時間 前

    So shadow Joker is just Joker but he's black? Something's not right, I can feel it.

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    HERT 1023 時間 前

    I have no clue on what’s going on but it looks cool

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    ValkyrieQueen日 前

    Atlus pls, at least a Persona Q and Persona Q 2 port to Nintendo Switch

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    Diflit OwO日 前

    Persona 5: Hyrule Warriors Edit: I've watched this trailer so many times, and I still get goosebumps at this part. 1:54

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    マーク日 前


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    eLカム日 前


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    일반인코스프레日 前

    where is kasumi?

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    メルーMeruiC日 前

    Door Hero Joker

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    2004 Honda Civic日 前

    onision called the police on chris hansen edit: typo

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    Sherry Sai日 前

    Identity v fans! 👇🏻

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    Lompass日 前

    so we have P5, P5 dance dance revolution, P5R, and now P5 2 ? NICE !

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    Gribbit日 前

    Yo this is FIRE

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    origa 0121日 前


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    Gianni.i N日 前

    I think I will import this cause I will not wait 9 months for Atlus to think about thinking about thinking to consider localizing this game and then wait 18 months for a US release

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    watch beyblade burst stan kensuke midorikawa日 前


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    김타쿠日 前

    Amamiya Ren? Kurusu Akira? Fuck that... Haremfucker249 is the real p5 protagonist

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    Lewis日 前

    Ha Ha! Coming 2015. _{inhales}_ *REMEMBER THAT STRUGGLE?*

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    Evans _008日 前

    まだかよ おせーよ

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    JAMES Gaming LV2日 前

    1:08 People find it questionable when Mona is called a legend despite the fact he unintentionally makes an insane trickshot and just casually does smash 5 Ken's up taunt after

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    Sophia C.日 前

    I have my doubts if this is coming out internationally (or at least in North America) But this still looks good nonetheless

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    救世主ベロニカ日 前


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    せれすてーぬ日 前


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    Taki日 前


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    あららぎつきひ日 前


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    ひざうら日 前


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    david alejandro mejia moreno日 前

    Man, hat music... It is so subarashi.

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    Kyle Dutrow日 前

    God damn it this really is anime Scooby Doo.

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    AK日 前

    I love how Joker is always portrayed as very suave and stylish, then here we him absolutely _throwing down_ and hitting himself in the head with a cue ball I love him

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    コッシー日 前


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    Snake7日 前

    Why is Futaba called Navi instead of Oracle in this

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    かびまん日 前

    うわやばめっちゃおもろそう…(´ρ`) で、明智は?(ないです)

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    Pedrogonzalez日 前

    Imagine getting both Royal and Scramble before the west gets either

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    Alejandro Lopez日 前

    Black joker type beat

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    Ikcatcher日 前

    Seems like it was a good time for me to pick up original Persona 5 before this comes out

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    Mukhlis Royhan2 日 前

    so february 2020 for japanese version or western version too ?

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    Slim Jim2 日 前

    English port when...

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    todd2 日 前

    dio is back

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    SpookTunes2 日 前


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    Mildred Tan2 日 前

    Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy Birthday To You (repeat)

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    The Nerf Kid2 日 前

    im gonna just ya know, try my best to dodge spoilers for this for once

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    houmukyou20012 日 前


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    ポッポ2 日 前


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    P5 Joker2 日 前

    Persona 5 has already crossed over with alot of other games like if agree

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    P5 Joker2 日 前

    All atlus's persona 5 scramble trailers are in Japanese... But all the comments are only filled with English people. *LOL*

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    勇者のタクシー2 日 前


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    heiro2 日 前

    Feels weird that Joker put the fake glasses back on.

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    Nanaha Tales2 日 前


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    Jordan Roehling2 日 前

    I would actually have liked this a lot more if they hadnt started pushing it as P52. It just seems...weird.

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    Lucen2 日 前

    A lot of people don’t like this opening as much as wake up get up. I gotta say I highly disagree. Animationwise the first one is definitely better. Although, I find this as a way better upgrade musically and it introduces more characters

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    XenowaveZz2 日 前

    Damn bro, whos that weird looking cat? I wonder what his name is?

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    French Burrito2 日 前

    Im still hoping that p3 gets a remake

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    Fluffikens2 日 前

    I mad at myself for not playing the persona franchise MUCH earlier

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    Lewis2 日 前

    0:03 Why did I think this was some sort of Cross over with Persona 5.

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    yeşil kalem2 日 前

    2:48 2?????

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    SolvNia2 日 前

    Pointless observation: You can catch a glimpse of Zenkichi in Phantom Thief attire at 1:48 (on the very left). You only see one arm though, but he's the only one who has those "ribbon-things" on his sleeves.

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    おはぎ2 日 前


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    ❰❬ せとし・クンン ❭❱ seto2 日 前

    *_Who was the idiot who threw Joker's phone to Mona? Mona has cat paws, not human hands._* 💀💀💀

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    ヨウスケ2 日 前

    ゴリゴリ昭和アイドルソングって感じの曲なのにあのシチュエーションで流れたとき滅茶苦茶燃えた 2019年にプレイしたゲームの中で1〜2位を争うぐらい好き フルプライスでもなんでもいいからDLCお願いします

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    dj ZIGG2 日 前

    Morgana dropped my phone and it broke? BUTTON MASH TIME.

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    Daniel Pedersen2 日 前

    I'm guessing this is Persona 5: Scramble. I just saw this in my recommended, for some reason.

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    ダンテ2 日 前

    2:16 これ明智の像?

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    Kamilla Tamara2 日 前

    but when does it come out in the west

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    こばこた2 日 前


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    エドワードエルリック2 日 前

    今このゲームが評価一位なのが分からんそれやったら龍がんばれ如く か  ドラゴンボールZカカロットの方やろw

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    田中太郎2 日 前


  89. author

    ポーンズ2 日 前

    楽しみすぎる 楽しみすぎて‥ 杉になったわね‥🏝

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    ツインテールラブ2 日 前


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    Tony Nes'2 日 前

    Could someone tell me what music is playing near the end of the video ?

  92. author

    なな2 日 前


  93. author

    BarKnock2 日 前

    Why does it say Navi for Futaba instead of Oracle?

  94. author

    ネク桜花2 日 前


  95. author

    Small Fry2 日 前

    Is this jojo part 6

  96. author

    Mushroom Balloon3 日 前

    The lyrics at the end break me... I guess The Phantom Thieves plan to “RIIIISE UP” just like the GAMERS did back the days of yore.

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    ポッポ3 日 前


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    ポッポ3 日 前


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    ポッポ3 日 前


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    ポッポ3 日 前