アトラスの公式チャンネル『ATLUS Tube』にようこそ!

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    ScareCrow時間 前

    {Mokoi : "Uwee! "Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Demi-fiend"... Sounds pretty cool, right?"} *Mokoi puts his hand on his forehead...Looking at something from the way you came...On the stairs...* {Gouto: "So this is the Demi-fiend, huh...? First, let's get a little taste of just how strong he really is!"} *The black, green eyed cat remarks as the well dressed "Devil Summoner" runs towards the Demi-Fiend, sword released from sheath...but.. all four of them look the building standing far above them.* *A man in all red and black, wielding duel hand-cannons watches from the top of the structure...* {Mysterious Man : "There you both are. Let's see what you've got, Fiend."} *Suddenly he leaps from the edge, and at a speed greater than normal, lands on his legs between the Demi-fiend and Raidou Kuzunoha. Clouds of dust dissipate as he lands. He is Unharmed as he stands.* {Mysterious Man : "Glad to meet you kid. Hope you don't mind me Crashing this party of yours."} *This strangely stylish man takes aim. One gun of ebony pointed at your head...and the other of ivory pointed straight at the Devil-Summoner.* BATTLE START!

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    Huskobon Sarune3 時間 前

    The meme is reborn!

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    神楽蓮4 時間 前

    なんでまたダンテが? あの自称プロデューサーのパクリエーターがまたすり寄ったのか?

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    11 Agung Alit4 時間 前

    Ain't that dub was same with kira yoshikage from jojo bizzare adventure part 4?

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    Mark Panado5 時間 前

    Nintendo Switch... It's time...

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    Fish and chipper5 時間 前

    Aight whose here from Meti's Bruno Video

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    svd revolver6 時間 前

    so, you pay to get your ass beaten!? i need that.

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    Luke k8 時間 前

    Does anyone know who the Japanese va is

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    天の道を往き総てを司る男10 時間 前


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    AZMasterGamer13 時間 前

    I hope Devil May Cry 6 features Dante from the Devil May Cry series

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    Lydus Kyd13 時間 前

    Would love it on pc.

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    Lydus Kyd13 時間 前

    Was waiting for this.

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    Desire Gonyora15 時間 前

    So who else is here in 2020?

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    Francisco Hassan16 時間 前

    Is he going to get Pierce this time? There's no point to Dante if he can't even scratch Lucifer. He's a dead spot.

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    Orpheus16 時間 前

    Will he be a boss or teammate (I know almost nothing about smt)

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    David Will17 時間 前

    something that is already in the base game will be a DLC, ur joking right?

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    Brian Mcdonald19 時間 前

    I'm sorry, wasn't this all base game content in the original? you know, BEFORE dlc was a concept?

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    Light Moon19 時間 前

    誰か見てたら教えて欲しいんだけど ペルソナ5やってから4のゴールデンって楽しめる?4から5にかけて進化しすぎてて

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    raflyaa19 時間 前

    remaster another persona game plz!!

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    Ferran Roigé20 時間 前

    Why did Meti send me here?

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    Claudio Coppola日 前

    IS THAT DANTE? Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series with Dante?

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    MrDudeToU日 前

    So will the West get screwed? The international version was the version with Dante.

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    Makian日 前

    Why was this in meti's video

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    Blue 1011日 前

    Translation: "Shin Megami Tensei V" Teaser Movie

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    ただのけいおん好き2日 前


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    日 前


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    !たったかたぁ日 前


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    Gu!do日 前

    Instant buy for me. / for people that wonder/ are negative about dante being dlc: it is possible that atlus is doing it for the cash, but its also possible/more likely that its because of licensing. That capcom only allowed it if atlus gave them a percentage of the dlc. Not trying to justify any thing, just trying to clear things up for people. Have a great day :D

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    Valdynuki Valdynuki日 前

    DLC? Sorry Dante, It will be without you this time!

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    Naszir H日 前

    Blotch gang wya

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    Mister Fael日 前

    Does he comes with pierce though?

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    Die N00b日 前


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    Kaz日 前

    まあじかこれ しかも980円のdlc?がんばったなあ版権的にも

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    JCmasters100日 前

    Sucks the western version doesn’t release until next year.

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    鑑定トルネコ日 前


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    Chinese Checkers日 前

    He's back as Dlc so we can continue using the overused meme in peace.

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    Victor Danailov日 前

    I prayed for the possibility WEST gets Raidou and EAST gets Dante.

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    Vergil日 前

    For anyone interested in what Dante says: Intro: - "This is Tokyo? It doesn't feel like the place in which you can have sushi... " Building - "You showed up boy, we meet again" - "That's the demi-fiend...let's see what you got!" Level Up - "Not bad, I like your style" Labyrinth of Amala - "Playtime is over" - "It's Showtime!"

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    Amal Ad日 前

    It's super awesome, I love Gust Character s on many video games. I hope SEGA will add Gust Character s from Hatsune Miku , Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Tales, Dragon Quest, Klonoa, Fairy Tail, Slayers, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, Dragon Ball Super, Sailor Moon and Marvel to a new Sonic and Shining titles. This will be a new step for create a new Crossover video games I dream it for years.

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    まっきい日 前

    うう、やっぱり私は真3が好きだー 未だにps2版やってますもん‥😂

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    SSJCyberSonic日 前

    I still listen to this battle theme today. So glad is coming back.

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    Misael Belen日 前

    Fun Fact: Demi-Fiend's VA here is credited to Junko Enoki. He is known for many roles but the one I find the funniest is that he does the Japanese dub of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the MCU.

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    bINyayoOti bImyoT Pliz pley Di DMC2

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    Gizmo Hey日 前

    I have to say the original is better

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    Gaming Tart日 前

    so... its been half a year... since the game released in japan (6 days off...) can we at least get a westeren confirmation???

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    Han Chen日 前


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    ru tu日 前

    4と5は踊るのわかるけど3はうーん…笑 曲はいいんですけどね!

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    Reiya kazuki日 前

    Today come to my recommend

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    ゆひろ。日 前

    超やる(☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎

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    Succubi Pie日 前

    Featuring DLC from the Devil May Cry series!

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    flareragnarok日 前

    Featuring yoshikage kira from the jojos bizarre adventure series

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    McKayla Bowsman日 前

    I’m only buying it if they give him pierce

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    Jack Magaiver日 前

    Excelente great

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    雨上がりのなまこ日 前

    このダジャレ、この色合い ブ、ブラウン?(´・ω・`)

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    สุวพิชญ์ เสียงดีเพ็ง日 前

    Be happy that dante is only a 10$ dlc and not in another version of the game with full price

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    Touch My Joystick Player 2日 前

    Isn't this developer the one that donated millions to the terrorist BLM movement? Pass

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    伊藤レイジ日 前

    やはりあなたが一番でありますね これ好き

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    howie chang日 前

    Imma smash my 3DS

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    John Boyer日 前

    The older I get, the less I understand memes.

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    Stomach-Turning Thrush日 前

    ルーベンさんじゃなかったか ちっと残念ですね

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    TheManiniBoy日 前

    They really threw “I believe” in this trailer...

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    Stained Class v01日 前

    I'm not gonna lie...Dante's guest appearance was the factor that got me into this game in the first place. At least we'll have both Raidou and Dante in the same release for once now.

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    12345う日 前

    オウオウオウオウオウオウ ダンテェェェェ オウオウオウオウオウオウ パンッパンッ チピュッ

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    mario atros日 前

    2020 looks more interesting on the parallel universe

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    Mastergster日 前

    This is good and all but when is this coming out should I wait for this to come to PlayStation because I bought nocturne for PS2 should I wait for this and not play the PS2 one since this is literally the definitive edition of nocturne