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  1. author

    Nikki Torres12 時間 前

    Wow, Archie’s story just made me cry! I hope he sued the state!!

  2. author

    0fficial Cheeto12 時間 前

    When nick pretended to be a mime will forever be funny

  3. author

    Marcus Lee12 時間 前

    I no like cat I like dog

  4. author

    Peggy McCaslin12 時間 前


  5. author

    Peggy McCaslin12 時間 前


  6. author

    Maisaaa _12 時間 前

    4:30 lol the way he said BOO

  7. author

    Maisaaa _12 時間 前

    simon lovessss dogsss

  8. author

    Snookums12 時間 前

    Omg I just watched the first audition that scared me so much I’m not going to sleep well

  9. author

    Levi Huynh12 時間 前

    Everybody so annoying

  10. author

    Alicia Hudson12 時間 前

    Why did the first girl literally think she was the main character of a wattpad story or sum

  11. author

    karen holder13 時間 前


  12. author

    Natzu Wuz here13 時間 前

    17:12 sorry but- I kinda like her energyyyy

  13. author

    EstrellaPlayz13 時間 前

    im voting for donald trump.

  14. author

    Ijahnah Matos13 時間 前

    I want 1,000 dollers. But I dont have a voice like that like can sing but its not that good

  15. author

    Carolena Couey13 時間 前

    I’d love to slap Rachel.

  16. author

    LIVE YOUR DREAM13 時間 前

    But why only Amanda always?

  17. author

    k x . . .13 時間 前

    “And her name is?” “Hanta, like the virus” Only rat and mouse pet owners got this. My mouse is named coronavirus.

  18. author

    Hands Galore Asmr13 時間 前

    Half of these weren’t even bad the judges were just rude

  19. author

    Jacqueline Kezema13 時間 前

    Back ground music Chris Daughtry best ever on the show this guy is good too

  20. author

    Fernando Martinez13 時間 前

    She is *NOT SCARY* AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. author

    Sabia Gosse13 時間 前

    louis while kiki was singing be like: sorry love but you suck at singing, get off the stage would ya

  22. author

    Kin Venus Atienza13 時間 前

    She literally said she will start a fight.

  23. author

    Tracy Valle13 時間 前

    Me:*singing in the shower sounding like a goddess* Me again:*watches this*I can sound better than these peeps! Also me:-sings and sounds like a dying hyena- Mom:wHo sTePpEd oN tHe cAtS tAiL

  24. author

    Diane Simmons13 時間 前


  25. author

    Jordan Patton13 時間 前

    david is so gay

  26. author

    Emmilly Guendully13 時間 前

    Kd o povo do brasil?!!!

  27. author

    Lily Rodriguez14 時間 前

    Judges:''there were no tricks!'' me:u try training a dog to have a sword fight when i can't even make mine move!

  28. author

    wolff man14 時間 前

    Jennifer needs to shave the mustache !

  29. author

    Morgan Rea14 時間 前

    The third talent made me question my own existence

  30. author

    Joel Palomino14 時間 前

    Felicidades encontraste un comentado en español

  31. author

    power puff girls blossom bubbles and buttercup14 時間 前


  32. author

    gagey prevette14 時間 前

    Rachel looks like a egirl that doesn't like anyone and needs shampoo

  33. author

    Moses Rivera14 時間 前

    The show sucks without an audience

  34. author

    Junain Nortjie14 時間 前

    whats going on wit girl number one

  35. author

    Siheli Samarawickrama14 時間 前

    The chicken is crazy

  36. author

    Karen’s Manager Is Here15 時間 前

    Rachel: it was good wasn’t it. Your faces say enough. Simon: no. Rachel: 💢 🖋✒️ 🖋✒️ 👁 👁 👃 👄 🔫\ | /🔪 | /\

  37. author



  38. author

    yui heartx15 時間 前

    "I got the looks, I got the body" WHERE'S THE TALENT LMAO

  39. author

    Jiya Ramdhanie15 時間 前

    Aww!!! I love the doggie and that's why I like this video and I don't like wat the judges say that's why Simon is kinda one of my favorite judges. Boo!!!Boo!!! Mel

  40. author

    Gabrielle Lewis15 時間 前

    The people who say they are the best are the worst and the people who actually work hard for what they want the are actually the best.

  41. author

    williams montero15 時間 前

    Alguien sabe como se llama la canción del minuto 5:54

  42. author

    lovey16 時間 前

    sorry but i like the second a lot, especially when he went softer

  43. author

    M Umar Zulfqar16 時間 前

    The girl on second number. She was just as a little copy of Rihanna. Love her Performance

  44. author

    Dark Sky16 時間 前

    The first one was so cringe

  45. author

    Jaco16 時間 前

    8:34 Celine is obviously adopted.

  46. author

    Anthony G16 時間 前

    Imagine getting a ticket to go and then your chances of winning instantly drop from your partner/friend being invited too. Also, Johnny West is amazing.

  47. author

    Ning Ning Precious16 時間 前

    It should have been 9 seconds not minutes The magician made a mistake saying 9 minutes when it was only 9 "seconds From 17:46 became 17: 37 So 1 minute and 9 seconds!

  48. author

    Chris Cars16 時間 前

    This show is the biggest load of crap on tv and as always on itv it is fixed time it was scrapped

  49. author

    Kylabird16 時間 前

    Tip if ur every scared: watch youtube or watch TV OR LITTERLY JUST GO GET CINNAMONS PEOPLE

  50. author

    Ekspres DoKawy16 時間 前

    Jahmene is the best. Callum Scott is good.

  51. author

    Tatu 1217 時間 前

    Por que tengo que mirar esto de noche :<

  52. author

    Evevou chlovzs17 時間 前

    Coucou ! Génial j'ai adoré ses toues. Elle serait géniale pour faire peur à mes cons de voisins du quartier.

  53. author

    Eliete Alves17 時間 前

    Eu amo David

  54. author

    Snookums17 時間 前

    All of them were so humble!!! :) I love the girl that was determined and sat there also the “garbage man “ he was very humble :)

  55. author

    Brad Young17 時間 前

    I want to sing like the first gurl ❤️🥺😭

  56. author

    Fluffy Itty Bitty Kitty17 時間 前

    the frist person was coo coo carzy

  57. author

    Snookums17 時間 前

    Wow, triple trouble was three teenagers that were hypocrites that smoked for 12years of their lives.. Simon speaks the truth! I’m so sorry bahaahah

  58. author

    Heavenly_Chocolates17 時間 前

    Fun fact: the golden buzzer is a performers dream But a janitors nightmare...

  59. author

    kool aid dudes17 時間 前

    if you watch the whole video with captions... 🤣

  60. author

    lily s17 時間 前

    we don’t deserve louis tomlinson he’s a full angel.

  61. author

    Txscratchoff Winner17 時間 前

    See You Guys in 5 Years When JPreporter Algorithm Reunites Us!

  62. author

    Patricia Barangé Casals17 時間 前

    I am the only one that think scott is ao creppy 😶

  63. author

    Omar Faruq18 時間 前

    Deneliya wish win she deserve for her powerfull sweet voice

  64. author

    DAHLIA ando18 時間 前

    that first kid be like ⬆⬇↗➡↖↙⬅➡⬅➡⬇⬆⬆↗⬇↘↕↖⬅

  65. author

    《We Rappers Are Great》18 時間 前


  66. author

    Lilly Rose18 時間 前

    I know people put there lives out there but like to be criticised on tv in front of millions of people like that the judges are ruthless it’s horrible to watch

  67. author

    Cute and Pretty Drawings18 時間 前

    9:08 he is really so cute when he is 26 years old. Then he is really so change! Im big fan for him if any fan is here +1 Like and were gonna know numbers of Adam Lambert!!!

  68. author

    F C18 時間 前

    This girl needs some serious counselling

  69. author

    Brooke Rosemary18 時間 前


  70. author

    mickey dead18 時間 前

    bet she is fun at parties

  71. author

    Iker Robledo18 時間 前


  72. author

    Rehd Rose19 時間 前

    It's not here coz he was on a different show, but Vincint Cannady is by far the best for me ❤️❤️❤️

  73. author

    Dan Fitch19 時間 前

    I loved the dog one it was heart breaking

  74. author

    _ Devil kitty _19 時間 前

    2020? Русские?)

  75. author

    Pritecia Benjamin19 時間 前

    Someone: who is playing the piano Top Talent: a chicken Someone: NO lier who’s playing Top Talent: look for yourself Someone: 👁👄👁

  76. author

    salam salaam19 時間 前


  77. author

    Deepanker Tamang19 時間 前

    1st women looks like a,"WITCH"

  78. author

    Bet Zayn19 時間 前

    Qué significa extrala?

  79. author

    Jo Rossi19 時間 前

    that school choir was amazing!! had tears in my eyes

  80. author

    4b Maria Inda19 時間 前

    Se dan cuenta de que SIEMPRE se levanta a abrazar a la gente No lo puedo amar tanto es la mejor persona de este mundo