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    CLAY Thomas43 分 前


  2. author

    Jeff-nyc43 分 前

    Just because you say nothing was illegal doesn’t mean it’s true.

  3. author

    Sherri Stewart44 分 前

    So clever, Kennedy, but you left out the Macedonians being one of the major reasons why Hillary lost! LOL!

  4. author

    Mary Nelson45 分 前

    It’s not fair! Fat cats are taking all the money

  5. author

    Matt Orlando47 分 前

    This was the absolute most awkward 'interview' I've ever seen.......

  6. author

    Mary Nelson47 分 前

    Fat cats are corrupt. It’s not fair!

  7. author

    Helen Lopez47 分 前

    Harris, is a Traitor, and set her. Own Nephew up, along with Kim Fox, An A.G. Who should be locked up.

  8. author

    Randomly British47 分 前

    I don’t say this often but FOX is in the right here.

  9. author

    bassgrove148 分 前

    He may not be sharp, but he's still smarter then Trump.

  10. author

    June Raine48 分 前

    Those hooligans, it can be either CCP hired actors to do that or simply target someone they know is quick to anger and violence to do it for them...or it can some ppl who had harbored hate (personal) against the victim....then CCP picks it up and shows the world why the HK supporters should stop supporting them....nobody knows for sure, but ONE thing i do KNOW....MILLIONS walk TOGETHER in support....ppl gather at many ppl gathered, THIS i know proves they reject the bill...but then again if this is true...then this i say to the ppl who vandalize...PLEASE STOP IT! You are making ppl lose support on you and ur acting like CCP themselves...IF YOU ARE FOR DEMOCRACY...ACT LIKE ONE.

  11. author

    slobnoxious50 分 前

    The choice for the NBA is obvious, get it's act together or have Congress take away its anti-trust exemptions.

  12. author

    Ann Valentine52 分 前

    absolutely! investigate the all!

  13. author

    Deborah VanDusen52 分 前

    Here’s a no brained, deport illegals and give their homes to the Americans.

  14. author

    Manuel Rodriguez53 分 前

    Did you see how quickly that lady took crypy Joe's heands of her?

  15. author

    D Storm55 分 前

    Pompus Cavuto, the Trump-hater.

  16. author

    Sick With The Downs56 分 前

    Anyone else see Elizabeth Warren spit on Mollies grave? The democrats clearly care more about illegal immigrants than American citizens.

  17. author

    Rosa ingram57 分 前

    Your career will end on prison

  18. author

    b. J.58 分 前

    Ford's a Krunt with a capital C and a LIAR and a Leftist who propagate her BS. She is Never to be believed and a Leftist like her is like a filthy disgusting RAT ...A democRAT

  19. author


    There should be an organize community go to NBA games by the hundreds in support of HONGKONG.

  20. author

    Calvin Henshaw59 分 前

    he makes them money and they donate to them.... crooks

  21. author

    Keenoom時間 前

    The Hong Kong protesters smashed up and destroyed establishments that don’t support them, the founder’s daughter of Maxim Hong Kong voiced out her opinion about these protesters and see how it ends up, the whole restaurant got destroyed. Anyone who said they supported these protesters condone this kind of behavior, freedom of speech should not be one-sided.

  22. author

    Sharon Peters時間 前

    It amazes me how many people stick up for this woman and they're all over the world. It's like International. She knows a lot of people and a lot of corrupt people.

  23. author

    Cmon Meow時間 前

    The U.S government claims we don't have constitutional rights in DC, we need a wall there as well too keep these politicians out of our country.

  24. author

    Carl Bowles時間 前

    Thirty five years ago California was truly the golden state. People like me came in huge numbers for the good economy sun shine and a chance to live our dreams. Today Californians are over taxed, over regulated and over worked, many have left with more leaving daily. Liberal politicians with stupid policies are responsible. California is doomed.

  25. author

    Rab w時間 前

    trish, you are beautiful,

  26. author

    Sandra Claxton時間 前

    He has made a fool out of Pelosi and the DNC. Keep him lying,2020 looks great for Trump.

  27. author

    Daniel Platonov時間 前

    Free thought is kanyes message. If you don't like that...then u need to re examine yourself seriously

  28. author

    Ro3NBurG時間 前

    tax is to high so let us increase tax to pay off the tax.

  29. author

    Ada Johnson時間 前

    Mr. Vrney don't worry there is no intelligence in Washington DC.

  30. author

    Mary Nelson時間 前

    Now she talks great about her. A leopard cannot change it’s spots

  31. author

    Justin Case時間 前

    The wicked witch of the east got the house of Trump thrown on her.

  32. author

    teaparty62時間 前

    America does not need the UN for strength..

  33. author

    Mary Nelson時間 前

    The Democrats have all the mainstream media.The conservatives have only 2/3 of Fox News. Yes Juan should go to CNN . The conservatives on Fox are honest and use logic not emotion

  34. author

    Daniel Baker時間 前

    How about raising taxes but also letting people opt out.

  35. author

    Actual Factual時間 前

    Then end the welfare state!!! Morons.

  36. author

    J LaVelle時間 前

    No Bail out, Let them learn how to budget. that is how we all learn to deal with problems. don't enable them.

  37. author

    Michael Mass時間 前

    There's some prime east side real estate they can sell. GTFO of New York!

  38. author

    Donna Andretta時間 前

    Know wonder Obama is living like a King now!.

  39. author


    If the left, fake media win the US is destroyed forever WHO will carry on? ROME FELL ...trump is not replaceable! lf he quits or impeached who will carry on? who wants to be investigated daily? U.S. will never be great again!

  40. author

    Freddy Rojas時間 前

    We the people will vote them out for good

  41. author


    Kick em out of the states

  42. author

    Stephen Daniel時間 前

    china is failing to accept their human rights violations, but the world will not accept what china says.

  43. author

    Jennifer Yates時間 前

    Maxine waters started that

  44. author

    Fast Eddie時間 前

    Get the hell out.

  45. author

    Mary Nelson時間 前

    Fox News is 2/3 Democrats! They are own by Democrats. Sheppard Smith Chris Wallace and many more are liberals on Fox. They love Obama. I guess that the 1/3 who are the conservatives are stronger and smarter than the 2/3 s ha ha

  46. author


    If the left, fake media win the US is destroyed forever WHO will carry on? ROME FELL ...trump is not replaceable! lf he quits or impeached who will carry on? who wants to be investigated daily? U.S. will never be great again!

  47. author

    Island Joe 45時間 前

    Our beloved Sheriff Waybourne.

  48. author

    Wynette Greer時間 前

    The socialist corrupt media, enemy of America , our AG is the most powerful man in the country can clean this swamp! And it is very dangerous for them to be loose !

  49. author

    berdboy時間 前

    TRUMP 2020

  50. author

    Lissa Hart時間 前

    Acting like Terrorists

  51. author

    Yurigan Smith時間 前

    Erdogan must have some dirt on Biden...

  52. author

    citizen-x時間 前

    230 million should be petty cash for a world organization in the big scheme of things, when professional athletes are making tens of millions a year in salaries each ! maybe the U.N should open a go fund me site on the internet and let some of the rich liberals pay for it

  53. author

    philip stallwood時間 前

    The blonde panellist wasn't expecting a deal. Negotiations generally end in agreement, especially when Trump is doing them. She isn't that bright.

  54. author

    shannon washburn時間 前

    Here are two decent, honorable lawyers! A rarity to be sure. Victoria looks Gorgeous!👠🌹Joe looks awfully smart as well.🎩🌲You look steadfast, and strong, Lou. Wallowing in the swamp hasn't sickened you yet, don't drink the water, no sense in compromising your intestinal tract.🌸

  55. author


    If the left, fake media win the US is destroyed forever WHO will carry on? ROME FELL ...trump is not replaceable! lf he quits or impeached who will carry on? who wants to be investigated daily? U.S. will never be great again!

  56. author

    berdboy時間 前

    TRUMP 2020

  57. author

    Wynette Greer時間 前

    Yes , Obama is a traitor, as are all top intelligence org,

  58. author

    Tuff OleBird時間 前


  59. author

    Why Me時間 前

    Mark my words in either 2020 or 2024 there will be a new party that will will join the the dems and republicans. It will gain allot of popularity. Just be warned, teach your children.

  60. author

    Scott Patrick時間 前

    They have to have things their way, when they get in trouble it's always someone else's fault. It'll be interesting to see if California becomes nothing but homeless and illegals. the only negative I see in this whole thing, is that these diseased rats known as democrats are going to go to properly run States and vote their diseased ideology. Eventually the whole United States will be like California. Failed, with homeless every where, with streets filled with needles and feces.

  61. author

    Brett Halvorson時間 前

    This women wearing red is a marxist deep state protector. So sad so criminal

  62. author

    Jose Cunha時間 前

    Hollywood people are CRAZY!!!

  63. author

    berdboy時間 前


  64. author

    PhaseSkater時間 前

    west virginia conservative policies arent working either

  65. author

    bubuxo時間 前

    Trump is literally a genius ❤️

  66. author

    Esai Vergara時間 前

    First, this ISN’T RENT CONTROL. Second, the bill will increase rent to 5% + Inflation YEARLY. Get your facts straight. This bill was introduced because Developers kept increasing their rents to numbers that were insane (36,50,100,200 percent in some cases). There is nothing wrong with telling a developer to stop forcing people out by increasing rents to insane numbers. Quit spinning the news!

  67. author

    Frank Graham時間 前

    She lies under oath because she does not believe she will be persecuted for anything.

  68. author

    Lost Aquarian時間 前

    How bout that robot dog that can navigate your home on his own, a frikkin walking, online camera and microphone.

  69. author

    berdboy時間 前


  70. author

    shannon washburn時間 前

    Pretty funny, girl. Your another female character we don't get to see enough of. Why? Can you take Shepherd's place? Your a news woman! Right? Go for it!💚My next suggestion would be that guy that looks too young to wear a hairpiece, but does. I don't know what his name is. He interviewed Bill Barr at the White House a few months back.

  71. author

    Rich O'Keefe時間 前

    All I ever paid dues to is organizations I support or belong to. My understanding is they will provide for me. I am also paying taxes to the most influential country on earth. News is puppetry. If you watch this and decide on your life about it, get closer to you. You are enough.

  72. author

    Geo Hock時間 前

    Black people need to stop following and start leading. Following the narrative put out there by the media is destroying their mindset. Thinking for themselves will strengthen the mindset and reveal reality, which will create strong leaders. Trump 2020, and Candace Farmer 2024. Let's end the democratic madness.

  73. author

    tanly1234時間 前

    American: "no Chinese can see the tweet" this shows how ignorant of the american journalist. They think Chinese are all living in China lol. gotta tell you , with the Great Wall, Chinese can know what is happening outside the wall, but people from outside the wall don't know what is happening inside.

  74. author

    Why Me時間 前

    The Richard is a professor really, "Let me finish" my Goodness I don't want my kid ever going to his class. "let me finish", this professor is such a propaganda machine "Let me finish". I'm finished oh and those that CAN, do and those that can't teach.

  75. author

    Tuff OleBird時間 前

    Petition to get schiff out and go down the line.

  76. author

    RedneckSpaceMan時間 前

    Elizabeth Warren: Arrogant, condescending, nasty, hateful, bitter, resentful, liar....liberal.

  77. author

    berdboy時間 前

    TRUMP 2020

  78. author

    Ray Nabozny時間 前

    Stephen K. Bannon is "The TORCH that lights the morning sky."Brilliant as usual The FIGHT for LIBERTY never ends...Fight on Brother

  79. author

    mike95826時間 前

    Buying a house in another state as I speak...will be out by next spring. Have had enough and I am not going to take it any more. Will be selling my house here while it is at the bubble before the inevitable crash.

  80. author

    Craig H.時間 前

    To think the left's violent tactics will somehow go away if Trump wins and we retake the house is delusional. I like Bannon but that notion is way out there.

  81. author

    Lauren Mcgee時間 前

    Hillary can not do any alone because she is an ELITE puppet TO DAMAGE AMERICA

  82. author

    Why Me時間 前

    Everyone shows up dress except the socialist, fat and torn up clothing. Never seen a real socialist that is that fat unless they were the leaders of the country or their hencemen.

  83. author

    Why Me時間 前

    Wow that's pretty sad to know your only claim to fame is starting a union at a Verizon. Hey sunshine, do you think if you try to take the wealth away from rich people the rich people will leave. Then who going to pay your bills.

  84. author

    Jim Coulter時間 前

    Stop attending the Movies, make it a Past time of the past, then these Communist left leaning movie makers can not get Americans to attend. I have not paid for a lousy movie since Star Wars Number One. Stop going to the movies to get the leftest movie makers! Best thing Americans can do is to stop going to movies to stop a lot of this Anti American Crap that is destroying America from within. This Problem is Americns destroying America! IE, Antifa and the Democratic Party.

  85. author

    Craig Schultz時間 前

    Almost 2 years now and the average US citizen likely knows nothing of this.

  86. author

    Lost Forevermore時間 前

    This is why they burned all them houses in the "wildfires" and used prisoners to tend them.

  87. author

    Jeffrey Kalb時間 前

    Burn, baby, burn.

  88. author

    Why Me時間 前

    This female is so brained washed, the workers dont own anything and didnt build anything, the plant owners can move to China and ship in everything from there and sell it online. Never having one worker in the U.S. is she that friggin stupid.

  89. author

    Jarrod Yuki時間 前

    any americans here with japanese wives?

  90. author

    D. w時間 前


  91. author

    Saúl Tercero時間 前

    Fake: Mexican Narcos have a strong catholic creed. Maybe they have business like another criminal orgs as Yakuza or yankee criminals

  92. author

    Clare Logue時間 前


  93. author

    Josh時間 前

    Overwatch will never die. suck it Chinese nerds

  94. author

    bente pacaa時間 前

    I'll never be the 1% , that doesn't make me want to take anything form them , that's shameful, it's like begging on the streets or playing the victim and waiting for someone to pick up your slack

  95. author

    Raya時間 前

    Vote pandering is for grabbing power; not helping citizens

  96. author

    VBHB時間 前

    Hahaha UN is running poor. Trump is right to stop overpaying. The chick in the red has no clue.

  97. author

    William Pabon2 時間 前

    Come over to Texas.. the heck with the union and there million dollar golf course

  98. author

    Brad Smith2 時間 前

    It wasn't for the uncle they wouldn't have a place to live they spend our money like it's going out of style and it is

  99. author

    yukitaka oni2 時間 前

    Democracy is non-negotiable After 3 drinks I’m sOrRy ChInA, pLeAsE gIvE mE mOnEy.

  100. author

    Grant Smith2 時間 前

    They take our money then ignore us.