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    Curtizz Larsen2 時間 前

    Lewis Hamilton..What a Racedriver!!! Absolutely fantastic Driver..Why dont The British Like Him?? Because He left McLaren for Mercedes??

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    Andrea M2 時間 前

    Già grazie che non tira bestemmioni in diretta

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    Lucas Rasmussen3 時間 前

    who's still watching all these over and over?

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    DeadMeat3 時間 前

    Riccardio: *gives middle finger* Me: what da fuck

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    Bladen Sun3 時間 前

    Where's the clip of Kimi Raikkonen when his mechanic broke his leg

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    Muhammad Harits Harits3 時間 前

    First time? I guess not. you forgot about Mexican GP 2018

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    J Villatoro3 時間 前

    Does anyone notice how much their head bangs about in the car whilst they crash? Crazy.

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    larlar3 時間 前

    My heart will not Grosjean

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    larlar3 時間 前

    Smmmmmooooooooootttttthhhhhhhh ooooooopppppperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrator

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    As Roni3 時間 前


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    larlar3 時間 前

    Incredible 🤣🤣🤣

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    scuttle063 時間 前

    Before Lewis retires, he should try driving for Williams to bring back glory for them for atleast uhh 1-2 season(s)?

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    scuttle063 時間 前

    1:44 "IM LOSING POWER" "ITS STILL GOING" "ok keep going, keep going" "I CANT" "ITS BROKEN" "ITS BROKEN!" -lando belgium 2019

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    Charlie Lack4 時間 前

    Jenson button

  15. author

    Jakub Rosa4 時間 前

    That is the 🇧🇷 GP with Kubica's radio

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    Jakub Rosa4 時間 前


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    0:08 When your PP small

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    Gas Azul4 時間 前


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    Seven DeadlyPumpkins5 時間 前

    Mercs treating vettel like villain boss here 😂

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    Gorin 215 時間 前

    My boy Senna literally going ultra instinct in this last moment. Senna was truly one of the best ever.

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    Regina Webb5 時間 前

    RIP anthione hubert

  22. author

    Leonard5 時間 前

    I think they should raise the curbs to force drivers to brake and maneuver.

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    Дмитрий ___Степин5 時間 前

    No slick on bmw

  24. author

    akeel aarroa5 時間 前

    Tulja bajvani

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    Assault Rafales6 時間 前

    Any team: has an idea. All the other teams to the FIA: but my lord, is

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    Nick Noel6 時間 前

    To beat Michael, Mika had to be great. And beating Mika made Michael better.

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    Kai Zen6 時間 前

    Why they all sound like indian tutorial on youtube

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    Riptide Gamer6 時間 前

    The damn FIA loves to take the fun out of F1 racing...

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    Village Ram6 時間 前

    the best German driver in the past 10 years. Way better than vettel and dominated schumacher in the same car.

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    LinkLeoSF6 時間 前

    What a marvelous drive. The way he was covering the duct made it look reasonably safe? Hand seems to hover right over the wheel close enough

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    Mikes Karaoke7 時間 前

    Some great races. Murray Walker did the best voice over.

  32. author

    Tigersjustice AJ7 時間 前

    video length: N I C E

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    JohnnyMidnight17 時間 前

    No V12’s = FAIL ! Downvoted.

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    NippyMoto7 時間 前

    The speed is insane considering how wet it is and how he is able to control the speed!

  35. author

    Lexi Jurnigan7 時間 前

    A few wheels getting bent. Move along.

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    Alexander Arutiunian7 時間 前

    1:49 You clearly tell its a shitty team based on the crew.

  37. author

    Kurt Perleberf7 時間 前

    For season 3 of BTG Tom do David Croft Scott Speed Michael Andretti Max Verstappen Lando Norris Lawrence Stroll John Malone Chase Carey and James Allen & Anthony Hamilton.

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    david archuleta7 時間 前

    You can't win a race on the first lap, but you can definitely lose it. well said Formula 1.

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    NippyMoto7 時間 前

    What a horrible racetrack. Gives me headaches. Leave it for testing.

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    Игорь Тюрин7 時間 前

    I'd supposed that the moment where Seb kicked Valtteri would be on the top.

  41. author

    Lautaro Quiroga7 時間 前

    Stroll is a fucking leprechaun holy shit

  42. author

    Tiago Wakabayashi7 時間 前

    Eternal VA CAGARE

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    Outlaw _017 時間 前


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    Joao Paulo Strummer8 時間 前

    if Barrichello had run over this priest, Brazil would have won a gold medal in the Olympic marathon because that same priest who invaded the circuit was the one who held the Brazilian marathon runner.

  45. author

    Tarso Ribeiro8 時間 前

    The 1st was awful and painful

  46. author

    Guns 'nd Rosas8 時間 前

    Mágico, dónde Ayrton volaba con 1000 HP. No volaba, flotaba

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    marukun_25258 時間 前

    ホンダ サウンドが一番いい音  これ一番言われてるから

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    Tri Suteja8 時間 前

    Waaah jolyon tukang ngadu in 🤣🤣🤣

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    Eva 18 時間 前

    1:27 Nope.

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    scuttle069 時間 前

    Jenson Button, Rainmaster

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    Jose Antonio9 時間 前

    These new F1 cars sound so trash, bring back the v10s back already.

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    Its_only_ Karma9 時間 前

    Yeaaahhhhhh...but Kimi does party all the time

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    pou pou9 時間 前


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    Boopathy karuppusamy9 時間 前 | Emotional starts

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    Daniel Sánchez9 時間 前


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    Erik Swenson9 時間 前

    Love it

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    K J9 時間 前

    Calm down Senna Slappys. When you’re in first in the rain you get to stay in first coz the second anyone gets near you they get sprayed like they’ve got perfect double-D’s in a wet t-shirt contest where the guy controlling the hose is a 14 year old boy

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    Ernesto Martinez9 時間 前

    Without a single doubt one of the very best F1 drivers of all times. IMHO his comeback at Monza finishing in P4 was the most remarkable sports performance of all times. I mean....his burns had not yet healed completely and he could barely put on his helmet. Nowadays it would be unthinkable. They just wouldn't allow him to race in that condition.

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    Life of Blue219 時間 前

    It almost seems like everything is happening top Red Bull

  60. author

    Dr. PussySlam9 時間 前

    Daniel "Let's get out of this hellhole" Rocciardo

  61. author

    Jed Trently9 時間 前

    It's like Lewis and Nico got drunk and fucked around about 2014 and have had bad tension ever since

  62. author

    K J10 時間 前

    That’s cool and all but you’re not on track by yourself when it counts for something and this guy barely broke the top 5 drivers

  63. author

    Sarang Sharma10 時間 前

    I miss those purple tyres for those purple sectors

  64. author

    For The Watch10 時間 前

    Just listen to the SOUND of that engine, music to my ear.

  65. author

    terryn238455610 時間 前

    The gift these drivers get from Switzerland their first guest on who gave them those is always Vettel because he lives in Switzerland.

  66. author

    Samuel Hollinshead10 時間 前

    But Eddie fixed the quali results...

  67. author

    Lamster6610 時間 前

    I'll give it an Ironic 5 but Its actually a 0.1 Too Diplomatic, just say it's shit! lol

  68. author

    ReprogrammedToHate11 時間 前

    Brawn GP mechanics helping Heikki's car is what i live for. And people say nice people don't win championships 😊

  69. author

    tiger saux11 時間 前

    where was alonso in this race?

  70. author

    Salvatore Iemmino Pellegrino11 時間 前

    I was only 7 in 2007, but I remember perfectly the fight beetween Alonso & Massa in Nurburgring, especially because they quarreled in Italian.😂 Right choiche put that in 1st position of this ranking.

  71. author

    golden player11 時間 前

    3:30 everything would've ended up in flames if that hero didnt take that guys back and pull him back

  72. author

    Hennie van der heide11 時間 前

    Thanks Will for all the comment last year, it whas great

  73. author

    Albertus Aswin11 時間 前

    When your car sounds like a kettle machine...

  74. author

    Sami Kalamallah11 時間 前

    Watching this is enjoyable actually!

  75. author

    danny Dts11 時間 前

    This is wholesome

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    MR3656 5511 時間 前


  77. author

    Aslam Hadi11 時間 前

    Miss indonesian racer

  78. author

    Albertus Aswin11 時間 前

    He was the main star of the season. Alonso and others are just secondary

  79. author

    tb342012 時間 前

    Really enjoying this podcast. Of the current drivers I’d love to hear from Sebastian Vettel and Lando Norris.

  80. author

    JLWilson06 Gaming12 時間 前

    Vettel going into Hamilton like going alongside him should of been a black flag

  81. author

    danny Dts12 時間 前

    So you just stare at a black thing all day?

  82. author

    Derek Nascimento12 時間 前

    David Jestam Lewis Emamaka Valterii Bottas Alexander akakaka Lance Akamaka George Namamal Carlos Alalala Kevin Aamaka Kenneth Smith Buena vista Co. Inc..

  83. author

    Derek Nascimento12 時間 前

    Sebastian Fanaamm Lando Noah Max Deneh Post production Danil Mamaka Nico Jaamka Buena Vista Co inc. Walt disney Records

  84. author

    JLWilson06 Gaming12 時間 前

    Worlds oldest champion Kimi: hold my bwoah

  85. author

    o teelehh12 時間 前

    My favourite moment is in lewis hamilton

  86. author

    Guilherme C12 時間 前

    Verstappen pushes leclerc out of the track FIA: 5 sec time penalty for vettel

  87. author

    o teelehh12 時間 前

    Ferrari team is the best

  88. author

    o teelehh12 時間 前

    This the best guysssss!!

  89. author

    o teelehh12 時間 前

    Kimmi raikonen best!!!!

  90. author

    タカザワD12 時間 前


  91. author

    Joe Andrews12 時間 前

    It would be so good to see him back at Ferrari

  92. author

    207rc gsxf65013 時間 前

    V10 not drs 0,7 seconds easy, not the same grip these years neumatics but better aerodinamics, not electric power, ... Put in the 2004 f1 cars this pirelli, MGU-H, MGU-K and fuck the drs only you need big balls and talent

  93. author

    Caramba Ogni tanto13 時間 前

    unglaublich teils einhändig durch schikanen 👏 Master

  94. author

    Johannes Berglund13 時間 前

    No double move Verstappen. Thats weaving

  95. author

    Tyrel13 時間 前

    When you play too much Forza and not enough assetto Corsa

  96. author

    Tarso Ribeiro13 時間 前


  97. author

    skydivemaniac13 時間 前

    That Honda sound is nice :-)

  98. author

    skydivemaniac13 時間 前

    Red Bull Engineers putting a top notch race car together with Frank Sinatra :'-)

  99. author

    Mirko Serafin14 時間 前

    But the real question... Giovinazzi????

  100. author

    Luuk Loleyo14 時間 前

    0:23 max verstappen GERMANY wtaf