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    Cool Dude時間 前

    What an amazing win for Lewis Hamilton.⭐️

  2. author

    TheRad4manthys時間 前

    Excellent commentary again. Keep posting these, I really enjoy his analysis. Lewis now know to race leclerc.

  3. author

    111baf時間 前

    That camera angle is terrible.

  4. author

    Mario Zoisl時間 前

    Holy mother...Williams seem to have found 3 seconds since Monza last sunday. ..I'm impressed...and they replaced both every other team it has this all gone unnoticed by me? It's official. ..I'm old and demented. ..

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    Umair Chaudhry時間 前

    shouldnt curbs and turns like that define who a better driver is and stay in the race?

  6. author

    Phil Mitchell時間 前

    Made me a little emotional seeing Niki, damn I miss his brutal honesty when chatting with Ted or anyone for that matter.

  7. author

    Daniel Santos時間 前

    How it's possible to have 2 Williams in the first positions?

  8. author

    DeadPool RO2時間 前

    Well... they aren t drivers world Champions or constructors world Champions ... not even in the 2nd position or 3rd or 7th but they are the best at grill the grid and Pit stops

  9. author

    Phil Mitchell時間 前

    They look so much nicer without the halo.

  10. author

    Brice Baptiste時間 前

    Guido Pit Stop

  11. author

    Stephen Glarvey時間 前


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    Michael時間 前

    Why is albon presented like he was in toro rosso?

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    francesco bonetalli2 時間 前

    One name to describe this video...Max Verstappen

  14. author

    László Vilmos2 時間 前

    Who is on the backseat?

  15. author

    Artur Kubiński2 時間 前

    fatal comment. so loud that you can't hear the cars

  16. author

    огромная эрекция2 時間 前

    Front tires: blow off car. Driver: still trying to steer car. Physics: am I a joke to you?

  17. author

    Kinqreax2 時間 前

    Why is Brendon leigh so bad this year?

  18. author

    Nolan the Simmer2 時間 前

    only 13 laps? wake me up when they do a full race

  19. author

    Saúl Raga2 時間 前

    Awesome battle, 4 time world champions fighting each other is just beautiful for all of us.

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    Singula2 時間 前


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    matz the boys2 時間 前

    This was on my birthday

  22. author

    Lucas Oliveira2 時間 前


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    Tramaine3182 時間 前

    Ferrari is powerful?! Yes they are! They’re actually allowed to cheat! It’s literally written into the rules book! More prize money than anyone even if they finish dead last!!!! All they rule veto power they hold! No racing team has these type of advantages! Fuck Ferrari! But the Tifosi are worse!!!

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    João Pedro2 時間 前

    Williams is finally winning something huh?

  25. author

    Airshorty 2622 時間 前

    His emotions and his ambition in the cockpit are his biggest opponent but at the same time a blessing. After all, he was four times world champion. He just needs a little luck now.

  26. author

    Charles Leclerc2 時間 前


  27. author

    S.S.S driver2 時間 前

    man you should not talk at all.. you are the one of the worst driver of formula 1

  28. author

    Jeff G2 時間 前

    If you loved the action in monza then the Stewart's made a great decision.. I hate penalties it makes for boring races.. except for seb he definitely deserved it that was just dumb

  29. author

    Reapov2 時間 前

    perez is a dirty driver. no respect for that guy

  30. author

    scarliesoxs2 時間 前

    please do this this year

  31. author

    cone2 時間 前

    why is there hair inside of his suspension

  32. author

    Dino Jones2 時間 前

    Alonso at his peak was insanely fast and tight. I think he could still kick some ass.

  33. author

    kiflizen2 時間 前

    Next F1 Champion! No fake personality too.

  34. author

    NM3 時間 前

    He dares to have justification for every stupid move he has done

  35. author

    I L L Y W I L L Y3 時間 前

    Kimi looks so young

  36. author

    SullyC3 時間 前

    Lost his mind at 2:14

  37. author

    Stratowind3 時間 前

    F1 shows Vietnam. Fans: what are those? straights or runways? F1 shows Zandvoort. Fans: zero overtaking opportunities. Can't f1 find one good circuit...

  38. author

    CrashCracker3 時間 前

    what about -1 Point per wrong answere ?

  39. author

    Stratowind3 時間 前

    What if, like Baku we all will be proved wrong and the race is actually good? The chances for that happening is the same for having Williams in Q2

  40. author

    MR7 MR73 時間 前

    Imagine mick winning in monza in a Ferrari. Would be absolutely crazy...

  41. author

    Rishabh Purohit3 時間 前

    6:37 what are those streaks of air on either side of the rear wing?

  42. author

    Turhan Çetin3 時間 前

    Üzülme Cem Reyiz

  43. author

    Archit Mundada3 時間 前

    Only 1 driver is getting the points for the constructors for almost all the teams

  44. author

    Manu Gahan3 時間 前

    Schumacher fuck off!!!

  45. author

    Leandro De souza rosa3 時間 前

    Charles Lerclerc. 💙⌚🖥

  46. author

    Gid Chris Malenab3 時間 前

    Things are really changing so fast from 2017 to mid one thirty nine to 2018 which one thirty six, hoping another leap of lap this year.

  47. author

    Brian Tep3 時間 前


  48. author

    Keith Hiew3 時間 前

    No visor view?

  49. author

    Daniel Soto3 時間 前

    Fuck you Esteban, Checo is better than you in every way. Is more humble and has been running for more years than you.

  50. author

    Grzegorz K3 時間 前

    What music it is, that plays in background?

  51. author

    Chevy Chaze3 時間 前

    Lewis' best lap at the peak of his career

  52. author

    SmashGhost3 時間 前


  53. author

    Hemanth kumar3 時間 前

    I dono y they don't defend the inside line during overtakes

  54. author

    green circle3 時間 前

    1984 cars were beautiful

  55. author

    peTT Sobi3 時間 前

    These both drivers are really good Team and i hope Williams make the car better (maybe next year) then Kubica and russel can score some points.

  56. author

    Henry Dahl3 時間 前

    My Favourite- 1994 Benetton

  57. author

    ReprogrammedToHate3 時間 前

    Ocon was just avenging Montoya.

  58. author

    Tugba Kademli3 時間 前

    Ceeem Bölukbaşı oley 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  59. author

    Bruno Sander R. Da Silva3 時間 前

    3:49 I had to watch this 5 times to understand "Shumacher, Ralf" haahha

  60. author

    cap7ainskull3 時間 前

    nico to williams with kubica

  61. author

    Nosaj3 時間 前

    How can you puts Maxs overtake at #1? It was dirty as fuck and everyone knows it. Also even if clean was still just an average move. Sainz at Monaco or Russel at Austria was much better.

  62. author

    Plane4 時間 前

    Why dont they race at 100% length?

  63. author

    Yury Henrique4 時間 前

    Tonizza substituto vettel

  64. author

    7Drake74 時間 前

    pleaaaase make another channel for this unnecessary bullshit...

  65. author

    Gaby van Dinteren, PMP4 時間 前

    Holy crap, George knew a bunch of things from when he wasn't born yet

  66. author

    Hadidi894 時間 前

    Back when Formula 1 was great!

  67. author

    BavarianCraft4 時間 前

    Russrl was awesome!!

  68. author

    Raul Silva4 時間 前

    Ferrari simplemente es el mejor equipo del mundo. Ferrari es pasión es amor total. Forza Ferrari.

  69. author

    Anthos Lykos4 時間 前

    It makes me happy that most of the comments here are supportive or excited for this. On Facebook its nothing but negativity, like people clutch their pearls and screech when F1 posts about "ViDeO gAmEs"

  70. author

    the gaming trex4 時間 前


  71. author

    Ahoy Pc4 時間 前

    3:43 no more radio for the rest of the race lando noris edition

  72. author

    Alberto Fariza Mata4 時間 前

    where is alonso ?

  73. author

    Emerson Freire4 時間 前

    Há quem diga que a vida é fácil, não é, sempre dependerá do referencial de cada um, é como comparar a dor entre tantas pessoas, não tem como. O cara chegou onde queria e lá estão os melhores, simples assim. Parabéns!

  74. author

    Maximiliano Mancoletti4 時間 前

    Forza cherles LECLERC

  75. author

    Alexandre Piccini4 時間 前

    I'm so proud of you guys because I searched the comments and didn't find one single roast on how Russell got ahead of Kubica even here. Good job guys.

  76. author

    Їжак Сопливий4 時間 前

    Kvyat Russian looser of f1

  77. author

    Rob Illustrates4 時間 前

    So they took a corner that a real challenge and removed it, no wonder the sport is getting more boring.

  78. author

    Ouonouan Désiré4 時間 前

    More of these!

  79. author

    Manu Gahan4 時間 前

    Great Ayrton Senna Forever!!!!!!

  80. author

    ForceMaximus845 時間 前

    Is it just me or is that first turn just really awkward?

  81. author

    Dantheman416935 時間 前

    I can't stop humming to this tune. I wouldnt doubt its played more then 5000 times in my car stereo.

  82. author

    Bridget Malme5 時間 前

    rip who I’m using headphones at high volume and my ears are fine

  83. author

    FrezZyK1nG5 時間 前

    69th win. I would've stopped there tbh

  84. author

    MiniBomba19955 時間 前

    2:26 I was wondering why did Tonizza overtake here , coz he shall have just waited for the final straight of the final lap and get it easily done with DRS , Rich mix and ERS 5. But then I understood ( Carreton's penalty )

  85. author

    player minecraft5 時間 前

    when williams was actually williams

  86. author

    Ulisses Martins5 時間 前

    que vigarista

  87. author

    pablo montana5 時間 前

    Good music ✅

  88. author

    Daniel Braga5 時間 前

    Gênio brasileiro.

  89. author

    Armando Navarro5 時間 前

    Even here, Russell managed to thrash Kubica

  90. author

    Massimo Bernardo5 時間 前

    Tonizza emperor of the galaxy.

  91. author

    Patrick Star5 時間 前

    I miss the times hypersoft tyres were still used.

  92. author

    Iceman5 時間 前

    Jan Fehler “This’ the worst experience I’ve ever had in any racecar ever.”

  93. author

    Massimo Bernardo5 時間 前

    Pope David Tonizza I ,saint immediately .

  94. author

    Stalled Rain5 時間 前

    It's good to see a jap on top. Good stuff. 👌🏽✌🏽

  95. author

    Alex Lahti5 時間 前

    R.I.P Anthoine ❤️🙏

  96. author

    That Bruins Kid5 時間 前

    25% race distance smh

  97. author

    Frédéric Puglisi5 時間 前

    je le trouve à chier ce circuit.... t'es à donf, hop tu pile ! re-à tu pile ! passionnant....c'est sur que quand ils arrivent à SPA, les gars se sentent revivre ;

  98. author

    CricketsHit5 時間 前

    ended up a little bit "2019 cricket world cup final" there but nonetheless a great race.

  99. author

    Cleisson almeida soares5 時間 前

    O melhor piloto de todos os tempos

  100. author

    Maxitsu245 時間 前

    1:26 You have the leave racing room, except when ur name is Max Verstappen.(austria)