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  1. author

    Rebecca Anderson41 秒 前

    Kill it with fire!

  2. author

    PeicTV分 前

    wait ho are you I want rebacca

  3. author

    MrMc Llama分 前

    I am afraid of the world ending:(?!??!??

  4. author

    Vint Varner2 分 前

    200 yrs from now, no cities, no sign of life, not even cockroaches..wait? Is that the Queen? And the guy next to her that looks like "no it can't be" Keith Richards

  5. author

    Zie SpiralOut2 分 前

    Spiders with fangs.... you said that like it’s not normal for a spider to have fangs.... pretty sure a spider without fangs would be a lot more unique....

  6. author

    Jimmy Neutron2 分 前

    4:20 5:00 A cycle path

  7. author

    Patriots Nation 4 Life Tom Brady is GOAT3 分 前

    5:30 Yeah thats my parents But they didnt smoke menthol Just regular

  8. author

    SATHISH T4 分 前

    Korean War and separation started by US.....

  9. author

    Rasta5045 分 前

    C132, WTF Man this dude don't even watch Rick and Morty

  10. author

    hayden rickerby7 分 前

    SCP guard has peanut butter sandwich. Peanut butter jumps out and gives hug "SCP 999! How did you get out"

  11. author

    SATHISH T7 分 前

    Can you make a video of Lies of British Royal Family.....

  12. author

    Lori Emmett7 分 前

    Abby is cute and cool, and funny. I really like her. 👍

  13. author

    Alycia Wilson7 分 前

    This was odd lol there are more dislikes than likes and I think that says a lot. Any chance they could have wanted ayman to be problematic to ensure we were easier on abbey considering so many of us love Rebecca? Now that... is a conspiracy ✌️

  14. author

    Admiral Toxic7 分 前

    The Nr 1 are daddy long legs and aren't necessarily spiders. They look like one.

  15. author

    Lea Juliene8 分 前

    I'm so sad Slytherin queen Rebecca Jane felgate the 1st is leaving but I'm glad it's on a don't ask siri top 10 cause that's my favorite! Also the mwuhaha Keith the beef tried to do was hilarious!same with the wood chuck chucking wood response 😄

  16. author

    Shani Snowgaryen Laufeyson8 分 前

    I like Abbey. Everyone's a little stiff and awkward their first video. She'll open up give her a little time to get there you guys. To Abbey welcome to the most amazing top 10 fam!

  17. author

    FrostByte 1710 分 前

    6:44 salad fingers?

  18. author

    TheOddBall-ッ10 分 前

    your sueing the wasps xD

  19. author

    Miguel Corrales10 分 前

    The legend of twoface i know alot of those personaly some of them are even in my family lol

  20. author

    Starr Bivens11 分 前

    The cutest Scp to me is Scp 999

  21. author

    Amy Wolfe14 分 前

    My fears are zombies,spiders and losing my family.

  22. author

    Brandon Booth14 分 前

    I think there was another pints toutouse

  23. author

    sarah braen scott14 分 前

    Because langville was made up for the Ghostbusters movie.

  24. author

    Herendi Guadarrama15 分 前

    Girl no don’t leave you’re the reason why we watch this channel 😞 love you girl 💖

  25. author

    Agama 5515 分 前


  26. author

    Agama 5515 分 前

    Slendy looks like the mythical rale

  27. author

    Logan Singletary16 分 前

    We can

  28. author

    Zodiak HP17 分 前

    If i was possessed i dont think a demon would wanna watch this video

  29. author

    Richard Perrin17 分 前

    Rebecca's little sister? Either way, I like her! Welcome to one of my fav channels!

  30. author

    Forever_ Reagan17 分 前

    The actual scariest thing is the ASWANG by far.

  31. author

    Joshua Dickerson18 分 前

    And us route 666

  32. author

    Sarah Callicott18 分 前

    if i found a nest like that i would grab flamethrower and burn it

  33. author

    Joshua Dickerson18 分 前

    U forgot Virginia route 666

  34. author

    Agama 5518 分 前

    Or a sick dog

  35. author

    Agama 5518 分 前

    That chupacabra just looks like a sick car

  36. author

    Mariska Carson19 分 前

    I have two bathroom mirrors that face each other. Its pretty weird

  37. author

    Logan Singletary20 分 前

    Halloween 🧡🖤😺

  38. author

    Jordan Wylie20 分 前

    That is another version of Bloody Mary but there’s another that goes Bloody Mary I stole your baby(x3) And then u are supposed to be attacked by bloody mary

  39. author

    Logan Singletary20 分 前


  40. author

    Logan Singletary21 分 前


  41. author

    Desiree Haynes21 分 前

    I just heard talking I heard nothing on Titan

  42. author

    Ladi Gigi22 分 前

    I rode Kindgda Ka the day it 1st opened. I was in the very first group who got to ride it. It was badass!

  43. author

    NashvilleWright22 分 前

    WTF is an “EVP picture “?

  44. author

    Jasmin22 分 前

    Sad that Rebecca is gone but Abbey seems so nice! It's good to have someone new around ^^

  45. author

    MysteryNinja23 分 前

    I've totally driven down Riverdale road a ton of times and had no idea this was supposed to be haunted!! lol

  46. author

    Desiree Haynes24 分 前

    There's aliens on the comet

  47. author

    Queen’s Throne24 分 前

    I think the scariest dream I’ve had that I still remember is when I was super young (don’t remember exact age). We were at a store and we’re near the back of the store where they have the emergency exits. And there was a little lever with a sign that said “danger. Do not pull” but I was little so I pulled it. And the doors at the end of the hall open up and a bunch of monsters (a la “Where the Wild Things Are”) come out. And they chase me around the store and eat my friends and family who then turn into the monsters. And I remember hiding in the bathroom and one busted down the door and ate my best friend. It reached for me, but then I woke up. The details have faded due to time, but I still remember most of it. It terrified me when I was little.

  48. author

    Agama 5524 分 前

    The 'dementor' wierd cloud formation is just that, a wierd cloud formation.

  49. author

    Ana Blake25 分 前


  50. author

    HellKnight Kaqurval25 分 前


  51. author

    Holy Cross Productions26 分 前

    I can't handle this anymore, TELL ME THE NAME OF THE MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND!!!!!!

  52. author

    Marco26 分 前

    Porco dio

  53. author

    Valentine Siobhan27 分 前

    i’m sorry but i actually love that dress. not for prom tho 😅

  54. author

    Ms. Raven28 分 前

    My stomach is to weak for the ride. 🤣I would fill that bucket like water.

  55. author

    Dashawn Smith29 分 前

    She so fine 😂😂👇🏾

  56. author

    Iwona Zyla30 分 前

    I'm a kid and i think every IT movie aint scary

  57. author

    Yosephine32 分 前

    "Pontianak" is a place here in Indonesia. I think what you meant was "Kuntilanak", the ghost :P

  58. author

    Kadence Fitzherbert32 分 前

    Hello new person

  59. author

    Forever_ Reagan33 分 前

    Wait. I live in Tennessee 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

  60. author

    Brandius Noble33 分 前

    I hear you why can't there be more girls like me

  61. author

    nadeem mehmood33 分 前

    Can scp 294 produce lava?

  62. author

    Chris Lucken33 分 前

    Gonna miss you, best host of all. PS the 3 laws aren't actually a thing, just something made up by a sci-fi author

  63. author

    Andrew Thompson33 分 前

    I watched a documentary a few years ago ago about the bridge. It said that the sand around the bridge has the smell of a rodent and the dogs would go after it. The dogs were not tall enough to see that they would fall on the other side.

  64. author

    Adriana Perez34 分 前

    I swear to god something happened to me like this but with planes ✈️ like me and my husband both saw it

  65. author

    Kevin Dunn34 分 前

    Great video, Awesome job!! cant wait for the next one... my favorite host is Ayman but thats me

  66. author

    nadeem mehmood36 分 前

    I love kittens,I have a cat

  67. author

    James Jones36 分 前

    We like our new girl Abby!

  68. author

    Sarah Callicott37 分 前


  69. author

    Nelson Fernandez37 分 前

    Is it just my eyes , or this talk host have a huge camel toe

  70. author

    Jay'Sin Mendoza37 分 前

    Nice Job Abby💖💯💯💖

  71. author

    Kayla Peck38 分 前

    When i was about 5 years old me and my older sister were i bed, she was asleep but at the age of 3 i was diagnosed with insomnia, as i was having trouble sleeping i look into the corner of my room which is right by a window i saw a girl of about 12 years old smiling and waving at me . She was wearing an 1800's style nightgown and no shoes. That next day i go downstairs and tell my mom what i had seen, she told me a story of when the apartment used to be a Victorian home and when a girl was the age of 11 she was pushed out a window and landed on a sharp metal stake that went through the center of her , killing her instantly.

  72. author

    Fellgamer39 分 前

    Uh...Jesus didn't marry anyone..

  73. author

    Turtle Who loves watermelon40 分 前

    Wiccan people? 👇🏼

  74. author

    leelee darling40 分 前

    My biggest fear is clowns.... Now it's spiders

  75. author

    so.real. gm40 分 前

    Hahah lol dito sa pinay damiyan

  76. author

    FBI Agent Agee41 分 前

    Get the heavy flamethrower everyone

  77. author

    caden edwards41 分 前

    She's growing on me tbh

  78. author

    Steven Standridge42 分 前

    Monotone. Only watched 4min 45 sec. Maybe watch her later if she sticks around

  79. author

    Fatemeh Sonia Imantalab42 分 前

    the chicken came first

  80. author

    Kelsey Hudson43 分 前

    I think it all deapends on what chuck e cheese u go to

  81. author

    Brylee Poyner43 分 前

    5:13 um I live on Meadowbrook

  82. author

    Supersly66643 分 前

    Your beautiful smile will be missed, btw love the dress!

  83. author

    Energy Vevo44 分 前

    So I guess she's the new Rebbeca 😪

  84. author

    Fawkes Flames44 分 前

    Be a bit more upbeat, Abbey! You seem to be nervous in front of the camera.

  85. author

    Joshua, G44 分 前

    Only reason I subscribes to channel was for you Rebecca..ill miss u

  86. author

    beck45 分 前

    Mom: What do you want to eat? lemme guess McDonald's Me: *taco bell* I just eat taco bell

  87. author

    Juanita Alegria45 分 前

    She should replace Hasaan!

  88. author

    zach boehning45 分 前

    Who the hell is this

  89. author

    Fox-Chan Studios45 分 前

    This will only make sense if you watch DanPlan but scp999 is like jocats new love XD

  90. author

    Mr.noober the nugget Aka nugget47 分 前

    2 unskipable ads before this... what is my life?

  91. author

    dave h48 分 前

    You can see why the Egyptian thing freaked the staff out..

  92. author

    Drist _49 分 前

    Soon all mosttop10 member will be gone to space 1 by 1😐

  93. author

    Jay Nathanial49 分 前

    I'm gonna say I disagree with you saying yo do not SWEAR on this channel, Che... Ayman says g.damn a lot... That's swearing. And it's not even bleeped out

  94. author

    Theodore Hayes50 分 前

    why is Rebecca leaving . she was the only reason to watch.. what will we do now? so sad .

  95. author

    Cleo50 分 前

    You are too cringy!😩

  96. author

    Noah Soto50 分 前

    So Jerry the mouse killed Tom the cat but it shows Jerry decapitated

  97. author

    kittelsen kittelsen50 分 前

    They say this they say that. I say it's waste off time

  98. author

    Tilted Prodigy51 分 前

    scp 096 is an enderman

  99. author

    Hyper Lynx51 分 前

    Hell is full Well we did it boys hell is no more

  100. author

    Angel_Playz 1852 分 前

    I’m showing this to every ODer on Roblox 😂