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  1. author

    Kastenne Ashley Dizon7 時間 前

    Mijoo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. author

    Nangram Japan7 時間 前

    Jhope was looking very sad i'm sad now😢

  3. author

    Sanyukta Shekhawat7 時間 前


  4. author

    Purple you7 時間 前

    I really love her🥺 her personality, charisma and her talent. I love jeon so mi💗

  5. author

    Key performing Born to shine7 時間 前

    Wait this is too adorable

  6. author

    Shua is Love7 時間 前

    Our minghao looks so expensive, fashion king indeed PLUS that the8 pose at 1:02 such a qt

  7. author

    Veronica Cuartoy7 時間 前

    I found myself here again. I really miss Bigbang, I really miss this panda...

  8. author

    Mutiara Adinda savitri7 時間 前

    I'm here because of Soobin

  9. author

    apple blossem7 時間 前

    I watched this almost 29 times since it came out but I still can't get over it It looks sooo real

  10. author

    ArmyOnce 티티7 時間 前

    Jin is so comfortable with everyone 😂

  11. author

    MINCHAN7 時間 前

    1:11 damn cute 😂

  12. author

    Daneen Waas7 時間 前

    When you're a czennie and monbebe at the same time...

  13. author

    The DIY Rebel7 時間 前

    Kim Soo Hyun is left handed but on 0:35 why did he use his right hand? Is it because he writes with his right hand although he is left handed?

  14. author

    Mongolia asmr bla7 時間 前

    I love you hwasa

  15. author

    Haechan’s Children7 時間 前


  16. author

    Yohane Juantama7 時間 前

    ARIN 😍❤🇲🇨

  17. author

    Rekha Gaganmale7 時間 前

    Maybe it's because momo only love's jokball

  18. author

    naia .7 時間 前

    What's wrong with the camera man??? lol

  19. author

    Nguyen Binh An7 時間 前

    S.Coups visual 100/10 :))

  20. author

    Azza Ali7 時間 前

    عسل ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  21. author

    JM- MJ7 時間 前

    He's so damn cute and on point 😂😂

  22. author

    Peachysoobinnie Fan7 時間 前

    And this is why Jungwoo is my bias

  23. author

    Kim 원Jin7 時間 前

    Sang Soon has Profession Snape vibe

  24. author

    deera7 時間 前

    No more 2nd lead syndrome please . Let Jisoo have Im soohyang this time .

  25. author

    Chamito Weasley7 時間 前

    The thumbnail confirmed they’re look alike.

  26. author

    Vijay Balaji7 時間 前

    The way she is expecting the answer from jae suk

  27. author

    guth ieee7 時間 前


  28. author

    ellyana 14587 時間 前


  29. author

    Vijay Balaji7 時間 前

    Cuteness overload Jihyo 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  30. author

    San's Shiber7 時間 前

    me: Having Day6 flashbacks

  31. author

    Audrey Seo7 時間 前


  32. author

    Nabila Maisarah7 時間 前

    Me seeing hwasa eating porridge like that makes me want porridge even though I actually don't like porridge-

  33. author

    Chamito Weasley7 時間 前

    Awww Sun young 😍

  34. author

    Jasmine Lao7 時間 前

    Can someone give be background on Antenna?

  35. author

    kpop army8 時間 前

    in secon 5.04

  36. author

    kpop army8 時間 前

    am i the only one who saw kooky in bt21 in her plushies

  37. author

    Ruby8 時間 前


  38. author

    naga akshaya8 時間 前

    Please this baby is the cutest uwu..i can't anymore😭😭

  39. author

    Maliha Tabassum8 時間 前

    I agree... Producers should do a better job... That's why I like Stray Kids songs. Their lyrics are so inspiring and meaningful. Also they produce almost all of their songs 💕🎶

  40. author

    천사8 時間 前


  41. author

    Nicole Panganiban8 時間 前

    Actually she really is right but we can not change the fact that those beat and onomatopoeic sounds are the first reasons why International fans are drawn to the kpop music,, next is the lyrics itself

  42. author

    ッパーチョ8 時間 前


  43. author

    Blink_Army6117 Blink8 時間 前

    1:58 Bonjour Anna, je suis française et j'adore regarder cette émission et j'espère que reviendra vite dans cette émission car j'ai hâte de revoir Aciel et Naeun plus leur petit frère ❤❤

  44. author

    Lianne Aichel8 時間 前

    BTS, SKZ, Got7, Seventeen, IU, Gfriend, and Gidle can't relate 😔💅

  45. author

    Baekhyunee eri8 時間 前

    *You better treat EXO like the Kings and give better promotion ....SM*

  46. author

    Pablo Jose8 時間 前

    I will miss you, JamJam! <3 :'(

  47. author

    Nico Robin8 時間 前

    Not yg Is the artist and producer songs The are Alines 👽👾

  48. author

    aesthetic whore8 時間 前

    Why isn’t solar mentioned in the title tf?😃

  49. author

    shinbi8 時間 前

    Yuna is really a cutie babie.

  50. author

    Putri channel8 時間 前

    Genius naun amazing 👍

  51. author

    Chin Qyps8 時間 前

    EXO L we may not be the biggest fandom but we are the strongest fandom.Lets always love and support our boys.They really need us and we also really need them.Stay loyal

  52. author

    Nikki .Z8 時間 前

    I just realized that the host JSK was in a scandal for following octomum on IG while his wofe was pregnant!😀😀 i knew he looked familiar

  53. author

    shinnn8 時間 前

    Omg this is so sad TAT helppp Eunkwang just came out and then the rest of them went in almost imme.. they didnt even get to spend much time tgt.. and the 3 of them didnt even get to wait till minhyuk and changsub are back.. omg see how reluctant ilhoon is in letting them go TAT ><

  54. author

    Baekhyunee eri8 時間 前

    I heard Baekhyunee's voice too...😁

  55. author

    pori yang8 時間 前

    I like the combination..it was visually great and maybe tasty too..like her I work out to eat more rather than maintaining figure

  56. author

    nabong nadong8 時間 前

    2:04 replay button of Eunwoo's 'Stay Still'

  57. author

    st hajar8 時間 前

    Indonesia gumpul

  58. author

    Maybelyn Garcia8 時間 前

    Is that Jun of Ukiss?

  59. author

    Just Dance Tube8 時間 前

    omg its the way this group deserves better, i mean just look at their sophisticated outfits and their stage setup wow

  60. author

    Annie R.8 時間 前

    I am a girl and I hate the colour pink. I would be so angry if someone did it to my stuff😡

  61. author

    TARO8 時間 前


  62. author

    Vaishnavi Mishra8 時間 前

    If there would be most funniest music band anker....then jin would win it I bet 😂😂😂😂

  63. author

    Baishali8 時間 前

    How apt is this title. Lol. Like every other scandal, the victim has to apologize. I am sick of this women. I don't think I will ever in my life see or support anything form the company and the group ppl. I was never more disappointed

  64. author

    Kimchi8 時間 前

    I miss them :(

  65. author

    AJ 778 時間 前

    Badass Funny Hyori is an angel who make Korean Celebs don't want to get suicide.

  66. author

    Rimi Bist8 時間 前

    0:29 his expressions 😍😍💜💜💜💜

  67. author

    night _ diamond8 時間 前

    NEW Harley 😂

  68. author

    Maria Corazon Ternura8 時間 前

    Awww... will miss you JamJam!

  69. author

    kitsa k.8 時間 前

    Omg literally crying 😢❤️