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  1. author

    Samuel Jung分 前

    Momo and Tzuyu so perfect girls 😍❤️

  2. author

    Denise Morielle San Juan分 前

    Where' s Sunghoonchan

  3. author

    Sarah Nguyen2 分 前

    Man they’re all skinny. I’m worried for Wonyoung. Honestly she’s looks like the skinniest out of all the girls. Kpop is too rough on them. The company or whoever bosses them around must let them have a break or do whatever they want in order to feel comfortable instead of being exhausted or stressed. It’s important for their health and life.

  4. author

    bvdbunni5 分 前

    the way he said “stop” when he said “they look like a couple” sksbsks.

  5. author

    Laldinpuii Khiangte5 分 前

    Twice perfomed so good.And own the stage.

  6. author

    Daniel Bellon6 分 前


  7. author

    Tae Kim6 分 前

    *I love Hyuna's dresses I swear the stylist deserves a raise as well as the makeup artist!* ❤

  8. author

    Tae Kim7 分 前

    I love hearing the fan chants and it's so heartwarming to hear Hyuna 'Aing' fans screaming from the top of their lungs since back then her fans had also consisted of more males screaming in these comebacks (not saying there is no longer male fans just that their voices are less heard now), but now we hear more women trying to scream with more power to shower Hyuna with the love she deserves so it's nice to see the power of true fans still sticking by her and Flower Shower is a banger ❤

  9. author

    blackpink ikon Bts Red velvet8 分 前

    "She suddenly looks like a dancer from Yg " xD 😂😂 my girl seulgi is cool 😏😍😜

  10. author

    σκοτώνω korosu10 分 前

    Seventeen members habit literally is being sexy without showing skin 😂

  11. author

    agung Isnamasangga11 分 前

    Yang lain Pasti suka

  12. author

    agung Isnamasangga12 分 前

    Bagus sekali

  13. author

    Just a Person13 分 前

    Their choreography is hard but they slayed it💗🖤💙

  14. author

    T-Ara Nelia Fatal Amari14 分 前

    Those girls were screaming their lungs off 😂 RESPECT HIS TALENT THO

  15. author

    Flora Gacha15 分 前

    Jungkook's jacket is a mood tho

  16. author


    Love her hair so much😊😊 she looks so pretty and happy😄

  17. author

    박형철17 分 前

    Attractive voices!!!

  18. author

    Bikash Paul17 分 前

    Korean movies can cure stress.. ☺ I lady is really cute

  19. author

    Eliza Guitang19 分 前

    Jackson outfit is illegal...I can't

  20. author

    ADHEK 2621 分 前


  21. author

    Lisa Sway22 分 前

    Edawn to Cube: I DONT NEED CHUU

  22. author

    Irina Ahmed22 分 前

    I curse dat han soo hee bitch Wonho is not there n shownu cnt look straight into camera

  23. author

    Jazmin Dance Official23 分 前

    So beautiful happy and healthy 😍🥰

  24. author

    9andThreeQuarters23 分 前

    Ending stage. A beautiful but sad goodb oppss no see you again is the better word. : ) Thank You so much for the heart event you guys prepared. Clap Clap Clap! You all did great! Till the next, TOMORROW X TOGETHER. ★

  25. author

    Aditya prambudika Leonardus25 分 前

    The cameraman did a great job

  26. author

    Sheer27 分 前

    Y'all talking about JB and Mark's outfit but I love Jackson's! His jacket has a very Asian martial arts style to it.

  27. author

    park haneul28 分 前

    JB's part at 2:18......I just can't stop listening to it .....please help..!!

  28. author

    Ким Тэхён28 分 前

    Я когда впервые увидела это видео, то узнала что это Чонгук. Его голос в этой жизни единственный и неповторимый. Так что вот так вот😂

  29. author

    Suyati Ningsih29 分 前

    I lit bit hatinh the writer,, they dont consistent if they make baek caracter bad please continue it. But end of the day we know baek character not so bad, he love dan oh and has a reason too.and for me that is humanism. If this is real life, ill definetely date Baek, whose gonna know you better, than a ppl who companion you since child. Just doctrin myself that "this is fiction, this is drama"😭😭😭 i hate second lead syndrom.

  30. author

    うさまるる32 分 前

    最初の子の笑顔めちゃめちゃ可愛すぎ… けど曲中盤かっこいいって、ギャップ萌えする

  31. author

    Hazel34 分 前

    can anyone tell me how is the song faring on charts? he barely perform on music shows...

  32. author

    Nicole Kris Mary Bano34 分 前

    SF9 Kim Ro Woon <3

  33. author

    Stephie Kim36 分 前

    Sunghoon is just so 💕

  34. author

    • frostedjosieos36 分 前

    Holy frick, I don't Mark to ever take that coat off.

  35. author

    danial lau36 分 前

    Kjk's life is like something out of a drama or something. How in the world can you get so many beautiful woman to like you and so many wonderful friends in life. I'm low-key jealous lmao....

  36. author

    Jadey Bubbletea37 分 前

    I never knew who Dawn was until he left cube because of the dating issue. But I really love his music in this debut. Very talented!

  37. author

    Rifdah Ani Yuliani37 分 前


  38. author

    Bae Kieyshia38 分 前

    Naeun is better than past K-pop idol in VST8

  39. author

    • frostedjosieos39 分 前

    Would anyone like to talk about how Hyuna and Dawn had matching cowboy boots for these stages

  40. author

    Saidatulfatehah Jamaludin40 分 前

    I like baek kyung ❤️ but please end this one sided love and give him someone else who could give back the love he needed 😭 Dan Oh is not for him 😭😭😭

  41. author


    I really love Jungkook voice...Very soft and am fallen inlove with him...Jungkoolsssisiis.... Will You Marry Me?......Sksksksksks I need banana Milk Dude😅😅...who's here for Nov 2019..BTS++Army's..

  42. author

    rifa42 分 前


  43. author

    Pie Lover43 分 前

    That smile at the end! Sun Young is actually so beautiful

  44. author

    AP FINE44 分 前


  45. author

    Stella Umeh45 分 前

    Looooovveee byul's outfit

  46. author

    Pie Lover46 分 前

    Im so happy for her. You can see the difference already!

  47. author

    pruneapple48 分 前


  48. author

    Bora K49 分 前

    “My turn was over just like that” 😂😂😂😂

  49. author

    angel lyza sagrado49 分 前

    Can't get over that beat . It's just so dope 👌

  50. author

    Dance monster Not rap monster49 分 前

    Im in love with jk

  51. author

    Illogically Logical49 分 前

    Lee Do Hwa deserved JuDa

  52. author

    Anh Vũ Thùy51 分 前


  53. author

    kim hanbinbin52 分 前

    hyuna is so cute,, my heart 💗💗

  54. author

    Illogically Logical52 分 前

    Now i miss A-Teen 😣

  55. author

    AP FINE55 分 前

    My Naeun💖💖

  56. author

    Loll Popo58 分 前

    *Proud to see her smile after all of the shit*

  57. author

    Loll Popo59 分 前

    What company is she now ?

  58. author

    Nicolette UYS59 分 前

    Rosè and lisa make a cute couple ❤️

  59. author

    Ling佐伊時間 前

    I like how Moomoos screaming when Moonbyul slay the high note 😍😍

  60. author

    Joy Mabborang時間 前


  61. author

    Mingau Caser時間 前

    A Solar tá tão linda em ten nights❤️

  62. author

    Erta fredi時間 前

    My bias in bts=junkook My bias in exo=------I don't like them Seventeen=I don't like them

  63. author

    Starla Tagactac時間 前

    Damn they got g wagon money

  64. author

    Dulce Sanchez時間 前

    Yeonbin at the end, ahhh sooo cute 🖤💙👑👑✨✨ they are all shining stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  65. author

    Aku Dia時間 前

    Why they did jackson like that.. those tiddies, our seunie🙄🙄

  66. author

    seoyoung park時間 前

    i'm waiting for descendants of the sun hahahah btw about the i am not a robot i think after that scence it feels so awkward with the both of the main but its so cuteeeee

  67. author

    bts jimin時間 前

    I really like how she sing this song ! Too much emotion .

  68. author

    Jhulzz時間 前

    Every minutes and seconds, their fcking hair is mess but it's still in the proper position. Their fcking so so so-

  69. author

    JeffreeStar Can'tRelate時間 前

    bitch queen hyuna is glowing and im loving it ❤️😍

  70. author

    Daniella Silaen時間 前

    Hwanso kayak cewek cewek butuh belaian

  71. author

    Melanie Castino時間 前

    *I don't think I'm ever getting over this song and the stages that are coming with it*

  72. author

    exol.panda.alice forever時間 前

    They deserve 2nd win..alice please vote them at mcountdown pre voting also dont forget save your ticket to vote them at star play

  73. author

    Indah Pratiwi時間 前

    Visual woy visuall😭😭😭

  74. author

    Mariana Etrada時間 前

    Nadie le gana a jungkooki😁😁

  75. author

    Syam Prasad時間 前

    The music i mean bgm just sounds like bgm from what's wrong with secretary Kim

  76. author

    Ain Farhanna時間 前

    She is the real bitch 😏

  77. author

    LeneLanguini時間 前

    Fuuuuuuck I’m so in love

  78. author

    Jin’s Shoulders時間 前

    His voice is so soothing omg🥺

  79. author

    To Mour時間 前

    Ain’t 2 bites my guy, also them pizza we’re like kid size.

  80. author

    K Ea時間 前

    짜파게티 투정이 최악이면 반려견 관리도 못해서 멀쩡한 인간 살인한 건 그냥 바로 지옥행 아닌가?

  81. author

    resplendenxy時間 前

    nah man even as a straight girl i'd fall in love with naeun at first sight

  82. author

    manifest 73時間 前


  83. author

    Atikah Azis Khoirunnisa時間 前


  84. author


    Jungkook: *exhales* Armys: _yeah I’m just gonna pretend this isn’t jungkook_

  85. author

    Nabila Manda時間 前


  86. author

    Kyla Martinez時間 前

    can someone tell where this place is?

  87. author

    cherry時間 前

    I really feel that this concept is tailored so perfectly to who Hyuna is as an individual. Cube pushed sexy because Hyuna executed it perfectly, but like shes said before that 'sexy' image is merely her stage persona. Flower shower is so much more than that forced sexiness, its 100% Hyuna and you can SEE the difference in her. Shes oozing genuine happiness. You're a goddess Hyuna 😍

  88. author

    lisa bts :3時間 前

    Cuando empezó el vídeo me puse a ver los comentarios y cuando se murió tae llore tanto que no pude controlarme :"""""""""""( like si lloraste tanto como yo :/ 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  89. author


    i- ok cause his smirk killed me..

  90. author

    Fantastic Grandma時間 前

    1:36 Moonbyul😍❤️

  91. author

    Gurkirat Kaur時間 前


  92. author

    mendoza31時間 前

    Wth is going on with the uploads? Like everytime Mamamoo performs on a music show their performance are uploaded into like 3-4 different JPreporter channels so Moomoos cant really increase the views on one specific one because they are scattered across different channels...

  93. author

    Mia Alia時間 前

    it is say that my jinyoung will be in episode 477...JUST DONT TELL ME HE IS THE GHOST 😂

  94. author

    Info Time時間 前


  95. author

    Coleen Kristine時間 前

    2:17 though! I laughed 😂😂😂 The other dancer tickling the other guy 😂

  96. author

    Miftakhul Rafikasari時間 前

    literally me when I tried to wake up but always lay back down lol

  97. author

    bbrianna vue時間 前

    I love how it's has zero dislike

  98. author

    maria時間 前

    Honestly, you are REALLY AWESOMEEEEE

  99. author

    maria時間 前

    You're awesome I mean. AWESOME!!!!!

  100. author

    kezii mwa時間 前