Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

Nice MorningNice Morning

Nice Morning

6 日 前

Good Luck, AdamGood Luck, Adam

Good Luck, Adam

3 ヶ月 前

New ManageMintNew ManageMint

New ManageMint

4 ヶ月 前

Don't | ABCDon't | ABC

Don't | ABC

4 ヶ月 前

All In ChallengeAll In Challenge

All In Challenge

5 ヶ月 前

Arlene's Big LeapArlene's Big Leap

Arlene's Big Leap

6 ヶ月 前

Best in ShowBest in Show

Best in Show

7 ヶ月 前

Man of the WorldMan of the World

Man of the World

9 ヶ月 前

Free Guy TrailerFree Guy Trailer

Free Guy Trailer

9 ヶ月 前



10 ヶ月 前



年 前



年 前

6 Underground6 Underground

6 Underground

2 年 前

No Good DeedNo Good Deed

No Good Deed

3 年 前

The 'Pool LogThe 'Pool Log

The 'Pool Log

4 年 前

  1. author

    Richard Grace6 時間 前

    Spaceballs 2?

  2. author

    ontheedge333716 時間 前

    I’ll take a cup ☕️🙏thank you Hugh !

  3. author

    Derik Henderson6 時間 前

    When I was a kid riding the bus to school during December, when it was so cold, the bus driver would have the local radio station on for us kids. We all laughed and would sing along to the Canadian 12 days of Xmas song. It would always make the trip better. .......and a beer in a tree!

  4. author

    Zweig Ackroyd6 時間 前

    Just out of curiosity, how much of the revenue before profits went to having RR pitch it?

  5. author

    Zichi the Fox6 時間 前

    Hugh Jackman pre-Laughing Man coffee is me all the time.

  6. author

    Top News6 時間 前

    Почему мне спустя 2 года JPreporter посоветовал это видео?

  7. author

    Nope Not Today6 時間 前

    If you can make ads funny you can do anything and these are funny.

  8. author

    Debbie Fogle6 時間 前

    Laughing so hard, I choked on my peppermint patty.

  9. author

    zwober6 時間 前

    goddamit, why couldent he don a cap sideways and then go out with his dog in the end of the video? felt like the perfect gits-tribute. eh, i guess they are only fans of salinger.

  10. author

    QueenofSnarks6 時間 前

    Damn you, Covid-19! One of the only films I'm looking forward to this year :(

  11. author

    John Doe6 時間 前

    "Box office gold" lmao

  12. author

    João Victor7 時間 前

    This is Huge Ackmann.

  13. author

    Basharat Kureshi7 時間 前

    So that’s why my pizza arrived so late

  14. author

    rvink57 時間 前

    Marvel person here, but Shazam start to making a like, Maybe coz Marvel Team helping DC on Shazam especially. Kudos Both Marvel and DC. Crossover would make both org zillionares DC to show up in Marvel only never the other way around. imagine: In crucial stances CA getting attacked badly, Captain Americas (CA) shield is held by a villain and pinned down helpless. Suddenly,the CA shield getting penetrated by 3 Batman stars fhhhht fhttt fhtt! and Batman shows up to save the captain.. Imagine the Hype.. Marvel and DC should do this quietly Everything is possible this will make money than the whole universe debt Of couz im DEADPOOL Ryan FAN! first!! Best Deadpool companion is Gambit..chose gambit wisely, its gonna be a spectacular bromance..

  15. author

    SmithandJones2567 時間 前


  16. author

    Bodie Taylor7 時間 前


  17. author

    roy littlefield7 時間 前

    Aviation American Gin: So good you can taste it in your stool. Wait, what?!

  18. author

    Idonotcare 27 時間 前

    Tom Edison. in the credits for lighting

  19. author

    Sandtrooper DJ-9937 時間 前

    Good day eh

  20. author

    Matheus Peixoto7 時間 前

    Europe and Switzerland

  21. author

    SMILE7 時間 前

    what is that flying in the backround? A UFO

  22. author

    Derk Ender7 時間 前

    I vote for RYAN for President. - also 285 people are ass turds.

  23. author

    Jim Rafi7 時間 前

    I'm sorry did he say to dislike the video or report it???

  24. author

    Hubert's Hub7 時間 前

    Everyone: "Ryan Reynolds is in this, wow!" Me: "Wow, Jay Ray managed to get his music in a Ryan Reynolds ad" Also me: "I want coffee"

  25. author

    Nseem Al.Roh\Kemo7 時間 前

    Ugh I wish I have that pen, the rest is easy.

  26. author

    platinakuka7 時間 前

    His smile is magical

  27. author

    Tida Forster7 時間 前


  28. author

    Evil Olive8 時間 前

    Screw youtube for a recommendation 2 years after this was made.

  29. author

    538 時間 前

    Hugh’s face after ☕️ : Wolverine back to senses.

  30. author

    slade8 時間 前

    He's not your friend unless there's a "deadpool" coffee

  31. author

    Sonn Ikdoh8 時間 前

    Do all celebrities wake up with perfect hair?

  32. author

    jen linds8 時間 前

    Good advert...but not the keurig!!! You both carry entirely too much weight to be influencing people to continue with single-use plastics!

  33. author

    Ash 17498 時間 前

    When they do stuff like this it makes me genuinely believe that the wolverine will be in the next dead pool.

  34. author

    Tonya Bomia8 時間 前

    Dude, you really need to let Green Lantern go.

  35. author

    The Canadian Boi8 時間 前

    Two of the greatest Canadian actors: Hugh, and Ryan Reynolds.

  36. author

    Michael Hoban8 時間 前

    When you look back and think, maybe VA would have been better in Ryans hands after the other guy sat on his £4bn island and let his company rot and workers suffer by letting tax payers foot his bills. Amazing how perspectives can shift when retaining money is the be all and end all for one of these two.

  37. author

    Job8 時間 前

    if we cant get wolverine, Deadpool, i would settle for a buddy bromance comedy

  38. author

    PhaserFelix Gaming8 時間 前

    I died at 0:40 I don't even know why.

  39. author

    R Menon8 時間 前

    Everything...Looks, Height & humor. Im Jealous of this guy.

  40. author

    Keleigh Law8 時間 前

    Fuck hell

  41. author

    Keleigh Law8 時間 前

    You said fuck

  42. author

    Keleigh Law8 時間 前

    You are the funny wen

  43. author

    TheDudeAbides8 時間 前

    It should say "Look at me I'm Rynal Reynolds" jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-sCk1qpYMKis.html

  44. author

    R Menon8 時間 前

    Nice plan. Long term goals.

  45. author

    Freedom Prodigy8 時間 前

    Donating 100% of Hugh's profits!

  46. author

    R Menon8 時間 前

    He should play Dirty Harry.

  47. author

    Pranav Mistry8 時間 前

    I remember when this came out 😂😂😂😂

  48. author

    Vatsalay Khobragade8 時間 前

    0:11 "Chart One" man just stop . just stop !!!

  49. author

    AnointedFlow8 時間 前

    Rick is still the man!

  50. author

    Starr Sky child of light8 時間 前

    I can’t stop laughing. Hugh are too funny!

  51. author

    My Subs8 時間 前

    Doing an adverts now? In the words of Bill Hicks "You are off the artistic roll call". Moranis doing it is an even bigger surprise though.

  52. author

    WynterwithSmores8 時間 前

    “No, I was uh, recently diagnosed with Stage 4... I don’t give a sh*t.” I GUARANTEE YOU I will use this in an argument.

  53. author

    Pieter Theunissen9 時間 前

    Is fake, but good fake because actors

  54. author

    Mister Mars9 時間 前

    What is Ryan Reynolds’s obsession with Hugh Jackman? He does know that they only play characters from the X-Men universe right? It’s that and his constant dissing of Green Lantern that’s getting kinda stale.

  55. author

    Félix A.G9 時間 前


  56. author

    MearlyBird9 時間 前

    For a second I thought he was gonna sit on it.

  57. author

    rafa 0079 時間 前


  58. author

    John Skylark9 時間 前

    I think with their relationship Hugh and Ryan are now just apologizing to the community for the studio not giving us a proper Wolverine Deadpool movie :D

  59. author

    Dale Platt9 時間 前

    Ryan is starting a new career as a commercial maker... Looks good so far... ;)

  60. author

    Slacker Gaming9 時間 前

    Lol I knew it was gonna be good after hughes face. like a student who thought the other didn't do the work oh shit

  61. author

    roopjeet mehlawat9 時間 前

    How does he see through the mask's eyes

  62. author

    D9 時間 前

    You guys should keep it that way, The Truce. LoL

  63. author

    Wendy Barber-Dale - The Brainy Biscuit9 時間 前


  64. author

    Jude Lee9 時間 前

    This is one filme

  65. author

    Mickey Burn9 時間 前

    *Dog not included 😂😂

  66. author

    Roland L9 時間 前

    Id like to see Reynolds (w)rap! Thatd be fresh.

  67. author

    Dale Platt9 時間 前

    I love this!

  68. author

    Maria Aldred9 時間 前

    Made me smile.

  69. author

    A Cobra9 時間 前


  70. author

    Apurwa Dwivedi9 時間 前

    JPreporter be like: Yeah, let's recommend this after 2 years.

  71. author

    Ashflow Ramza9 時間 前


  72. author

    Ana Flavia Deliberador9 時間 前

    Quando vai sair a edição xereca?

  73. author

    Rikil Shah9 時間 前

    "Dog not included" No shit, Ryan.

  74. author

    Patton 2810 時間 前

    “God I love cocaine. So much.”

  75. author

    YATHARTH SHAH10 時間 前

    Aviation American Gin: Can make you forget 2020.

  76. author

    ASWIN .s10 時間 前

    Its shooting see the camera inthe first car

  77. author

    Peppa Diferente10 時間 前

    That's true?

  78. author

    Erebus Prime10 時間 前

    Ok ... THAT WAS HYSTERICAL!! (If they could only WISH the Green Lantern Movie away!!)

  79. author

    Seisuke Seirin10 時間 前

    Admit it, you know this is an ad yet you still click it, Because I did it too, hi there 🤣

  80. author

    Mohamed Shuaau10 時間 前

    "he did something right"