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    ariela d'amore16 時間 前

    I've been stanning æspa since predebut but I'm still not that familiar abt them yet. Are they all fluent in english? They sound really good, as far as ik Giselle is the only one.

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    Clara Roseira16 時間 前

    Já começa com a Karina e Ningning sendo adoráveis😭😭💗💗💗 assim eu não aguento

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    Mya Cantos la pro16 時間 前

    he's as cute as ningning asks for help with words he doesn't know in korean

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    김아무개16 時間 前


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    류송희16 時間 前

    언니!! 냉장고 뭔지 궁금해요...ㅜㅜ

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    real happiness16 時間 前

    every idols we're different so don't compare them to others .

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    류송희16 時間 前

    에스파 사랑해💜💜

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    Missmallows16 時間 前

    *KARINA: I LOVE YOU* Giselle: Thank you. Winter: I know, I know. why dont they love her back :< lmao

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    구리시장김도영16 時間 前

    카리나 졸라,, 비현실적이게 생겼다

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    Atasshi Reese Padica16 時間 前

    Sorry for being late but they don't deserve hate because I saw hate comments on some of their tiktoks mostly it is karina that has most hate comments and she don't deserve it and some of them making fun of what is the fandom name and some replies are not funny and just hating for the little things and aespa don't care about the hate MYs are here for all of you and pls dont reply me ( not aespa ) cuz I am still 8 thank you.

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    Sairah Torres16 時間 前

    Kill this love and how you like that outfit (kind of) ... btw love the song and danceeee 😍😍😍😍

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    Ana Sari16 時間 前

    14:13 mirip banget😭 mereka

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    Emma16 時間 前

    Karina is so sweet always, his beauty and body proportion are insane! Hos is she real

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    Emma16 時間 前

    I love you aespa precuous

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    Ashmi Minz16 時間 前

    My second favourite girl group AESPA 😍😍😍

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    Peko Pekoyama16 時間 前

    winter and giselle's english 💞

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    Peko Pekoyama16 時間 前

    they're so cute gjfjfjdj

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    Dianeleslie Villatuya16 時間 前

    Karina are you really a human? You look like a doll/webtoon character

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    Pizzaisafruit 13316 時間 前

    Karina looks so much like a cartoon character like she doesn’t look real but she is god has favorites clearly 🙂

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    jj yuniarsi16 時間 前


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    Sumin & K pop16 時間 前

    My bias Karina , Karina so pretty and so cute girl i love you aespa 😘❤

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    Agustina Dameria17 時間 前

    Main vocal, and lead vocal

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    타비17 時間 前


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    lace the lace17 時間 前


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    김민서17 時間 前

    카리나 ㅈㄴ 여신인데?

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    S. Hemanth17 時間 前

    Who thinks winter is multi talented

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    Cloud17 時間 前

    Do you wanna build a snowman?⛄ Nct - Aespa

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    I'm surprised that all the members can speak english fluently

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    STAN NCT17 時間 前

    Karina got a lot of hate before she even debuted when the fact she was always apologizing for the little mistakes *Karina's an angel*

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    Kim Ta17 時間 前

    I like everything about the song and choreo.. but why is Ning ning's hair always seems so oily? kinda distracting...

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    씨라17 時間 前

    Yey I love Winrina moments!!Aespa💙💙

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    Wening 웨넝 Wulandari17 時間 前

    Udah ada sub nya yampun

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    aespi17 時間 前

    At first: people saying she is not so pretty. After week: i want her face. So preety. I have seen this. Karina my my. You attracted me. Not just beauty but your personality

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    Meliodas 2k17 時間 前

    Where's the tech wear?

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    Pinang Palupi17 時間 前

    moon maap itu winter mirip bat ama Gua🙏🏻

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    Nicole Demata17 時間 前

    Winter's teeth are so cute,they are small

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    Wen Lynn17 時間 前

    They have a different beauty. SM gg having a different beauty like goddess. But karina is human living doll :)

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    ᄋᄋ17 時間 前

    5:25 I've never seen anyone cuter than her.

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    xolvaeTY17 時間 前


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    대인엘17 時間 前

    yooo, I'm loving their personalities! very adorable, playful, warm, cuddly and funny! so different from their concept and stages. haha

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    Katherine Matilda17 時間 前

    I don’t feel the excitement I usually feel while watching other kpop groups channels...Aespa isn’t well managed, I feel like they were rushed to debut and there are not enough preparations, not enough contents of them, it isn’t as entertaining as it should

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    r w17 時間 前

    Karina is hypnotising

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    Yeonjun_enthusiast_moa17 時間 前

    Is karina a human?? 😭

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    Tiara Zamroni17 時間 前

    Hello My, please vote aespa at MUBEAT ( ROOKIE FEMALE )

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    Pipelayo Mimiko17 時間 前

    Wow this was a set not CGI!

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    Raphaella Gallano Mosquito Villanueva17 時間 前


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    yochiedoby17 時間 前

    gemes bgt :((((

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    Adriana Santos17 時間 前


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    Gandrio Bortaz17 時間 前

    3:11 Stayc Song xdd

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    Samantha Mills17 時間 前

    if y’all don’t come out with another song already

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    Facundo Aballay17 時間 前

    Gracias aespa por mostrarme como son los estudios de grabación🤧

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    jenny alotinto17 時間 前

    let's make all synk teasers 4M-5M

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    S V17 時間 前

    SM pls release the Black Mamba instrumental!!!

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    Yumeko Yui17 時間 前

    winter: aeri-unnie me: **cries**

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    Patricia Laurie17 時間 前


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    Cathlen Garan17 時間 前

    Karina is just so beautiful and charismatic that's why people were easily fooled about bad rumors about her. But actually this girl is just a soft baby, caring like a mother, and a responsible leader to her members.

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    michelle sabalboro17 時間 前

    theyre were awesome

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    winwin is my ult17 時間 前

    Winter's vocals, is too powerful. And she looks like a fairy/ angel.

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    Dini Nurfitriani17 時間 前


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    Adams Rex Bongcac17 時間 前

    When they did this production it seems like a years ago. Goodjob and Thank you to all staff, directors and aespa for making this huge bop iconic debut. We love you.

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    Susie C.17 時間 前

    Omg omg omg the one with the pony tale (sorry ion remember their names) has the same top as hyunjae from the boyz during the stealer era!!

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    jekyll17 時間 前

    qué lindasssssss

  64. author

    Cathlen Garan17 時間 前

    I was wrong. I thought Winter and Karina are the closest as they became best friends but nah.. they are siblings. They treat each other like real sisters 😍 My JiMinJeong hearteu~

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    gnsispark17 時間 前

    "So bad" playing in the background 😭❤

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    Avegail Lucero18 時間 前

    81k more for 4M!

  67. author

    gnsispark18 時間 前

    Winter dancing the ppang song 🤣🤣🤣

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    anetha natalie18 時間 前


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    Anggie Dwi18 時間 前

    4m kajjjaaa

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    winwinverse18 時間 前

    Giselle did so good! Winter your vocals are beyond the roof! Well done aespa! AESPA FIGHTING!!

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    Mrr Ziith18 時間 前

    They look like doll. So beautiful

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    Juvia Lockser18 時間 前

    MYs don't forget to v0te in SMA AND MUBEAT. Winning another award is very important.

  73. author

    quicking18 時間 前

    Giselle really matches a darker hair color!!!!!! I wish she would’ve black hair for the next album

  74. author

    Bralmasi18 時間 前

    Not a fan but this ponytail girl is definitely going places. You'll see!

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    Dazji E18 時間 前


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    Shanindisha Van Rough18 時間 前

    ningning so cutee❤️❤️

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    Nunhlui Chhakchhuak18 時間 前

    The background music was perfect I loved it

  78. author

    Juvia Lockser18 時間 前

    Lezzgo 4m MYs Please don't forget that winning an award is very important. Come on v0t3 in SMA AND MUBEAT.

  79. author

    Phia Clarisse18 時間 前

    sm don't be shy drop the recording 🤠

  80. author

    harda adela dwitita18 時間 前

    Giselle is so pretty