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Chase Your Dreams!Chase Your Dreams!

Chase Your Dreams!

3 ヶ月 前

I Love My Job!I Love My Job!

I Love My Job!

5 ヶ月 前

Can You Open This?Can You Open This?

Can You Open This?

10 ヶ月 前

  1. author

    Terry Uhlmansiek33 分 前

    Me Daniel it would be cool if you went to knotts scary farm for Halloween

  2. author

    F.A.P White Chocolate Wonderful2 時間 前

    So he is a kid white size does he wear FUCKIN 4

  3. author

    Max's Droning3 時間 前

    it hurts to watch you drilling into the tesla

  4. author

    Lebron's Trash3 時間 前

    You know Danny I really want ur merch but I live in a really Christian fam and I’d prob get yelled at 😔

  5. author

    john smith3 時間 前

    Should have sent her to jail. She's just going to think she can keep getting away with it.

  6. author

    Angus Philippe4 時間 前

    11:58 knowledge from mr. Duncan

  7. author

    George Long5 時間 前

    This dude is unreal but real as it gets. No gimmicks and no worries about being himself like other "influencer/JPreporter" pretenders. This dude gets over 50% of his subscriber counts in views in less than 2 weeks on every video. Who can run a huge tour for just doing him. God damn genius.

  8. author

    George Long5 時間 前

    Bring thorn out! Or better yet his mom, she's so supportive and a boss bitch

  9. author

    mikaylah, stop6 時間 前

    there’s a reason why it says virginity rocks fucking idiot

  10. author

    Elijah Carter6 時間 前

    Papa jim just busted in his pants

  11. author

    BBEACH 36 時間 前

    10:43 absolutely me

  12. author

    King Crowns6 時間 前

    Yo old dude straight had his mouth dropped and same expression for a huge minute! 😂😂

  13. author

    Juan Romero6 時間 前

    Now you got to go visit that kid and his mother

  14. author

    Emmett Arnold6 時間 前

    RIP the person who dropped their i phone x 0:35

  15. author

    Cooper Beason6 時間 前


  16. author

    Liam Wilson6 時間 前

    Danny new Zealand is the shit!

  17. author

    Zeas.-6 時間 前

    Danny Dobrik poppin' off.

  18. author

    Edgar Renteria7 時間 前

    10:22 the little girls are the freshman’s and Danny is the seniors at my school lmao

  19. author

    Arthur Fleck7 時間 前

    So much for “virginity rocks” lmao

  20. author

    Roberto Hawit7 時間 前

    6:00 im dying lmaooo

  21. author

    Roberto Hawit7 時間 前


  22. author

    Israel Leon (441IsrLeon)7 時間 前

    John Cena is gay

  23. author

    Elijah _j7 時間 前

    4:13 “Oh that’s the horn” lol

  24. author

    nicholas cunningham7 時間 前

    they are rigged tho fr ur supossed to one one out of every like five ten times

  25. author

    Aidan Porter7 時間 前

    You are the most funniest person ik you always put me in a good mood when im pissed off I've been watching you for awhile now

  26. author

    Hudson Moszer8 時間 前

    Stop being mean

  27. author

    No ha8 時間 前

    Mr. worldwide?

  28. author

    Connor Evitch8 時間 前

    I go to Chetek

  29. author

    Colton Dozier8 時間 前

    Danny habanero is 3rd hottest in the world

  30. author

    Riley Robinson8 時間 前

    9:20 tanner fox is that you? It sounds like him

  31. author

    Kay8 時間 前

    I disagree because 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  32. author

    Kay8 時間 前

    Don’t come at me bc I’m new to this channel but is his name really Gary Winthorp😂

  33. author

    christina maggio8 時間 前

    The kid was in IT and Shazam

  34. author

    Bailey Thew8 時間 前

    Wait Danny are you only 16 years old

  35. author

    Mortify8 時間 前

    It must be so cool to be related to Danny duncan

  36. author

    Randy8 時間 前

    @6:20 I thought my phone screen was cracked lmao

  37. author

    Remix8 時間 前

    at 19:30 when that homeless guy was doing random shit u know that’s the actor fork the amazing Spider-Man

  38. author

    MY NAME IS JEFF9 時間 前

    IMAGEEN waking up and 35 people are in you

  39. author

    Doriann9 時間 前

    1:08 song??

  40. author

    Strikerr 1829 時間 前

    Do you like a fine sophisticated young fella like me? Stripper: your hot wtf😂

  41. author

    Gavin’s Gaming and more9 時間 前

    I bet the 502 dislikes are because the guns but AMERICA YEAH

  42. author

    Ian Leetz9 時間 前

    why is danny a beast at everything

  43. author

    john smith9 時間 前

    I'm glad I live in the Heartland. People in California seem like pretentious douche bags. Guys in Florida I can bring my guns and shoot shit and have fun. Fuck that hippie state(referring to California not Florida).

  44. author

    MRzHiT9 時間 前

    Better julp

  45. author

    IllIllRYANllIllI9 時間 前

    I’ve been there on gta 😂

  46. author

    MY NAME IS JEFF9 時間 前


  47. author

    Reverse Clan9 時間 前


  48. author

    No It's Not That until danny sees9 時間 前


  49. author

    I Like Doggiezz9 時間 前

    Bruh that red head girl looks like a gargoyle

  50. author

    Brody Huddleston9 時間 前

    Or get a kamikaze

  51. author

    Twohanded Kickz9 時間 前

    Fuck that lady at the gas station was annoying lmao thinking she knows everything about the stock market telling DANNY DUNCAN WHAT TO DO WITH IT AND HOW TO RUN IT HAHAHA fuck you Karen

  52. author

    Brody Huddleston9 時間 前

    Get a yamaha r15 v3

  53. author

    1k Subscribers With No Videos Challenge9 時間 前

    #freecameron #FreeCameron #deported

  54. author

    Gang Gang9 時間 前

    Telse get the red one horns and hat to

  55. author

    occq9 時間 前

    at 11:16 tell me why she looks like she smokes cigarettes and eats ear wax and showers 2 times a week

  56. author

    Diego D9 時間 前

    Most Florida thing you’ll ever see in a Danny Duncan video 3:22

  57. author

    India Jenkins10 時間 前

    That is so cazy

  58. author

    Hugh Janus10 時間 前

    Ummmm please don’t say “the guy that drinks beer” IT’S FUCKING RONNIE MAC GODDAMNIT

  59. author

    Jack Depiero10 時間 前


  60. author

    Tyler Brask10 時間 前

    2:28 that’s what I had in school for LUNCH

  61. author

    Angelo Olivo10 時間 前

    D can you come to Boise Idaho

  62. author

    Austin White10 時間 前

    9:50 the classic cousin relationship😂😂

  63. author

    occq10 時間 前

    at 4:44 you can he has a big ol papa po po turd stain

  64. author

    Stomp Seb10 時間 前

    Please do this again but with a limo full of friends !!

  65. author

    Alaina Costa10 時間 前


  66. author

    Noah Chapman10 時間 前

    11:57 sliding in to them DMs like

  67. author

    Alfredo Samaniego10 時間 前

    Why did he hit you waaa ????

  68. author

    JoAnna Hester10 時間 前

    Get grillz

  69. author

    Tanglewood the LeafWing10 時間 前

    Don't insult my 66% vegans [green team(s)]

  70. author

    Beeg Yoshi210 時間 前

    Thats not even funny i feel bad for the kid he didnt wanna be filmed.

  71. author

    NICK nick#438010 時間 前


  72. author

    Nicole Patrick11 時間 前

    I have the box of lucky charms with the different logo

  73. author

    Calvin Boucher11 時間 前

    Danny i want ur merch

  74. author

    Kale Vlogs11 時間 前

    Is that in Tennessee

  75. author

    Paradox Cheezit11 時間 前

    *Violently hits Danny Duncan with a vacuum cleaner*

  76. author

    Noah is a bot11 時間 前

    Do more vedos like this

  77. author

    Morgan Zach12 時間 前

    1st house was kian and jcs old house lol

  78. author

    Diggin' Underground12 時間 前

    02:00 WTF, i was just going through my binders of Pokemon Cards lmao

  79. author

    NokoSoot12 時間 前

    I like your old hair better.

  80. author

    GERONIMO12 時間 前

    in the start of the vid were he jumped off that legged a girls iphone fell

  81. author

    Connor Lucas12 時間 前

    I might be getting a no it’s not that hoody for my birthday next Sunday

  82. author

    Jaden Waldman12 時間 前

    This was so cringe

  83. author

    Landon Rutledge12 時間 前

    Bro give me those ear rings

  84. author

    lil youngan12 時間 前

    He eats kfc famous bowl

  85. author

    Roman Zhirkov12 時間 前

    Don’t kuss

  86. author

    Andrew Witkus12 時間 前

    When the lady said sorry my heart went 🥺 there’s no need to be sorry

  87. author

    Bobby Brown12 時間 前

    At 4:30 yall see how the donkey said sup when danny said it 😂😂😂

  88. author

    Jalen Sawyer12 時間 前

    #10 trending

  89. author

    Gabe Garcia13 時間 前


  90. author

    yeetus cleetus13 時間 前

    gets hit in the nuts awoooo

  91. author

    Fade Agar13 時間 前

    17:15 🤣😂👌

  92. author

    Luis Valdez13 時間 前

    7:51 look at all those chickens

  93. author

    Connor Laws13 時間 前

    Cameron is a god.

  94. author

    Ryan Sayers13 時間 前

    Danny Duncan, more like Duncan Donuts

  95. author

    Lil X Nas13 時間 前

    Danny ask tesla drivers for gas

  96. author

    Kilmacar _13 時間 前

    00:12 I’m not going to crash dude

  97. author

    Erastus Jiving14 時間 前

    Safe to say. Danny is balling.

  98. author

    infinitebrzd14 時間 前

    That's not wreaslemania stupid it's called 205 live and main event

  99. author

    Lord Popo14 時間 前


  100. author

    Yaya Flores14 時間 前

    I like love this man