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My SaviourMy Saviour

My Saviour

2 ヶ月 前

[FT] MEP - My Part[FT] MEP - My Part

[FT] MEP - My Part

5 ヶ月 前



7 ヶ月 前

You Leave Me HereYou Leave Me Here

You Leave Me Here

11 ヶ月 前

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    BIGgojiraGamer Yt57 分 前

    I miss Alan and mega evolution so thank you for posting this and sharing other people’s work, mafec333, thank you for you’re work

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    harshini sankar時間 前

    Bro please you in which way to download pokemon video

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    Rashmi Vij時間 前

    Primal kyogre and primal groudon fighting Raquaza: ah shit here we go again.

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    Timothy Chan時間 前

    Jurassic park 3

  5. author

    BIGgojiraGamer Yt2 時間 前

    Ahh a repost of an amazing video

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    Jhonatan GamePlay2 時間 前

    Title:Mega Rayquaza Vs Mega Charizard Vs M.Metagross Reality:Mega Rayquaza Vs Mega Charizard

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    Сергей Борисов2 時間 前

    Моё мнение самый лучший покемон, достойный своего титула огненного типа

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    Myrox X2 時間 前

    This thumbnail and music bring back memories...

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    FIT Souls3 時間 前

    Hi there if you guys are fan of pokemon and looking forward to watch all pokemon series and movies including season 23 and all latest movies do visit once Thank you 🙏

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    Sarah Lara3 時間 前


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    Subu Dinsung4 時間 前

    who love mega blastoise

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    Dabhiram 2184 時間 前


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    Dabhiram 2184 時間 前

    Anyone plays delugarpg

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    Mark NC4 時間 前

    Rayquaza is there older brother?

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    800 liker

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    Ozark Ozark5 時間 前

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    Jan Tero6 時間 前

    Whod win tho

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    mangeshcreat channel yadav8 時間 前

    Mega charizard x is best pokemon

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    A1 Marine9 時間 前

    What will a Charizard do to a Groudon... And a primal Kyogre would knock it out the sky

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    Anita Mohdnoor11 時間 前

    I really like it

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    Garry Malabanan13 時間 前


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    Dracodian13 時間 前

    arceus: I am the supreme god of all pokemon rayquaza: hehehehehehehehehehe no

  24. author

    Shadowphantom6614 時間 前

    When the gym leaders showed up it literally reminded me of the black and white game when you are in N's castle

  25. author

    Super Goji15 時間 前

    It Was So One Sided

  26. author

    Pandalengend 117 時間 前

    I like Charizard X and Y

  27. author

    Бармаглот Вельзевулович19 時間 前

    Ash Char vs Alain Char? F()ck no. Char photographer VS Char Alain.

  28. author

    Carson Chen日 前

    I can Imagine Charizard and Dragonite talking and Dragonite would say Dragonite: Hey! Your 4x weak to rock and everyone loves me more cause I'm a dragon! Charizard: Your 4x weak to ice and every loves me more and you don't have any mega forms, you also evolve at level 55. Dragonite: Oh.

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    the odd returns日 前

    This is fake because gou has scorebunny insted of raboot

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    montana leatherbury日 前


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    Shehzad Oman日 前


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    Perluc Humire日 前

    Corona 567 :) una de las mejores editoras del mundo

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    Carmina dela Merced日 前

    WAit A Minute. Green Is A Girl (Also Know As Leaf). Blue Is Red's Rival.

  34. author

    makdoum neeza日 前

    My favourite Pokémon charizard

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    Jesinel Pedro日 前

    kids comparing pokes in anime and in game ahaha you trully are noobs

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    Tabatha Land日 前

    So cool

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    José Andrés Muñoz González日 前

    No está mal😒 Pasa con 5.45

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    Abhishek S Rao日 前

    Which pokemon journey's episode is this.

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    Jitendra mandal日 前

    Ash charizard is most stronger then other

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    ImperiaL_ NinjA日 前

    The best AMV I have ever seen 😍😍

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    Enfinate日 前

    Remember when pokemon used to be alot cooler? Good days

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    Raptor The Inflatable Collector日 前

    Goodbye greninja 😭

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    이지운日 前

    거다이는 사기다 체력도 늘어나고 근데 메진은 공격 방어 특방 특공만 느는데 좀 오바임

  45. author

    Rhys Powell日 前

    Why is the champion from other regions always go poking in our current regions. Cynthia in Unova, the hoenn champion here, we have our own champions in each region thank you

  46. author

    Rhys Powell日 前

    OMG they really should’ve given the charizardite y to ash and not baby Trevor. Imagine it tho, charizard in the league instead of goodra. Ash wasn’t planning on bringing goodra back anyway

  47. author

    Rhys Powell日 前

    Imagine a battle Royale between ash, Trevor Alain and Kiawe between all their charizards

  48. author

    salomon segura puerta日 前

    I still doubt on wich mega-evolution is better. Yeah i know in this situation all was depending of who was best-trainer, but need to know who is better. I don't actually care the design, only wanna know who is best in combat. PLEASE somebody tell me. I need buy an Y or X mega-ustone

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    Katherine lisette Leon roque日 前


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    南宫元珠日 前


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    Xerotz日 前

    Ya lo habias subido no?

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    AMV LEGEND2 日 前

    What is the name of the🎶 song

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    Nicolas Leblond2 日 前

    Alan et Dracaufeu ons un passé triste 😢 mais qui ons réussi a aller de l'avant ensemble 🙂👍

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    ThynkerAMV2 日 前

    Me gusta xd

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    Meriam El badaoui2 日 前


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    abhi mishra2 日 前

    I love this

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    John Cunanan2 日 前

    When the anime was a bit better than the actual game... lol.

  58. author

    Tahir Husain2 日 前

    But The real Master Is Red

  59. author

    Corbett ConsoleGamer2 日 前

    Rayquaza is probably saying stop fighting over the controller

  60. author

    Corbett ConsoleGamer2 日 前

    Charizard y is really underrated it is really quite good

  61. author

    Jaden Vallejo2 日 前

    I have been watching this since i was in first grade now i am in fifth

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    Laxmi Kushwaha2 日 前

    Nice viedo

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    -Vino Valentino- 7B2 日 前

    rayquaza: Noobs lol

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    Devang Raul2 日 前

    Xyz was the best season of all time

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    Harshit Tikka2 日 前

    Ash greninja is fucking and it is my favourite Pokemon

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    pokemon sikander2 日 前

    Why I can't download the your videos

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    Gaofeng Xu2 日 前

    Wow XD

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    Sub2Yde Use Code:Yde2 日 前

    Professor Sycamore: Bonnie ur finally 10 years old. Ready to choose ur starter pokemon? Bonnie: No need professor. I've already chosen. I CHOOSE U ZYGARDE!!!

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    Meena Soni2 日 前

    Doawnload option enable plz

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    JoshyYoshi2 日 前

    I remember this

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    Shado_King 072 日 前

    What happened to pickachu

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    Angel Solano2 日 前

    Charizard is the reason I like pokemon it is just the very best

  73. author

    Angel Solano2 日 前

    Nice video bro

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    Arjun Ka Dost2 日 前

    I have ash because he doesn't evolve all of his Pokemon.i love red tho

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    Hayden Alexander2 日 前


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    James Robson2 日 前


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    Naif2 日 前

    corona is one of the best editors ever Like you mafec ^^

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    XElition X2 日 前

    Uff buenisimo, y ese cover es hermosos <3

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    SocialBounty Money Making App2 日 前

    good video man QpOV

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    Joseph Harris2 日 前


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    Vijay Ashish Gaming2 日 前

    Please reply of my question

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    Vijay Ashish Gaming2 日 前

    Are you from India

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    Pokédog 7452 日 前

    Corona did a really great job with this!

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    Mafec3332 日 前

    THIS VIDEO IS NOT MINE, Read the description ^^ and support here:

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    AndrésZX 0062 日 前

    Luv this, an awesome work as always uwur

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    Corona2 日 前

    Omg this is so bad. XD why?!?

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    Tio Pokǝʞmon Official [AMV's]2 日 前

    Very cool. ❤

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    one of corona's best vids <3

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    👍👍👍👍Muy bueno

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    I loved this edit so much Corona after all is an amazing editor

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    Curto demais seus amv manoo Parabéns de verdade

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    The first jajaj Whoooo....

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    It’s "Pokemon mega evolution act 3" Thank me later 🌟

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    Red and Leon

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    3:13 at that time when you realize you f up

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    The legendary battle💥