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Music for life !

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    SixFingers _48 分 前

    too many skip..

  2. author

    apa lagi日 前

    wow ITS so real 9:14

  3. author

    Ketut Suardani日 前

    good frozen 2

  4. author

    Tim2 日 前

    great content keep it up bro

  5. author

    Genesis De borges4 日 前


  6. author

    Genesis De borges4 日 前

    Hi forky

  7. author

    monnica miller5 日 前

    Elsa: ah ah ah ah/ Olaf and me: SCREEEEEEEEEE

  8. author

    crew4125 日 前

    Forky khan

  9. author

    Samudra Craft586 日 前

    8:20 that laugh tho 😂🤣

  10. author

    A. Metcalf6 日 前


  11. author

    Sacha Hernandez6 日 前


  12. author

    Adele Aslan6 日 前

    Olaf funny moments: Insert every scene with Olaf

  13. author

    TikTok Crazymattie7 日 前

    However made this half of it wasn’t even about Olaf and the person needs to do a better job at that I don’t want to see different parts of this show without Olaf even being in that part when I’m looking for Olaf

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    Annabelle Bautista8 日 前


  15. author

    Zoe the Pop star!8 日 前

    OMG! Bruni is soooooooo adorable!😍

  16. author

    Samuel Attias8 日 前

    Yeah! It's Easy!

  17. author

    Teddy Vang9 日 前

    Also iron man

  18. author

    Teddy Vang9 日 前

    Fast and furious kid addition here

  19. author

    Sarah Trieu9 日 前

    lol can’t help but assume that this whole situation could be commentary on industrialization and losing touch with nature (romantics be like)

  20. author

    Xife9 日 前

    Poor raccoon 😢

  21. author

    Maherun Islam9 日 前

    I love Elsa

  22. author

    Double A10 日 前

    You cut away the best part “Their parents are dead!” Olaf 2019

  23. author

    Weird girls Studios13 日 前

    Ok 1.not all of these scenes are even remotely funny 2.its clickbait because only like half the scenes are even Olaf

  24. author

    Roslynn P038413 日 前

    Why is Lucy father kidnapping Mr.Gru 👍

  25. author

    ·Gacha· ·Family·13 日 前

    5:26 😂😂

  26. author

    Oak_The_Fox13 日 前

    We only trust nature... Me: well...she is nature...

  27. author

    Max Ryder13 日 前

    6:08 I like how Evelyn is evil but she commanded Elastigirl to just put Jack Jack down instead of killing him.

  28. author

    Trellie s.s. Rose14 日 前

    This is very poorly edited.

  29. author

    negativeGinger15 日 前

    Me vs my friend trying to keep my alive

  30. author

    Andrea Andrea15 日 前

  31. author

    bxbbly ari • 26 years ago16 日 前

    *this is why I came to watch this in the movie theaters a few months ago*

  32. author

    Branden Rios16 日 前

    0:09 When someone calls me the n-word

  33. author

    Pinky Girl2916 日 前

    Samatha is the one who make fun of Olaf when Olaf laughing who is samatha 🤣

  34. author

    I like dogs16 日 前

    “ I don’t even know a Samantha!” 0:23 “ Samantha?”

  35. author

    David weld16 日 前

    If u think about it this movie would be over alot faster if they just gave flash a knife

  36. author

    Agnieszka Tokarz16 日 前


  37. author

    andrew benton17 日 前


  38. author

    Martin Moore17 日 前

    Anna is not much of a sole survivor though. She couldn't even handle the Earth Giants of the mighty dam all by herself.

  39. author

    Martin Moore17 日 前

    Olaf's death is similar to Maleficent, including the superheroes from Avengers: Infinity War.

  40. author

    Martin Moore17 日 前

    Anna and Elsa were crybabies after the happy reuniting and before Olaf's resurrection. Anna was more of the crybaby than Elsa. Especially after Elsa and Olaf was dead, and before Kristoff proposed to her at the end.

  41. author

    Martin Moore17 日 前

    This sequel is coming soon to Disney Plus!

  42. author

    Martin Moore17 日 前

    There was no antagonist in this sequel. What a shame.

  43. author

    Martin Moore17 日 前

    No crying or sobbing at the movies.

  44. author

    Martin Moore17 日 前

    I don't like the final battle I was expecting after I saw this last year. I was very disappointed.

  45. author

    Martin Moore18 日 前

    The prequel of the Despicable Me movie series.

  46. author

    Martin Moore18 日 前

    Anna and Elsa are full of surprised. A life and death surprises, that is.

  47. author

    Martin Moore18 日 前

    The songs was removed.

  48. author

    Martin Moore18 日 前

    You already upload several endings of Frozen 2.

  49. author

    Martin Moore18 日 前

    Can you upload the deleted scenes and the deleted songs? Please.

  50. author

    Ethan Spears18 日 前

    0:16 TRASH!!! 🍴🗑

  51. author

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  52. author

    Aine Scanlon21 日 前

    That ending gets me every time 😭😭😭😭. Forky is amazing ❤️

  53. author

    Puggo Espresso21 日 前

    Not be mean but some of these scenes weren’t even olaf

  54. author

    Big Raj22 日 前

    Mad you cut the audio from the intro song

  55. author

    No I’m Dirty dan22 日 前

    Forky is funny as fuck.

  56. author

    Harry Mullany22 日 前

    Does anyone else hate forky?

  57. author

    G D23 日 前

    8:20 Here I stand in the light of...

  58. author

    Juan Carlos Mayester24 日 前

    Son videos de munions

  59. author

    Gacha_potato_ Xxx24 日 前

    Olaf be vibing doe 😂

  60. author

    Martin Moore29 日 前

    I hope Disney will make the director's cut with more darker and much more edgier than this theatrical version. Including both the deleted songs and the destroyed Arendelle. I would love that.

  61. author

    Eli James Peterson29 日 前

    1:00 Are we just going to ignore the fact that they stole a meme and put it in there movie?? LOL

  62. author

    Yah.pr33yGirl_Shy Shy29 日 前


  63. author

    Yah.pr33yGirl_Shy Shy29 日 前


  64. author

    Aidan Helmstetterヶ月 前


  65. author

    Adara Perryヶ月 前

    I really like the new movie Frozen 2 so so so glitter kids good job

  66. author

    Moushumi Bagchiヶ月 前

    So the whole movie

  67. author

    Daniel pie grande Gaitanヶ月 前

    Guresyi guresyi baby evil

  68. author

    Esther Exploitsヶ月 前

    10:16 - 10:18 that “hello” was so cute aww

  69. author

    Jasmin Akter Bristeヶ月 前

    I love frozen all movie

  70. author

    Nay Nayヶ月 前

    When is Olaf dressed for Anna’s wedding? Is that in this video?

  71. author

    Devil Dashヶ月 前

    Did she just say she feels like she's a whore

  72. author

    David McKayヶ月 前

    Jack-Jack is undeniably cute. Just look at how he holds his lollipop like Edna holds her cigar.

  73. author

    Aidan Helmstetterヶ月 前


  74. author

    Olivia Littleヶ月 前

    Long live the queen Elsa of the enchanted forest! Whoo!

  75. author

    Dido bo Haヶ月 前


  76. author

    Ava Priceヶ月 前

    You should watch frozen 2

  77. author

    Neo Tupalヶ月 前

    Frozen 1 = *Finding Elsa* Frozen 2 = *Finding the Voice* Frozen 3 = *Finding Samantha*

  78. author

    Husna Afina Ariyantiヶ月 前


  79. author

    Martin Mooreヶ月 前

    Can you do another clips from Frozen 2 again? But with just only Olaf. Please?

  80. author

    Martin Mooreヶ月 前

    The same one like better. I wonder if you can do the moment clips from Frozen 2 with just only the protagonist character Elsa this time around. If you please?

  81. author

    Renu Choudharyヶ月 前

    Hi bro too good for childs

  82. author

    Durgesh Nawaleヶ月 前

    I love jack jack

  83. author

    Durgesh Nawaleヶ月 前

    I love jack jack

  84. author

    Durgesh Nawaleヶ月 前

    I love Jack Jack

  85. author

    IH2024 Shaurya Sヶ月 前


  86. author

    Just A Huffleclawヶ月 前

    Olaf, my son!

  87. author

    mesha schaafヶ月 前

    my favorite part was the "at least they have their parents...wrong, their parents are DEAD" part

  88. author

    ChristoZillaヶ月 前

    2:04 Self Child Yeeter

  89. author

    Shy Gachaヶ月 前

    5.26 Olaf is a wery good singer 😂

  90. author

    Mary Antonioヶ月 前

    K, I do't know which version is "better", per se, but I can definitely say that the 90's version singer in Hakuna Matata nailed the line at 10:55 WAAAAAAY better.

  91. author

    Mary Antonioヶ月 前

    wow, this is pretty much the whole movie

  92. author

    Yummy Muffins!ヶ月 前

    I think she broke her neck and bones7:35

  93. author

    mario decヶ月 前

    Their voice is... Kind of Babies or i can say its pitched

  94. author

    Deanna Hilbertヶ月 前

    1:08 anna: I'm going to be sick Anna almost pukes

  95. author

    Jesse Rodriguezヶ月 前

    6:02 “He is TERRIFYING.” -Forky

  96. author

    Huginn Hjartarsonヶ月 前

    I Won’t laugh.

  97. author

    Martin Mooreヶ月 前

    Elsa is the best MVP character. She deserve to be the main protagonist hero.

  98. author

    Martin Mooreヶ月 前

    Elsa was frozen until she was finally unfrozen after the dam is finally been destroyed. And the after that, she was saved by The Nokk off screen when she fell in the water, likely drowned sort of.

  99. author

    Martin Mooreヶ月 前

    Anna was almost got crushed by the Earth Giants until a last second showoff rescued by Kristoff. Anna almost fall went she thought she may not make it to other side of the clips when the dam is finally destroyed, that is until Kristoff saved her again with a helping hand by Matthias. Anna would have face the Earth Giants and let alone run and jump high enough to survived the destoryed dam all by herself, at least I thought she would have. Anna may be crazy and scared, but she a survivor with the power of love and courage.

  100. author

    Martin Mooreヶ月 前

    The mistakes from the past must not be repeated itself, again. We can not let the past repeat itself.