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  1. author

    Cloud So2 分 前

    Maybe Delta replaced Shu

  2. author

    Ice Gorilla9 分 前

    Do tack with go

  3. author

    j ski11et38 分 前

    Hey I’m twelve and. Live in Texas but my mom doesn’t get the point of BEYBLADE and me and my friend Cameron get bullied and all I have is dread Phoenix and spryzen requiem so I was wondering if you could give me a new bey cause spryzen doesn’t work for me

  4. author

    zevagas 36744 分 前

    Cool stadium

  5. author

    Shu AMV's44 分 前

    Parallel Unvierse beys Cosmo Valkyrie=Slash Valkyrie Flare Dragon=Ace Dragon Tact Longinus=Zwei Longinus

  6. author

    Dina K49 分 前

    Hey ginka vs rayuga

  7. author

    Joshua Sobers時間 前

    Valt aoi has left the chat

  8. author

    Noah Pederson時間 前

    Plot twist Prime Apocalypse is Phoenix

  9. author

    Patricia Pineda-Antonio時間 前

    is anyone else watching in 2019

  10. author

    Saad Gondal2 時間 前


  11. author

    Jake_D 522 時間 前

    Vid starts at 2:13

  12. author

    khenmar PlayZ2 時間 前

    This is when ur a kid?

  13. author

    Fortnite Gamer2 時間 前

    Apocalypse vs dead Phoenix 0 automik

  14. author


    How did u get captions for the episode

  15. author

    miqael rizq2 時間 前

    Anime battle prime apocalypse vs venom diabolos and union achillies

  16. author

    Mr. Oof2 時間 前

    Zankye is cool

  17. author

    Mr. Oof2 時間 前

    I would call it death tower

  18. author

    np gaming burst channel2 時間 前

    Way the bey is not have a cpim

  19. author

    Jabriil Abdi2 時間 前

    Lol fake break

  20. author

    Alexander Raymundo-Bautista2 時間 前

    When look dumb let's do some battles

  21. author

    Alex The Fox2 時間 前

    “The Double decker Anime Battle tower”...

  22. author

    Phoenix Reborn3 時間 前

    We need a atomic'. Imagine how OP that would be

  23. author

    Gamerz Super3 時間 前

    Random layer pls

  24. author

    brian teruya3 時間 前

    The regalia movement pattern is kinda like some attack type beys in the anime Well some Yea

  25. author

    Virtue Gaither3 時間 前

    I think you should do 11 forge, disk and extend s for air knight

  26. author

    Infinite Beyblades3 時間 前

    Great video Zankye

  27. author

    Infinite Beyblades3 時間 前

    I need to pick up this set

  28. author

    SyukriFired RookieGaming3 時間 前

    And know the Last bey to unbox is K.O Odin. The combo i recommend is K.O Odin.Drake.Power

  29. author

    Lanna Lewis3 時間 前

    Z aclhleas

  30. author

    Emporer blader Minhas3 時間 前


  31. author

    Jeanetta Elise3 時間 前

    You gives are the best

  32. author

    zawlin20043 時間 前

    Can you use diabolos on tact to push down all the blades like sen?

  33. author

    fire cycle3 時間 前

    Show them the QR codes

  34. author

    Tarsis Amador3 時間 前

    Finally a gt fafnir that isn't trash

  35. author

    Beyblader JJ3 時間 前

    Lol.He has it early

  36. author

    Saw Poe3 時間 前

    Finally we get to have a girl that is not a mixed up combo

  37. author

    Jak Kokiri3 時間 前

    Put the weight that you got on gold turbo slash valkyrie on tact longinus

  38. author

    ye tis hot shot4 時間 前

    Keep' the first defense dash tip

  39. author

    Orpheus4 時間 前

    Meta breaker

  40. author

    Staraptor Flock4 時間 前

    Bushin Valkyrie is S tier

  41. author

    Josue4 時間 前

    Why in a set

  42. author

    無名蠢人4 時間 前

    I need to get high mark in my assessment then I can get them

  43. author

    Meme Lord4 時間 前

    hasbro s is. gonna put normal reeboot on prime apocolipes

  44. author

    Dark Relagator4 時間 前

    Bushin valkery looks absolutely revolting with the colors

  45. author

    Buster_Rabbit4 時間 前

    You can still use Other different Drivers on Regalias right?

  46. author

    SuperDarkJJ4 時間 前

    Hello Very good the channel

  47. author

    Bey Pop Phi4 時間 前

    This is technically our first sight of a defense prime driver

  48. author

    Cubs Popply4 時間 前

    *And Lord is still the best*

  49. author

    poleq qque4 時間 前

    It is already released???

  50. author

    WILLTCS4 時間 前

    Should I get this or the lord spriggan set?

  51. author

    suhair haziq5 時間 前

    Best zankye video 👌👍

  52. author

    Sonny Vu5 時間 前

    I’m getting it tomorrow because the random booster is coming in October 19 2019 so excited for tomorrow

  53. author

    Akiya Burst5 時間 前

    How does diabolos affect Tact?

  54. author

    Chicken Salazar5 時間 前

    So cool zankye

  55. author

    omega95 時間 前

    Welp, i'm scared of these new beys

  56. author

    GoofyDarkknight47 *5 時間 前

    Zanke: I want to see carnage , I want to see a burst *Cho-Z Achilles bursts* Me: Well, you got to see the carnage

  57. author

    bailey bro tw5 時間 前

    Drum has a electric driver!!!! I can't wait for more info super fan right here

  58. author

    Perla Gonzalez5 時間 前


  59. author

    Saad Gondal5 時間 前


  60. author

    Mattheo Garcia5 時間 前


  61. author

    Crimsonorth305 時間 前

    Sees L-Drago:L-Drago vs Storm Pegasus

  62. author

    OrcaSucks5 時間 前

    I don’t really think I am gonna pick up this set. The only beys I will pick up is L drago and Pegasus.

  63. author

    Sofia Lopez5 時間 前

    Soy el único que habla español a qui

  64. author

    Xxsemigod Xx5 時間 前

    Do all those beys come in one or separate

  65. author

    Beyblade Dad6 時間 前

    👍I go for l drago most definitely!!!😱

  66. author

    Dark Kirby6 時間 前

    Think about this Unite' + Mfb remake = Ray Striker/Unicorno

  67. author

    Prestin Ross6 時間 前

    Hey sorry your right that TT is better cause I just got dread phoenix by hasbro it's just disappointing

  68. author

    Fabian Montes6 時間 前

    Where did the Lock On series run off to???

  69. author

    Aryan & Zayan6 時間 前


  70. author

    NovaburstYT-Lego beyblade and more6 時間 前

    19:46 Phoenix armor lol

  71. author

    BLITZ 10,0006 時間 前

    I ordered this booster online please reply the best beyblade in this booster for me!

  72. author

    jake gervasio6 時間 前

    hey zankye what kind of batteries do you need?

  73. author

    Jeremiah the green flames6 時間 前

    Not only it hit hard but it change every time it get hit

  74. author

    Ivan-Roy Akerenwi6 時間 前

    use judgement,spriggan with metsu blitz, octa takaratomy

  75. author

    Jeyden Orozco6 時間 前


  76. author

    Z Drago Gamer6 時間 前

    I'm getting my first Bey and it will be Air knight

  77. author

    Celestine Sindeh7 時間 前

    Can you unbox GT customized set?

  78. author

    Super'Beyblade'Adventure7 時間 前

    Like they should do Phi vs Arthur 👇

  79. author

    Gerald Ducon7 時間 前

    Copying hasbro is the best part!

  80. author

    kristen fletcher7 時間 前

    the meme

  81. author

    FirstBourneStorm997 時間 前

    Wait, will they continue the infinite lock for imperial dragon or will it be just exclusive to these 2 beys?

  82. author

    alfredo delfino7 時間 前

    Tower rush

  83. author

    SK8 TSB7 時間 前

    Man just got out of school and watching an awsome zankye video

  84. author

    Aimee7 時間 前


  85. author

    Sami Sellami7 時間 前

    What is the new evolution of diabolos Valkyrie please tell me

  86. author

    free de la hoya7 時間 前

    Zankye can you do a battle with lord spriggan and prime apocalypse I'm wondering who will win?

  87. author

    Zera [TurboLibra14 the StardustBlader]7 時間 前

    This random booster is just super epic. All these Beys look awesome and the parts you can get are just great. Thank you for another awesome video. Keep up the great content. 😊

  88. author

    Keishla M Arroyo Lopez7 時間 前


  89. author

    Ben Holsapple7 時間 前

    Lock-On! With Alter Cronos + Spriggan Req!

  90. author

    -Ant Gamez YT-7 時間 前

    Hi zankye

  91. author

    Z Connoisseur7 時間 前

    Zankye: the impossible to beat beyblades cho z awakening beys Me: How about lord spriggan

  92. author

    -Ant Gamez YT-7 時間 前

    Yess it’s out

  93. author

    Haze Reviews7 時間 前

    Tact Longinus might be my favorite GT bey

  94. author

    BLADER BROS EX7 時間 前

    Hey zankye! Is the Next unboxing going to be Knock out Odin

  95. author

    Turbo Editz7 時間 前

    Awesome unboxing, Zankye!! Are you doing another good random booster combos to use for this random booster? Edit:Keep it up,Zankye!!

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    Tapey Edits Alt Account8 時間 前

    Wassup fellow blader bois

  97. author

    Mr. Blade8 時間 前

    Hello everyone!

  98. author

    Gaming with Helaine Le8 時間 前

    Combo ark balkcash 13 bump atomic

  99. author

    Aiger Akabane8 時間 前

    We need the best longinus gt combo!!!

  100. author

    Charlie Pangatungan8 時間 前