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Have you ever heard about a spinning top called B E Y B L A D E? Well on this channel this is your go-to source for any amazing B E Y B L A D E content!
My name is José Lemos and I have a JPreporter channel that does B E Y B L A D E content! Basically, it's some spinning tops that have fictional avatars that battle to prove who's the best. I do videos on Metal Masters, Metal Fusion, Metal Fury, Shogan Steel, 4D, Zero G, Metal Fight, Metal Fight Explosion, B E Y B L A D E Burst Evolution, God, Turbo, Cho-Z/Super-Z, GT and Rise!
I go over stuff like good parts to use in each video and do battle sessions trying out those products and make custom stuff.
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    Едуард Кара15 時間 前


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    Blair TheArtist15 時間 前

    Madin heaven Signature move HEAVENS WRATH what is does it madin heaven will jump in the air and come down sideways as lightning and Instantly burst a BEYBLADE but the draw back is if madin heaven miss it might burst or ring out

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    bot man15 時間 前

    Good content

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    Khejuno Olarte15 時間 前

    I call it winter guard fafnir

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    xpro beyblade15 時間 前


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    bunnyj gamer16 時間 前

    Zankye curse

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    theresa Boatswain16 時間 前

    Akiya burst can you do it and ship it to me

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    Shanjai Senthilkumar16 時間 前

    I would like right fafiner,right longines,left valkyrie

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    theresa Boatswain16 時間 前

    Can I get a Garuda

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    SlavAsian Studios [By SaShimi Sasha]16 時間 前

    Pead Dhoenix

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    Kiyla Mixon16 時間 前

    Sparking spriggan

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    Kiyla Mixon16 時間 前

    Hey you should make a custom spriggan

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    Tylar Donohoe16 時間 前

    spriggan vs mirage for the absolute craziness

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    Free De La Hoya16 時間 前

    I think Shu is rank 2 and aiger is rank 3

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    80-HDPecky17 時間 前

    Bruh Mirage Fafnir better be good. I don’t want a redo of Wizard Fafnir.

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    Joel GN17 時間 前

    Zankye do this combo battle it with all sparking beys that you have it 's lord sprizen sting extend

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    Felix Muniz17 時間 前

    YOUR VIDS ARE..........

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    Riptide111518 時間 前

    When the gimmicks actually do their thing lol I like Curse Satan's rollers so much!

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    Andrea Torres19 時間 前

    I think ranjiro glide ragnaruk looks better

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    Epic Players19 時間 前

    2:40 feel my weight

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    rene villalon19 時間 前

    It broke

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    DIRGO does stuff19 時間 前

    The thicc combo Dread hades Disc that came with hydrax Wall frame from sprysen Driver from cosmic kraken

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    IM WEIRD20 時間 前

    Sparkling Achilles Yeahhh

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    Adenike Adegboyega20 時間 前

    Dead Phono ha ha ha ha

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    Shamar Williams20 時間 前

    Brave 2a xtend plus that is a great combo it is op you used use it Please for your number one fan

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    Janelle Roger20 時間 前

    Big action battles

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    Janelle Roger20 時間 前

    Like the dual layers

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    Janelle Roger20 時間 前

    like that white z achilles

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    bey master 7220 時間 前

    This is very crazy!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😲😲😲😲😲

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    rosa canonicato20 時間 前

    If you are going to make *THE WORLD* make it a stamina type cus it stops time

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    ShakeyBoyzs20 時間 前

    Left spin Valkyrie Just imagine😮😮

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    Francis Credit Repair Agency21 時間 前

    battle with sparking fafnir

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    Kevin Gravani21 時間 前

    If Hasbro make prime apocalypse I'll But it instantly

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    Conrad hapuu21 時間 前

    22-3 curse satan aw man

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    Dorian Lozano21 時間 前

    I prefer sprygin

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    Conrad hapuu21 時間 前

    me lord sriggan get ReCkeD curse satan god

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    Tina Igbinakenzua21 時間 前

    I'm jelis I want that

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    RexTheLegends 721 時間 前

    I know Right I can’t wait when it comes out

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    Golden-Tech21 時間 前

    Then 1 year later hey hey ho ho brave Valkyrie got go

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    Psycho Aiga21 時間 前

    I want this book This is the best book I've ever laid eyes on! I hope this stuff happens in the real anime

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    Golden-Tech21 時間 前

    1 year ago hey hey ho ho cho-z Valkriye got to go

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    Camilo JimenezCruz21 時間 前

    I’m getting mirage fafnir

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    Beyblade boy 45621 時間 前

    Then pheonix should be called xinoehp

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    Monish Gandhi22 時間 前

    I have already preordered it.

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    Julian Herrera22 時間 前

    Zankey do left spin Victory valkryea

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    Cinthya Banda22 時間 前

    I want prime Apocalipsis hasbro BEYBLADE

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    Monte Strode22 時間 前

    Can you do a 3D printed sparking Evolution for Maiden heaven

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    Diego Alejandro Espino22 時間 前

    zzankey the photo of lord spryzen is left bey not right bey

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    david black22 時間 前

    what combo is that valkrie

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    Calvin Gaspard22 時間 前

    Can you do slingshot beys vs sparking beys

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    Im a Nine year old Kid22 時間 前

    I’m the 290 Person to like

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    Beyblade boy 45623 時間 前

    I want my channel to be as good as yours zankye

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    Earth Draco23 時間 前

    RK Spriggan knock out lord Spriggan

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    Free de la hoya Free23 時間 前


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    DustLake23 時間 前

    when I got on my laptop i went straight to see this.

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    Kalime Souza23 時間 前

    Curse satan vs ragnaruks

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    Yutong Jia23 時間 前

    sorry my dude

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    Y-tastic Studios日 前


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    امير بي باتل日 前


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    Xd Striker日 前

    The battle with hades was awesome

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    Beyblades with Angelo日 前

    Great video

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    عشاق الكرتون والأنمي日 前


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    Caleb Justin Agustin日 前

    Brave Valkery vs PHI vs Aiger

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    Night Fury and Light Fury Alpha日 前

    Mirage Fafnir VS Curse Satan Rematch

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    Jonathan Kocaj日 前


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    RealRockenmon日 前

    it would be cool to see a 3d print of metal saga of beys like Galaxy Pegasus or Diablo Nemesis

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    Miladi Hernandez日 前

    Zankye can you do all fafnirs against all luinors or all fafnirs against all spriggens?

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    Zachary Montgomery日 前

    Good day Zankee

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    Cintia tello medina日 前


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    Afsa Shafi日 前

    Petition to bring back switchstrike

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    Beyblade boy 456日 前

    I want a sparking Wyvron

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    Enrique Mercado日 前

    Zankye you are so cool

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    Jaylen Easter日 前

    Can you do Knockout Odin v Brave Valkyrie v Lord Spriggan?

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    Sandra Cruz日 前

    Hi zankye I love you

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    Jefferson Jerrickson日 前

    Saw notification tapped immediately 😂😂

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    Hassan 1日 前

    5:50 my fav battle keep the good work 😎

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    Cool Zenith日 前

    I don’t know if you counted the battle where you kind of failed the hand spin but the score was CURSE SATAN 8- GEIST FAFNIR 4-

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    Shane/Sawyer McBride日 前

    Get a better stadium

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    Devin A.日 前

    thats so cool

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    sick battles man

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    Amador landa日 前

    Can you please make a video where you give curse satan 2 glaive loop

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    Mad Max 2.0日 前

    I got in 8 minutes after Zankye posted

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    Giovanny Martinez日 前

    He is so cool

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    Ramla Munas日 前

    im 490 view yay

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    Giovanny Martinez日 前

    Hi zankye

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    Giovanny Martinez日 前

    I am def going to press the vid for mirage fafinr unboxing

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    New fafnir with whell Disc and drive universe probaly Will be broken •<•