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    The Mee144k4 秒 前

    That’s jamie foxx joints I thought you was going to go all the way with it but I still have to hit the replay on it lol 😂

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    Mega Flare26 秒 前

    The end of the video had me thinking that there's a part 2 but there isn't.

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    RagingZard2 分 前

    Yo this beat go fking hard, what is this?!

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    raith kakashi hatakw2 分 前

    Here's real bars #rbe

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    Danielle Edwards-cooke4 分 前

    Well I'll guess I'll have to them stones *Reverses Puberty* MY STONES?! YALL NIGGAS TOOK MY STONES!!

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    Daeson Frazier4 分 前

    Kale is 18 and broly is 732 fbi get em

  7. author

    rv ms6 分 前

    No entendi ni un carajo

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    DOCTOR JIM11 分 前

    It’s been a year but this shit still 🔥

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    natsu dragneel14 分 前

    Piccolo life is over now that he killed Goten and trunks

  10. author

    Ramchast16 分 前

    Came back after Uncle Piccofro had let the steaks marinate in the Namekian Pepper Sauce in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

  11. author

    sebastian Ivey18 分 前

    Everyone that disliked all these videos are hatin ass niggas

  12. author

    Hypper SSR23 分 前

    I got so many flows bitches searching my dragon balls

  13. author

    Havok24 分 前

    *Get the fuck outta here!* Vegeta:Tries to tap Also Vegeta: *Fails miserably*

  14. author

    Havok27 分 前

    Lol I just like how Gohan and Deku are just there😆😂😆

  15. author

    Killua Zoldyck28 分 前

    Pt.2 maybe wit trunks or vegeta or even ultimate gohan?

  16. author

    Kelly Warren32 分 前

    That flute though

  17. author

    Kelly Warren33 分 前

    Yaa trying to jump

  18. author

    RagingZard34 分 前

    @SSJ9K You should make a playlist with all the Rap Battles. I love those videos and it would be great to hear them all with have to search for each.

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    Sulliemae Little34 分 前

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 See this da 💩I figured goku and vegetta would do!!!! He said... he really thought we was gonna let him transform 🤣🤣🤣🤣😁

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    Glideguy 4ever38 分 前

    Then I RASENGAN On your board face

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    Steel Bolo41 分 前

    😂😂😂😂😃😃😄😂😂😂 that's probably the funniest shitt ever I'm done😂😂😂😂😂.

  22. author

    Anner Bonilla41 分 前

    Goku: That flute tho Well thats a little intimidating Wait yall tryna jump?? Cuz i do not play that shiiiiit

  23. author

    Glideguy 4ever41 分 前

    Do more sasuke voice, its ficking ligit and do one with goku vs kaneki

  24. author

    Anner Bonilla42 分 前

    This go hard

  25. author

    Kim Namjoon42 分 前


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    Darklord Verodeous44 分 前

    Yes your girl gave me top She licky, licky, lolli pop Fight for justice like a cop Clean you up MOP 😅😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Eric Schmidt44 分 前


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    Ray Graghics49 分 前


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    Klaudio Andrew Hibroy50 分 前


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    tray george51 分 前

    Since when is trunks Lil pump

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    Jayla Rowel52 分 前

    2:52 is low key funny ass hell his face

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    Oshane Porter52 分 前

    Lmao once make love to a mountain dew cann lolololol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    emmanuel fortin55 分 前

    Yow I love the end touch the image and subscribe to my JPreporter channel

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    Alan Gatrell59 分 前

    ... Anyone gonna say the fact that you have to LEARN Karate and not wake up in a person who can do Karate.

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    FAZE_ALEX56時間 前

    Damn that ass is amazing bruh

  36. author

    FAZE_ALEX56時間 前

    Damn I'll clap that cheeks

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    Tomboygirl105時間 前

    Where is sakura?

  38. author

    FAZE_ALEX56時間 前

    That's me when I skeet skeet skeet

  39. author

    Jaccob Leake時間 前

    Haha lol

  40. author

    RetroGaming zzx時間 前

    2:32 best part

  41. author

    jarquez bytrd時間 前

    GOKU : Wait yall tryna jump cause i dont play that shiiiiiiit

  42. author

    Call_of _duty _ Mobile時間 前

    Goku won

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    Trik Marxus時間 前


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    Trik Marxus時間 前

    “Hinata playin you, nintendo switchhh” lol 😂 that gets me everytine

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    C_Checkz時間 前

    0:36 goku 1:16 goku 2 Naruto 2:36 black guy 3:02

  46. author

    Robert Marde時間 前

    3:22 funny

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    That one Scrub時間 前

    If Black guy sensei was my hype man, "Ill be NBA Young boi never lose again"

  48. author

    Robert Marde時間 前

    When your chased 3:15

  49. author

    Robert Marde時間 前

    Naruto won f*** you and sauke

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    Arthur Breno時間 前

    :( eu queria saber inglês pra entender

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    Mobile Feen時間 前

    Your BEST video to date!😂😂😂😂😂 Bro, I watch this shit once a day! No...really..

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    Christopher Carter時間 前

    Explain to me how that's possible when namekians don't reproduce sexually

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    Seby Animations時間 前

    "I sneezed and I I killed him" sound s like Dbz to me

  54. author

    Kingkev時間 前

    Put some respect on vageta

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    Brock Sampson時間 前

    Just to see Vegeta whispering to Goku it was great had me laughing so hard

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    Leedson Garcia時間 前


  57. author

    Christopher Carter時間 前

    Ooooooh, Vegeta I didn't think you got down like that

  58. author

    Arthur Breno時間 前

    Kkkkk n entendi ND mas gostei muitooooooo kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  59. author

    iMeta4時間 前

    Just so you could pull a gun on me?

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    Noah Al-Nussairy時間 前

    I skeeted on chi chi

  61. author

    Yes Im時間 前

    MigHty bLack guY

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    Abdelrahman Mohamed時間 前

    Damn dis nigga dummy thicc

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    Jennifer Martin2 時間 前

    Sasuke: this song its so sad... Aaaaaaaaa That had my dying😂

  64. author

    McLovin2 時間 前

    I’d listen to goku blacks debut album.

  65. author

    Greasy Spoon2 時間 前

    You should make a video when you do music

  66. author

    StaTTic2 時間 前

    *Wait y'all trynna jump?* Naruto and the others umm... no

  67. author

    Quentin Barbisch2 時間 前


  68. author

    Marcus Smiley2 時間 前

    I think Goku will win hands down

  69. author

    Assassin Gang2 時間 前

    Who else noticed his headband was on waist

  70. author

    Joe Lea2 時間 前

    Tell me that’s Justin cook doing your intro

  71. author

    Chris Hayes2 時間 前

    Can u nake me a video for my rap song

  72. author

    Your Mom2 時間 前

    Study my swag get a book out xD

  73. author

    Jonathan Joestar2 時間 前

    “Hinata playin you.. Nintendo Swiiiiitch” That was straight fiiirrrreee

  74. author

    The Unknown User2 時間 前

    My favorite, as long RIP Jesus

  75. author

    Ayanda Mavundla2 時間 前

    Yeah that "Naruto" from sasuke hit me with some nostalgia🔥

  76. author

    Keoni P2 時間 前


  77. author

    Unkind I2 時間 前

    Thé singing flow is just 🔥🔥🔥heat hit

  78. author

    Cameron Littles2 時間 前


  79. author

    Kyleuchiha19982 時間 前

    Damn no comback from trunks

  80. author

    Legend Says2 時間 前

    Trunks had me dying 💀💀💀

  81. author

    gta vid2 時間 前

    this song go hard as fuck bro no cap

  82. author

    Acegamer Rulez3 時間 前

    Ngl the beat is low-key sick🔥🔥🔥

  83. author

    FamousPosts3 時間 前

    Created by God himself

  84. author

    Ninten3 時間 前

    Krillin was funny as hell

  85. author

    Jesus Castillo3 時間 前

    Big fan BTW I love your videos there funny keep doing your job its good👍

  86. author

    J Boy3 時間 前

    2:00 I died😂

  87. author

    Shannesha Baughn3 時間 前

    Lol very funny

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    lilShun Wilson3 時間 前

    Does anyone know what that outro song was

  89. author

    Hippolyte Dahissiho3 時間 前

    "Damn, His Rap jutsu"

  90. author

    Gaming Masters3 時間 前

    1.25X speed 🔥🤘🏾

  91. author

    Son Gohan3 時間 前

    This slaps HARD

  92. author

    Lolena Brooks-Parks3 時間 前

    No no no Naruto got help from black guy no. Also rip juice wrld😭😭

  93. author

    The Unknown User3 時間 前

    Super cringeeer

  94. author

    wolf spirit3 時間 前

    Guy sensi black twin brother

  95. author

    John Price3 時間 前

    I need a mighty blk guy hoodie please

  96. author


    Might black guy

  97. author

    Acegamer Rulez3 時間 前

    The fuck u and sasuke part had me dying💀💀

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    bboy andrezzz3 時間 前

    Ese cell tiene boca de ballon de basquetbol.

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    Jekkuu3 時間 前

    I don't really watch dragon ballz but I can tell that it's fucking good like this track

  100. author

    singer cool74 時間 前