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    Kinzley Collard26 分 前

    My ears I wear headphones 😭

  2. author

    Sif Saabye26 分 前

    Does Kassie know that you're supossed to mix the foam with the milk, not just let float on top of it

  3. author

    Abby Ward26 分 前

    Awe, no matter what happens, Azzy will be there for you, Lauren will be there for you, all your friends will be there for you, and especially, all your true fans will be there for you! 💕

  4. author

    YOUNUS MIAH26 分 前

    I'm 9 I don't have twitter

  5. author

    Eric Maliwat27 分 前

    My char avoided COVID-19 while watching dragon ball Z

  6. author

    Poppy Sauntry27 分 前

    There were some men seeing what it’s like but they started to almost cry and they were shouting ask them if a period is hard !

  7. author

    Somebody Plays28 分 前

    I literally just seen a spider and my heart pounded sooo much, that it stoped. It was spotted and yellow and black

  8. author

    joviyt28 分 前

    the way she pronounced teokbokki lol

  9. author

    Tiktok Trends28 分 前

    Kassima pls notice meee pls gloom

  10. author

    lunar_witch gaming28 分 前

    that really inspires me sence I am also A CREative girl with anxiety

  11. author

    ItsAubrey29 分 前

    10:33 Lauren: BAAA! tell me why it’s 3 am and i’m wheezing 😂

  12. author

    Scarlet Margraves29 分 前


  13. author

    Kay _ Love _Marie29 分 前

    when gloom predicts corona

  14. author

    F Robertos30 分 前

    0:11 I paused and yup “for kids” *SOMEBODY WATCHING YOU* , *ITS NOT A FAIRYTALE!* , *ANGRY APPLE* , *SHOCK* the other is okay...

  15. author

    The Noob Club30 分 前

    I get rid of my craps by laying on my bed and stretch but when my mom walks in my room I pretend to sleep lol :P

  16. author

    dancing potat32 分 前

    I mean gartha autocorect

  17. author

    Cherry Ann Booc32 分 前

    Hey i love your videos and my name is mary❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🍜☕💯💯💯

  18. author

    dancing potat33 分 前

    Martha made frothy coffee and gothy brothy

  19. author

    Atlantis MN Woods33 分 前

    10,000 muscleman or 15 mom

  20. author

    Delaney Maracle34 分 前

    Same I was watching my sibiligs at 8

  21. author

    mickie or michaela34 分 前

    My lil bro: get outside and carry in groceries *Slaps me and rips my phone out of my hands* Me: *tries to hit back but fails andgraises his leg instead* my lil bro: *starts crying* Me *gives outside to carry in the groceries for my mom* My lil bro: *tells our mom I hit him and pushed him* Me: *telling he what actually happened* My mother: *takes phone away and ps4 and iPad and ps3* Mind you my mom had come in and told me to help her first but I couldn't hear her I had earbuds in and was on the other side in the house so she had sent my lil bro in to tell me to come out side and he ripped my earbuds out slapped me in the face and grabbed my phone I dont think that's how you handle a situation like that idk you tell me lol 🤣🤣

  22. author

    Kimaya Brown35 分 前

    Is it bad that when she said she was using ramen I eating ramen rn

  23. author

    Master Chief35 分 前

    J9t scp 164 kills kidnapper and saves the teacher

  24. author

    Carlene Thayer36 分 前

    Unless someone kills you and takes your eye

  25. author

    Jayden Taylor36 分 前

    Your supposed to use a straw to drink your coffee.

  26. author

    Alena 101836 分 前

    My coach says I get those cramps because I need more water???

  27. author

    Ashlynn Brooks36 分 前

    You look so cute today!😊😊😊😊

  28. author

    Sif Saabye37 分 前

    I love how Twinky just changes name in every Kartha Gewart video

  29. author


    should i get plastic surgery

  30. author

    Atley Pedersen38 分 前

    Me at the beginning of the year this is my year ceronuvierus supries mother Fers

  31. author

    Candace foxx38 分 前

    Bruhh kassie don't get it she keeps missing the bottom key I'm like there are 3 keys left kassie be like no 2 keys left I'm like bruhhhh look DOWN!!!!

  32. author

    your nan39 分 前

    I'm gonna scream the loudest scream I've ever screm Was that a vrchat kid reference and if so are you gonna make another vrchat vid

  33. author

    Afeefa Ahmed40 分 前

    I love Kartha. ❤️❤️

  34. author

    Candace foxx40 分 前

    Bruhh kassie don't get it she keeps missing the bottom key

  35. author

    The most beautiful girl in the world40 分 前

    People: I like how she does 2 personas herself and kartha Me: they are two different people they are not one person!

  36. author

    wild wonderer41 分 前

    My TikTok account was banned and taken over *aswolf06* is no more

  37. author

    Lili Alfailakawi43 分 前

    It is so long

  38. author

    Mermaid Pals43 分 前

    Thank you for recording this! I love Benjamin-

  39. author

    Hazel Abarquez43 分 前

    I love this game but I stopped playing this

  40. author

    Rasha Amer44 分 前

    No one: Azzy: liliterally impossible

  41. author

    •Moonpai Chan•44 分 前

    Im pretty sure your supposed to mix the froth in because you get a equal amount of everything and in my opinion it tastes better.

  42. author

    LNC GameAM344 分 前

    I clouds the see the yolk cuz I have 144 p

  43. author

    Kylee Caldwell45 分 前

    When you said scream the loudest scream I've ever screm , I remembered the kid who said that and that he'll own Walmart

  44. author

    Hazel Abarquez45 分 前

    What a cute little puppy 🐶 you guys have

  45. author

    Tropicana058145 分 前

    azzys outfit is so cute

  46. author

    Izzy Guffey46 分 前

    Kasey says I like chocolate mints me well you will love Olive Garden

  47. author

    P̸s̸y̸c̸h̸o̸_N̸i̸g̸h̸t̸L̸i̸g̸h̸t̸ Wøłfë47 分 前


  48. author

    LNC GameAM347 分 前

    Drink and diabetics

  49. author

    Makensie Hewlett47 分 前

    The first one hurt my eyes so MUCH!!!

  50. author

    Hollyn Lewis47 分 前

    The staple one works I tried it

  51. author

    Aysha Abdalla48 分 前

    I thot that a spider went into her box but remember theres a mini hulk indide you :)

  52. author

    I dOnt nEeD a nAme dO i?48 分 前

    Kartha supporting hyunA i cant,,,, too cute 👉🏻👈🏻🥺

  53. author

    Bts LoveYourself48 分 前

    Awww I'm so happy for you 🥺

  54. author

    Miria Hunia48 分 前

    I can lick my nose with out cheating lol 😜

  55. author

    gaming with Quinn48 分 前

    I am allergic to food coloring, so if chocolate is not a thing, than I can't eat candy anymore.

  56. author

    blueberry sans48 分 前

    Wow you must like your job you film you eating really delicious foods and drinks and you go viral and make alot of money 😂😂😂😂 i wish i could have that kinda job😢😢😢😢

  57. author

    isabella esterbirt49 分 前


  58. author

    Ashley Cristal49 分 前

    I can't belive that Azzy is braver then Kazzy like how did she hold that fricking spider 😱😱😱😨😨

  59. author

    Kate Fox49 分 前

    "If it were a painting i would like to hang it! If it were a cake I would be able to eat it! If it were a dog i would want to roast -Kartha Gewart 2020

  60. author

    E M49 分 前

    I didn't look away ever

  61. author

    Atley Pedersen49 分 前

    I am not a idiot or stooped😢

  62. author

    Rhianna Dela Cruz49 分 前

    In the Philippines it is called"Dalgona coffee" just so you know im a big fan of yours❤

  63. author

    Loser 828249 分 前


  64. author

    Hellu Pellu49 分 前

    Lol the candy locks I actually have one and they were only 5 euro's

  65. author

    Elaine Livingston50 分 前


  66. author

    Valeria Lopez50 分 前

    your clothes are soooo pretty😮😮😮😮😊😊😊

  67. author

    Asterisk Star50 分 前

    Ok :|

  68. author

    JOHN E SINGER51 分 前

    Gloom She can't even do that in The real Game Me snap mode is out so she can

  69. author

    Archie Sutherland51 分 前

    At 4:55 it looked like she was going to chop up the egg 🥚

  70. author

    Destiny Teague51 分 前

    Tom Crook I'm obsessed with Aminal Crossing dood, my dad got me a Nintendo switch lite just so I could play with my mom and my sister

  71. author

    Kaliyah Bynum51 分 前

    Lol it looks like peanut butter

  72. author

    Gacha Alex51 分 前

    You mix the coffee in with the the milk withal a straw and then drink it!!

  73. author

    Raymond Lee51 分 前

    You should mix the coffee. It taste like cappuccino.

  74. author

    Bethani Ottercrans51 分 前

    I'm a tween and haven;t had my period but I'm so scared for my period girls have to go through tough things and guys don't it not fair

  75. author

    Snuggles YT53 分 前

    i haven't finished the video yet so i didn't write thing but cast:No but i have felt my bed been shaken me: i have a loft bed where people can hide under and i have had the same thing done to meh;-; also not trying to freak you out people but people hide in house addicts and it happens more then you think ;~; and ever since i started closing my door it has never happens...

  76. author

    Abbie Morley53 分 前

    You look young but your hands are big 🤣🤣🤣

  77. author

    Eliza Rose54 分 前

    am i the only person who hates froth in drinks

  78. author

    Alivia Fine54 分 前

    Your supose to mix the coffee thing into the milk

  79. author

    Liddle Puppies54 分 前

    Kartha: puts whole spice packet in Me aka a wimp: puts a quarter of the spice packet in

  80. author

    Chloe54 分 前

    People watching this in 2020 we be like CoRoNaVIrUs

  81. author

    A random potato55 分 前

    That’s guy is kinda nice lol

  82. author

    Taylor Shouse57 分 前

    We love Hyuna✊🏻

  83. author

    Sajeel Muhymin Vehra58 分 前

    ok, so i'm not sure how many people know this, but we, (Pakistanis & Indians) have been making coffee this way for centuries

  84. author

    Sunny Thegachatuber58 分 前

    With the running cramps it’s lack of oxygen. Maybe try taking a breather. Slow down your breathing and make your breaths longer. It should help.

  85. author

    •Moonpai Chan•58 分 前

    Oh man i had some froffy coffe last week and it was noice👌

  86. author

    •●Mistee Magic●•58 分 前

    Gloom should really make another channel named ‘Kartha Gewart”

  87. author

    Pedro Ovalle58 分 前

    I droned before

  88. author

    Rachel Playz Games58 分 前

    My sis does the cheese thing, never tried it but hopefully I will get to try it:)

  89. author

    Chloe Baker58 分 前

    im laying in bed rn... aaannndddd nosebleed 😰

  90. author

    Art in a Teacup59 分 前

    1:43 im glad that kid still stuck with her

  91. author

    Dog Warrior時間 前

    I eat soup for breakfast with lemon

  92. author

    Sarah Kastens時間 前

    To deal with running cramps just breathe in 5 seconds and out the same amount of time

  93. author

    Yaoska時間 前

    3:08 😳😳😳

  94. author

    Shannon Hund時間 前

    plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bitlife with azzy plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz ppppppppppppppppppzllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  95. author

    Quinn’s Skits and stuff!時間 前

    I watched this video over 50 times because it’s so funny I’m not kidding I love y’all 😀😍

  96. author

    #cookies foh'evah!時間 前

    are you left handed?

  97. author

    Zoe Head時間 前


  98. author

    Sarrah Aldebs時間 前

    Why am i skinny yet eating everything i see I-

  99. author

    Rianne woon jia Chong時間 前

    Is so funny

  100. author

    Mimika Kantiani時間 前

    Just realized he is the “rich rich man” from the living as my sim when she got “married” to Judy bigbootie