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  1. author

    Jonathan Poole22 時間 前

    A tiger? In Africa?

  2. author

    Jonathan Poole22 時間 前

    You have 30 seconds to summarize Proust!

  3. author

    Billy Hoyle22 時間 前

    I love Tarantino films but this one sucked. It wasn't really funny and it didn't have any great scenes with awesome dialog. This might be the worst movie he's made.

  4. author

    Kenneth Lamb23 時間 前

    Wisecrack: We recommend that you play through the 120 hrs of campaign before watching this video Me: *laughs in 400 hours*

  5. author

    Rickey Bernard23 時間 前

    Wisecrack : The system can't be changed because it accounts for resistance. Joker: Wait till you get a load of me.

  6. author

    Loki Beckons23 時間 前

    wow, I can't believe that miyazaki did dark souls and the studio ghibli movies, I love this guy so much!

  7. author

    Rickey Bernard23 時間 前

    Everybody loves trench coat Jesus.

  8. author

    Shawn Ratashak23 時間 前

    This, unfortunately, is a too accurate description of the movie, It is however exceedingly wrong about the book.

  9. author

    Tyler McGee23 時間 前

    I never understood why Luke killing Vader will turn him to the dark side. The whole point is to defeat the sith. Would mace windu have turn evil if he killed Palpatine? Why didn’t obi wan turn when he cut maul

  10. author

    Clauliz23 時間 前

    I would love to see a breakdown of Made in Abyss or Infinity Train

  11. author

    Benjamin Woodham日 前

    "Wisecrack - The College Humor clone"

  12. author

    someone on youtube日 前

    If America is a democracy, then giving up one's privacy is a choice Americans have made. Sadly this choice was made on behalf of everyone in the world.

  13. author

    Picking With Dick日 前


  14. author

    Fangs And Talons日 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-_zHwMOx1k7c.html Behind the scene mishap from S04E05

  15. author

    roticanai000日 前


  16. author

    Young Competitive日 前

    I'm really sorry that you shot yourself in the foot. I know its always my fault for everything.

  17. author

    Just A random gamer日 前

    Actually it depends of what joker. To be joker is not a voice, it’s a smile

  18. author

    Nicolas Gil日 前

    It’s dumb

  19. author

    Julia Genovese日 前

    THANK YOU I procrastinated for 3 weeks

  20. author

    April Ora Mora日 前


  21. author

    Mushroom Mods Official日 前

    For a bunch of film nerds sitting in a room, this is poorly shot and cut. why did you keep the "now we can't cut it" line? Also- on the close ups where you covered the lines with- blackness? why? You could've left the strings in and it honestly would've looked better. Literally the podcast set up where its just people in their rooms is better.

  22. author

    SwampYankee85日 前

    It's a movie dork.

  23. author

    Aidan Mcdonald日 前

    It's a little bit of both that's why its funny

  24. author

    Aerys Gaming日 前

    Umm. It’s 90 years, not 96. 90 is 10*9, and 9 was a lucky number amongst Vikings.

  25. author

    Carlos Castillo Fernandez日 前

    With listening to the word feminism and sexism we already know with what intention the review comes, that movie is great that's all.

  26. author

    Funky Ethan Cat 🤡日 前

    Dumb :)

  27. author

    Lenemus日 前

    "Pet fever dream" lmao

  28. author

    Catherine Downs日 前

    so the female hustler got 15 years and the guy that stole millions from sick people got less?? what is the world

  29. author

    Help your cat to drive.日 前

    You guys need to break down people’s individual lives.

  30. author

    CEO of Africa日 前

    I would like infinite but the story try’s to be smart and complex but ends up being confusing instead but the gameplay of infinite is epic ngl

  31. author

    Eric Carabetta日 前

    OUATIH was unwatchably boring. IDK what movie those critics were watching.

  32. author

    Lenemus日 前

    I never understood why Mcmurphy was in a psychiatric hospital to begin with. To me he seemed like the most compassionate and least disturbed person in the movie/book. So I googled his diagnosis... Surprise surprise. The guy is a Sociopath. One flew over the my head completely.

  33. author

    Johnny Crustacean日 前

    Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" is the plot of "Apocalypse Now", no? I can't believe I've never been exposed to the two storys' strikingly similar parallels.

  34. author

    Sl33tpaw日 前

    Ok but what did they do with Mark's vape? 🤔

  35. author

    Rash Rixie日 前

    That dub sucks

  36. author

    Chili Bean日 前

    Get this stupid pitch over with or i'm clicking out now.

  37. author

    Jason Wood日 前

    Heineken?! Fuck that shit! lol. I gotta watch that ,movie again.

  38. author

    Booty Eater日 前

    So what is the right way to sell the pen?

  39. author

    erdal polat日 前

    Bill was the Baal Alice was isthar thats way in the end they have taken their child.Kubbick wanted tell us middle east cult. About goods of Babilion!Isthar,Baal,Sin etc.baal in middle east language means husband:)in the middle east cult they were sacrificing children.Kubbick wanted say us those people are belaving ancient religion of summerian,Akadian,assyrian and Babylon religions and gods.

  40. author

    Cemetery of Choice日 前

    My favorite Jurassic Park spoof: jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-LHGvdI1jizI.html

  41. author

    Raptors2019日 前

    Body improvement club is so wholesome

  42. author

    Cemetery of Choice日 前

    I agree that we didn't need the dinosaur sneeze. We needed for the kids to have a profoundly, unspoiled good encounter to see that these are animals, not monsters.

  43. author

    Cemetery of Choice日 前

    Hammond brings his grandchildren because he has 100% faith in his park. Bringing the visitors in was supposed to be his moment of utmost triumph, when he proves that he has indeed given this amazing gift to the world -- and he wants the kids to be part of the unveiling. Hammond is a true believer.

  44. author

    ntnrocket1日 前

    I've seen your take here twice, this is really good.

  45. author

    Matthew Shi日 前

    No calling joy a villain in the hall, said principle of the thing.

  46. author

    Jacob Lackey日 前

    Answer: Deep as fuck

  47. author

    Books Unplugged日 前

    I love that Tim almost dies multiple times in the movie, that's got to stick with you through life.

  48. author

    Jesus Amaya日 前

    Initially, when I saw the pause sign at @10:08, I thought it was a comedic video pause because there is nothing bad about this film. Like bad? No.

  49. author

    Mario日 前

    "UUUHHH, KEVIN G" lmao

  50. author

    Sean Cain日 前

    The Bad: Complete waste of Muldoon. And not killing Hammond. Both from the book.

  51. author

    KAY DENÉ日 前

    So well done, you two. Thank you for this commentary!

  52. author

    J Dial日 前

    Does anyone know anything about bird law?

  53. author

    foldif007日 前

    I'm from Hungary and once I was trying to find a job at a sort of pyramid scheme insurance company. A beautiful tall blond woman told me one of her friends works in Norway at orgies for anonymous rich man. Her husband only knew she goes for photo shoots while in fact she was fucked by the wealthiest Norwegian man. This is a true story. I assure you.

  54. author

    Aman Smith-martin日 前

    I just finished the finale. Incredible show. Definitely my second favorite anime.

  55. author

    OliverItPod日 前

    Nope Shame on you

  56. author

    Dee Wye日 前

    Scar is commie scum, and the father's ghost is Jordan Peterson telling the Western male to reclaim his rightful place

  57. author

    james selders日 前

    Favorite part is Muldoon taking on the raptors single handed. Even when he knows he's screwed, he gives praise to his opponent, "clever girl" = "Check mate". I mean how much of a bad ass can one man be? He was the best character, had the best hat and shouldn't have been killed off. I know why they did it but still. I'm sure if he survived, Ellie would have been married to him in JP3, not Mark.

  58. author

    chokkan7日 前

    When faced with the whackass unknown, I lights up a blunt. Word...

  59. author

    Hyper Hummel日 前

    2:20 "To be honest, before i discovered raycon, i was kind of a wireless headphones skeptic" that seems a bit constrained to me. Dont like the part about honesty in this context, let me be the nag here....

  60. author

    surfinmuso日 前

    God this show is crap. I have never been able to stand more than 2 mins of its banal "humor". They think it is "intelligent" humor, but a 5 yr old can see the jokes comin from a mile off(predictable, boring, unfunny.) SO why the fuck does it keep showing up in my YT feed? FUCK OFF!!

  61. author

    steve clapper日 前

    The Meaning of Life is my favorite was it upon it's release and laughed my ass off.

  62. author

    Vladimir Crumbo日 前


  63. author

    Beauregarde St. Beauregarde日 前

    The correct answer for revived extinct species is "neanderthal".

  64. author

    Gabriel Jordan日 前

    Seeing this movie in the theaters almost 30 years ago was a once in a lifetime experience I'll never forgot.

  65. author

    maximus dongus日 前

    50 50 it is or it isn't

  66. author

    Lenemus日 前

    The Engineers hate humans so much. That one failed experiment they don't want to talk about. Just destroy. I don't blame them.

  67. author

    Marvelous Meh日 前

    Humans can be evil as you can see in history but humans can also be good. If you kill every human you don't just kill the evil of the world but also the good in it.

  68. author

    spim randsley日 前

    Oh yeah, nothing like a little Caddy Shack outro music ...I can almost see the fairway getting blasted to smithereens

  69. author

    Lenemus日 前

    I hated the last part of the movie. Not killing those horrible neighbors... infuriating.

  70. author

    Nazael Rahl日 前

    Wisecrack: So who do you think is right? L or Kir... Me, an intelectual: KAMI!

  71. author

    Richard S.日 前


  72. author

    citizenofNecropoliS日 前

    Goddamn I feel like I've just watched a self-assessment merged with an analysis of two of my favorite TV shows. You've earned yourself another subscription Wisecrack.

  73. author

    Lenemus日 前

    "Valuable hand claps".

  74. author

    Jim Schwartz日 前

    Where did you get the Garyx Wormuloid t-shirt?

  75. author

    kevinthe hamster日 前

    Millennials displayed their contempt for their neighbors and selfish self-importance when they went on spring break despite pleas from nearly everyone to eschew crowds and stay home. Here they had a chance to put into practice,in the simplest possible way, some of the caring compassion they keep claiming to celebrate. Instead it was whining about trips not being refunded and not caring about contracting and spreading a serious illness. As soon as the activism involved more than TikTok or Twitter or their FB feed it was too much work. Ok Boomer is bandied about as a reply to criticism. That criticism is way more well founded than you’d like it seems-and maybe Ok Boomer is the same sort of shallow stupid repudiation that might once have sounded like Ok Hippy or Ok Commie. Boomers didn’t cause corona, didn’t spread it, and didn’t ignore it. It was the Millennials. You can’t use the oldster boogie man with any more authority than when they were doing it to their parents. Ok Covid?

  76. author

    Italo Giardina日 前

    There's the element of yogacara Buddhist philosophy, as an east of existentialism perspective, where all concepts of an external reality is a form of representation, hence the possibility that any person could be a representation (clone) of a more authentic version of thought qua person.

  77. author

    NullSleep日 前

    Can anyone be more wrong about something? The point of the game completely flew over their heads. What a waste of 13 minutes.

  78. author

    Lisa Marie Salinas日 前

    I love this interview. Very entertaining. :)

  79. author

    4tydev日 前

    Truly I love Bojack Horseman more than rick and morty... mostly because of the realism it has. And truly this video helped me understand a bit more on why I love the netflix cartoon more than Rick and Morty. Thank you! 😁

  80. author


    What would shinto make of the covid 19 crisis?

  81. author

    Barbara Joan Johnson日 前

    This one really doesn’t do it justice, lacking Ophelia.

  82. author

    VanillaIke日 前

    With the whole thing about Death in Bojack I both agree and disagree. Now I don't know what the writers and the creator had in mind when they said their is no other side. But how I see it is, this all in Bojack's mind. Bojack never been shown to be religious at all. So for him there isn't an other side, so how he can redeem himself is by living his life not by being a memory.

  83. author

    Jon Cosmo日 前

    Shit got weird quick

  84. author

    Pipin The Cavaspitz日 前

    Love isn’t always romantic because Chihiro and Haku could have a friendly love. Oh and Haku’s 12 and Chihiro is 10 so only a 3 year difference so if they did a romantic love for each other it would be ok. Btw I LOVE the film Spirited away idk why but ITS SO AMAZING And I now understand why Ariana Grande loves the film so much that she got a tattoo of Chihiro on her arm ( I might do the same thing because I LOVE the film) But yeah

  85. author

    Clot-in-Eye Joe日 前

    a good movie...but I didnt really enjoy it. not my cup of tea but I appreciate the skill involved to make it.

  86. author

    Cheshirekat日 前

    ...at every opportunity lets tie it to the pandemic.

  87. author

    Emmanuel Romanus日 前

    you could have ended the video 3 minutes in

  88. author

    Bryson B日 前

    Eagle testical

  89. author

    J M日 前

    You guys should do philosophy of Food Wars. I'm convinced it's a weird anime take on Ayn Rand's Objectivism. It's also a hilarious show.

  90. author

    Levin Buijs日 前

    I love this show and I don't care what they say I have watched this for a long time and have great memories about this show

  91. author

    Companion92日 前

    That deep face stuff is so creepy

  92. author

    blightmoon日 前

    Diversity in the algorithms might work. I don't know how to get there though.

  93. author

    ALLR KaNine日 前

    so woke bro

  94. author

    Matthew Shi日 前

    joy is the best character in inside out because with out her you would not be happy

  95. author

    DoomRulz日 前

    The CG doesn't hold up anymore. As much as I love and cherish JP, I have to admit that it just doesn't. I saw the film in 35mm recently and it was even more apparent. Most of the dinosaurs look like they were cut and pasted into various scenes, especially in daylight sequences.

  96. author

    Tasha Vladimiroff日 前

    It wast for me. I didn’t like his last film either so ...skip..

  97. author

    Code Optimization Ware日 前

    _The Internet Was a Mistake_ Says whom? Mark Zuckerberg!? Pfft! www.dropbox.com/s/j9jisphmkqar4yt/Duke%20Nukem%20On%20%27Social%20Media%27.jpg?dl=0 If "people" think the Internet is a "mistake", then why don't they leave? Why don't they get off of computers (ewww, computers are nerdy, EWWWWW!) and out of fucking cyberspace where they don't belong anyway, hm?

  98. author

    J Redfield日 前

    I like the extra level of detail from the book which reveals that there are in fact no dinosaurs in Jurassic Park at all. Hammond's company InGen had developed the technology to viably splice DNA, but a worldwide ban on 'engineered lifeforms' had made it impossible for them to implement the discovery, or recover the investment which had paid for its development. In response Hammond concocted a lie about mosquitoes trapped in amber allowing them to recover dormant DNA which would allow the company to recreate extinct species, which by definition would not be engineered, but would allow the gene splicing tech to become profitable. In truth, Dr. Wu was creating all the creatures from scratch, combining DNA to build creatures which looked like what people expected dinosaurs to be. All the beasts on the island were fully engineered, and the blood from the amber was a total red herring which rival biotech companies were beginning to realise, leading to Nedry's betrayal as he tried to smuggle samples of the engineered creatures off the island.

  99. author

    Justin Lauzon日 前

    Ellie Sattler outfit! :D

  100. author

    Faruq Spahic日 前

    What club? I dont know what you're talking about