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  1. author

    Ariel Martin18 分 前

    2:32 he killed it all the way to 3:03 even though through the whole video they was killing it

  2. author


    ❤️❤️❤️ How does this only have 300k views????????

  3. author

    Lani Me2035 分 前


  4. author

    Selynne Yang54 分 前

    armon and trey killed it

  5. author

    Meshon TV時間 前

    Armon knew shorty wasn’t shit😂😂😂

  6. author

    thelifeofcedd時間 前


  7. author

    Kemar -_-時間 前

    19:41 every one here for on TikTok

  8. author

    funnyjhitt2 時間 前


  9. author

    Marcelo Lopez2 時間 前

    What’s there TikTok

  10. author

    Roodah2 時間 前

    19:41 I like how when they finished singing they didn't make a big deal about it but they sound wowww

  11. author

    Sherry Williams2 時間 前

    Y'all come on this is such a good prank 😂😂😂

  12. author

    Farihah Kemp2 時間 前


  13. author

    Abdi Rahman2342 時間 前


  14. author

    CoolBroTYLER2 時間 前

    You suck

  15. author

    Zari Rozae' TV3 時間 前

    Okay so nobody gone acknowledge their song in the beginning 👀 when y’all gone release it ‼️😂🔥💯 I’m ready for it ❤️

  16. author

    kit kat gaming 9023 時間 前


  17. author

    Aries Hayden3 時間 前

    Trey have the best taste 👅👅

  18. author

    Laylia Marie4 時間 前

    2020 anybody 👉🏽

  19. author

    AyeeshaBlogg4 時間 前

    Dang Armon and that girl had no chemistry 🧪.. 👀

  20. author

    Fiona Gabrielle4 時間 前

    8:41 tae was like ah HELL NAW IMMA HEAD OUT Now this is some real 11:48

  21. author

    Aaliyah H5 時間 前

    These questions messy asf.. And his new "gf" need to really pipe tf down cuz she was doin to much

  22. author

    Judah Edwards5 時間 前

    Okay what happened with jazz,cuz I just came back after a year so....

  23. author

    keith C.5 時間 前

    Let me do ya security bro frfr 💯

  24. author

    Leah Bent5 時間 前

    God allowed you to be together

  25. author

    Stephanie Twum5 時間 前

    I like it I love you armon and tray 💵💵💵💵😍😍👌👌😘😘😍😍😇😇😻😻🌹🌹📷📷💝💝📸📸💰💰💵💵💸💸

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    Charlene Strother5 時間 前

    yall killed right back

  27. author

    Charlene Strother5 時間 前

    well us niggas on locked down cause of fucking china

  28. author

    Charlene Strother5 時間 前

    trey is cute

  29. author

    Niya Bandz6 時間 前

    Imagine if Armon really didn’t go ..

  30. author

    Emmanuel Castillo6 時間 前


  31. author

    Reem alkarem Reem6 時間 前

    Like youuuuuuu I am a 10 year singer

  32. author

    Dayviona Harris7 時間 前

    Armon: I got a question for you.....Jeff Jeff(Trey): hm Armon: *gets really mad* I'm not about to play this game with you bro

  33. author

    Jordan Williams7 時間 前

    guy was on his Chris Brown shit 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  34. author

    Akeehal Johnson7 時間 前

    When armon was twerking I was dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. author

    Lu Alatasi7 時間 前

    Awwe Essy & Senia mtg for the first time😍😍 not gonna lie I’m just now watching Senia, cos I was questioning her too lol. But boo is funny af, love her channel. & people fr! Her & trey the same person☺️💜

  36. author

    TEL BARBA7 時間 前

    That ash is on another level lolol

  37. author

    Janay Reeves8 時間 前

    “Arakabadou dog lookin ass” 🤣

  38. author

    Emin Cokrlija8 時間 前

    I just love your cover of knock knock so much

  39. author

    Stephanie Chambers9 時間 前

    Jazz sometimes does to much

  40. author

    A D Ø N I S9 時間 前


  41. author

    ya yeet23s scott9 時間 前

    Jazz said you want your life

  42. author

    Catrice Russell9 時間 前


  43. author

    random sport lover9 時間 前

    Why trey be so mean to Armon😭

  44. author

    jordyn xo9 時間 前

    Who still here in 2020?!😭

  45. author

    Ayanna Clark9 時間 前

    When they jumped I was dEaD epically Ar'mon

  46. author

    Ayanna Clark9 時間 前

    When they jumped I was dEaD epically Ar'mon

  47. author

    Ta'leeya Weilacker10 時間 前

    2020 anyone no just me.... ok

  48. author

    JayShanice Henderson10 時間 前

    Jazz watch hittin ..

  49. author

    Juss Abby11 時間 前

    7:34 Looool 😂😂

  50. author

    Renéy Rogers11 時間 前

    i like armons voice better lmao

  51. author

    Shameica Johnson11 時間 前

    Here in 2020

  52. author

    Shameica Johnson11 時間 前

    Here listening in 2020

  53. author

    Nikie Phillip12 時間 前

    Yall catch that she was in her underwear

  54. author

    Jamaryona Coler12 時間 前

    Trey is bae foreal

  55. author

    Kim Musho x12 時間 前

    Who’s watching before legacy is born

  56. author

    Alajaha Irvine12 時間 前

    I love when Armon says “I like it “

  57. author

    Kirkby13 時間 前

    So many people want you to release a full version of the Knock Knock cover... Will you please release it for us all? We're all hearing it on TikTok and we're in love with it...

  58. author

    Melly Tuazon13 時間 前


  59. author

    A D Ø N I S13 時間 前

    I hate when she have the camera she be spamming vlog dawg😒

  60. author

    Ja'niyah Tanner13 時間 前

    2020 anyone again

  61. author

    Just Jade13 時間 前

    6:00 gOt HiMmmM

  62. author

    Kyan Washington13 時間 前

    me i miss 2018

  63. author

    Bia Bia13 時間 前

    She knew he had money and was poppin that’s why she got right back with him ! I mean I’m sure it’s somewhat genuine but let’s be real , she would of never took him back if he was a regular dude

  64. author

    Lil R13 時間 前

    Get them pits

  65. author

    Flawlessmari___13 時間 前

    Is cute how he ended up with essy

  66. author

    Anecia Virtue14 時間 前

    Taylor girls will beat the fuck out of them they better calm down😂

  67. author

    Cash Only17 時間 前

    they almost got beat up playin.. and oh boy still watching his back go hard when you got outside ..lmaoooooo yall wack ..

  68. author

    Cash Only17 時間 前

    Fail.. dont play with a real nigga... a real father.. he earn that name.. yall playing ...

  69. author

    Geo C17 時間 前

    she just has a loaf of bread lmao

  70. author

    Keshaun Jackson19 時間 前

    Nique was bout to beat dat ass😂

  71. author

    Keshaun Jackson19 時間 前

    Nique was bout to beat dat ass😂

  72. author

    Abigailjw2420 時間 前

    Little did they know it was Amari

  73. author

    Abigailjw2420 時間 前

    Y’all saw ti and trey talking about s*x in the beginning

  74. author

    Z&S Squad20 時間 前

    “Boom boom boom,ArGrHaGHt

  75. author

    Lilli Johanna20 時間 前

    Brrooo the part at 19:50 😍 My heart omaggaddd

  76. author

    kieyana ellis20 時間 前

    Nah he was really on her this ain’t a prank

  77. author

    Alice Bicknell21 時間 前

    Request from London!! Can you do a full length cover of Mac Miller - Knock Knock pleaseeee? The loop isn’t enough

  78. author

    BÃBY K21 時間 前

    ewww essy look better than her .🙄

  79. author

    funnyjhitt21 時間 前


  80. author

    MM&T Squad21 時間 前

    Armons fav line was said like every other prank OHH HELL NAW 🤣🤣

  81. author

    Abigailjw2422 時間 前

    April 2020

  82. author

    Xx JaeDai xX22 時間 前

    Wat did u put on ur mouth

  83. author


    I just don’t understand why him and Ti can’t be together no shade to senia but GO Ti and Trey is GOALS FRL 😍❤️

  84. author

    XtrA Quagmire22 時間 前

    HE sound like Franklin from gta

  85. author

    chrisjunior coleman23 時間 前

    This should be getting more love 🙏🙌🏽

  86. author

    Natasha Blount23 時間 前

    I like that prank start doing more on jazz and tae

  87. author

    Ja'Kaylyn Guy23 時間 前

    trey at 0:27-0:29 had me WEAK ASF!!!!!!!

  88. author

    Love kelis holland23 時間 前


  89. author

    Unicornlover 08日 前

    Who is here in 2020 coronavirus taking over

  90. author

    Nia's World日 前


  91. author

    Noorjahan Haque日 前

    19:41 this is a time stamp for myslef

  92. author

    Jada Wade日 前

    That’s where y’all got Corona can’t catch me now

  93. author

    I'Zariah Lewis日 前


  94. author

    #24 Goated日 前

    Armon:So you just let him turn you around like that

  95. author

    #24 Goated日 前

    Who still watch in 2020 👇🏽

  96. author

    LyricsByLai日 前

    That was rigged

  97. author

    Kiana Allen日 前

    "Cuz u aint gotta use yo fingers u can use mine"🤣🤣🤣💀😩

  98. author

    DURAG REK日 前

    Armon and Trey some bitches

  99. author

    Martavion White日 前

    This was a good ass prank..Lmfao

  100. author

    Gucci Nizia日 前

    Bro what's that song called