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  1. author

    Bia Stylik Stylinson44 分 前

    Música Perfeita❤💚💙

  2. author

    พนร ย้า50 分 前


  3. author

    Oyun Oyun50 分 前

    İstanbul'un bazı yerleri temiz bazı yerleri belalıdır büyük şehir kaybolursunuz

  4. author

    Canal Duck-Duck時間 前

    Olhas os brs agindo kkkkkkkk muito boa essa música

  5. author

    Dianna Harrell時間 前

    October 2019 baby Me:what My mom:dont do it My brain:she said dont so i think u should My brain after watching this over and over and over and over and so on again:PPAP PPAP PPAP PPAP PPAP PPAP PPAP PEN PINAPLE APPLE PEN WHO else is 2019 Octomber 👍 👇

  6. author

    Jeevan Panta Official時間 前

    Who's watching this now? Me from Nepal. 👇

  7. author

    Chris Juarez時間 前

    I was in 8th grade when this song came out. Not many people in my town knew about it, so when I first played it my friends were like wwoooooooaahhh. This song will never get old, timeless sound.

  8. author

    Tarik Filiz時間 前

    Hello Turkey from Kurdistan

  9. author

    sahil rajpoot時間 前

    And why..... Why they are nude

  10. author

    Chase and Lyndsee Anderson時間 前

    This song makes me feel like a new person

  11. author

    alien from another universe時間 前


  12. author

    Ronaldo Gega時間 前


  13. author

    Yeg Mtb時間 前

    2019 im here like a Ghost

  14. author

    Yeg Mtb時間 前

    10years ago this was my jam whos come back in 2019 October

  15. author

    Monsieur Chapeau時間 前

    Cumplió 10 años esta canción OOO:

  16. author

    Marlon H. P.P.時間 前


  17. author

    Nic Wolf時間 前

    Eu sou gamer se insrve no meu canal se chama nic wolf vai la

  18. author

    DJ xby時間 前

    siganme dj xby (:

  19. author

    Mindi Unicorns !!!時間 前

    My 7 year old cousin goes naked and dose the hole dance ;-;

  20. author

    Javier moraled時間 前

    Hola que hases

  21. author

    Asian Avenue2 時間 前

    This guy born in 0000

  22. author

    akcent faisal2 時間 前

    this song was my teenage love

  23. author

    Andrej Bovhan2 時間 前

    Was listening this song 10y ago, I'm listening it right now and will probably still listen to 10y from now

  24. author

    Stuart McPherran2 時間 前

    Need For Speed Heat anyone?

  25. author

    YoyoJager2 時間 前

    Yeah alien dude, pelvic thrust that sky, give it to it like the bitch it is.

  26. author

    Stuart McPherran2 時間 前

    Need For Speed Heat anyone?

  27. author

    Софья Мальцева2 時間 前

    I red translation of the song. And I was unpleasantly amazed. She sings about herself and her future glory. However she dances as if she was going to conquer not with music, but with her body. I used to think that she sings about a party or guys.

  28. author

    Caitlin Nunnayobeeswax2 時間 前

    her english so good she made a new dialect

  29. author

    Trancefreak642 時間 前

    This Track is dope AF, Love it.

  30. author

    Ugly Shishter2 時間 前

    Hi ummm...I know nobody’s reading this but I was in love for 2 years (I still am).He’s in California right now but, I still like him for some stupid reason.Maybe he’s just attractive but I still can’t get over him.I’m commenting in this video because while he was with me we heard this song and I don’t really remember much but we were together in a group of younger kids and all I remember was how he smiled at me while we were playing with them and I felt happy.That was one of the best days of my life.I know it’s not a big deal but I’ve had some issues in the past but whenever I was with him I felt amazing.Now I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety and my dad refuses to accept me as his biological daughter.I’ve also almost been admitted to a mental hospital,and have been sexually assaulted a few times.I’ve also experienced eating disorders.My friends are all fake and one of them told me he has a girlfriend now.I don’t know what to do.It’s too late for me and I never got to tell him how I feel or even get proper closure.I did not write this comment for pity.I wrote this comment for people who are in love.If someone who is in love is reading this PLEASE tell them how you feel.It doesn’t have to be right now.Don’t rush it! Whenever you feel the time is right, even if you’re unsure their feelings are mutual.Tell them.The WORST thing they can say is no and if you’re sure it is love they most likely will feel the same way. If you read all this I just wanted to say thank you 🙏 I hope you’re having an amazing day!If you’re day isn’t so amazing just know “what’s the sun ☀️ without a little rain 🌧” All of this pain WILL end at some point. I promise.

  31. author

    MANDY SIILVA2 時間 前


  32. author

    pooja sinh2 時間 前

    Anyone still listening to this song in Oct 2019😍

  33. author

    Tim D Young BS MPA Targeted Individual2 時間 前

    Yo, somebody got Perpetrated on who wrote these lyrics, I also get perp'd it's a real hell. Peace folks! :)

  34. author

    F2 時間 前

    شسااالففه !؟😂.

  35. author

    DOOMS Channel2 時間 前

    So the original Xbox is the key to VR? That helmet 100% has original xbox cords plugged into it. No doubt

  36. author

    DOOMS Channel2 時間 前

    Anyone else notice the Original Xbox AV cables? At 0:17

  37. author

    Jalyn Noble2 時間 前

    Jimmy neutron commercial years ago lol time flies

  38. author

    Melissa Belony2 時間 前

    2019!!!! ❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🥰

  39. author

    Yainil Padilla2 時間 前

    Mierda de casion

  40. author

    Phall Sun2 時間 前

    2019 let’s go yeeeee

  41. author

    Paola Gonzalez2 時間 前

    I love turkey music 🎶 From: 🇬🇹🇺🇸

  42. author

    Lilly_ Bear2 時間 前

    2019 anyone

  43. author

    MCLigerim2 時間 前


  44. author

    MCLigerim2 時間 前


  45. author

    JARJCR972 時間 前

    by what i know this is aoki at his calmest but aoki whether crazy or calm keep up the good work

  46. author

    suta nam2 時間 前

    *dances* I have a pen I have a Apple uh Apple pen! I have pineapple i have a pen uh pineapple pen! Apple pen! Pen pineapple Apple pen

  47. author

    Shika2 時間 前

    For some reason, when I listen to this, I can imagine me in an art gallery with nothing but white walls and white floors around 4 PM while the earth is about to be destroyed.

  48. author

    Henri dos santos3 時間 前


  49. author

    Baxtoriano Droid3 時間 前

    vuqui vuqui kkk

  50. author

    Marlen Paulino3 時間 前

    Eso ami primo le gusta eso que tiende 3 tres años 🤙🏻🤘🏻👍🏻😍😘

  51. author

    andres boada3 時間 前


  52. author

    Dunces and dragons3 時間 前

    This brings back memories of right before my dog died this year, which was my first time hearing it.

  53. author

    Player King3 時間 前

    Man cadê os BR

  54. author

    Edgar Corona3 時間 前

    What 😆😆😆😆😆

  55. author

    strangeryounowham crazyn3 時間 前


  56. author

    strangeryounowham crazyn3 時間 前

    Muito Brasileiro mores kkk

  57. author

    Gabriela P3 時間 前

  58. author

    Felipe Kohn3 時間 前

    It's already a classic to me ❤

  59. author

    Zakhan Zakhan3 時間 前

    From 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨 Indonesia 🥰😍👌👍👍👍

  60. author

    italo _5589 prado prado3 時間 前

    Vc postou bem no dia do aniversário da minha mãe 😤

  61. author

    Annabelle Van Houten3 時間 前

    Thank you for making this song it is one of my favorite songs make more songs of this because I love it

  62. author

    GoldenAce _3 時間 前

    weird dance

  63. author

    { •CreamyPuff• }3 時間 前

    *When you hear it but you know what it means in English*

  64. author

    Annabelle Van Houten3 時間 前

    I love this song! 😜

  65. author

    maria celeste Berrios3 時間 前


  66. author

    Leah Rustom3 時間 前

    Area 51 hanging out inside they're base while humans are look for them.

  67. author

    Nhung Huynh3 時間 前

    Con me may

  68. author

    ElBlogDelPorteroMx3 時間 前

    2019 and this still amazing <3

  69. author

    boy in pink4 時間 前

    I was just looking for some homecoming songs and the playlist shifted to this-

  70. author

    tata Q.G4 時間 前

    Os anos vão se passar e continuarei sendo uma eterna fã. Fazem parte da minha vida,hoje estou com 34 anos e ainda escuto todos os dias como na minha adolescência. Quem ama também curte ai👊🖒

  71. author

    Jeffrey Arnisto4 時間 前


  72. author

    hayley and alli Law4 時間 前

    and sound weird

  73. author

    hayley and alli Law4 時間 前

    you look weird

  74. author

    Angel Paucar4 時間 前

    2 0 1 9

  75. author

    Rubinho Ribeiro4 時間 前

    Eu sou Canon não tá legal tão y life

  76. author

    John Antwhistle4 時間 前

    Legend all I can say

  77. author

    Rivaldo Silva4 時間 前

    0:13 amo essa música

  78. author

    Mike Loder4 時間 前

    good use of peacock

  79. author

    Marlon Del villat4 時間 前

    santas de dia y perras de noche..

  80. author

    joão victor4 時間 前

    Vuc vuc vuc !!!

  81. author

    Danielle Gill4 時間 前

    質問: 日本人はパイナップルかパイナッポと言る?パイナップルと思った。。それは間違う?

  82. author

    Uğur kaan Küçükpektaş4 時間 前

    Orjinal beste bi alternatif rock mor yazma ama mahmut orhan müthis aranje deep house icin sena şenerde müthis başaraili hemde çok

  83. author

    Brandon Caballero4 時間 前

  84. author

    FRANQU3Z4 時間 前

    10 años, vaya ): <3

  85. author

    Jair Cruz Castillo4 時間 前

    México 💯

  86. author

    Charles Hansgen4 時間 前

    😂 🥰 I love ❤️ this

  87. author

    Niko Bellic4 時間 前

    100M: Unlocked 200M: Unlocked 300M: Unlocked 400M: Unlocked 500M: Unlocked 600M: Unlocked 700M: Unlocked 800M: Unlocked 900M: Unlocked 1B: ??? now, claim your"Before 1 Billion Views" Reward, by clickin' the like button 👇

  88. author

    KP-484 時間 前

    Need for speed heat comments incoming

  89. author

    Kiera Derksen4 時間 前


  90. author

    David Ortiz4 時間 前

    I can be your new favorite waste of time & you’ll be mine.........

  91. author

    Tÿ Bùñdîìï5 時間 前

    Don’t even know these people on this song but nicki Minaj lmfaooo her verse is soooo goood god damn shiiitt

  92. author

    driudwaker5 時間 前

    :clap: Instructional :clap: Text

  93. author

    olivia Snodgrass5 時間 前


  94. author

    Imperial Pollution5 時間 前

    Teacher: *Listen very closely, you must focus hard for this test* My brain:

  95. author

    Júlia Nepomuceno5 時間 前

    I love you so much, I loved you so much I'm very young I'm 14 years old I was born listening to the Blackstret boys i love you Very good 💕❤️♥️

  96. author

    diario da gaby5 時間 前

    Nossa tops

  97. author

    Gricelda Romero5 時間 前


  98. author

    DOMIN HOMANI5 時間 前

    AWESOME SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. author

    DOMIN HOMANI5 時間 前

    HOMAN PERRY 2016 17 18 19 2020 21 22 23 some of 24 WARREN GILLUM 2020 2024 Fiorina Santorum HOMAN HARRIS 2028

  100. author

    Cecilia Salinas5 時間 前

    Anybody here in 2019 ? No? Just me? Ok ...