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I'm Back ...I'm Back ...

I'm Back ...

6 ヶ月 前

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    dapu tanyoe aceh51 分 前


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    Melisandre Flame時間 前

    Loving the lip balm

  3. author

    Jaden BlackMountain時間 前

    That thing you said about chubby cheeks spoke to me, I was planning to have plastic surgery to get rid of them but like you said we lose volume as we age so I’m def gonna embrace it now

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    Katarzyna Niewiarowska時間 前

    Catrice is available in Poland 🙂

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    Kaddi2 時間 前

    Tati and Revlon getting on a bunch recently. Revlon is back in the game 😄

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    Onyeka D'mello2 時間 前

    some people are just not made for new technology!

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    Kya D2 時間 前


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    Elina M2 時間 前

    I don‘t get the dislikes

  9. author

    oOLolaliciousOo2 時間 前

    I LOVE your tutorials 💖

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    Violet GALAXY2 時間 前

    Praise Japanese makeup 💄 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵

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    Tasha H.3 時間 前

    No "thank you" for the coffee delivery?

  12. author

    Noah Smith4 時間 前

    360$? More like 36$.

  13. author

    Zubia Jawaid4 時間 前

    Would love to see a drugstore edition of this video

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    c f4 時間 前

    You should get stuff from suqqu its supposed to have one of the best foundations ever - try it - u can buy it of selfridges

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    Chantal McKenna5 時間 前

    every-time I see the advertising on tv for this I think it’s a rabbit 🐰 🙄

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    Brittneii Centineo5 時間 前

    I neeeeeeed this 😭

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    Baby Ruth6 時間 前

    The colors your picking for the product you are showing only for your skin tone or for ever skin tone color??????

  18. author

    Nidhi Pathak6 時間 前

    she hardly posts these days :/

  19. author

    littlean246 時間 前

    Tati is ASMR for me . Don’t give a crap about her videos on makeup, just love her voice

  20. author

    CallMeJenn6 時間 前

    The cream liner sucks azz... smudges everywhere also the eyebrow pomade, even tho they both go on as a dream but they do not set at all, even when I set it. SO STAY AWAY unless you want raccoon eyes! The mascara is horrible and I got another one as well to try it and they do nothing... try peripera long mascara not waterproof but holyshite it stays forever!

  21. author

    Baby Ruth6 時間 前

    What do u look like today?😏

  22. author

    Ella Crane6 時間 前

    the elf 16-hr concealer looks soo bad on me it creases and becomes patchy under my eyes and anywhere else I put it under my eyes

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    MakeUp by Miko6 時間 前


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    Angelia Settle6 時間 前

    I have been trying to find a good just regular facial cleanser. I either use my dove body wash and my cleansing electric brush, or my bath and body works aromatherapy body soap. Could you maybe do a video with the best skin care from drugstores??

  25. author

    Mele Lapuaho7 時間 前

    The curls look so bad. Some of her hair pieces are still straight! And sticking out lmao! I can’t....just use a regular straightener. People have done it for years.

  26. author

    Beauty with Miss Dee7 時間 前

    Oh honey, do not ever feel bad about your feelings in regards to makeup and skincare... I love you for it! Don't ever stop being you. Sending love.

  27. author

    Candice German7 時間 前

    People are so full of themselves, all for the love of money and fame ...

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    salome beridze7 時間 前


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    Tessa marie7 時間 前

    I love the revlon candid foundation. Its oxidizes is a great way...it looks better and better then longer it's on. By the end of the night, I dont want to take it off cause it looks better! Lol

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    Tessa marie8 時間 前

    I would most definitely spin the wheel lol

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    Mad Life8 時間 前

    I just noticed she has no labels... she just knows what is in each drawer and there’s like 100 drawers...

  32. author

    Laura Rutherford8 時間 前

    Uhmm.. feeling feelings right there with you with that poetry book

  33. author

    Brooklyn Hobbs8 時間 前

    Tati should try and make herself look like there triplet that would be and awesome video😂

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    keep it real me8 時間 前

    My pallet has been stuck in cali for ever ..please come

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    Alyssa McNaughton9 時間 前

    “The way we change the world is by voting with our wallets” TATI YOU TELL EM 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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    Dina Ojeda9 時間 前

    Gosh. This has to be one of my favorite videos.

  37. author

    Abigail019 時間 前

    Totally trying this tomorrow! 😍

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    Christina's Make-ups9 時間 前

    I never hop on a product that I know is a permanent item. If it's a limited edition item that's a once in a lifetime probably never gonna be made again. DEPENDING on what it is. Then I'll get it. But I'll never go somewhere other than a direct site to get it just because I want it. I will gladly wait for the product. Just like I will GLADLY wait for your relaunch because I want to support you. I want you to get my money not some random person that doesn't care about the customer and their safety.

  39. author

    Khristina Rada9 時間 前

    Amazing video to help know how to blend and where to put contour and bronze.

  40. author

    Drageadroth9 時間 前

    It's so amazing watching you contour. I've seen all of your videos (I think) but really, the artistry is impressive.

  41. author

    Angie Miller9 時間 前

    I love your videos and was lost when you vacationed, your makeup is always flawless and would love to have 1/3 of your makeup, I never win a giveaway and, idk what I'm doing wrong, your one of the best(and woman) no men makeup artist! I seriously watch every declutter and love how you get side tracked with ALL YOUR IS MAKING YOUR ANXIETY GO UP! WISH I COULD JUST WIN AND ACTUAL HAVE A FEW GOOD PRODUCTS! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! 💋💖💞💯

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    Lillian Chilson9 時間 前

    When will your pallete be back in stock

  43. author

    Sarah Brown9 時間 前

    Companies are running out of ideas.

  44. author

    Gummy Bear10 時間 前

    Am i understanding he used the neutragina spray as a setting spray? Someone answer please.

  45. author

    C. F.10 時間 前

    ERIKA IS GLOWING! I love how she's smiling non-stop at the end 😍

  46. author

    Emmerson Rose10 時間 前

    Tati!!! Please try out the “not a sponge” makeup applicator! I’m so curious about it!

  47. author

    baylee edwards10 時間 前

    what self tanner did you wear in this?! its a sun kissed dream! xo

  48. author

    Jody Rader10 時間 前

    Have you ever thought about doing an Avon and Mary Kay review

  49. author

    Chaunte Medina10 時間 前

    She did a great job. I actual want to try the purple & green eyeliner. I loved her look! That body must you put on is a great idea for stocking stuffer for tweens to adults! 🎄🎁

  50. author

    Kate the Great10 時間 前

    No it’s actually a real thing. In my neighborhood there’s so many hawks and they’ve swooped other dogs in our neighborhood so we always have to stand right next to my tiny dog when we go on walks. STAY ALERT

  51. author

    April Preston10 時間 前

    And. Now his amazing pallet is out !!

  52. author

    J Gray10 時間 前

    why are her videos so much louder than everyone else's?

  53. author

    Chris Roche10 時間 前

    OMG! You sound like me, the lines on the side of my nose!!!! I'm always looking in the mirror and that's all I see, messy foundation lining up in those lines.

  54. author

    Tammie Renee10 時間 前

    I came over from RXSTRMOM channel who recommended I watch this video from you. Great video. Thx.

  55. author

    Vic RL Femboy11 時間 前

    where can I get that mirror 👀😍

  56. author

    Sobia Chaudhary11 時間 前


  57. author

    Lauren Williams11 時間 前

    Did u just steal Lisa left eye lopez’ left eye dating story that’s literally how she got her name

  58. author

    Lisa Cimiyotti11 時間 前

    She has enough makeup on her face for 5 people. Not impressed

  59. author

    black peach11 時間 前

    Is it just me or does anyone think she honestly looks WAY better without the whole make up? I think most of the women do, actually.

  60. author

    Evelyn Dollface - Beauty • Vlog • Lifestyle11 時間 前

    I love your videos so much you are an inspiration for me!!! I hope you check my JPreporter account/videos one day and support me ♥️💋 till then keep the good work up! Please subscribe to my Channel and watch my vids thx you guys ♥️

  61. author

    JILLyBean 9511 時間 前

    did tati get fillers?

  62. author

    PEACEATLAST11 時間 前

    Loads of people are tempted because most legit brands sell their products at really overly inflated prices. Young people especially want what is current but they don't have the means.

  63. author

    Tehreem Red11 時間 前

    The office plug HILARIOUS. Lols ❤️

  64. author

    Randömlee11 時間 前

    I know that it was so hard to go away from your makeup because it’s like your family or something... but u realize that it feels so much better NOT wearing makeup... right?

  65. author

    Jacob Ellis11 時間 前

    What is that dyson?! A hair dryer? I have been looking online for something small like this but I don’t see what this it?! 🙏🏻

  66. author

    Dara Casill12 時間 前

    I love your videos on JPreporter.

  67. author

    zrod201212 時間 前

    Love your honesty

  68. author

    oreo13 時間 前

    Hes a young version of keanu reeves

  69. author

    Nika Stekovic13 時間 前

    Hi sisters!!!!🥰

  70. author

    Jeanette Carrero13 時間 前

    Okay Tati is a queen at doing her makeup but her hairrrr 😬😬

  71. author

    Rebecca Brooks14 時間 前

    A year later don't you still live it!??

  72. author

    Adriana G.14 時間 前

    OMG that Physician Formula will be a great addition for people that do makeup or groups with diverse skin tones. Like musical or something like that. So much good affordable make up this days. Great video.

  73. author

    Sergio Silva14 時間 前

    Her shirt

  74. author

    Valentina Pedraza14 時間 前

    Please review BYS makeup lov u

  75. author

    Grace Hunter14 時間 前

    “Why don’t you use primer? Erika: because I’m lazy Mood!!!

  76. author

    Mira Youssef14 時間 前

    But think about it.. Even drugstore makeup price points are getting higher and higher and you have on the other side students, minimum wage working women, people in third world countries which the dollar vs. Their currency difference is crazy so counterfit makeup is tempting to them Some of it is lower quality than the original but it's kinda decent, some of it is dangerous But they are taking the risk because it is cheaper and they can't afford to have a full face of drugstore mind you high end or indie brands!! I'm talking about people who know it is counterfit, and they buy it because of the price

  77. author

    Laladalion 1214 時間 前

    Makes me feel... violent

  78. author

    Shelby McGuire14 時間 前

    This is one of my favorite videos you've done in a long time! So beautiful. And yes please, more looks with Tati Beauty Vol 1!!

  79. author

    Mustang Sally14 時間 前

    You girls r total dorks n I love it!! So cute! Great job ladies.

  80. author

    Chelsea Cluff14 時間 前

    Is anyone else wondering where a new video is while also hoping everything is ok with tati? No social media presence whatsoever this week 🙁

  81. author

    Robin Siwula14 時間 前

    Yes it only cost 40 bucks its worth it I love mine by tati I also order jefree star cosmetics from his website

  82. author

    Liv Molloy14 時間 前

    Tati what do you do to your hair or do you get it dyed in a salon. I want that color !

  83. author

    Radoslava Bodnárová14 時間 前

    KEEP THIS POSITIVITY PLEASE I feel so recharged by this video!! Amazing <3

  84. author

    Toni Kuretich14 時間 前

    Looking for a new show? Check out Mr. Selfridge!

  85. author

    JemStar 7515 時間 前

    I agree about the scent of L'oreal lipsticks. I love the Jennifer's Nude colour but bleh! the smell, you can taste it too. So bad.

  86. author

    Elizabeth Epp15 時間 前

    "A harlot from my generation. ....I don't even want to talk about yours."

  87. author

    Vlada Haggerty15 時間 前

    You are my inspiration, Tati!!! Your morals, your ethics, your makeup, your beautiful soul. It's such a pleasure to watch you grow and succeed. Keep going, Tati! ❤️❤️❤️

  88. author

    JemStar 7515 時間 前

    I bought the physicians formula palette. Such a good deal AND by purchasing it through their website I got a free rose moisturizer. Thanks for the heads up. I love the butter bronzer.

  89. author

    Veronica Frias15 時間 前

    I know they look like triplets all 3 of them

  90. author

    Emma Linkiewicz15 時間 前

    You’re so beautiful and kind

  91. author

    Emily Campbell15 時間 前

    I came back to see how your videos looked before the Mr. Kate collaboration, soooo much better without a backdrop. It feels much more personal now & more aesthetically pleasing

  92. author

    Emerald Lynch15 時間 前

    I really hope you do another "Best of (2019)" Video! You are one of the only serious makeup JPreporterrs that still dabbles in drug store makeup and actual serious reviews! I reply on and appreciate your recs SO MUCH! So please please please. I know your doing less videos and that the best of ones are SO much work, but no one does it better than you! Even if its the last video of the year!!! THE PEOPLE NEED IT!! xoxo

  93. author

    Poopoo Kaka16 時間 前

    Do powder primers exist??

  94. author

    serial killers fascinate me16 時間 前

    you look like a grandma

  95. author

    Alyssa Alburez16 時間 前

    I feel like I just took a class!!!!!

  96. author

    Theresa Marsh16 時間 前

    Dang looking at her back then to now it definitely looks like she has had work done. Thought she was all about transparency ha!

  97. author

    Marilyn Soto16 時間 前


  98. author

    Miayw16 時間 前

    I love that NYX jelly primer, my dry skin looks so good with it.

  99. author

    Ashlee Proctor16 時間 前

    I love that top!

  100. author

    Beth Dale16 時間 前

    Every Kylie product I have bought was bad.