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    J a c e P a l m a19 時間 前


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    Jonny Store19 時間 前

    We have a Chinese MMA champion in one of the biggest Organizations in the world #Weili

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    Yidai Yang19 時間 前


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    Nusrat Akter19 時間 前

    Please give him a hug

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    Nessa Myers19 時間 前

    Cats use this to don't they. I seem some for pets. Lol. But hey whatever to keep our kids protected

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    Peter Thiessen19 時間 前

    It's not about the Chinese people or anything like that ,the fact that it started in China is true and it's because of their practices. But having said that the Chinese people are wonderful people, . If China could change some of their safety practices in relation to food and so on it would help the whole world.

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    Amiga A120019 時間 前

    The LORD will bring burning sulphur on the cities of China, and destroy them and the whole country, along with all the people there and everything that grew on the land. Don’t look back, or you’d be turned into a pillar of salt!

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    Muhammed Demirdağ19 時間 前

    If one of your family gets sick, would you blame her/him? No, you probably wouldn't. You will be caring, compassionate and merciful towards him/her. We are all a family. We should look at each other from this perspective.

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    Pichycena201119 時間 前

    Look up EVENT 201!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

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    Debojit Dhar19 時間 前

    Whaching this I feel very lucky I have no BF

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    Muhammad Nasir19 時間 前

    China is our testified iron brother thanks brother

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    paul r19 時間 前

    Women are never thruthful are they. How can ya trust any of them.🤣

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    Debojit Dhar19 時間 前

    People kisses each other coronavirus said I like it 😍😍😍

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    Rajaraman S19 時間 前

    Love is always ultimate.

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    Marco Simple1 International19 時間 前

    let's hope for a better situation

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    abar rolugos19 時間 前

    They will all die someday and we will go forward -China

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    Arinjay pokhriyal19 時間 前

    Accha hua behn ki lodi k sath

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    Kim Batac19 時間 前


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    ASHOK KUMAR19 時間 前

    Real soulmate for her he is great lover I have never seen before it.😍😍😍😅

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    cjb cjb19 時間 前

    Unfortunately we have a president in the US who doesn’t care about human lives but only about his own personal gain.

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    J W19 時間 前

    So Hideo Kojima is a prophet..

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    Bryan Max19 時間 前

    WHO tried to tell people to buy traditional Chinese medicine. Wonder if they will say that when they see those cockroaches being told to cure stomach aches and respiratory issues

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    Fools thing that I have done19 時間 前

    Nonsense pakal log

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    Daisy19 時間 前

    Such a caring little boy 💗

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    Viir P19 時間 前

    CHINA knew what was coming. They couldn't imagine better results.

  26. author

    thedognextdoor19 時間 前

    These comments were made before the video finished lol. Fake. Truly, made in China.

  27. author

    Erwin Ng19 時間 前

    They forget where they come from and who they are.. Hypocrites

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    Gagan Acharya19 時間 前

    Bocott made in china

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    Sarah Smith19 時間 前

    look how serious is Covid-19 one or the other patient surely needs ventilator guys it isnot a normal cough or pneumonia it is a respiratory sickness 😷

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    Uwezo Maendeleo19 時間 前

    This hospital could take 200 years in my beautiful Africa.

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    Vishal Talati19 時間 前

    China is fooling US & Europe and also to other nations to drown there that they can dictate the world be top in the superpower list otherwise why the COVID19 virus not reached to Shanghai (Economic Capital) & Beijing (Political Capital)......why not in North Korea, Russia, many more countries are less affected so that they can get support from them......if they say COVID spreaded from bats then why the people eat insane things......why they dont come to there roots such as India.....u people are actually hypocrites.....after eating such creatures.....then you look for anti viral vaccines......its simple you have taken there life from them (mammals, animal, birds, reptile) so now its time to give up.......what goes around comes around !!

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    Siva Kumar19 時間 前

    I can't believe

  33. author


    Can anyone tell how can I sue china and WHO for hiding reality. Both WHO and china were involved

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    Wisam19 時間 前

    LOVE & PEACE TO ALL Sometimes adversity Comes to Wake us up that we are taking the wrong Path and to remind us that we are all One and we are all Connected and all Humanity are relatives whether we liked it or not. whether we thought we are better than others or not. whether we thought we are right and all others are wrong or not . Still its The Fact & not a theory . #spreadlife #spreadlove

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    Robert Apetrei19 時間 前

    Awww, propaganda never gets old. Lovely !!

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    Amat Mulisha19 時間 前

    The same will happen to US if theirs people still have ‘I don’t care’ attitude! Act now! Take lesson from italy and spain. Their people at first making joke about this pandemic. Now see what happen. So sad

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    Ben Hugh19 時間 前

    well,she is putting shame on all chinese ppl in the world.

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    Aladdin Khan19 時間 前

    We need to stop using fossil fuels.

  39. author

    Robert Apetrei19 時間 前

    China propaganda at it's best. Lovely old soviet style propaganda.

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    Karma gasam20 時間 前

    Chinese must be very proud and don't stop eating wildlife

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    Lt. Tom Kazansky20 時間 前

    *Please don't wait for fatality to reach 6,000 for you to understand the purpose of quarantine* . *Philippines doesn't have the money nor the capability to cater you ignorance* . *Be real we are a 3rd world country*

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    Weelicc Peter20 時間 前

    Jb safe?

  43. author

    Deana G20 時間 前

    that was just plain amazing

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    Hassan's Family20 時間 前

    yes. pls pray for us. i lost my mom and dad. i am orphan now 😭 why is this happening with us?? we didn't do anything bad in the world 😭😭😭 infact we took refugees to help them 😭😭

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    Christina Reuter Mitchell20 時間 前

    Laughter is the best medicine. Stay Safe, Stay Home ... and watch Corona music vids!

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    Fat Schize20 時間 前

    Top 10 anime heartbreaks

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    Pream Bula20 時間 前

    Ok What do you offer in exchange A vaccine ? No Entertainment? No Money compensation for not working? In most countries none Why then you follow people like a pest when they naturally want to take a stroll? This equalization "smells" very familiar It would be understandable if virusologists or specialists explained the situation on a running basis and tell what is being done to make the problem disappear Instead politicians give advice all social events are paralyzed Its not a bubonic plague Why then Ok you have random idiots like me talking about things is because nobody attempts to do what they should Yes majority of the population dont have a clue how viruses work does it make them underratesome Where are the doctors and specialists to show their professionalism and defeat this nightmare It paralyzed life ofn the planet

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    sachin pandagle20 時間 前

    China is hiding it's statistics from around the world

  49. author

    dan meyer20 時間 前

    this is sad and funny at the same time

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    Maurice Harting20 時間 前

    In order to reduce the risk or eliminate the risk all together we need to tell China and other Asian nations to stop importing exotic wild animals from abroad and stop local wild animals from being caught, stacked in cages on top of each other and slaughtered right next to other wild animals at wet markets. This should be enforced by Chinese Laws and severe fines or jail time handed out to offenders. Most of the recent pandemics have originated in China and they need to improve their slaughtering practices and health inspections throughout China. Also China needs to reimburse the rest of the world for the costs associated with this COVID-19 pandemic worldwide that they caused by their negligence. The world needs to tell China and other Asian nations loud and clear to stop wet markets and improve their slaughtering practices of livestock. Chinese government behaviour has been unacceptable!

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    Word Of Life20 時間 前

    Poor thing was only defending itself

  52. author

    Lucky Wu20 時間 前

    What did the fingers say to the face? SLAP. if it didn't sting your hands the first slap repeat!

  53. author

    Blaine Hylton20 時間 前

    Now we're talking

  54. author

    Saakshi Mulye20 時間 前

    Are they gone from there head...this virus can be anywhere it can be in China or anywhere....stop eating these animals they have lives....come to India we have more nutritious food here atleast it don't have any virus..... someone save these humankind...start being vegan and let these innocent creature live there lives otherwise virus will eat humans and world will be in end

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    victoria iam20 時間 前


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    GDorf Fugazi20 時間 前

    I would test those mask for covid19 first.

  57. author

    Ananya Basak20 時間 前

    The kids have more sense than me.. I really hope they grow up to be wonderful human beings.

  58. author

    Jakub Wiejak20 時間 前

    thx 4 virus

  59. author

    Humasha Rahman Hurigihan20 時間 前

    This call mantle 😂😂

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    DBF Creation20 時間 前

  61. author

    Tuấn Đỗ20 時間 前

    谢谢中国人,谢谢。 中国共产党已经使2万多人丧生。 在中国杀戮还不够,然后传播到世界各地:中共病毒,中共病毒。

  62. author

    Rimanna Khawlhring20 時間 前


  63. author

    Ashan Lakshitha20 時間 前

  64. author

    Syed ayan20 時間 前

    World leaders force to people's throuh IN ZOO...don't let them win...fake virus news spread on people...climate change Crisis fever, ,couhg ,, nothing else..they playing very cheap politics, ,dont let them win..rise VOICE and win....truth alwayes WINNERS not lossersss

  65. author

    Atti Vamp20 時間 前


  66. author

    Eric20 時間 前

    It’s disappointing to see how many people don’t see this as a global epidemic and still blames others or China for the virus. Racism is hate trying to find a reason. Unlike all the big social problems we face today, the frustration of racism is that we can simply choose not to be. We can do much more together without it.

  67. author

    Christopher Orozco20 時間 前

    People are disgusting another piece of land we gotta remove from the world

  68. author

    Adnan Halde20 時間 前

    Human r dying i can see peace is coming atlas to this earth

  69. author

    Radu Elf20 時間 前

    In Russia are only 4 total deaths? How is this possible?

  70. author

    Sharon Wilkins20 時間 前

    Im telling you what why is the news so negative no wonder there is so many people in this world that are negative i dont watch the news or read the news paper i hear it from others then research i mean come on news people why dont yal focus on being positive focus on the things that are positive and send out positive energy in this world give people hope thats what trump is doing and the news is hacking it all up so the president says 20 positive thing and people some how grab 80 million things that he didnt even say and try to act like that what he meant ????? No people he meant what he said what what yal wanted him to say lol and honestly I didnt even care much at all for trump before all this had started now i have great respect for the man and he is one of the few presidents that we have had that has done what he said he was going to do in the campaigning part before he entered in as president

  71. author

    Manohar Sharma20 時間 前

    it should be also done in India. for anti nationalist protesters for CAA,NRC

  72. author

    Ho Lee Sheet20 時間 前

    That octopus is my hero. He wouldn’t go out without a fight.

  73. author

    Bradley Weiss20 時間 前

    Plot twist. Hanta virus Corona crossover. WuHantaCorona virus.

  74. author

    Daniel Travis - Brown20 時間 前

    These are the kind of people in movies who would hide a zombie bite.

  75. author

    moonlight *20 時間 前

    #nuke China they will back with another virus they will never learn about there mistakes they eat everything so nasty 🤢😠

  76. author

    Karla Rodríguez20 時間 前

    I hope she's in jail for 6 months

  77. author

    Aryadhany N20 時間 前

    These aren't just numbers, they are humans.

  78. author

    App Squad20 時間 前

    most painful video on youtube for me RIP who died due to COVID-19

  79. author

    Gobind singh20 時間 前

    Everybody avoid and byecott Chinese products

  80. author

    Abdo 33020 時間 前

    Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂

  81. author

    Bryan Rowland20 時間 前

    He shouldnt have ran away american police would have accused him for possibly leaving a potential bomb and probably would've shot him.

  82. author

    Conely King20 時間 前

    It was predicted long

  83. author

    Gobind singh20 時間 前

    China is responsible for Corona virus too

  84. author

    P Eswaran20 時間 前

    Thank u

  85. author

    Hugo Jauregui20 時間 前

    china is very responsible for this epidemic 😷!!!

  86. author

    Supermanstone42020 時間 前

    They say bat meat cures asthma Coronavirus: am i a joke to you?

  87. author

    lionel rodrigues20 時間 前

    This virus was made by them , so they don't need to worry they have the vaccine while the world is isolating and crying😡😠

  88. author

    I am a loaf of Bread20 時間 前

    As an murican (American), I would say its the two girls words against the owner until there is more that comes out, if there is more to bring out of this.

  89. author

    High Five20 時間 前

    China lied about their numbers and this proves it. This and the cellphones shutting down, the morgues with hundreds of thousands of urns for families to pick up in wuhan, and more damning evidence.

  90. author

    Clorox Bleach20 時間 前

    very nice illustrations

  91. author

    WilHurz20 時間 前

    Anybody that thinks those are China's real numbers are crazy. Most credible experts believe they are in the hundreds of thousands. They are already having reinfections that are not being counted. What a joke!

  92. author

    Soumik Banerjee20 時間 前 Its actually show how china played well in giving world thia virus and then acting innocent now...go and check out

  93. author

    Osvaldo Vasquez Melgoza20 時間 前

    That woman needs to go to jail for resisting and breaking quarantine laws and needs to be banned from all flights. She should be ashamed of not having proper manners especially spitting and coughing at airplane staff

  94. author

    Sarwar Naseem20 時間 前

    Its quite futuristic and would be useful in space or mars traveling to carry ur baby along. I love it!

  95. author

    W6EA6CH6E20 時間 前


  96. author

    Soumik Banerjee20 時間 前

    China is hidding their number there are 75 lakhs mobile connection of china telecom deactivated from jan 23 ..the real chinese flu number are huge ......they are hiding data

  97. author

    thesleepcritic20 時間 前

    This mask will actually protect you with items you can find easily.

  98. author

    Tracey Lafontaine20 時間 前

    Absolutely genius!

  99. author

    Josh Willey20 時間 前

    Look up pizzagate and everything associated with adrenachrome

  100. author

    Pranav R V20 時間 前

    Dont go there....they r making new viruses!!