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Welcome to Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link! Tune in every Monday-Friday to watch us eat truly unbelievable things, explore surprising new products and trends, compete in original games with celebrity guests, implement serious experiments in hilarious ways, and more.
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  1. author

    arctic rose21 時間 前

    ok but why do the nails look good on Link

  2. author

    Amanda Scalcione21 時間 前

    This was a fun one!

  3. author

    Crazy Dave21 時間 前

    Such a classic

  4. author

    LoopyOE21 時間 前

    What episode did they take down?

  5. author

    Its Koolen21 時間 前

    8:47 when grandpa is mad and can’t talk

  6. author

    TheAg266121 時間 前

    I am 1000% convinced that rhett takes peyote on the regular LOL

  7. author

    hellothere21 時間 前

    Who else just ordered pizza

  8. author

    QueenGlooby21 時間 前

    Therabreath is my FaVoRIIIteE okay

  9. author

    Hannah Blakeney21 時間 前

    I chewed Skittles gum in middle school. BRING IT BACK!

  10. author

    Anthony Martinez21 時間 前

    Link looks like Steven king

  11. author

    Joke Assasin21 時間 前

    You're not going to put 18 year old milk on that cereal?

  12. author

    Yabandith21 時間 前

    Ketchup is the best in the asian culture

  13. author

    Emily Morrison21 時間 前

    I wanted to reach thru my screen and tuck stevies hair behind her ears it was making me twitch watching her almost do it at the beginning and then just.. NOT ugh the pettiest thing I’ve ever commented.... but it physically hurt me

  14. author

    Tjj021021 時間 前

    Rhett was right number 9 was not an Oreo.

  15. author

    Kokuatube21 時間 前

    Go to MOD pizza and get your balsamic glaze on your pizza!!

  16. author

    Amber Sultan21 時間 前

    2003 was only 16 years ago 😫

  17. author

    Hidden Borealis21 時間 前

    Watching this video in 2020 makes me sad because they were advertising a tour...which could never happen currently :\

  18. author

    Parei_exe21 時間 前

    rhett and link: eats snail burger *toriel wants to know your location*

  19. author

    Ethan Chacon21 時間 前

    The coffee maker also pasteurizes the milk, so you could do fresh milk

  20. author

    Leanne21 時間 前

    Does anyone have an idea of how excited I was about getting 3 correct? I’m a GENUIS.

  21. author

    joshua corey21 時間 前

    Link looks straight outta Florida with this teeth

  22. author

    ElTiburonAzul21 時間 前

    I would be appreciated if I had Rhetts hair

  23. author

    PassThe EggRolls21 時間 前

    Y'all better be refrigerating and freezing the string cheese and pizza rolls that are up on the board

  24. author

    Abigail Julia22 時間 前

    12:58 yo, is Cal okay???😂😂

  25. author

    Lucas Because why not22 時間 前

    Link is the final boss of truckers

  26. author

    Hades Fearful22 時間 前

    Rhett is becoming a caveman

  27. author

    Action Jax22 時間 前

    that hair though

  28. author

    Zooya42022 時間 前

    The candles was not useless if it still got lit

  29. author

    LaughingTeddy22 時間 前

    Dont know how to feel because 3 of these places are no where near me. And 2 dont belong on burgers

  30. author

    Nicklas Zande STVS TDP est. 200122 時間 前

    Will it Whopper?

  31. author

    yo boi Sour Cream22 時間 前

    When I heard bleach, I got thirsty

  32. author

    Alistair Everitt22 時間 前

    Turning up that BASS!!!

  33. author

    Carmen Rodriguez22 時間 前

    Blueberry slushees my favorite at the movie theater.

  34. author

    Yahia Bassiouni22 時間 前

    wow i actually got every one right damn

  35. author

    ProBro Gaming1622 時間 前

    I fell for it, so everyone who like this comment

  36. author

    Dark. scenes357822 時間 前

    I hop is better But Denny's is also good

  37. author

    jman t22 時間 前

    cake batter is hands down the best. leave me alone.

  38. author

    Mary Carpenter22 時間 前

    im making that ramen at some point

  39. author

    Aaron Brunton22 時間 前

    Rhett you look like you’re from Woody the woodpecker

  40. author

    Jake Baker22 時間 前

    Stevie gotta stop messin with the program. BRING BACK COTTON CANDY ANDY!

  41. author

    dtina201922 時間 前

    Awe I really like this game

  42. author

    Storyabout Mosquitoes22 時間 前

    I havnt been here in a while guys. What happened to Rhett.

  43. author

    Bethany Tull22 時間 前

    Texan here, can confirm, pigs in a blanket (kolaches) are top tier breakfast food. Far superior to the donut.

  44. author

    Nathan Frederick22 時間 前

    Who else had to check if Kyrie Irving was really 28

  45. author

    Foteini Ioan22 時間 前

    I am not an American and I am so confused as to what a 7-11 is

  46. author

    Damon Ligtenberg22 時間 前

    I'm guessing this is the year of the twinkie fingers?

  47. author

    Caitlin Mason22 時間 前

    I thought the certificate said "Link Seal."

  48. author

    Allan Mulgrew22 時間 前

    Just saying but Egrets and Beavers can both be eaten.

  49. author

    Simon E22 時間 前

    The first sandwich is something I've seen my coworker doing... Just smashed snickers between his bread and called it a day

  50. author

    ixXGUNNERXx22 時間 前

    i love theses guys , to bad they dont share the time i/we spend with them... lol the community of chat

  51. author

    Aaron Shegrud22 時間 前

    missed opportunity for balut

  52. author

    Zach Corley22 時間 前

    What if they did an episode with Flight

  53. author

    darksagus22 時間 前

    cream is much better than custard.

  54. author

    sara kate22 時間 前

    It's a Shauna Malwae-Tweep barbie

  55. author

    Danielle Robertson And Dante Robertson22 時間 前


  56. author

    SheepsWool22 時間 前

    When did Rhett grow a lion’s mane? I haven’t seen one of their videos in a while

  57. author

    Robert Wheeler22 時間 前

    Rhett needs a regalia robe and sandles.

  58. author

    1zeldarulez22 時間 前

    What episode did they have to take down? 😂😂

  59. author

    Zay22 時間 前

    Helpful Stevie is best Stevie! :D

  60. author

    nimble22 時間 前

    When people got blurred i touhht they got blurred irl

  61. author

    cloudy with no chance of comedy22 時間 前

    i wanna know what that candle smells like lmao

  62. author

    Aaron Shegrud22 時間 前

    so link is colorblind?

  63. author

    christian seamster22 時間 前

    I just realized that the Krispy Kreme they went to in college is the one by my house

  64. author

    Devon Rico22 時間 前

    Should of tried the lemonade trulys, hands down or up the best seltzer

  65. author

    Ivy Leaf22 時間 前

    This episode brought back memories I forgot I had

  66. author

    Hank Hill22 時間 前

    garlic butter infused ranch, you're welcome.

  67. author

    Annly P22 時間 前

    Nope, Cane's sauce is better.

  68. author

    TripleStack7522 時間 前

    Not at the table Carlos 😂

  69. author

    Jeremy Freche22 時間 前

    We need more of Link with sharp things. Also Link and Rhett in the mythical kitchen.

  70. author

    Sean Carter22 時間 前

    “idk if you noticed but i’m not apologizing” gotta save that one for later

  71. author

    Rob Thomas22 時間 前


  72. author

    Elle Skarbek22 時間 前

    Why do they both look so good with fake nails??? It just works somehow???

  73. author

    tomm0447122 時間 前

    That must be an old recording, that looks like young Matpat and Steph! 8:45

  74. author

    Bob Marley22 時間 前

    Star burst sweet heat were amazing

  75. author

    ꫀꪜꪖ.ꫝ᥊22 時間 前


  76. author

    Joe Biden wants your kids to jump on his lap22 時間 前

    It's clearly garlic butter, how is this even a debate?