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  1. author

    person44 秒 前

    You know i watch game and film theory videos and i ether like it or get scares to my core

  2. author

    A M分 前

    RIP Robin Matt

  3. author

    Jesse Colley2 分 前

    ...... I thought of shop not soap

  4. author

    A M3 分 前

    I hate it when you make me realize the dark secret of movie and then you just say,"its just a theory ."

  5. author

    Jason (Student) DeJesus6 分 前

    I'm watching this from 2019 so Iron man died

  6. author

    Nikole Wolf7 分 前

    When I was watching this video i got an add for antidepressants...

  7. author

    Angela Qson7 分 前

    Wait. I thought wonder woman was from the Bermuda triangle.

  8. author

    Destinee Powell8 分 前

    It’s crab in one episode where mr Krause eats it he says so that’s what I taste like plus the restaurant is shaped like a Krab shack also there are very few crabs in the whole bikini bottom

  9. author

    Sára Zverinova9 分 前

    4:25 there is a clock on the wall. It reads 13:00? Maybe 12:05? It could be only artists reusing background, because that time doesn´t make a lot of sense, but it is intersting detail at least

  10. author

    Harry Thompson-heap9 分 前

    The creature must be Nyarlathotep another lovecraft entity that likes to torture individuals, can shapeshift, alter his voice and enjoys it

  11. author

    A M11 分 前

    I have a fetish of seeing videos frame by frame

  12. author

    Robyn Marney13 分 前

    Mufasa:dies Me:Were are you 8 lives dude?

  13. author

    Amethyst Gacha14 分 前


  14. author

    DylanNicolasSG14 分 前

    For me the real Joker story is the killing Joke, not to say this isn't a masterpiece....

  15. author

    Dragon Fury14 分 前

    I liked the 2nd and 3rd movies the CGI is better than any movie at its time. Like look at the 1st 2nd and 3rd star wars movies

  16. author

    Brian Connelly18 分 前

    It has to be MULAN !!!!!!

  17. author

    White Diamonds18 分 前

    Are you gonna do a Frozen 2 Film Theory? There was some pretty good stuff………

  18. author

    Charles Weber19 分 前

    14:41 Charles Boyle:”Captain, you just said hole way too much” Jake Peralta:”And that’s coming from Charles!” Captain Raymond Jacob Holt:” Yes, that worries me.” Parallel: Me:”Film Theory, you just said radius way too much.”

  19. author

    Russian Bot #56898419 分 前

    I want the mrs doubtfire horror cut.

  20. author

    Clay Dawson23 分 前

    I really want her to be a clone. Or at least have rick and Morty run into a version of Beth that decided to go adventuring. Even if the Beth from the main dimension didn’t go

  21. author

    AmericanEagle -29 分 前

    You also forgot about how Rey used her lightsaber when fighting Kylo Ren on starkiller base. She sort of like speared it just like what palpatine did in I believe revenge of the sith when fighting mace windu. Because if she is a clone of him she would have sort of the same ideas when trying to fight someone.

  22. author

    Gabriela Andrei29 分 前


  23. author

    Maximus Heaton30 分 前

    Mat pat pls do a theory on the thomas the tank engine mad bomber an who it was . The video is by leokimvideo pls do this

  24. author

    Rim Masmoudi32 分 前

    OK guess u never read the books

  25. author

    Kasey Chandler34 分 前


  26. author

    Cyberbruv39 分 前

    2:59 webheb yes ofc

  27. author

    Galazy Gamer40 分 前

    wow, you predicted his shield break....

  28. author

    Yo It's Mariooo42 分 前

    Good job your theroy actally work

  29. author

    26-year Old Kim Namjoon Cannot Hurt Me43 分 前

    "#GirlPower" Me:You mean #GrrrrPower?😂

  30. author

    David Edwards45 分 前

    Is this gonna be the last movie or the last movie in the trio

  31. author

    Birki gts48 分 前

    What about star wars. And all the other sinful acquisitions? Do they have enough CGI to qualify as animated?

  32. author

    C J48 分 前

    Lol I'm watching the Grinch rn

  33. author

    minty monkey48 分 前

    I do to

  34. author

    Christopher Family49 分 前

    Elsa was adopted so she has probably took their last name that makes her anna’s sister

  35. author

    Harry Potter Mega fan 151 分 前

    What about spidey's friend ned leeds he was a villain at a time in the comics he could be the next villain and it makes sense

  36. author

    Richie Bee51 分 前

    So the photos of toxic poopybuttholes was from when booger Rick toxified the world, not evidence that he went through the treatment. The last picture in the printout show them going back to normal.

  37. author

    Dog in the bed Productions52 分 前

    The bee movie sucks

  38. author

    Rachel Garcia54 分 前

    Isn’t Chris Pratt like homophonic or something?

  39. author

    Brendan Loughlin55 分 前

    Matpat, you do know that spears, tridents, and javelins could all be used in the same way. Just pointing that out.

  40. author

    A M56 分 前

    But I thought someone made a cat and dog surgically in Germany previously and it lived for a few days too.

  41. author

    Tim Avery57 分 前

    2 minutes in..... You still haven't told me how jeopardy is rigged. Your channel is too busy. Let it go. Show me or I'm done in the next 30 seconds!

  42. author

    lengendary ares58 分 前

    matt in crypt tv on facebook the birch shows someone turning into well THE BIRCH

  43. author

    Slash Clash時間 前

    I have a question: can a water bender bend clouds, and can a air benders do the same??

  44. author

    QuackyTheQuack時間 前

    most likely fortnite

  45. author

    Purebred noodle時間 前

    Sometimes I forget spongebob takes place underwater until someone goes to sandy’s house and they start dying.

  46. author

    PartlyCheesy時間 前

    Ya like jazz?

  47. author

    Hey look i’m a cat時間 前

    Skywatching and i think weather report has been uploaded

  48. author

    Priince 86時間 前

    This is far from perfect. Some religions consider disrespectful and a sin to donate organs, let alone you going around and protecting of their loved ones organs....

  49. author

    Luke The coin collector時間 前

    Written but inside a mind

  50. author

    Salamander時間 前

    2:36, ah yes, there's that awkward, creepy smile of his.

  51. author

    a heart in a cage時間 前

    the meme at the end is a absolute *MOOD*

  52. author

    FrostComedy _時間 前

    Green needle or Brainstrom Me: BRAIN NEEDLE

  53. author

    ZenyX CZ時間 前

    Oh, ok

  54. author

    Video Critic時間 前

    What if Jerry...

  55. author

    Harry Potter Mega fan 1時間 前

    I am yelling at the screen for you adding in miles Morales and I am not racist

  56. author

    Hey look i’m a cat時間 前

    I didn’t look away! I just closed my eyes...

  57. author

    Savannah Lynn時間 前

    I love how the video is 20:19 minutes long

  58. author

    Shy_Falcon時間 前

    Guys I know who spider man is gonna fight in the next move. None of them because Spider-Man ain’t getting another movie

  59. author

    Preston Mills時間 前


  60. author

    Les & Pat Thompson時間 前

    Random fact: I’m the same height as todoroki 😂

  61. author

    Raizen Calvin Acabado時間 前

    My theory: Mr.PBH is a fusion of rick and morty. Take this theory but since mr. PBH is more of a morty than a rick,maybe in mr. Pbh's timeline in that rick he made a machine that would fuse rick and morty, and mr. Pbh is wearing a blue shirt just like the blue shirt rick is wearing tho maybe the fusion have some issues that made mr. Pbh's form but still dont know

  62. author

    Preston Mills時間 前


  63. author

    LegoMeister LP時間 前

    Little did he know

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    Asude B時間 前


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    Danny after Darky時間 前


  66. author

    Zulaa Monhzul時間 前

    when dash fart her teacher looks like fucking desk

  67. author

    Chaoswalker 107時間 前

    It would be more logical to rob banks

  68. author

    Las3r Rh1n0時間 前

    Me: takes advanced math class My teacher: o you want to be a math teacher? Me: what no, I want to calculate random theory’s on movies! My teacher: what the

  69. author

    bat c4t時間 前

    I dont understand that "where's Perry" one can someone please explain (using gentle words you would use trying to describe where baby's come from to a toddler)

  70. author

    Isabella Marcon時間 前


  71. author

    Isabella Marcon時間 前

    film theory?

  72. author

    it's mom時間 前

    9:31 he had to... didn't he

  73. author

    Bandit Bambi時間 前

    where did u watch rick and morty new season

  74. author

    Andrew Lambiase時間 前

    1:26 it's up to Judy to crack the case really 😒

  75. author

    idk anymore時間 前

    I only saw Deadpool once in the first place

  76. author

    Ivy Haycox時間 前

    I would enjoy this series so much more if the host wasn't so HORRIBLY obnoxious

  77. author

    Joshua Salem時間 前

    21:59 “They’re all gone” MatPat: Yep, that proves that every single one of them is dead. Oh yeah, I also somehow can estimate the total population of the lemurs 60 million years ago, totally

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    super minty gacha時間 前


  79. author

    lavae russell時間 前

    I'm a lion

  80. author

    Jalvin Gaming時間 前

    Mine depends on the source.

  81. author

    Shadow man時間 前

    Or PBH is Bill Cypher!!!

  82. author

    ssShockRyder時間 前

    Plus he gets paid for every episode that airs . royalties add up

  83. author

    Snug as a bug時間 前

    11:01 thanks matpat, you made my day 😂

  84. author

    Abigail Delgadillo時間 前

    Maby they like make their food like for example they can grow plants

  85. author

    army acbang時間 前

    You litterally said trust no one in the beginning of the video so how can we trust you?😅😅

  86. author

    sxnflwer xx2 時間 前

    T H E L O G I S I N T H E B I N

  87. author

    Vincent Rodrigo2 時間 前

    Matpat: Who else is worthy of the mjolnir DC heroes: Are we a joke to you?

  88. author

    Raoul.__.r2 時間 前

    I want to watch it but its not on Netflix

  89. author

    Removed Strung2 時間 前

    The advantages of groups also show other tributes as intimidated of the bigger numbers u have(if that makes sense)

  90. author

    kalebplayz 1252 時間 前

    Can ONLY hear brain needle

  91. author

    I’m bizzy Seeky2 時間 前

    True story I was there the day before mufasa was filmed he shaved his hair down there because there was too much and he kept tripping

  92. author

    El Fortune2 時間 前

    Put some RESPECT ✊🏽 on SOPHIA STEWART’S NAME!!!!!!

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    Scarlet Jones2 時間 前


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    Terrence McDonald2 時間 前

    I think this video is amazingly good Make another Deadpool video

  95. author

    darkstar28742 時間 前

    Small nitpick, Stockholm syndrome has been disproven as pop psychology nonsense (some kidnapping victims might experience *some* of the “symptoms” but that means next to nothing). You lost me as soon as you treated it like legitimate.

  96. author

    Tucker Norwood2 時間 前

    Yah this doesn’t work just as you go from one trophies level to the next you lose significant energy so one human body would come no where near sustaining a person for a lifetime so this would depend on a rapidly decreasing population.

  97. author

    Senku Ishigami2 時間 前

    The first video that my attention span is much longer watching it

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    Sophie Merx2 時間 前

    Hey there MatPat! I was wondering if you could research about the Paul is Dead conspiracy theory!!!!

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    Terrible Tyler2 時間 前


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    TheKrackenX422 時間 前

    Spoiler alert: It's extra pickles