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    Rose animation Studios時間 前

    I am a lion

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    Gabriel Rogers時間 前

    When will matpat defeat Mickey Mousem🐭🐭

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    Cats Go Myow時間 前

    tfw ur matpat

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    AngelKayla 2021時間 前

    This is what they said about it with dc and joker and stuff.. "it is intended to launch DC Black, a series of DC-based standalone films. The film, which acts as an origin story for the Joker, is set in 1981 and follows Arthur Fleck, a failed stand-up comedian who turns to a life of crime and chaos in Gotham City. " You go be right but with this and the birds of pray movie. They said they are standalone films but still in a way related to DC.. (or what ever DC blavk is..) to be honest because we know there are multi universe for DC comics and Marvel. (in this case DC for now) it would not surprise me that there is a joker like Arthur Fleck that has yet to be written....form the comicts and the animation we are all so use to the joker looking one way, and when we see him look like something completely different think its not him.. Like and example woupd be from suicide squad..we all know in a way that cant be joker because the we know how joker is he woupd never had done something like that to his body. Unless that joker is from a different universe... But at the end of the day for me.. I really like if they take a character and make it as something that not everbody would see that character as. (another example is the tv show Gotham. It is based of the comice but they but a 21's century out put to it but still made it look kind of old..)

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    poe reh時間 前

    Brianstorm what I heard

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    Kade Lin時間 前

    0:50 Really you're not mentioning Hunchback of Notre Dame?

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    Minecraft King時間 前

    At 6:33 that’s what a JPreporterr does by the name of piggy Parker

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    Birk Sandmo時間 前

    You know what would have been cool? If the intro on this video would be covered in ice and snow

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    syed ali時間 前

    Is it based upon on William Shakespeare's Hamlet?

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    Bluegaming Glitchy時間 前

    2019 listen to his death backwords

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    carlosfer2201時間 前

    I like how this came out just after the final trainer for Ep9, but obviously you didn't have time to take it into account...and Rey is clearly pictured as a dark side character in there, helping your theory. It could easily be a crappy dream sequence or someone's vision or whatever though.

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    shotgun sinners時間 前

    so THATS what CD stands for

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    Patches 7777777時間 前

    It 2 is coming out rn

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    D3X時間 前

    Can you do a firefly funhouse theory it’s a puppet horror series

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    hippiemama時間 前

    I blame the parents.

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    Danielle Musick時間 前

    for me its made of uWu not uru

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    Don't cuse you just got me in trouble

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    Kalt Levaya時間 前

    Tell me what you will but Local58 seems straight outta the SCP Universe

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    Emily Brady時間 前

    what about posiden god of the sea

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    Ramral12時間 前

    Yes please

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    We are all clowns 🤡🌎

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    Dark Productions時間 前

    We pay them to make fertilizer that farmers pay for, who we pay for their crops

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    Kalt Levaya時間 前

    Video: *is scary* Me: *watching this in a mall at noon* YOU DARE OPPOSE ME MORTAL

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    Hoodle Doodle時間 前

    I saw the new episode of dhmis kinda illegal and im just saying dang, its good

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    Jacob Giles時間 前

    I am a LION

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    Acnologia DragonKing時間 前

    I saw far from home, then saw the spiderman post credit scene. Then the Nick Fury post credit scene, now I don't know what's real anymore...

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    DayzFallingDown x時間 前

    Please ruin some more 'Disney-fied' fairytales. Honestly. I've read a lot of the original books & oh boy, are they twisted!

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    Justine Harper時間 前

    Am I the only one who cant hear the word Cthulu without hearing the South Park song about it? Lol

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    Kade Lin時間 前

    Theory: Milo Murphy's Law was made just so we can have Doofenshmirtz back without giving him his own spinoff because he's the kind of character that's great on small doses.

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    Water Sheep時間 前

    He’s a mutant, Disney will buy the rights to him, and introduce him into the MCU with Charles Xavier.

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    BenheaminX時間 前

    Good job on the theory

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    Chixk3nbae時間 前

    In chap 2 they literally call him a clown and he got scared tf

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    8biti animations時間 前

    Its bin 2 years you know since you made part 2

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    Ender_ Boy時間 前

    Do you know the movie the dark tower? It is based on a book by Stephen King. It is also about the shining thing.

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    Ladies Man21872 時間 前

    This Is BullS**t

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    Pi is the best2 時間 前

    After coming back to the episode, 1:16 makes me mad

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    Eli Garcia2 時間 前

    What if the theory is all the abusers from each character was actually It. Like if he's a shapshifter can't he became the guys grandfather that raped him. Probably that's how they got the shinning through abuse itself because they all connect to It. So maybe not telepathy, maybe they are just all connected to It and anyone else involved from him.

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    Imogen Fernihough2 時間 前

    This is the only theory you have ever done that I really REALLY hope is true, LOVE TO MABEL AND MORTY

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    Pi is the best2 時間 前

    I come back to this episode, and I didn't get the joke at the time but now 1:16 makes me mad but in a good way

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    Joarco 82 時間 前

    That photo of "research "..... Thats how i ser it.

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    the anime fan2 時間 前

    I'm half-american sooo... half-us? ???

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    Anna DiMauro2 時間 前

    l e t h e r d a d d y g i m p d e m o n lol

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    *starts doing digital nae nae*

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    RøśëGīrł Ñīghtčörē2 時間 前

    And, in conclusion, America is hallow, meaningless, and totally sucks. Me: *I’m moving out.*

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    tiget20132 時間 前

    I watched all of them and now I'm scarred haha

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    Indoraptor Gen 22 時間 前

    Wait, what if the moon is a metaphor for something. What if it’s a metaphor for everything isn’t what it seems. What if the aliens are humans in disguise and they’re the people behind Local 58! That must be how they’re connecting to earth! What if... they’ve been here from the beginning. What if they sent some aliens to wipe out the human race before it even started! And when that didn’t work, they tried other ways. When T.V. was invented, they found they’re solution. Boom.

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    Ice King2 時間 前

    Matpat:They release this movie just right after suicide squad Me:Itd been 3 years

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    PlatSkull2 時間 前

    You just explained all of the subtext of the film.

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    ILikeMelon2 時間 前

    **Is watching at night** **Is watching with headphones** ...welp, I'm not sleeping tonight.

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    TheMadHatter990 :32 時間 前

    Holy shit that’s a lot of sweat 💦

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    Water Sheep2 時間 前

    “Wrinkle in Time looks pretty dang awesome...” ...I wish.

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    Jon L2 時間 前

    1) it's never confirmed that there is a single monster. 2) the implication of criminally insane not being suicidal when witnessing said monster, seems to be that they are already delusional and what they're seeing is validation. 3) im pretty sure the writer googled a handful of demons who fit the bill and slapped them in the script expecting the internet not to fact check.

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    Ben's videos2 時間 前

    I finished the meme, I just skipped to the end...

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    Technology2 時間 前

    The plot of exorcist may be the idea of blue exorcist XD

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    ROS Flicks2 時間 前

    I got an ad for joker while watching this Why JPreporter?

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    1000suds no vids2 時間 前

    7:54 not bill thats stanley bill not even in that photo

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    the anime fan2 時間 前

    *glances at my grandparents who have a boat* uuuhhhhhhhhh

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    Reptar2 時間 前

    Didnt go over the fact that plankton was there when the formula was made and Mr.krabs stole it and left plankton behind to start the krusty krab

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    Matte_wolf 72 時間 前

    My name is Andrea. . .

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    Thanos2 時間 前

    Cool but why

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    deathmetal st2 時間 前

    I have depression but trust me i got it way before i joined social media. I myself haven't really ever compared my body to someone else's

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    Alex2 時間 前

    anyone else here after watching Markiplier's Blair Witch video?

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    Tessa Hedges2 時間 前

    There is a way, just invent time travel and find an animal that was the common ancestor for them

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    Cha204032 時間 前

    I cringe

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    Danilego2 時間 前

    11:08 How TF did these comic panels come to be?

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    Melissa Robertson2 時間 前

    Yes please to the follow up video!

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    meave gillen2 時間 前

    Aaaaaaaaa matpat is a canabal

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    Purple Turtle2 時間 前

    “Doritos can be Illuminati symbols” I already knew Bill Cipher is a Dorito and the Illuminati but here’s the proof

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    Chasen Scearce2 時間 前

    Who’s watched this in 2019 after it chapter 2 came out and realized that matpat predicted bills adult actor

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    christhegeek5172 時間 前

    3:10 The fuck is wrong with the subtitles

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    Purple Turtle2 時間 前

    Yesterday I said “Remember when MatPat’s theories used to scare us?” I decided to watch this video and I got scared. Glad to know I haven’t changed

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    KDV_Official2 時間 前

    *D U C C / Dolan Dark* which tf should i use

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    Ty The Lore Guy2 時間 前

    to all these people saying brotherhood good, yall are some fucking beta males lol

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    MR Quack2 時間 前

    Matpat:the last live action joker is the suicide squad one Me in 2019: laughs in Joaquin Phoenix

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    Water Sheep2 時間 前

    MatPat is becoming a 9th grade English teacher

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    Carl Marchiano2 時間 前

    To be fair, Hemingway was drunk for most of his life

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    Parker Avery2 時間 前

    I think we know what happened to Paul Allen....

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    Hugo Reis2 時間 前

    Where is the part 2 ?

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    What happened to hiimmarymary?????? I NEED ANSWERS

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    Antaine Ó hÓgáin2 時間 前

    This man does create some minor havoc that works its way into the news, providing the later inspiration for the real Joker to start terrorizing Gotham (he would also be just a boy, roughly the same age as Bruce Wayne).

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    darkfiredreamer2 時間 前

    Patiently waiting for part two... PATIENTLY... WAITING...

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    new idea for a drinking game: everytime Matpat says „American Dream“ take a shot you’re gonna get alcohol poisoning before the video finishes

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    Season 3 still wrong

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    All you really need is a plastic baseball bat.

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    I knew it I knew it wall.e is soylent green!!!!!!!!😱

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    Reading the comments to calm my terror

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    Girl Scout Kermit2 時間 前

    this made it a lot less scary because if the monsters are depression then BITCH IVE KICKED DEPRESSIONS ASS ALREADY SO Y'ALL CANT DO SHIT TO ME

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    CnR Spiller2 時間 前

    Could you mabye do a Lego Ninjago episode?? Please please please pretty please!!! Mabye try to sort out the time line? It’s very confusing. PRETTY PLEASE MAT PAT!!!

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    I'm watching this sitting like L

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    Am i the only one who heard you say ranticide, as in murder by rant, instead of rant aside?

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    Or maybe it was just a bullshit Bruno pulled to get Giorno talking 🤷

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    criminally insane not criminal

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    But why is Sandy so afraid of them?

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    Why not Plankkton buy the Krabby Patty meet from the same company as Mr. Krabs does. Because we all know that Mr. krABS is to cheap to actually buy ingredients for his own Formula

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    So does this apply to kfc 🤔

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    Mercy Knight3 時間 前

    inb4 all stephen king books are connected. all kids in them have the shine and kill the monsters, it is beaten by a giant turtle and the dark tower was the universe between words. think a hallway between stephen king universes