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    He ro2 時間 前

    After this episode I'm totally FINE

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    Portal King2 時間 前

    Pay ur taxes

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    Cryptids Babey3 時間 前

    Are we still not gonna talk about the fact we have canon feet design for sonic now

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    Tired Creativity3 時間 前

    The Grinch is a cat

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    Steve M3 時間 前

    1:19 dued I call bill Dorito to

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    Friendlytridu3 時間 前

    But that was a good movie

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    Míja Bořecká3 時間 前

    Well the third movie is actually Lightning trying to make it back on top. Its awasome how you said that right

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    The Hidden one3 時間 前

    If you are tone talk about norwey you should learn æ ø å And sørfugløy is south bird island

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    He ro3 時間 前

    You should become a lawyer

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    Sonia3 時間 前

    R e r o R e r o R e r o

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    TheM1izz3 時間 前

    This is all Ong When I was 6 I has a dream that I was on the island and I turned into a donkey but then go sent into a wierd tunnel at the end of the tunnel was that same ladie who took donkey in shrek I always knew he was somehow connected I THINK NOT

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    Fireballer 30003 時間 前

    i think we need to tell her to answer the door!! just my opinion but we need her to see that its good people are looking for her and we need her out of the garden and feeling better cause we need her strength up!who knows if she might need to have a final stand or somthing!?!??!?!

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    EGA 10223 時間 前

    1:25 That’s why everyone hates moral philosophy professors

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    Rubina Jamal3 時間 前

    Light:I AM THE FASTES THING TO EXIST Sonic: im gonna end thus mans whole ceriyer

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    Kahlil Martinez3 時間 前

    You've ruined my last ten years to adult hood thank you

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    Blood Eagle3 時間 前

    5:13 is it strange to say that I saw them bounce off of each other WITHOUT the sound and when the sound played it passed through ?

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    Herr Müller Lügenscheid3 時間 前

    also +1 for miles for the best film cover

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    SabotagedGaming YT3 時間 前

    Mat Pat, teaching us organ harvesting

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    Clown fish3 時間 前

    Trust me I’ve seen and heard worse🤫

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    Oliver Stubb3 時間 前

    2:35 “... and the vastly superior Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” 😂 😂 sure

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    Anonynym3 時間 前

    Wow. Pewdiepie predicted Finding Nemo 3.

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    Chara Dreemurr3 時間 前

    Theory man looks like a good movie

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    Chara Dreemurr3 時間 前

    Theory man looks like a good mivie

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    Solarfried3 時間 前

    There's one more aspect: the Cosmic radiation on Mars without an Athmosphere like earth's would have killed him or at least made him crazy.

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    Matias Arango3 時間 前

    If this healing factor can prevent virus’s can it stop the BEER virus because if it can then who cares if I lose my lovely hair and look like an avocado made out with an other avocado I would like to have it

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    GreenJacob 183 時間 前

    Secret formula is love of course

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    Sun Jara3 時間 前

    I feel like Sony should have Spiderman. Disney has too much already.

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    Limp Frog3 時間 前

    9:34 *society Sorry

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    Idris Ragib3 時間 前

    so that's why the children of wolfs in Minecraft can mate with there male children

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    Bergen Ludwig3 時間 前

    I can't believe u did this

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    Idris Ragib3 時間 前

    its pewdiepies Minecraft story all over again

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    Nes3473 時間 前

    Thank you for ruining my childhood!

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    velorien9963 時間 前

    Nemo trying to find his macdaddy

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    Thicc Bread3 時間 前

    New theory: WHY DOES SONIC HAVE TOES???

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    Alec •__•3 時間 前

    MatPat geezuz you talk quick. Even for me to slow this vid to 0.25x

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    I am not watching this for just a theory alone anymore. Mat has teach me.

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    Гүнбилэг Намсрайжав3 時間 前

    This maybe 2 years late but this is true buuut then the movie is right because America doesn't have any other pollinators left or are very few rivals and when apis bees aren't doing the pollination then the wildlife will die out like in the movie

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    WOLF-Z3 時間 前

    1:11 F

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    Brenda Urencio3 時間 前

    Although frozen 2 slaughtered this in the most gruesome and bloodiest way, it’s still a pretty good theory

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    1k ryHsage3 時間 前

    Your my favorite JPreporterr,and every video makes my day better!

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    Fantasia Cutie3 時間 前

    Spongebob has his moms nose, His mom just cheated on her husband making him yellow, or they got divorced

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    BluDem3 時間 前

    Katniss’s sister is an expert because she developed a really good relationship with katniss making her odds of dying 0

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    The Rad Gamer3 時間 前

    This went from How to beat Michael Myers to How to beat Michael Myers with science

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    Sage Deeley3 時間 前

    Number magic is kinda taught through arithmancy Also the deluminator being used for teleportation isn’t too out of the ordinary when we find out more about dumbledores life and just because it turning out the lights is it’s most common use it doesn’t make it its intended use

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    Thomas Gibbons3 時間 前

    Well Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling did say that your theory on the series is correct. It's art you are allowed to interpret it however you want. But they did say regarding the first episode it did have a meaning and interpretation outside the media theory. That the first episode is making fun of the ridiculous idea that we determine what is and isn't creative. Like any theory the media theory has lots of holes in it. First of all the ITV British program was in 1955 September 22nd not June 19th. In the last episode Roy sees redguy getting booed on the stage when singing the creative song. So roy a business man only interested in only making money. So why would he back the show of a guy who is unpopular and people don't enjoy the content he has to offer? One video I found has his own great theory on the series saying Redguy is a man fighting the urge to grow up because to be an adult means to live a boring life. He theorized Redguy is trying to fight but ultimately losing the battle and will have to cope with yes you are growing up and the show is entirely in his head. The line from the lamp in his song the first line "Dreams are movies that live in your head." Afterwards yellow guy drowns in the oil we cut to Redguy waking up. All in his head. It wasn't real. Through out the series he says what adults would stereotypically say about kids entertainment.

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    Keira Blakey4 時間 前

    As someone who grew up in Florida, literally the first thing you are taught is don't eat mushrooms.

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    idontevencare4 時間 前

    Air isn't a fluid Edit:or is IT

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    Your Granny4 時間 前

    Now I think Rick might be in a coma 😂 well maybe not I mean who drew Michonne and Judith? Jadis? And who would she make that for? Rick 🤭

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    DR. DEATH68684 時間 前

    i love it theme song

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    EphyraX4 時間 前

    And bish the Prince is freaking 30 kissing a 14 year old

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    le Jaywalker4 時間 前

    has it really been 8 years since the show ended?

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    tlword. . .4 時間 前

    Nobody: Red monotone guys: Booooo

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    Kelson D'Ambra4 時間 前

    Can you speak Wook?? Do one on that, please.

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    Theoisg4y4 時間 前

    Don’t worry, he died.

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    Asten Parks4 時間 前


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    ionica bomboanica4 時間 前

    In al Sirius-nes 😉

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    The Great Lake4 時間 前


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    Aryan Krishnan4 時間 前

    I paused at the four second timer

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    Jairus Eli Jasmin4 時間 前

    Can't Marlin just meet another female clownfish??? They live in a vast ocean after all.

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    Twisted Twisted4 時間 前

    I just realised how normal this is in Australia. We get sharks swimming in our shops pretty much every time it rains 😂

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    Arend Aardse4 時間 前

    #1 pirate #2 we can SHARE streaming passwords so your argument is invalid

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    Matthew Scoggins4 時間 前

    Wh y y y He has a beard

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    Samuel Harlan4 時間 前

    Why is this man complaining about a TV SHOW???

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    Captain Bat4 時間 前

    Wait a minute how does the captain get a coffee

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    Martijn Schouls4 時間 前

    1. Born in the Matrix 2. Able to change the matrix 3. Destroy the matrix Doesn't this all apply to The Oracle as well? Especially considering what you said at the end of this video. She was born in the matrix. When The Architect said "you've been playing a dangerous game", she replies "i wanted to change the matrix". And her actions let to the destruction(sort of) of the matrix. She is the only who truly knows who the One is. Is this because she IS the one? Since is is referred as "mom", you could consider her a Prime Program.

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    Gacha Cat Allene4 時間 前


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    Dw. Dunphy4 時間 前

    Never mind the whimsical trappings. T.S. Eliot was trying to make a point that, sadly, we completely misread. One only needs to go to his poem "The Hollow Men." Hollow man suggests being spiritually and morally empty, and "Form prayers to broken stone," suggest fallenness as religions erect false, granite idols and construction. However, the stones are broken and therefore failed. The hollow men worship the false idols that are clearly ruined, yet refuse to identify that ruin. This worship of the failure of this religion culminates in the famous final lines: "This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper." I bring this up to get into Eliot's headspace. Yes, this is definitely about what Eliot views as a cult, but this suggests he's chiding the Evangelical Church (Jellicles) who look to the afterlife and do everything they can to please "Old Deuteronomy" (named a book of The Old Testament which describes the Deuteronomic code: Laws governing Israel's worship, the appointment and regulation of community and religious leaders, social regulation, and confession of identity and loyalty. Further chapters of Deuteronomy recount blessings and curses for those who keep and break the law). The 'Gelicals, seemingly in Eliot's estimation, forsake their earthbound responsibilities to their fellow man, all for their zeal to reach the Heaviside Layer (heaven). The jellicle cats are obsessed with dying and going to heaven rather than making the most of their nine lives here. The jellicals look to these long held codes and explanations of their worthiness to prove they deserve heaven, rather than living that life and demonstrating through actions that worthiness. Through “...Practical Cats,” Eliot is chastising the Evangelical church for its selfishness and hypocrisies. It is an allegory based on James 2:14-26: “What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.”

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    Kamiyo Beats4 時間 前

    Didnt the Joker say that he only burned his half?

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    Gx_Wildfire4 時間 前

    I don't get how you can have a decimal in the number of birth rates, like do some babies come out halfway then go "Nah, it's to cold/hot (or something)" then just go back inside. I don't get it.

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    suzanne fuller4 時間 前

    Spider-Man is the best

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    John Erangey4 時間 前

    Oregan we’re spring field is I saved you time don’t watch the video I saved you 12 minutes

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    farming simutaior guy4 時間 前


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    gsdwdhdfsdgfgsfhdgsf4 時間 前

    Doesn’t it state by the doctor that he was taught to drive by one of the nurses or people in charge of his care

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    ooi974 時間 前

    12:39 Why did Matpat cut out Alaska from his map if he clearly knows it should be there, as is is in 12:29, just 10 seconds earlier?

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    Clood4 時間 前

    we need a theory on how modern sonic's boost works

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    Daniel Hill4 時間 前

    That marshmallow can light up a city because marshmallows are flammable and with a single match you can light him ablaze and it will burn so mutch because normal marshmallows are already flammable

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    Kwynth de Vries4 時間 前

    Where's the human ditto video

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    terrellfamily144 時間 前

    It's in a tesreract

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    Hyserr4 時間 前

    As someone who has MD (muscular dystrophy) its highly entertaining for me to see a fictional hedgehog ruin himself. (don't feel bad for me, I'm of the "lucky ones". No happy wheels for me.) Thx Matcat :)

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    lilli sullivan4 時間 前

    im so glad you mentioned sailor j i love her so much

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    Nebula _Gaiming4 時間 前

    Ahem 21 minits and at 4:14 he adds the introduction wow

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    Dawn Lastafka4 時間 前

    I hear brain needle and green needle

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    It’s Jakoboi4 時間 前

    Oregon. Final answer

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    Lunga Biyela5 時間 前

    I'm guessing Natasha and Tony are going to die. I don't think Cap will. He'll probably end up going back in time to live with Peggy. That's my guess.

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    Nathanket4625 bob5 時間 前

    I move in my sleep too

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    xp gaming5 時間 前

    I have written a function for how many suspects light has falsely killed. K= ac/Rm. K is the wrongly killed individuals, m is the chance that there were multiple perpetrators, a is the average amount of suspects per crime, c is the crime rate, and r is the chance that the suspect was going to be convicted anyways.

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    Ryan S McLaughlin5 時間 前

    5:32 - Kipchoge ran his 2:01:39 marathon in Sept 2018.

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    teo9995 時間 前

    If this is really possible, then why didn't we already do it?

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    Emma Venables5 時間 前

    yeah i thought it was poisonous

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    SATORU5 時間 前

    *What if Sonic knew he didnt need help but still did cuz he felt lonely*

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    Mega Knight325 時間 前


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    Luke Maxwell5 時間 前

    I live in Springfield well that’s what my google home thinks although I live in Australia

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    Nerd Apocalypse5 時間 前

    well both my parents have dark brown hair and brown or green eyes, my siblings all have brown hair and blue or brown eyes and yet somehow i have blonde hair and blue grey eyes and yet no one in my whole family tree has blonde hair EXPLAIN THAT MATPAT

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    Clark Serecky5 時間 前

    When finding the speed of electricity, you forgot to account metal not being a super conductive material for electricity, and so your speed battle test may he correct, but you forgot to account for conduction of the metal on the railings. Also, the weather can play a big part in the ability to conduct the metal.

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    mongoose wants a truce5 時間 前

    Talking about algea when I was little like 4 yrs my family went on a walk and there was a pond covered densely in algea I thought it was grass and my mum only managed to grab me and stop me when I had 1 foot lifted about to step into it

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    Diwi Dah Deeka5 時間 前

    0:35 tbh yes the literal YES

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    AllPureSkill5 時間 前

    Hes on crack