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  1. author

    aldc overtime4 分 前

    uhhh millie bobby brown, joshua basset WHAT EVEN IS THIS VIDEO?

  2. author

    Karynn Scruggs4 分 前

    Heart of Dixie Wade, Zoe, and George should have been on the list I’m Zade fan all the way!

  3. author

    Mortal Kombat 1110 分 前

    I only agree on the #1 song does anybody else agree??🤔

  4. author

    Luv2Ski450011 分 前

    Lucille Ball in Mame. That was terrible singing.

  5. author

    Itz Alex12 分 前

    I would be extremely offended if any of these was said in my face

  6. author

    imperialist Japan12 分 前

    The Avatar Last Airbender was the saddest song in history

  7. author

    imperialist Japan13 分 前

    S.M.I.P yes good

  8. author

    Ami Fam15 分 前

    stop judging the show it does not matter

  9. author

    meh vlogs17 分 前

    pisces are a mood

  10. author

    Taylor Anderson18 分 前

    I can’t even count how many times my mom made me and my brother watch this with her growing up. It drove my crazy but I did enjoy the music lol 😂🤣

  11. author

    Edoardo Guzzi22 分 前

    My favourites: 10: Princess Celestia 🌞 9: Bon Bon 🍬 8: Rarity 💎 7: Applejack 🍎 6: Princess Twilight Sparkle 💖 5: Princess Luna 🌙 4: Pinkie Pie 🧁 3: Derpy Hooves 🥐 2: Fluttershy 🌸 1: Rainbow Dash ⚡

  12. author

    ItzReekzBtw22 分 前

    I’m so happy too see a series of unfortunate event

  13. author

    ILA Familia22 分 前

    These movies look really shitty and girly... I saw American pie yesterday, that shit was hilarious!!!!

  14. author

    aldc overtime22 分 前

    my fav moment: meredith: mcsteamy, MCSTEAMY mark: is that what you call me now? meredith: yeah but i don’t think your supposed to know that

  15. author

    Dillon Callaway22 分 前

    Britney is equally as iconic as Marilyn Monroe and that’s NOT an overstatement.

  16. author

    tinnelle king24 分 前

    I love her. She is the most understated actor and singer of our time.

  17. author

    Pink Alligator25 分 前

    Wait, George Washington switches actors? O__o

  18. author

    Olivia Cano25 分 前

    Yorktown before satisfied.....chile imma laugh

  19. author

    Karina-Rose Young25 分 前

    Detox V Jinkx will always ALWAYS be my favourite lip syncs. Jinkx ate that up.

  20. author

    Thorn Jolt26 分 前

    At the end of the series of avatar that wasn't aang and kataras kiss their real first kiss was when they were stuck in the tunnel

  21. author

    Justin Williams26 分 前

    Personally there are Three Villains I thought would made the list. Was referring to Mr. Moore / Mordred from Avalon High, Deimata from Girl vs. Monster & Malcolm from Up, Up & Away.

  22. author

    Dave1239527 分 前

    I kept waiting for India to say "What a beautiful chocolate man." Lol

  23. author

    Mathew Kleinman27 分 前

    I’m team Sharon but I agreed with phi phi with giving Sharon the goth charactor. Phi phi was an extremely annoying contestant overall

  24. author

    Athenah Arnado29 分 前

    *Yes!! Britney Spears princess of pop!!*

  25. author

    Ewahn Hall31 分 前

    I didn't forget any

  26. author

    PoRkChOpZ 253036 分 前

    Honestly Loren and Alexei are couple goals bless em ❤️

  27. author

    Mfundo Mkhize36 分 前

    Have you ever heard of MIKE

  28. author

    elena37 分 前


  29. author

    elizabeth keith38 分 前

    when Will was telling Joyce about the upside down in season 1.

  30. author

    _shane _fan39 分 前

    UHHH- the video should be call top 10 cute SHYLAND moment. Your welcome 😌

  31. author

    shumail khan40 分 前

    Nothing beats the 80s 😂

  32. author

    jhnnysix143 分 前

    Wait?! I mean these are some good scenes BUT how is there not even ONE of the many legendary fights between Nene and Kenya?! 🧐🤨

  33. author

    cfruge44443 分 前

    7:43-7:50 If only Nick and Judy had done that. *Any Zootopia fans who're familiar with the I Will Survive comic will understand.*

  34. author

    Richard Smith46 分 前

    Mr mistoffeles should've at least been an honourable mention for his dance difficult number

  35. author

    Hey Ingey Paarungo SF48 分 前

    Always One Direction 🥰❤

  36. author

    nogitsune 21452 分 前

    Don’t forget about the one when an interviewer asked Taylor Swift if she was going to take home more than some awards that night but also lots of men. And she denied saying that she was going to hang out with her friends and then to go back home to her cats

  37. author

    Shamali Wijegunawardhana53 分 前

    Geez this show is so abusive. Plus some of the stunts are quite unsafe. It’s a miracle nobody broke a bone.

  38. author

    SuperSaiyan IronMan54 分 前

    #10 isn't really dirty. Teens shows on Nick always make jokes like that

  39. author

    Papiya Halder55 分 前

    Season 5 is the best

  40. author

    Ilya Usman58 分 前

    No holdo in here cause she is not good character.

  41. author

    Pink Alligator58 分 前

    Superficiality is rejected? HAH what a joke, have you looked at the most talked of celebrities? as long as any Kardashians are on that list, that is horse crap! We did pivot for a while towards cosmetic surgery is bad in earlier 2000s, but then Kardashians broke through and hip hop culture broke too the top. Now if you want surgery, you should just go get it, it's more than accepted, it's encouraged cuz flexing is high tier

  42. author

    Omeya Clarkson58 分 前

    I love seeing them, I shipped them for years. But now I'm seeing how Delena was toxic and all they did was have sex with each other, make out, hurt each other, broke up and got back together. Damon and Bonnie were amazing. They were rocky like any other relationship but they had real chemistry, and the best relationships start out being bestfriends or hating each other. Damon loved them both but he never wanted to choose so Bonnie's death was easy for him because he never had toI love seeing them, I shipped them for years. But now I'm seeing how Delena was toxic and all they did was have sex with each other, make out, hurt each other, broke up and got back together. They put a dependent and a independent person together, Damon changed her morals but Bonnie stuck to hers because she was independent. Damon and Bonniewere amazing. They were rocky like any other relationship but they had real chemistry, and the best relationships start out being bestfriends or hating each other. Dont get me wrong, Bonniw and Enzo were great but I think the books were converted into a Delena fiction, Julia gave us some amazing characters but if you're going to adapt from a book stay true to it because in the books Damon and Bonnie were different than how they are in the series. Should've been Stelena,Bamon & Klatherine.

  43. author

    Giseledeparis59 分 前

    Leur performance deviennent ridicules, et dangereux 😒

  44. author

    Heidi Heaux時間 前

    Oh, Naya. Rest In Peace. 😥

  45. author

    Aramatou Dream時間 前

    i really hoped jace and clary would be number 1

  46. author


    Why does nobody talk about how Cinderella’s shoe didn’t disappear after midnight

  47. author

    Ishita Dasgupta [Borivali]時間 前

    What about Va Fa Napoli?

  48. author

    yes時間 前

    She believes that the earth is flat though

  49. author

    aldc overtime時間 前

    so no hermione and ron? okay, i’m done here

  50. author

    Jennifer Coleman時間 前

    Love me some PINK and Shakira they should do a calaberation.

  51. author

    IceyGotLost時間 前

    Teacher:Who was the 10th founding father Me: Lin Manuel Miranda

  52. author

    Tattoo Art時間 前

    I hope I'm not the only one who's disappointed Brendon Urie didn't make it on the list, not even as an honourable mention 😢

  53. author

    some cup with a head時間 前

    Guns and Ships should have been in the top three.

  54. author

    WhiteBaeR時間 前

    What About Ariana grande in iparty with victorious

  55. author

    Various Af時間 前

    Let us adore you didn’t even make it man

  56. author

    aldc overtime時間 前

    i was waiting the whole video for el and mike lmfao

  57. author

    some cup with a head時間 前

    Just realized the “-ojo” in MsMojo is a smiley face when combined the the sideways parenthesis in the logo...

  58. author

    Official Spartan Qxeen時間 前

    Scørpïø here🤗‼️

  59. author

    Lia Chonlon時間 前

    One Last Time and What’d I Miss? should’ve been top 10😭

  60. author

    Layla Trethewey時間 前

    The disrespect to It’s Quiet Uptown 😬😢

  61. author

    John Cole時間 前

    Is that you, Bob?

  62. author

    y3ll0www時間 前

    this video's would be so much better if you would just shut your yap for christs sake

  63. author

    Totalavulsion時間 前

    Growing up on this stuff rocked

  64. author

    jesusthroughmary時間 前

    Everyone needs to themselves a favor and go watch the Ringmasters performance of Out There in their Notre Dame Medley.

  65. author

    Addyson Baldwin時間 前

    This is what I ugly cry at 1. "Letter" from billy elliot this is just a sad song and when he hugs his dad mom oh I just cant 2. Angry dance from billy elliot I only cry when tom holland does this because if your a true fan of him it will crush you when he is screaming it makes me start bawling my eyes out

  66. author

    Karelius時間 前

    Caprio is a corrupt judge who sends people to prison on fake evidence. All this good judge public relations campaign is designed to prevent his recall.

  67. author

    Cypher Vibes時間 前

    I’ve reached my peak, I’ve been able to rap Lafayette’s parts in Guns And Ships with no mistakes. BE PROUD OF ME.

  68. author

    Give me the Tea時間 前

    So sad. I loved Bridalplasty. It was OBVIOUSLY problematic, but the drama was perfectly cheesy and who wouldn’t want their teeth and nose fixed FOR FREE?! 😉

  69. author

    MrJoshRec時間 前

    I feel like I’m one of the only few fans of Mr. Meaty!! Who else agrees? 😅

  70. author

    senait h時間 前

    1. Big bang is not like Friends 2. How I met your mother is way better than Friends 😂

  71. author

    Battle_Boy21YT時間 前


  72. author

    Ghost Survivors時間 前

    3:42 Cat Does It Better

  73. author

    Edward Williams時間 前

    Do Top 10 Funny monmets from the Golden girls

  74. author

    Psycho blu時間 前

    Just can't accuse people because the color of their skin and after they were all free and awarded the people dat accused em prob felt dumb asf

  75. author

    Celyna Barreto時間 前

    Vim aqui matar a sdds :(

  76. author

    stuart tuck時間 前

    I agree with no 1 but my top 3 would be no 3 would be right hand man then guns and ships then your number one

  77. author

    Tanya na divane時間 前

    OK let's be honest, if they would make the same comedy show about history of ppl of colour they would be cancelled. As a russian I can't watch it cuz I feel a lot of jokes could be made if they would use actual historical events, culture, real characters of those royalties and they even could use conspiracy theories abt history. But I don't really feel any russian spirit in this show

  78. author

    Syarif Alkaf時間 前

    Everyone does that in this show necesarry or not

  79. author

    Addyson Baldwin時間 前


  80. author

    Sauratou Asha時間 前

    If I’m being honest the orders are wrong you had Rebecca and Matt higher than Caroline and Klaus and you had jo and Alaric to low

  81. author

    Rainbow Raccoon時間 前

    Cry-Baby isn’t that weird

  82. author

    Gamer Elliot2 時間 前

    Where is speechless from Aladdin that was great

  83. author

    Katie Jatinen2 時間 前

    Am I the only one that loves, "Take a Break." I love the song mostly because of Anthony !

  84. author

    ExploitVids2 時間 前

    Dumb !!!

  85. author

    kittypatch 192 時間 前

    Rise of the guardians was my favorite.

  86. author

    Duckie 072 時間 前

    VOODOO by “godsmack” abt heroine

  87. author

    Charlotte Victoria2 時間 前

    Yo Phillip has been my crush since I was 3

  88. author

    stuart tuck2 時間 前

    I can rap Lafayette’s verses I practised them in one day with my dad singing Lafayette and Hamilton I can rap satisfied fast parts as well did you know they are faster than rap god by Eminem

  89. author

    angel toes2 時間 前

    killing stalking is not a love story. it was never even supposed to be a "ya0i" confirmed by Koogi. It is Psychological horror.

  90. author

    Gamer Elliot2 時間 前

    In my opinion try everything from zootopia should Have been on this list

  91. author

    Emerson Dance2 時間 前

    am i the only one who really loves the reynolds pamphlet😂

  92. author

    Dawn Banks2 時間 前

    But if that worked out we wouldn't have shawn and maya

  93. author

    vedgeboy2 時間 前

    Yo I would put golden time is amazing 👌

  94. author

    Te B2 時間 前

    I get insecure just by hearing about are you hot

  95. author

    Andy D2 時間 前

    I literally hated everyone besides manny and emma.

  96. author

    Addyson Baldwin2 時間 前

    I think angry dance from billy elliot should have been on there i have to agree with electricity though as well

  97. author

    Friar Tuck2 時間 前


  98. author

    Winter Salas2 時間 前

    5 years later, Top 30 Best Hamilton songs

  99. author

    Baddie Bby2 時間 前

    Just watched her sing in black face can’t believe they’re forced her into doing that act she hated it