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  1. author

    Layali Nehme日 前

    Jenna wasn't on the other side because she had found peace

  2. author

    Marissa Proctor日 前

    god i always hate when people try to tell you how to say your own name

  3. author

    Tlili Mohammed日 前

    Are these confessions really shocking?

  4. author

    Anayeli Soria日 前

    NOOOO MEAN GIRLS NOOOO why is people obsessed with that movie???!! it's not even good! >_<*

  5. author

    smcampbell0817日 前

    I dont get the one with robbie in the bowl and rex pour snot on him

  6. author

    Silver_Paladin_6 :3日 前

    I got quiznaking ELSA AND I AM HAPPY YALL!! 😊

  7. author


    Dark Alaric when he was an upgraded vampire will always be the scariest vampire diaries villian. In my opinion

  8. author

    MoroWolf224日 前

    Have always loved Mulan 💕🤟

  9. author

    Melinda Klamer日 前

    Eh. You left off "Not While I'm Around" from Sweeny Todd. The tragedy of a orphaned child devoting himself to a mother figure who will inevitable betray him is beyond sad.

  10. author

    MacMurrough the Meticulous日 前

    This is gonna need a Leslie Jones update lol

  11. author

    Vicki Enna日 前

    Omg a movie from Quebec made in the honourable mentions!

  12. author

    Plump Cosplay日 前

    Im a Gemini, I dated a libra twice and it just didn't work out. Each time he ended things. The sex was the BEST EVER. The relationship not so much. I miss his smile.and his carefree spirit.

  13. author

    NATE - XP日 前

    Well, I'm Gaston. ... *Bleeeeeep!*

  14. author

    Co1475日 前


  15. author

    Arouhi Bairava日 前

    im from chicago!

  16. author

    Bearded Casual日 前

    i'm sorry... but how were the top 3 even on this list? they should be swapped for the honorable mentions, which should indeed be the top 3 themselves. edit: HAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH! epic fail on this one. shocking moments, without the birth, death and revival of Hayley as a Hybrid. Hope's birth and her death, was more SHOCKING than all of these "top 10" you have, put together!

  17. author

    claudi conklin日 前

    okay NO ONE wanted lexa dead

  18. author

    Rhaegar Targaryen日 前

    I hate the way they've treated Lark Voorhies. I also suffer from Bipolar disorder and let me tell you: as much as people like to say the stigma associated with mental illness is less/gone- it is NOT! Lark was an essential member of SBTB and if they can excuse Dustin Diamond, with all the shenanigans he's pulled, they can do the same for Lark.

  19. author

    Rogerina日 前

    Who else knew someone actually hanged there selfs in the woods while they were filming and it’s in the background of the movie and you can actually see it.🤭

  20. author

    Fifi日 前

    y’all really hit me with that andi mack finale 🥺✋

  21. author

    debra knight日 前


  22. author

    Marie Inneo日 前

    No Colin Firth or Toby Stephens? Are you blind?

  23. author

    crawford deandre日 前

    Why is she talking throughout the entire video altercations smhhhh

  24. author

    Jillian Elise日 前

    *Dan Schneider BURSTS through the door*

  25. author

    Cheyenne Cook日 前

    Jeremy Irons needs a place on this list....his “Long Live The King” is chilling. Shame on Disney for shunning him for the reboot and all for a lame ass reason.

  26. author

    hunting rifle日 前

    I was happy that good luck charlie, girl meets world, and Andi Mack was over. Those shows were shit.

  27. author

    Zmargo702日 前

    Kinda lame to spoil it before it happens :/

  28. author

    everywhere at the same time日 前

    I need Disney to make a live action Hunchback of Notre Dame, with all of its dark themes and elements, it can easily win an Oscar along with that superb score and soundtrack

  29. author

    Sylvie’s Gaming日 前

    Ok but like you know what we need A Steven universe fighting game Also I already know some people would disagree but here’s the difference. It’s not cannon

  30. author

    Rezeru Kawaiii日 前

    The promised neverland

  31. author

    Edgar Morales R.日 前

    12:06 B1tch please! 🤮

  32. author

    M Raffa日 前

    Any plot hole in F.R.I.E.N.D.S is totally forgiven.

  33. author

    Megan Mcleod日 前

    This is a love story first and an action second so don’t compare it to characters who are first hero’s and second love interests

  34. author

    Gracie Maine日 前

    4:10 “Where do Elsas powers come from?” Well now Frozen Two is our and it explains everything basically. Elsas the fifth element other than fire, water, earth, air.

  35. author

    Amanda Hallgren日 前

    I’m sorry but I HATED Jenny if she hadn’t gotten in the way of Serena and Nate they could have lasted longer and maybe forever yes I know dan was still in the picture but still

  36. author

    Jamirah Benny日 前

    Boy erased was something else

  37. author

    Bob Baker日 前

    It's a pity she was so fat.

  38. author

    Donna Emerson日 前

    Oldie but goodie--James Cagney and I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandu

  39. author

    Megan Mcleod日 前

    The story is about Edward and Bella so ya no shit the story wouldn’t be anything without him.

  40. author

    aeris young日 前

    I’ve watched Gilmore Girls 5 full times and I’m halfway through 6.

  41. author

    aeris young日 前

    Jason and his lawsuit didn’t vanish. Jason dad’s and Richard agreed to come back together as a team and get rid of Jason. Which by the way caused a huge fight between Lorelai and Richard.

  42. author

    Megan Mcleod日 前

    This videos stupid and why did you compare her to other female characters, this series doesn’t even make her a warrior and she’s just a teen who feel in love.

  43. author

    DL Games日 前

    Hate Steven

  44. author

    Mallory B.日 前

    wow i forgot about the emily one, that hits hard 😞

  45. author

    I'm Obnoxious 618日 前

    The thumb nail says it all. Cancer

  46. author

    Dustin Crocker日 前

    I hate everything about these people.

  47. author

    FrostyOnFire Productions日 前

    Anyone else love how you can see everyone FOR REAL tear up in some of these?

  48. author

    Keith Richards日 前

    They did that fish dirty giving him a receding hairline

  49. author

    Makayla Ruby sosa日 前

    Love it

  50. author

    aeris young日 前

    Literally, if you were a real fan of Gilmore Girls you would know that Rory graduates on time because she spent all of her days and nights working to catch up and she did. They talked about it a lot so...

  51. author

    tabitha stabitha日 前

    I'm Jafar? Well, I mean, he IS an eloquent speaker LOL

  52. author

    ssslaughterrr s日 前

    every video has comments complaining about how there is too much commentary but never changes... we dont want to hear you spoil the clip and then play 3 seconds of it while you explain everything that happened when we could simply just see it ouselves. This isn't an essay on judge judy's quickest court cases we want to be read aloud its a video we would like to watch of judge judy doing these things you over explain.

  53. author

    Daily life of a weirdo日 前

    I got that joke when I was a kid bc I loved Ellen.

  54. author

    SHINee Velvet日 前

    You've been everybody's BFF and *KIKIKIKIKIKIKIKIKI*

  55. author

    William Austin日 前

    Terrible video

  56. author

    hayley collins日 前

    What abt trinas vibrating hair brush????

  57. author

    A J日 前

    Zack and Alex from Wizards on Deck With Hannah Montana

  58. author

    • Loonatic •日 前

    I'm watching after the finale and I feel like the finale should have been on there, it was so emotional

  59. author

    Brooklynn Khaios日 前

    Phi phi and Roxxy are tied for my #1 spot. Both hateful bitches in their seasons.

  60. author

    Crystalgem y日 前

    Emily:"But the turmoil he feels my never fully go away" Me and the fandom: *cough* *cough* future *cough* *cough*

  61. author

    jaebee1121日 前

    Somehow, miraculously apparently, I was 100% successful in avoiding High School Musical

  62. author

    angel cap日 前

    got Samwise and Brienne!...though I thought Podrick or Jon Snow would be here too....

  63. author

    Len Rix日 前

    Pleeeeaaasssssssssseewate my time!

  64. author

    abcde日 前


  65. author

    Olivia Kwok日 前

    WHERE THE HELL IS “Give It Up”? This list sucked even worse than the other ones wow.

  66. author

    Shane Matthew日 前

    I’m soooo glad wizards of waverly place is #1 on the list. It was my favorite childhood show

  67. author

    Elisha Barrett日 前

    I'm an aries

  68. author

    Justinhulk日 前

    "maybe if you weren't choking on everything" "its not robbies fault he has a petite throat"

  69. author

    Anastasia Hattenhauer日 前

    In my opinion, The Horned King's introduction deserved more than an honorable mention. He is probably the most underrated Disney villian

  70. author

    Isabella Rose日 前


  71. author

    Taluca Dragoni日 前

    the last one had me about how before Steven Universe Future ended, I thought Steven would be corrupted because he's taking his anger out on everything and everyone because of Pink Diamond and because of all the ones who hurt him. Turns out I was right about that with the exception of Pink Diamond

  72. author

    Steve Phillips日 前

    “If You Could Read My Mind” Gordon Lightfoot

  73. author

    There`s nothing Channel日 前

    Oh, the final sad moment wasn't encluded. Where Steven turned into a monster and after friends helped him, his crying was so painful and real, but at the same time heartwarming. I felt that so deep. I got the same feels when i was so loaded with all that work that i couldn't do properly and it made me feel so bad and guilty about myself. I've tried to make it look like it's fine, but it just wasn't. After my mom scolded me that i'm not doing enough of things for our home, i broke down in tears and panic. I was crying for help and i was asking her "Why do you think i'm not doing enough? Why do you think it's all that easy to me? Do you hate me?". I was shaking and sobbing so much that i think i scared her. She left me alone after that in my room and i started to get even worse with crying. I'm so glad that she came back to me and calmed me a bit, but i know what she thinks of me. That i'm just an uncapable and useless kid of hers. When i'm reminding myself about that accident, i'm starting to cry again. Sorry to bother everyone with my comment - i don't really know why am i sharing with this right now.

  74. author

    Powdered Sugar日 前

    0:06 is that my celebrity crush Natasha Lyonne who also plays Nicky Nichols on OITNB??

  75. author

    Savannah Nason日 前

    Nothing really has to be gendered I think.

  76. author

    Braden Greenley日 前

    I thought that Buffy and her mom and Tara died was sad. Buffy comes back though

  77. author

    kayla bosman日 前

    if they do another list of their covers, they HAVE to add their cover of The Sounds of Silence.

  78. author

    left-footed yodeling shoe monster日 前

    *watches Jack freeze in ocean* Me: jack frost 😂😂😂

  79. author

    do you like messi ?日 前

    When sakura spoke in english i was disappointed af

  80. author

    Megan Mcleod日 前

    I can’t even take this video seriously because it’s just a biased opinion with false facts.

  81. author

    Jayne R27日 前

    Come on no mention of Legends of the Fall or Interview with a Vampire ?!??!

  82. author

    Scott Summers日 前

    Jennifer Garner nailed it in Love Simon. What a heartfelt performance.

  83. author

    SmolHeroine日 前

    Yes! I was right! WOWP was first!

  84. author

    Ashley Alston日 前

    I love Whoopi

  85. author

    Melia Johnson日 前

    I think that Regina would be a Gemini. That's just my opinion.

  86. author

    Redjem 333日 前

    I'm a Sagittarius and a redhead that's now 51 and have no mouth filter 😂.. I say FU A LOT!

  87. author

    Formerly known as Spectraboi日 前

    Yo I’m getting th feeling that Watch mojo doesn’t like the Ellen show 😂😂😂

  88. author

    Cory日 前

    the harper avery thing really bothers me.

  89. author

    angel cap日 前

    agreed with most, but Indi is more like a Hufflepuff like Newt...

  90. author

    Hood to Homestead日 前

    I neeed to stayyy

  91. author

    Yuga Aoyama日 前

    But mother gothel is me

  92. author

    Yuga Aoyama日 前

    Funney I'm libra and it defines me perfectly

  93. author

    Kamile Vitkunaite日 前

    My favourite 1 niklaus 2 Elijah 3 rebekah 4 kol 5 hope 6 cami 7 davina 8 freya 9 keelin 10 marsel

  94. author

    Watson Everly日 前

    good lord, what does Hollywood do to kids?

  95. author

    Haley Smith日 前

    Lars was my favorite Steven Universe character. Wen I first saw his death scene on tv, I smashed my mom’s lamp and punched multiple holes in the wall. 💔

  96. author

    antisocialxava.k日 前

    i see kataang, i click

  97. author

    DeoxyHelix日 前

    wow bob. just come out and say you hate whites then, don't try and pretend there's a backward reasoning to it

  98. author

    antisocialxava.k日 前

    i cried when i watched the kataang kiss

  99. author

    Aaliyah McIlroy日 前

    Why are half of the people on this list already couples😥😥😥

  100. author

    Brianna Kyle日 前

    Millie Bobby brown there was Michael Carbonaro there is also the crazy chick that peed on Merediths couch