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    Andrea Nuñez23 時間 前

    No entiendo cómo puede haber gente que ponga no me gusta a la canción, si es tan preciosa como todo lo que hace Sam. Magnífica y glorosiosa voz. 💕 Love Smith 🥰

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    GOOB23 時間 前

    Somebody who will take a risk just to be with you.

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    Vanshika Sharma23 時間 前

    His voice

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    cobblerama23 時間 前

    Comments: touching, romantic, sad...deep. Me: He looks like Data

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    Aimar Cowan23 時間 前

    Sam Smith u a batty man u fuck man

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    Sally Bracko23 時間 前

    This sound so sick on 1.25*

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    Sean Fries23 時間 前

    Dear annoying philippinos. No one gives a shit what brought u here

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    Lailton Ferreira日 前

    I feel this song in my soul ❤️ I love his balad songs

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    Meghan McLeroth日 前

    Goosebumps ❤️

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    Britney Pereira日 前

    Damn that beginning note made me stop scrolling the comments section

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    berbick arowack日 前

    This is toxicity at its highest, and this why we have so many crazy people in the world because they believe in shit like this

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    Laughing Arena日 前

    Anytime i think about trying music, sam smith's style is what comes to mind......😂They are just dreams though

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    kawtar مهاوي日 前

    ohhh the videoooo /!!!!

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    Marcos V.日 前

    Que tosqueira esse clipe

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    giovanni mario marongiu日 前

    A big Star like Sam need nice song for his talent ....Sam you are an Angel.....

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    Caleb Flenoury日 前

    This is amazing and I expected nothing else 🥺

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    brendanayres92日 前

    Love sam so much

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    Nitzan Amichai日 前

    Emotions emotions emotions 💙

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    Edwin Balo日 前

    Es hermosa

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    Zay Nation日 前

    This is not a bob

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    Zule Santiago日 前

    Me encantaaaa

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    orfa taug日 前

    Gosh please stop...why do i keep coming back here😍😍😍

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    Malfin Zhang日 前

    Reallyyy.. i love your song so muchh😍

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    Matheus Albuquerque日 前


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    Kortney La Rosa日 前

    I love how happy and free he is when he is dancing

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    Ricky The Common日 前

    Being Single sucks are you feeling me world

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    matias flores日 前

    Alguno en español !!!

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    larona mogobe日 前

    I have been crying my eyes out.... I don't want to die alone

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    Karen K日 前

    Beautiful song! And it's filmed in our sweet town, Santa Paula, California! So cool!!!

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    Damian Mukay World日 前


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    Sara Pe日 前

    I love this so much! I don't think I can wait until May 😫

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    Yvonne Lubega日 前

    Oh my God .i have a new favorite song

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    Rehab Ismail日 前


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    Nina Road日 前

    What happened in the end? Anyone, please, explain.

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    Lucas Silva日 前


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    一尾人魚日 前

    me on valentines day

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    Readthe Lyric日 前

    Sam, you are amazing. The best british singer of our century. Keeping make us on a good mood. Love you so much.

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    Alexa Evans ;3日 前

    DONNIE DARKO🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭 (Aka Jake Gyllenhaal)😭😭😭😭

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    Javier Bobadilla日 前

    Fomeque video :C una lástima...

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    Alexander Louah日 前

    Hope one day i‘ll make some clothes for Sam or at least he will wear my creations ❤️😉

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    Dyann Grace Tiño日 前

    Why am I being so emotional? 😭😭

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    parkmildmyy日 前

    At the end Me : Jo, is that you?

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    loopy Queen日 前

    I'm crying... So beautiful...

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    Suchismita Gupta日 前

    'He' has died Again & again for 'Her' :)

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    Il Ragazzo Tutto Musica日 前

    This song is so emotional💜😭

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    cristina cosa日 前

    Cannot remember if I was breathing whist listening to this..

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    Florian Jeske日 前

    This mans greatness can‘t be mentioned in a sentence

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    Ian Dwight Casanas日 前

    Soooo gooooodddd!!!!!!

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    Shine日 前

    Sério eu to mt apaixonada por essa música, não paro de escutar

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    Álvaro Marín日 前

    amazing song 😍😢

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    Kenny Lee日 前

    This mv ...reminisces fast love by George Michael

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    Madd日 前


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    Lucky Lucky日 前

    Great song..... great music ......... bravo sam

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    gustav erving日 前

    Amazing song and beautiful video

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    HAYDEN Mary日 前

    I’m here for the music and the ignorant comments

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    Twerkergguk Kookie日 前

    Damn yes!!! I love this so damn much

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    Maria Stephanie Covers日 前

    Still waiting for that someone that's To Die For 😔

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    alvin stex日 前

    i will be waiting for the album patient enough!

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    S STUDIO日 前

    Sam Smith:To die for... Billie Eilish:No time to die!

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    Madeey Edros日 前

    I love u..

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    Mary MSL日 前

    “While my world's crashing down" It sucks, I broke up with my bf two weeks before Valentine's day. Seeing couples enjoying and here I am, still missing him 💔

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    Pamela Nivar日 前

    His music is so good

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    Diana González日 前

    Love that Donnie Darko intro

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    Sandra F日 前

    What a beautiful haunting song makes me happy for my blessings

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    faustina okoh日 前

    This man has a beautiful voice

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    Laura Young日 前

    Your named Sam Smith for a reason my huni because you share the sun shine around the world! 😇💛💞

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    Yvonne Okudzeto日 前

    Sam Smith never disappoints!

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    Vitor Pacifico日 前


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    Juárez gallegos日 前

    😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔 Sooo beautiful....

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    Fofas Avakin日 前


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    Alice Mwachande日 前

    I Honestly just want somebody to die for too 😭😭😭😭

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    Rizki M日 前

    Gak pernah mengecewakan pokoknya 😭

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    Ponung Taki日 前

    Thank you for this beautiful song !! ❤️❤️ I hope someday I will find someone too .. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Absolutely No One日 前

    11 minutes of Romance

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    Dragos Galu日 前

    Love it

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    Catalina Lara Valdés日 前


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    Sammy Ardita日 前

    is ok to being single now .. at least, at the end of the day,, his pick up by someone.. ;)

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    ultragamer日 前

    the cinematography in this one was topnotch

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    Ioana Barbu日 前

    Is Sam okay?

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    Diya Ayu日 前

    I love the old you Sam ...

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    Emelyn Santiago日 前


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    Szafirowa Mona日 前


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    Sophie Levy日 前

    He’s done it again 🙌🏻

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    San Smith always makes masterpieces!!<3

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    Brayan Osorio日 前

    Gracias madre Sam❤️

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    Apriadi D.日 前

    Wowwwwwww I love you sam smith Love from indonesia

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    Milagros Moreno日 前


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    H.M.Aprian Noor日 前

    2:40 - 2:45 exactly my face when I see some couples being together

  89. author

    Fernanda Adnanref日 前

    Que voz 🤩

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    Francisco Villarreal日 前

    Donnie darko

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    Sena ERDEN日 前

    again, meaningful lyrics, great message, good melody, good song.. as expected from sam..

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    Jesca Hakutangwi日 前

    this is the defination of perfect art ...... well done sam

  93. author

    x x日 前

    Scrolling through the comments to look for the lyrics 👀

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    Graeme McFee日 前

    I get this boy is gay but why does he have to throw it in your face all the time arsehole

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    Andrea Espejo Suárez日 前

    Eres el mejor

  96. author

    Andrea Espejo Suárez日 前

    Te amo

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    ta ta日 前

    I want someone to live for

  98. author

    Faiz Azhar日 前

    no one cares about what made you watch this

  99. author

    Sepentina Gaming日 前

    I am dying I am daing I AM

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    A日 前

    AWESOME SAM AWESOME!!! Keep up the great songs and work.