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Recently recognized as the most played video game in the world-100 million play every month-League of Legends® is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA).
Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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  1. author

    Santosh Aware15 時間 前

    I love to see that like in India

  2. author

    Kobe Sedg15 時間 前

    I still kinda wish this would be finished and formally released onto live

  3. author

    Ivan Ivan15 時間 前

    The music team i riot 10/10 The balance team -6/10

  4. author

    위승훈15 時間 前

    가슴이 웅장해진다

  5. author

    제로키우는 유저15 時間 前

    롤 노래 다운못받나요..

  6. author

    Dany Horror Story15 時間 前

    Di getok zanis juga mokad

  7. author

    Giorgiplayzz15 時間 前

    2:00 ❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛

  8. author

    Jocelyn Dancel15 時間 前

    Yone is life

  9. author

    Danielle T.16 時間 前

    I like the part with akali

  10. author

    Moo16 時間 前

    this outfits look like ,dont touch me

  11. author

    Danielle T.16 時間 前

    This is amazing!!

  12. author

    -Tkalista16 時間 前

    We need mena server .....

  13. author

    xXx_SSA_xXx16 時間 前

    gamers never die bcs they respawn

  14. author

    KEKW MeoWinG16 時間 前


  15. author

    Xander Younger16 時間 前

    Is it just me or is the blonde guy like SUPER HOT also am I the only one who has noticed this is like, excessively feministic? I mean it was cool, but it seems forced to me, which does more harm then good to the cause in my opinion.

  16. author

    Md Idris16 時間 前

    i don't play leage of legends but i listened to their song aboutr a thousand time!!!

  17. author

    Bharat: EK Khoj - भारत: एक खोज16 時間 前

    Braum's Cousin: "Raise him well" Braum: "No I got to save you to find out *Nunu's Mama* in the future"

  18. author

    Unique Destiny!!!16 時間 前

    Which app or software do u use to create these?!

  19. author

    Itx MÄNI16 時間 前

    If this was a Movies omg

  20. author

    Reverseflow16 時間 前

    _If I had a dime for every N-word in this is song I would have 2 dimes-_ *which is not very many but its weird that it happened twice* *Don't believe me?* 1:24 and 1:27

  21. author

    Nesica sky16 時間 前

    Low key thinging of class 1-A fighting (mha)

  22. author

    Alejandro Gonzalez Otalora16 時間 前

    We want a KDA comeback please Riot, thanks.

  23. author

    Melissa Pelinson16 時間 前

    Why league of legends don't make more login like this ?

  24. author

    UniSect16 時間 前

    10 out of 10 of those champs have full visual and gameplay reworks.

  25. author

    Adithya SK16 時間 前

    There are 54666 comments. If you find mine your are a legend. And you never die..........................

  26. author

    Roushan Gupta16 時間 前


  27. author

    Quang Anh Hoàng16 時間 前

    2 different styles of singing this song

  28. author

    Mynoob16 時間 前

    Tous ça pour un 3 z

  29. author

    EvanCG Productions16 時間 前

    1:44 They force you to look at her thigh gap

  30. author

    Christopher Villaran16 時間 前

    OMG! These puns are getting out of hand!

  31. author

    중딩야스오충16 時間 前

    축하합니다! 한국인을 만났습니다

  32. author

    Orca Main16 時間 前

    Darth vader vibing

  33. author

    The pk family Zhao16 時間 前

    The epic part *the bird turning sideways*

  34. author

    Yejin16 時間 前

    미연 존예다......ㅓㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  35. author

    김라희16 時間 前

    와 다 영어 댓

  36. author

    Z9FiveX16 時間 前

    this is k-pop

  37. author

    Avery Laible16 時間 前

    What are all the champions' involved in this? I'm only seeing Ryze, Sejuani and maybe Quinn with the crossbow antics. Edit: AND Yasuo. Can't forget the blade.

  38. author

    Map832jr16 時間 前

    When are they going to release Ability Power/a group of exclusively ad champions

  39. author

    Sangeeta Joshi16 時間 前

    She looks like miya in ML😲

  40. author

    Zera 0716 時間 前

    와 쩐다

  41. author

    Vogs Life16 時間 前

    This is how you cook rice

  42. author

    Klive Adamat16 時間 前

    This is a weird way of saying "Dating Sim" 😂

  43. author

    ur average hooman16 時間 前

    these puns...

  44. author

    Fernan Sanford17 時間 前

    Spoiler: This is cannon.

  45. author

    Jesslyn Cici17 時間 前

    I’ve Watched this too many times

  46. author

    Caleb Faulkner17 時間 前

    I've watched this probably 800 times and it just makes me want Kai'Sa cinematics. She needs more story!

  47. author

    Нурболот Мусаев17 時間 前

    me:i dont like kpop riot games:are you sure about that?

  48. author

    DylanTanner17 時間 前

    This video really juices my grapes

  49. author

    JWF Project 001117 時間 前

    Which one is better alan walker remix or the regular legend never die I think the alan Walker rs better

  50. author

    Rebecca Mack17 時間 前

    This is one of the best I have seen. If they had a movie that would be awesome

  51. author

    The venom17 時間 前

    Who is imagining himself in this epic fight😂

  52. author

    Vogs Life17 時間 前

    Riot makes really good music. Even Valorant's OST sounds great

  53. author

    하이17 時間 前

    Why don't you have Korean in the caption?

  54. author

    sonicspeed 86717 時間 前

    Girls: put bts Me and the boys:

  55. author

    Andrew Song17 時間 前

    k I'm just sayn they barely 5v1'd the karthus and he 100-0d them with just requiem. Yea they gon lose that game lol

  56. author

    supriyadi sst17 時間 前


  57. author

    브론즈 현지인:학롤TV17 時間 前

    Korean Put your hands up

  58. author

    Clowning17 時間 前

    And so, the void that would swallow thousands of players mental health was released.

  59. author

    John Smith17 時間 前

    More than 10 years on and the playstyle is the same.

  60. author

    esparda0717 時間 前

    Ok, someone take their dad back.

  61. author

    BT-727417 時間 前

    those puns made me comit self deletus

  62. author

    Squishy Sexy17 時間 前

    ahh the memory... back when my cousin and i League maniac but still silver to this day lmao

  63. author

    jose laime :D17 時間 前


  64. author

    Hitmansvk12317 時間 前

    That theme don t move that s not interesting 😔

  65. author

    Aaditya Sabnis17 時間 前

    Stronger: Show me the most inspiring song Hall of fame: I said the best Legends Never Die : Perfection

  66. author

    Fanani Agus17 時間 前

    Love KDA

  67. author

    The Phønomenal Show17 時間 前

    This is hanzo

  68. author

    Official Evil Hacker gaming17 時間 前

    Bandookbaaz and gguruji fans are here?

  69. author

    Pub Exploit17 時間 前

    The games name should be changed to League Of Women... lol

  70. author

    Gabrielle Pedragosa17 時間 前

    hmmp ... why not make a champion that wil base his type on his passive skill. for example... if the user choose to built it an lethality item and reach some amount of lethality dmg it bacame assasin and the whole skill will change into an assasin type? and if the user choose to build it with some armor it became tank? or build ap and became mage?? that would be the most epic champ 🤔 hit like if you love this idea 😁... hmmp i think these champ would go like assasin/mage or tank.

  71. author

    A17 時間 前

    army we stan this

  72. author

    Think Fight Talk18 時間 前

    Why? Why did they give a character split damage and the ability to deal % of max health that also gives a shield ?

  73. author

    Aaditya Sabnis18 時間 前

    The way she says ' never lose hope ' gives me feeeeel😍

  74. author

    Sora - KUN18 時間 前


  75. author

    펭귄18 時間 前

    Welcome to the rice pot, no meats and vegetables Welcome to the warm, we've only begun, so Pick up your spoon and fork There's rice on the bowl, cook and eat it You get one mouth to eat it out alive, so warmer and warmer you cook it It's deep in your throat, chew and swallow it This is your moment, now is your time, so Eat yourself and RICE, RICE Make 'em swallow you RICE Eat through throat and RICE, RICE They will swallow you RICE Welcome to the eat up, reach for the stomach Players pray that one warm rice looks very warm, so Warmer and Warmer you cook it It's deep in your throat, go and take it This is your moment, take to the bowls, eat Eat yourself and RICE, RICE Make 'em eat you RICE Eat through throat and RICE, RICE They will swallow you RICE So get along, so get along, eat Get along 'long eat a rice harder So get along, so get along, go Get along 'long eat a rice' harder And as you cook among the warm throat the eat Do you eat yet? Do you want it? And when the rice call to ask you what you're rice Do you eat if Chew or swallow, you'll Eat yourself and RICE, RICE Make 'em swallow you RICE Eat through throat and RICE, RICE They will swallow you RICE Prove yourself and RICE, RICE (Pick up your spoon and fork) RICE (It's deep in your throat, cook and eat it) RICE, RICE (Warmer and Warmer you cook it) RICE RICE, RICE

  76. author

    Ni18 時間 前

    Me still waiting for my Aatrox game play to get animated :((((

  77. author

    장두두둥18 時間 前


  78. author

    Elliot Yong18 時間 前

    The battle of Windhelm in a nutshell.

  79. author

    Elizabeth M18 時間 前

    Do Madison Beer fans... know?

  80. author

    Tyndalos Gru18 時間 前

    Anyone knows the lyrics of the vocals?

  81. author

    Rin18 時間 前


  82. author

    the racom12318 時間 前

    Buff sylas pls :,v

  83. author

    Tammy18 時間 前

    how tf do you stay this fire. it's been 2 years.

  84. author

    Sad Phrog18 時間 前

    Boom what up solorenektononly here, today we will be missing 50 cs

  85. author

    Tommy Nguyen18 時間 前

    Wow, tank and support trying to do baaron w/o their AD carry. They are lucky they didn't get ganked >:(

  86. author

    Darryl Magcanta18 時間 前

    8:20 Demon: It won't be the last. 8:22 Yone: You are a BAKA! 😂

  87. author

    大和山本18 時間 前

    This sounds like martin garrix sounds.

  88. author

    mega boii18 時間 前

    Oh yea...we do "go hard,till we get it*

  89. author

    Luchtin18 時間 前

    Old lore

  90. author

    Xx_Zero_xX19 時間 前

    For paul walker...

  91. author

    오서준19 時間 前

    1:46 뒤에 미드차이

  92. author

    Akali Lars19 時間 前

    2020 coronavirus season has started

  93. author

    Teozinhou19 時間 前

    Music name?

  94. author

    JuanesSL19 時間 前

    buen video manute

  95. author

    hector gogonzalez19 時間 前

    lost pause

  96. author

    anthony bradford19 時間 前

    ha actually shoulda just quit this game by now

  97. author

    maxi Vázquez55519 時間 前

    Muy buenas canciones

  98. author

    AURA丶ASH乛 GaminG19 時間 前


  99. author

    Welerson Souza19 時間 前

    Psg top

  100. author

    Dark Brams19 時間 前

    Spirit blossom jhin ?