Blame it on BabyBlame it on Baby

Blame it on Baby

7 ヶ月 前

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    ZooBabyy7 時間 前

    Nba youngboy n king von song together jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-5mambEU6yyY.html

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    damn i felt that playin with your guns in the closet

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    Inahjaa Pierre7 時間 前

    i love when he with his daughter they so cute together💙😭🥰💙

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    Jay Makarov7 時間 前

    Lately I been in my feelings like a ho I ain't been really havin' hope 'cause I been missin' my bro I was at the polls in a Gucci Peacoat Tryna tell all y'all bitch ass niggas, "Come vote" Damn bruh, you aren't the only one who felt alone I been feelin' lonely too, I probably say it every song Lookin' at my nieces, broke me down to pieces Cryin' at the hospital, askin' "Why you leave us?"

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    playboijack7 時間 前

    RIP G bruh. Can Feel babys pain in this.

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    Randall Sentell7 時間 前

    What's the name of the first part

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    Chante Corbin7 時間 前

    My friend is now 😂😂😂

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    Jay Makarov7 時間 前

    Rich nigga can't have no feelings Mo' money, mo' problems we got (Let's go) You can fuck around, get yo' head bust For tryna be somethin' you not (Boom, boom, boom) I got a place for you on a T-shirt And a date for you to see 'Pac And when I walk in I don't even touch them hoes (SethInTheKitchen) When I leave, they gon' follow me out (Let's go) And when I walk in I don't even touch them hoes

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    nasa Hussein7 時間 前

    Nba needs to work with dababy more maybe itll lighten his mood he has potential

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    MitchGANG Family7 時間 前

    #True story

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    GROW LIFE 237 時間 前


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    Joshua Wiliams7 時間 前


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    Envyjosh7 時間 前

    Fvck the people that say dababy raps the same everytime

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    Dionne Silver7 時間 前

    I felt this shit💛💯

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    DirtLife Of A MudSlinger7 時間 前

    Check me out

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    Carlos Bigard7 時間 前

    Damn bro

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    MaSh3d P0tatoes7 時間 前

    Amazon delivering your package you ordered:

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    Lamin Saidy7 時間 前


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    Lamin Saidy7 時間 前


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    xavier williams7 時間 前


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    peter nwanze7 時間 前

    this fireeeee

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    simon richards7 時間 前

    That bass 🎵

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    Paul Akalazu7 時間 前

    long live ur brother

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    Lowkey Savage7 時間 前

    I love your music and rip to your brother and you fine as fuck

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    RYN_Tiwaii7 時間 前


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    MaxSmell2107 時間 前

    DaBaby the King 👑 🙌....you tapped into the ETHER💯

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    Semaj Jones7 時間 前

    damn i aint never seen baby have hair like that

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    yunior king official7 時間 前

    Hey broo 2020

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    Trayvon Jay7 時間 前

    Who else keeps replaying Polo G part? 👇🏽

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    TaterHead CuHHH7 時間 前


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    amarijanee7 時間 前

    he got his twin innnnnit 🥺😍

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    Marlivinglife Life7 時間 前

    His daughter a whole mood

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    Joshua Wiliams7 時間 前

    Long live G

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    PINK PANTHER7 時間 前


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    TrevorBot7 時間 前

    I feel like his brother felt like his life should’ve been different

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    ConsciousCornucopia7 時間 前


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    the blue gamer7 時間 前

    dababy really dont miss

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    Joshua Wiliams7 時間 前

    Long live G nigga

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    Conner OBrienGolf7 時間 前

    Were we really supposed to believe the ankle in the beginning?

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    PINK PANTHER7 時間 前

    REST IN HEAVEN KING💫👑🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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    Chad Collis7 時間 前

    Love his songs 🔥🔥🔥💯💯

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    Baby on baby

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    Bobby Reid7 時間 前

    when did Dababy start tattooing his face?

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    Chad Collis7 時間 前

    Dababy is the greatest singer ever💯💯💯💯

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    Chad Collis7 時間 前


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    TheGoated No8 時間 前

    0:26 that’s the piano from rockstar

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    Oneway_Era8 時間 前

    Felt this 😪

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    Carlos Urena8 時間 前

    if you going through some shit you can feel the pain in this song

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    Julian Livecchi8 時間 前

    It’s in my top 10 favorite songs!!!!!

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    Rico De Silva8 時間 前

    This basura, i miss the old thugger lol

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    Shay W8 時間 前

    Everything you put out is a hit. You are One of the greatest

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    Kaiden Ramlakhan8 時間 前


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    Elijah Caldwell8 時間 前

    Shit my mom won't even put her five dollar purse on the ground so I dont blame him for not wanting to put the Louis on the floor

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    Dontavonne Johnson8 時間 前

    I love it. This guy is turning out to be one of my rappers. Love his style. Keep it bro.

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    cory fair8 時間 前

    Good compensation

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    private Chic8 時間 前

    DaBaby Is Just DIFFERENT And Him With His Daughter Is Adorable. Please Stay Safe, Wanna watch You Grow and Evolve. ✌

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    JDL The Situation8 時間 前


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    Mistaken 20088 時間 前

    Here befor a million views 👉

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    446 QwervyWu8 時間 前

    She put the hat on then got forget she took it from her dad😂😂

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    Brevan Pietersen8 時間 前

    Rip G🕊

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    Stevie Woo8 時間 前

    love ya,Dababy!💘💖💕...from WooWoo💃 in North Carolina!... Happy Holidays peeps!!!

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    morinahoney benedit8 時間 前


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    ΨzipperΨ8 時間 前


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    Ryan Flippi8 時間 前

    Fuck the presidents long live G

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    King montage Mall8 時間 前

    Who realized this the only song about 2pac this year it’s all been about Kobe but what about the other goat 2pac respect to both legends rip

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    Julien Brander8 時間 前

    Dababy literally murders any beat, and there are still people who think he has only one flow

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    Gangsta kittie8 時間 前

    Actual banger

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    Joodu8 時間 前

    Love how he doesn’t swear I front of his daughter

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    Santiago Biscontin8 時間 前

    Kirk da Goat

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    Yvng Swag8 時間 前

    Crib hard 🔥🔥🔥

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    Julien Brander8 時間 前

    Don't self promote your music in comments, have respect he lost his brother and y'all post your links here?

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    WeslyPipezErDwn8 時間 前

    One thing I endorse is a father in his kids life active not just money

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    Lamzo 998 時間 前

    My best song in the album 🥰🔥🔥

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    Sapphstaff SBT8 時間 前

    fucking tune.big up

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    ley Boy8 時間 前

    Back to back

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    Ashley & Adrian Davis8 時間 前


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    Kayo Bracey8 時間 前


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    Rollensgotgame8 時間 前

    Bruh, I thought he is good until i heard this shit on fortnite, so disappointed

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    Ethan logue8 時間 前

    Da baby with da baby

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    Mayra Johnson8 時間 前

    Your right brotha more money more problems