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What is AVB?What is AVB?

What is AVB?

5 日 前

  1. author

    Omar Gordillo時間 前


  2. author

    jrepinecz時間 前

    What piece are you playing at the beginning? Or are you improvising?

  3. author

    Lukas Williamson時間 前

    One question about shields: isn’t it really loud under a shield with a ceiling? I would imagine it’s hell in there

  4. author

    Ryan Gilley時間 前

    Crossing fingers, this is a really nice piece!

  5. author

    Capitola Bill時間 前

    41+ minutes of sound demo, heard two sounds of any practical use. Moving on , still searching.

  6. author

    Ross Gillis2 時間 前

    Reminds me of when Neil Peart went down to the Percussion Centre in Fort Wayne, and we tried out that set of Ludwig drums that were “Vibra-Fied”. They had a thin layer of fiberglass added to the inside of the shells giving them that punch heard nowhere else. This kit (having a similar deal, just in between the plies) must sound unreal live and in the studio. Yamaha hit it out of the park with this one!

  7. author

    Alex FR2 時間 前

    nice!... can i use it to run backing tracks or to DJ?

  8. author

    Emmanuel Shipstone2 時間 前

    Why don’t more rock drummers use this oak kit? Also why not Yamaha anymore. They were big in the 80s

  9. author

    Tyler Pruitt2 時間 前

    The WORST sounds. Why can they not just give us the whole package... great triggers AND great samples? At these price points, Roland really needs to get their shit together in terms of samples out-of-the-box.

  10. author

    Roque Avellaneda2 時間 前

    Cool giveaway sir! Cheers and stay safe!

  11. author

    CA. Bohol2 時間 前


  12. author

    Tips for the Broke-ass Musician3 時間 前

    Android version, please.

  13. author

    Hard Rock Relics3 時間 前

    Cobra as in Carols Cobra blue?

  14. author

    مدونة العربي3 時間 前


  15. author

    Stephen Chow3 時間 前

    met mark multiple times always gracious stand up fellow

  16. author

    68 Rumble Bee3 時間 前

    Just Looking At It Gives Me A Seizure.

  17. author

    Richard Umfreville4 時間 前

    Great Doctor Who noises , but does it make music ?

  18. author

    Greg Bergeron4 時間 前

    Paul pronounced bonsai correctly! 🤯

  19. author

    G- man4 時間 前

    Sweetwater is my favorite spot when it comes to making music. win or lose I"m a happy man. Shout out to Dave

  20. author

    J4 時間 前

    master of everything, music, hair, jacket Love you Eric!

  21. author

    k frayser4 時間 前

    I want one !!!!

  22. author

    Tomulator5 時間 前

    Saw a ROCKMAN unit in the intro...has that been modeled into Helix??? If so, what is it called?!!

  23. author

    Drew Heinz5 時間 前

    Was the person discussing the stuff ernie ball named drew?

  24. author

    Roger Williams5 時間 前

    Used to see him with Kyle and Bill Mattox on drums in the old days, changed my life. Look out in the crowd at these little bars and all the guitarists in town would be there, shaking our heads and smiling at each other.

  25. author

    Noah Rooney5 時間 前

    "when are we getting together?" "WHENEVER DUDE IM FREE" hahahaha if I got offered to get together with JP I'd shit lmao

  26. author

    reactions 4u5 時間 前

    Their best album by far. Production is amazing. Portnoy fan boys will deny manginis brilliance, but he's a genius behind the kit. Pale blue dot is just ridiculous drumming. Much better drummer than portnoy.

  27. author

    Smash6 時間 前

    Wheres the amp made?

  28. author

    P.o.B pedals6 時間 前

    It doesn't matter what type of wood is sandwiched between the two plies, the only one that matters is the inner wood that is visible.. sound does not travel or penatrate glue used in between the plies to get to the maple. These strategies these companies use is for them to make money people. The tone of the drum comes form the drum heads and the depth that's it.. check out all the tests that have been done, I have even done multiple tests just to see if they were true.

  29. author

    Modernity Leave6 時間 前

    Just got my worker bee, thx Ian.

  30. author

    Gary Carpenter6 時間 前

    I'm always amazed by these self-taught methods.

  31. author

    Yeti Vanmarshall6 時間 前

    Is it in Sweetwater's interest to bash the product??

  32. author

    Brett Marlar7 時間 前

    Every well said Mr. J. Hope you got some Deoxit 5 for that volume pot whilst you were at Sweetwater!😉😜

  33. author

    John Rowe,MD7 時間 前

    Sweet sounds. Would like to have had more twiddling of knobs with the combined “sounds“, especially the second direction used - fuzz was the dominant sound but I wanted to hear the bias moved around a bit whilst combined with the OD and some messing about with the OD. Oh well...

  34. author

    MrMemes7 時間 前

    Hi Sweetwater, I enjoyed watching your videos, I really love your channel, that DW Mapa Burl Exotic Jazz Series is so gorgeous, I love the tone of that drums, that's my dream drumset, I hope I'll get that someday, I want that to become my 1st drumset.

  35. author

    Dante R. R. G.7 時間 前

    Mark is such a cool guy and I very much enjoy watching his interviews but man... they always ask him the same things, over and over. I've seen like 8 interviews where he says exactly this, telling his past experiences with PRS guitars and amps. I wonder if he ever gets tired of repeating the same thing over and over. If you're gonna interview Mark Tremonti, ask something new, this is already all over youtube.

  36. author

    Silviu Stefan8 時間 前

    This dude is just about naming names. Filthy marketing!

  37. author

    Silviu Stefan8 時間 前

    Up next a an empty box that does nothing. It does not color your tone in any way. And it will be just like you like it. Expensive. This pedals are just a volume pot and a knob essentially.

  38. author

    mcasuse8 時間 前

    I would like to hear this amp from people other than who they paid to show it off!!!

  39. author

    Marcos Vini9 時間 前

    Very Cool 👏👏👏👏

  40. author

    Bharath Naik9 時間 前

    Dboss kannada super star

  41. author

    Jim Deecken9 時間 前

    Coming at the concept from the other direction, by finding out the scale from which the chord is definitively derived. With the CMaj7#5 demonstrated at 0:45, you automatically have access to not only additional scale notes of lydian#5 the 3rd mode of A Melodic Minor such as the A, D and F# in addition to the C, E, G# and B of the chord itself, (the other possibility of the mode from which the chord is derived is Ionian#5 the 3rd mode of Harmonic Minor) but access to 6 other diatonic chords, assuming you want to stay in one key during the particular progression or song. That way you will not feel locked into just arpeggios of the embellished chord.

  42. author

    Jerry Ramos10 時間 前

    Love it!! I need to check out the overall price online!! Thanks for the share!!🎼🎵🎵🙏👍😊

  43. author

    blue name11 時間 前

    how does it compare with the Yamaha Montage?

  44. author

    Adnan Raja11 時間 前

    Slash is the reason I bought 2 Les Pauls. The guy does magic with those instruments like it's nothing, and yet he's so down to earth and humble. He gives a lot of his income to charity organizations particularly for children. I know this cause a friend of mine has worked with him for a child shelter in California.

  45. author

    Rashid A11 時間 前

    his clothes remind me of cigarette packaging inside of marlboro cigarettes.

  46. author

    Arnoldo Arredondo11 時間 前

    Haven´t been able to buy a Korg for more than 30 years. Good luck to everyone and hope you enjoy it.

  47. author

    Milan Gameplay11 時間 前

    The Keyboard of My dream ..... Always Plan On Buying it ... But My Budget was Low ..... Just Love the Sound of the Keyboard .... ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  48. author

    Climbing Motion12 時間 前

    Do you have to plug it in?

  49. author

    AletzIto198613 時間 前

    Im new in this piano world i bought a fp30 but the speaker dont sound they worked perfect but i don’t know if i activate a command or something someone can help me please to solve this problem!!!!!!

  50. author

    Jake Troyer13 時間 前

    2nd board was awesome! Love this guy! Get Chris Lewis up there!

  51. author

    KXMROCK13 時間 前

    Certified Guitar Player

  52. author

    Ed Catanzaro13 時間 前

    Anika is Soooooo HOT and talented love her smile.WHATS NOT TO LOVE.

  53. author

    Wish your best 202013 時間 前

    oh he was still alive?

  54. author

    Rusty Garlic Bread14 時間 前

    To me these sound really flat. Probably the stick heads, Gretsch stock heads are crap

  55. author

    Gil Gaus14 時間 前

    OMG, that thing sounds horrible. The strongest thing I can say about it is that it makes me appreciate vintage guitars and good pickup systems.

  56. author

    David Surette14 時間 前

    Great demo, really nice sounding amp. I would have liked to have seen/heard the demo with a couple more guitars; Les Paul/SG, Tele, Semi Hollow Gretsch.

  57. author

    Arialis Ortiz14 時間 前

    Yessssss! I love SweetWater!!

  58. author

    Luis Clavero14 時間 前

    Jeez this is a beauty. I absolutely love walnut shells let alone walnut hybrids. I love my mapex saturn but wow this kit is making me wanna cheat lol.

  59. author

    Guy Davis15 時間 前

    Terrible camera angles

  60. author

    rikiwakwak15 時間 前

    Paul Gilbert: its easy Me: Damn you Paul Gilbert, (shakes fist) DAMMMM YOUUUUUUU !!!

  61. author

    Michaelbos15 時間 前

    NOTHING better then real drums, NOTHING. THOSE ARE NOT REAL.

  62. author

    Michael Schwartz15 時間 前

    My first Korg was a Poly-800 back in the 80’s. Adding this one to my studio would totally help me to make music to help others cope with covid-19.

  63. author

    Jody Ryckman16 時間 前

    This is a fantastic sounding kit. I think due to the fact that Nick is a great drummer and a very good salesman. Sweetwater found a gem when they found this guy! :)

  64. author

    Trell On The Track16 時間 前


  65. author

    John Sorrentino16 時間 前

    Please pick me Please.....Aaron is the best Rep from Sweetwater!

  66. author

    Heidi Heidiho16 時間 前

    Sounds like Tony Williams' Gretsch kit.

  67. author

    Brendan McGeeney16 時間 前

    Eric: *Plays blazing fast licks with note choices that blow my mind* Also Eric: "All I'm doing is moving my fingers around"

  68. author

    Kamil Kisiel17 時間 前

    Crackly volume pot @1:50 :)

  69. author

    Stanley Drew17 時間 前

    Nice speakers

  70. author

    Stanley Drew17 時間 前

    Nice speekers

  71. author

    RandallRocker17 時間 前

    ur saying just noodle my fingers got it

  72. author

    jupita tv17 時間 前

    please give me this im a professional composer and producer thanks korg is my hero