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  1. author

    Elijah Mangure11 時間 前


  2. author

    Elijah Mangure11 時間 前


  3. author

    Elijah Mangure11 時間 前


  4. author

    Elijah Mangure11 時間 前


  5. author

    Elijah Mangure11 時間 前


  6. author

    D4rkT0xic Sk12 時間 前

    Can someone tell me what ultimate power is this? 1:14

  7. author

    DomoKilla12 時間 前

    Season 7 is coming up... Respawn: let's suggest Season 1 trailer 🤔

  8. author

    David Witt12 時間 前

    Been almost two years and console still has audio issues.

  9. author



  10. author

    クリプトと俺12 時間 前


  11. author

    ddirG ehT ffO13 時間 前

    It’s been a year and that lifeline skin still hasn’t dropped

  12. author

    Kevin Mitchell Jr13 時間 前

    Loba's mom didn't die because she was only shot a p2020 once

  13. author

    ButtHead G.O.A.T13 時間 前

    Only OGs remember this map

  14. author

    Say WHUT13 時間 前

    The worst battlepass in all of apex seasons

  15. author

    R E V E N A N T13 時間 前

    New content already? i am pulling 22th of this month to me like a Black Hole, weird eh? Get ready for 𝘼𝙨𝙘𝙚𝙣𝙨𝙞𝙤𝙣.

  16. author

    Silent ACE13 時間 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-a5bHlrSfSxw.html If You Dont SLOW MO Then No Point On Clicking Link

  17. author

    _The_Acrinex_14 時間 前

    god damn it i was hyped for this

  18. author

    extronum srx14 時間 前

    MAX where are youu

  19. author

    Smooth J15 時間 前

    Lfg D3 I’m a wraith main I could play anyone I’m looking for cracked players with smart plays good team comms knowing when to rotate knowing when to take a fight players that can hold themselves also team shooting I’m always focusing getting picks and third parties gaining Rp placement positioning winning overall 18+ only also I’m on almost everyday so hmu at soon as possible

  20. author

    Brian Geigner15 時間 前

    liberty hangout

  21. author

    James WB0315 時間 前

    Please release the trailer for this year's one!

  22. author

    Corn Dog15 時間 前

    horizon appears here 0:08 1:56 2:05

  23. author

    Váša Lankočí15 時間 前

    File: *downloading* crypto: clicking at random keys

  24. author

    Enemy Spotted15 時間 前

    Recommended this, jesus. Look how far we've come

  25. author

    Peter16 時間 前

    Love apex. Only thing I don’t love is rank being ONLY KINGS CANYON. But I love apex legends.

  26. author

    Arda Boy17 時間 前

    Charge rifle in the cinematic: *knocks out a friggin monster* My charge rifle: i do 3 damage and take too much ammo

  27. author

    Daniel-o-sky17 時間 前

    One of the Best season trailer ever ❤️❤️❤️

  28. author

    J18 時間 前

    Blisk is basically the Nick Fury of Apex

  29. author

    J18 時間 前

    Wattson's face after shooting Bloodhound🤗

  30. author

    J18 時間 前

    I'm back here, that means something❤

  31. author

    Kyle Turner18 時間 前

    She cute

  32. author

    JasonItz19 時間 前

    1:10 bloodhound u fucking killed wattson bruh

  33. author

    amilcar echeverria19 時間 前

    Awesom no porque yo ya lo tengo jajaja

  34. author

    Tyra TuWafle20 時間 前

    Tan rápido pasa el tiempo

  35. author

    Logan Langford20 時間 前

    The skin info is great

  36. author

    MoeChu20 時間 前

    Best multiplayer ever

  37. author

    Vegito Jr ツ20 時間 前

    I already have all the legends but I might get it for the legendary items.

  38. author

    3mk29A20 時間 前

    Now this season is only in our memories

  39. author

    Angie Lorena21 時間 前


  40. author

    smart dragon21 時間 前

    And her name is also ( RAMYA ) aka rampart

  41. author

    smart dragon21 時間 前

    I she is a Indian

  42. author

    Bad guy 45621 時間 前

    Not gonna lie loba kinda thick

  43. author

    OG FATAL21 時間 前

    What the hell is up with this cross play trash playstation players lagging up the game every update the game gets worse ...broken trash

  44. author

    ROBOT_ZERO21 時間 前

    Ah yes, putting a 3x HCOG Classic scope on a alternator 3:36

  45. author

    lowercase æ22 時間 前

    I think I discovered who the season 7 character is going to be

  46. author

    SomeDERPYBOSS22 時間 前

    This was the season that added what is my favorite legend, and started to show just how good Apex can and will be

  47. author

    LegoKoltn09 !23 時間 前

    Just one question if you already own some of the legends do you get legend tokens or apex coins back for the legends you already own not saying the amount of apex coins it gives you is not enough just asking

  48. author

    The Junk Food Junky23 時間 前

    I miss solos so damn much

  49. author

    あおさ。23 時間 前

    1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 😍CUTE😍1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07

  50. author

    Arthur Petinati23 時間 前

    He. Apex this is very impressive, you are impressive. Hope you keep being badass as Loba and funny as Mirage.

  51. author

    Bethany Thompson日 前

    Who knows miradge as crane from dying light

  52. author

    Rusty Shackleford日 前

    Anyone notice her put the 2× 4× scope on the alternator? 🤔

  53. author

    Cowpokepat日 前

    (Bunch, m(a IK 6Dis Tu II u *My cat wrote that btw*

  54. author

    Omar Rurik Huaman Ludeña日 前

    Apex Legends es un juegazo

  55. author

    Matteo Cercone日 前

    Who else got this randomly recommended when it is almost season 7 lol

  56. author

    PeteyDeletey日 前

    Season 7 launch trailer better have another NF song!

  57. author

    Kerchuball日 前

    I hate myself for not starting around this event

  58. author

    Dino nuggets447日 前

    Season 7 battle pass trailer but all legends free😡I brought them all

  59. author

    Unstoppable Gamer boi日 前

    Mirage: Yeah he kinda allergic to sitting still

  60. author

    D T日 前

    Cross play is Absolute trash LMAO can you make a game that doesnt fuckin lag nonstop

  61. author

    Xtpowerarmor. E日 前

    Hay apex legends why is it that I can’t have apex coins in the game I was going to get a skin but then it did not do it can you fix it

  62. author

    BATM7N x日 前

    The greatest Season ever

  63. author

    your local neighbor meme dealer日 前

    Damn I started season one because a Freind introduced me to it... I'm still playing, how far this game has come is absolutely insane❤

  64. author

    Eduardo Baltazar日 前


  65. author

    Dancing Cow日 前

    Season 6: The L star is trash

  66. author

    Ace of spades日 前

    He said for a fast guy your pretty slow 😂 but octane wasn't using his stim plus now it's season six and his stim is now 40% increased speed instead of 30% 🤣😂🤣😂

  67. author

    Varsh, the Emerald Gamer日 前

    "I came, I saw... I came"

  68. author

    Hassa Razz日 前

    Quick The

  69. author

    sleepless scope日 前

    I miss the days before season 1 and my ps4 account was not band

  70. author

    Ellis Maximus日 前

    Octane: super kicks mirage in the face wattson: snipes bloodhound crypto: *hackerman*

  71. author

    Floating Platypus日 前

    4:19 there is an impostor among us

  72. author

    MrFROSTii日 前


  73. author

    Hideika日 前

    Revenant wasn’t joking lol

  74. author

    Brandon Kaawaloa日 前

    We need a Hawaiian in Game. Gibby no count buggah is 1 Samoan

  75. author

    DankForAll日 前

    Hope the olympus trailer is just as awesome as this

  76. author

    ibrahim can日 前

    Please make the R99 floor loot again in season 7

  77. author

    Stephcronic K日 前

    And olso shes my roommate

  78. author

    Nam Chef日 前

    I was there at The begining, and even if I wasn't there for the whole first year, I promise you, I will be there at The end

  79. author

    Obviously unpopular日 前

    “I mean, he did ask to get up close and personal...”