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    Suhaib 772 時間 前

    just Another video from mrBoss doing his things.. this man never changes

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    Desean Wilder2 時間 前

    Wow I can take a Manna car and take it to Benny now at first benny didn't accept that car lol woooooow 😂😂😂😂hell of a summer deal

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    QUEEN CiRiLLA2 時間 前

    Stop clickbaiting

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    Gab Chapman2 時間 前

    I don't know what takes longer, him getting too the point (if there is one) Or the time it takes for gta 5 to load

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    Isaiah Hathaway2 時間 前

    Why did I just get this

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    Young Devo2 時間 前

    Finally some useful information from him

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    liam sutherland2 時間 前

    Found this very helpful Mr boss

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    Sebastian Perrone2 時間 前

    Someone needs to hack his account

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    Kosta Merikas2 時間 前

    Omg thank you for telling us about the new loading screens!👌🏼👌🏼

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    Amber Faith2 時間 前

    do you need a yacht to unlock the captains outfit even if you dont own one ?

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    Mar Williams2 時間 前

    I got one of my vans from another player

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    Bonnie Medovic2 時間 前

    Can’t get the paleto bay one! It’s been 2 days workin on this!

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    Athanasius teo2 時間 前

    This is the definition of wasting time

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    Spooky Moo2 時間 前

    We got 2Gig what ya on about 😂

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    Sebastian Perrone2 時間 前

    Bro it’s the whole point to challenge u while u do it stupid

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    wired fox3 時間 前

    D10 is the best

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    Robert Arcidiacono3 時間 前

    9/10 😕

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    MotherFuckerJones3 時間 前

    But wait! There’s something you forgot to mention! Something that’s way cooler than the Cops ‘N’ Crooks DLC that we could’ve gotten instead. The all new, swift deluxe, official genuine Super X Faggio 5000! With T-shirt! Now for only $3,500,000 base price! Get yours today for a chance to win a second T-shirt absolutely free! That’s right! ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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    Microtal3 時間 前

    You don't need a nightclub to do business battles...

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    Ethan Templeman3 時間 前

    I saw this the first time I played this game even Javier's voice actor said the he did that

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    Daniyal13363 時間 前

    30 years from now mrboss for the trash: omg r* made a leak we know how the whole map is going to be! Meanwile people with a brain: they only posted a part of the map on all social media

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    Noah Kam élève3 時間 前

    You can buy weapon workshop in the terrorbyte to get Mk2 guns

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    jaywinplays3 時間 前

    scramjet is op

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    Colby Eckhart3 時間 前

    I dId them but it not unlocking

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    James May3 時間 前

    I got 9 out of 10 of it last one don't want to pop up

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    chadcantskate3 時間 前

    He said isn’t great at adversary and races but I know that he is pretty good at buying shark cards

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    Derek Cook3 時間 前

    I'm doing it as Arthur then doing the rest as John Marston

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    SonicBooom963 時間 前

    No one want to do the Solomon Grundy treasure hunt crap.

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    OfficialOGJ3 時間 前

    Great video thank you

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    Musarrat Mona3 時間 前

    Gangster games are better.

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    LiLDaddyRemixes3 時間 前

    I was on my second character when the 1st van spawned with my character being low a level I had a hard time trying to get the van IF you can't kill the npc driving the van and dont get the van it WILL DESPAWN

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    Irish GlitchLegends3 時間 前

    The last prop isn't a pick up truck it's a Karin rusty rebel off road truck.. its beige/ light brown.. I was looking for a actual pick up truck lol thank fk it shows as a blip.. had to switch session 4 times to make it spawn on the highway beside the homeless camp.

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    MrThiccNik YT3 時間 前

    Hey guys please check out my JPreporter channel it's based off some fun and epic FORTNITE content and others.. I'm trying to reach a 1000 subscribers by the end of the year🙏

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    Justin Bamba3 時間 前

    Hey mr boss why does not include the flag of the Philippines in the yacht

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    FlowetryGaming3 時間 前

    This guy is the biggest clickbaiter.

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    SwissPlayer3 時間 前


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    SwissPlayer3 時間 前


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    SuppaiMono3 時間 前

    Not connected to anything? Did you forget about thousands of people dressing up as aliens? 🤔

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    Mike Shuba3 時間 前

    the Dukes arnt brothers... swing and a miss right off the bat, and it kept getting worse... do you even know cars?

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    Daevon Garrett3 時間 前

    He don’t know anything about corvette

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    Rodney Copperbottom3 時間 前

    Oh man I hope I win the giveaway

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    Matthew Salazar3 時間 前

    Nothing planned for Halloween? What a shock. The Summer DLC wasn’t planned either. They should have just taken the chance on Cops and Crooks. It would have been much more worth it than this crap.

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    Ambassador Spock3 時間 前

    We need more nascars

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    Matthew Salazar3 時間 前

    So, just because this was done with a mod in story mode, it automatically means we are getting it in GTA Online. Do you know how many mods exist for story mode that we will probably never see in the game. This is all speculation as far as I’m concerned.

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    Nice try3 時間 前

    GTA 6 MAP FOUND IN TREVORS ASS (secret info)

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    Mervin Crasto4 時間 前

    That talking parrot maybe from Guarma, Or from TAHITI!

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    MR J4 時間 前

    8:35 read the massage

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    william thomas4 時間 前

    How is this man still level 243 when he been playing forever

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    ima_wolf 24 時間 前

    Crack head

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    Arlex Dawn4 時間 前

    If a civilian becomes a witness than it isnt the one your looking for, duh, you grabbed the wrong guy and should have saved a checkpoint before leaving the other three so you can just load save and choose a different brother.

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    Dirty Pancakes4 時間 前

    This free shit is garbage

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    Norbit Rice4 時間 前

    I am going to talk as slowly as possible because I have no real content

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    nah a fence4 時間 前

    just got banned from this and it looks like i have 0 chances of getting unbanned, rip 200 hours of gameplay

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    Lea Valley4 時間 前


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    Tohsty4 時間 前

    Those are the graves of Hosea and Lenny in the thumbnail, also you spelt Sites wrong in the title you moron

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    Инара Исамова4 時間 前

    "2:01" try this guys is working: 𝗴𝘁𝗮𝗳𝗶𝗿𝗲.𝗯𝗲𝘀𝘁

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    Инара Исамова4 時間 前

    try this guys is working:𝗴𝘁𝗮𝗳𝗶𝗿𝗲.𝗯𝗲𝘀𝘁

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    adam_hagan674 時間 前

    Anyone that play on xbox down to help me nake money? Im big hurting against everyone

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    G Davidson4 時間 前

    Is poleato bay 1 broke coz it aint showin up at all bin trying for 8 hours and nothing

  61. author

    Aiden Myers4 時間 前

    How did u get that money please tell me

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    Nick Busino4 時間 前

    Totlly not gta 4

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    mayo burger4 時間 前

    I hope they make a rdr3

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    Roy Dotson4 時間 前

    It is easy if you pic even etc

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    45,000 subscribers With One Video Challenge4 時間 前

    To people who need this: I hope you have a great day. _sending hug through screen_

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    Caspar Christiansen4 時間 前

    "Micah kills Arthur"? What the hell are you on about? That never happened when I played. Arthur kicked Micahs ass on that cliff in my playthrough. When I visited Arthurs grave, the same song played for a short period but that was it.

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    manina kalima4 時間 前

    "3:04" In case someone need so many R$ only consider using 𝗴𝘁𝗮𝗳𝗶𝗿𝗲.𝗯𝗲𝘀𝘁 It's best for all people+++

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    Tyron Briggs4 時間 前

    He's mad that his cops n crooks scenario didn't work on rockstar. Even they were frustrated enough too make something different so he can't make more videos.

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    Hector RomanVelez4 時間 前

    You talk too much f pi r explain you shoud going to the point straight in the next time you explain

  70. author

    George Darwent4 時間 前

    I bet we’ll be able to buy it knowing rockstar 😂 fr tho how sick would that be ?

  71. author

    kyle stivers4 時間 前

    It has a glitch. I keep getting an "it takes 2" award and 800 rp every time I log in.

  72. author

    Danny S4 時間 前

    I pooped my pants

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    Gkayzz5 時間 前

    THis guys the pest person lmao I’m subbing

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    Marty41P5 時間 前

    Great, Titan of a job.....remix

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    Bashom Haith5 時間 前

    That deal was bs they made that same deal with John and look how they went 😂😂🥴

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    midnightgamingtime5 時間 前

    Why. Are. You. Showing. Up. In. My. Notifications

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    caballero aguila5 時間 前

    Exelente investigación!! Estoy asombrado 👍

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    Ozone LA5 時間 前

    How this making everyone millionaires MRBoss you need to stop 🛑

  79. author

    sanchez moonias5 時間 前

    You can't go to backwater and new Austin as Arthur