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    Jonathan Ryan4 時間 前

    How much you wanna bet Rockstar did this all on accident and now they're just like "nice"

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    Ezio Auditore4 時間 前

    Biggest clickbaiter in the WORLD

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    OSSA4 時間 前

    10 min...

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    Arthur Morgan4 時間 前

    your wrong my guy but I can’t blame you I’m in black balsam rise. and. you can hear voice less in the day. more than the night. but it sounds creepy and need to see the movie explain.

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    savage 124 時間 前

    The exclusivity is when the dlc gets released on ps5 before Xbox series x

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    Leo RovGesù Cristo4 時間 前

    Oppressor MKII?

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    CubeCarver4 時間 前

    1:30 first heist is always cash

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    Michael Midtbø4 時間 前

    i have my 360 for the collection XD

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    atomic underpants5 時間 前

    I got the lost slamvan in the wheel but disconected so i lost it

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    Simon Phelps- Gardiner5 時間 前

    Mr boss for the nosh this guy needs to be hit with some lightning prick

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    Anistacio Gonzales5 時間 前

    I was in valentine'and Dutch put dynamite on the back of the cell and broke me out

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    게임채널손고자의5 時間 前

    Thars another whay, its you dont kill entwone but tie them up and when you give up by the police you can pay low bounty like 4$

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    2jz Ruben5 時間 前

    It’s not a Honda cxr it’s a Crx

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    Thomas Weatherington5 時間 前

    i think the coename is Gavin because A lot of people may not even know the guys name and know him as the Gavin Guy

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    Jumbo Burnsie5 時間 前

    Girls get makeup customization and guys get beard customization that’s really the difference here

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    Farrell White5 時間 前

    You can kill barry too with a sticky bomb at the end of his drug trip missons with either Trev 9r Mike

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    Brian5 時間 前

    How come we can't upgrade these guns?

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    C.K Yu5 時間 前

    calculated, it was around 4.78 to 4.86 seconds

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    TheStackrabbit875 時間 前

    How about Rockstar distribute animals into Red Dead Online?

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    Samuel Boutin5 時間 前

    If red dead 3 happen I think will play as Mac callender

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    Chris Webb5 時間 前

    Wow one bar what a big blow out for a big build up.

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    Cyberspacer186 時間 前

    clinton's the worst

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    Mr Cedric .English Jr6 時間 前

    Did you wait til the game saved before you moved? The game doesn't always save right away.

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    SmoothyGames6 時間 前

    Yo im a good hacker for the doors in the save for the casiono heist. I do it for 20% I can hack doors in <12 sec Ps4 name TTV_Ownydumb

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    Biggieboss power6 時間 前

    When i killed Micah i marked him i gues 30 times with a full Dead Eye i shot him 15-20 times in his Head there where so much Bullet Holes in him ^^

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    Lonny Anderson6 時間 前

    Cave ins were common in those times so the many named tombstone is probably a memorial site for worker who died in a cave in.

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    Cuberorama6 時間 前

    Back on the 360

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    Lonny Anderson6 時間 前

    The rock with the old world text is probably a reference to the Vikings

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    Kefka Zeromus6 時間 前

    how is he buried in a rock?

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    Mariusz Łysik6 時間 前

    Is there more hidden places on the map like this one?

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    De gamer Freak6 時間 前


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    Purple Shaft6 時間 前

    If Red Dead and GTA V were in the same universe, you would have to consider that San Andreas is just an island southwest of california. Not hard to conceive, since Miami existed in the 3D universe, and Vice City could be just an island nearby. The same to Liberty City. So in later games US geography wouldn't be so fucked up.

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    meme boi6 時間 前

    MBFTW: “so this suspension and cambering only works on the vehicles that it works on” OH MY GOD, I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THAT.

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    Richard De Priest6 時間 前

    When found the outhouse that thing was already dead

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    MidnighWolf6 時間 前

    Oh wow, he gets cured, survives and you can load the save to replay the original Red Dead Redemption AS ARTHUR! No... Wait... you can't, nothing happens.

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    Joseph Goodwin6 時間 前

    I tried using your glitch. You failed to mention that if you go anywhere in the blackwater map before the end of the game is you have bounty hunters at every single turn. So yeah if you want to post a video TELL ALL THE INFO.

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    Christian Bülow6 時間 前

    My worst mistake: i bought the kraken

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    todd lucoix6 時間 前

    Can the duke of death do a wheelie since its a mussle car

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    Dylan Mulcahy6 時間 前

    Mr boss in chapter 2 there is a hanging scene in valentine .if you go here there will be a man being hanged and there is two people crying a woman and a boy and this boy looks like cleet the little kid that robs you in saint denis .and what’s strange is you can kill him

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    weezeronyou626 時間 前

    They can't do anything to you it's a glitch. There's over hundred glitches a day.modders like you they need to something to people like you.

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    el mismisimo6 時間 前

    In the casino they are going to put the oppressor or the oppressor mk2?

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    Sean Woods7 時間 前

    Get that to Pearson

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    Just A Guy Who Kills Rebels For Fun7 時間 前

    Next: What if Jamir stops acting like a wuss and 1v1's me in Minecraft? (Flaming outcome)

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    DRT CrazY7 時間 前

    the itali gto is the best for me it's a awesome car 👌

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    W DS7 時間 前

    Next video: what happens if arthur renames his horse(secret outcome)(no tb)

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    Exploded Yoda7 時間 前

    Ages ago I found out about the heart inside the statue of happinessjust randomly, I was bored had nothing to do. So I wandered around for a little bit and found that secret " No *Hidden Content* this way sign at the upper level of the the statue's pedestal. It was a bit creepy at the time but thought nothing of it.

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    Ridha Maulana7 時間 前

    Can't wait for GTA 10: the whole world.

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    Sleepytimegamer7 時間 前

    The camber is stupid in real life and online

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    Only Ganji7 時間 前

    Rockstar don't like the community making fake money on a game from glitches. Yet they have been money glitching the community with shark cards since release. RIP

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    Vijay Surya7 時間 前

    Death row was pathetic, i thought it was final mission.

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    spencer wells7 時間 前

    Cut the bullshit out and get to the damn point.

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    DEDE Power7 時間 前


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    lucas Stewart7 時間 前

    Won the podium vehicle on first spin

  54. author

    Kaleb Hale7 時間 前

    I think I am going to wait until a price drop on this car because it’s pretty expensive for what you are actually getting. Like might as well make this a bennys vehicle for that price.😂

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    Leki Bolo7 時間 前

    Can u find it on ps3?

  56. author

    subham sarkar7 時間 前

    Bro super

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    Sean Patrick7 時間 前

    I got the monster truck yesterday it actually works like actual 18/1/2020

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    Lee Hunter7 時間 前

    A trailer doesn't mean a lot at all its still going to be a 1-2+ year wait plus delays carry on with life don't wish the years away

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    gNo gaMing7 時間 前

    7:13 that's the difficult part of all this

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    venom snake7 時間 前

    Yesterday I was playing red dead and i saw a drunk couple rolling around on the bed 😂😂

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    Cayden Simpler7 時間 前

    Utv maverick x3

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    Biggieboss power7 時間 前

    Sry im not the Person to talk allways bad but sometime you play so fcking bad when you went into the Sheriff Office no Dead Eye Rdy normaly before something like that oyu eat to full and use some Boost you use Dead Eye mark 2 People Deye Runs out you get almost killed your Aime was bad aswell it kinda scks to watch a Video like that its not realy Quality Kontent but i must say i know that you make alot of good Videos otherwise i would not Subscribe and give a Thump up mabey next Time you watch Stuff like that and what you put into a Video that you upload on JPreporter thanks !

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    RareBird337 時間 前

    This SECRET Trick Will Make Some Of Your NEW Cars/Vehicles MUCH Faster & Quicker In GTA 5 Online! That's your headline but when you talk about the camber you say it don't physically make it faster but handle better where you get where you need to go faster lol

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    FleX Llksy7 時間 前


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    Christopher Townsend7 時間 前

    You think everything's awkward it because the rebla gts is a Volvo that's used for rally racing the camber does assist alot

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    GhostDuke7 時間 前

    hi can you make a fast and furious video again because there are new vehicles now

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    JOHNNYCFC247 時間 前

    It’s probably LA Norie 2

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    Pj Neethling8 時間 前

    As a F1 fan, I am cumming throughout watching this video.

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    Charles Oelsen8 時間 前

    Mr boss for the loss, you talk too goddamn much

  70. author

    Pj Neethling8 時間 前

    It looks like the 1991 Mclaren Honda F1 car.

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    Nicholas Johnson8 時間 前

    All i wish was that once a day you could instantly drop 20000 dislikes on a video...

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    YT Notbnb8 時間 前

    U missed the room in Paleto Bay

  73. author

    MehAr Vlogs8 時間 前

    How did u got??

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    XxDiamond gamerxX8 時間 前

    I fully agree with you there. Rockstar doesn't care about xbox 360 and ps3 because they are way to busy with new content for xbox one, ps4 and pc. Personally I think that modding on last gen concoles should be as the way it is now. As it doesn't affect a whole bunch of people as like you said, there are usually less than 5 people. So gta v on last gen is like a sandbox type game and for next gen, we'll you'd get banned for exploiting.

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    Abyss Trinity8 時間 前

    Anyone know how this effect to gunrinning vehicles? I have some vehicles what i have not never used (after i buyed them) and now i wanna sell them to get more room my CEO tower carage

  76. author

    Dan Humphrey8 時間 前

    Where is Arthur’s grave?

  77. author

    Adelante Ricky8 時間 前

    If you kill the Del lobos members before entering tumbleweed, will life in the town despawn??

  78. author

    Luan Selaci Slättängsskolan Klass68 時間 前

    You are the best!!! I have gotten 5 million dollors

  79. author

    Mud Kat8 時間 前

    My chest was full of Gold Bars!!

  80. author

    Bouchiro8 時間 前

    on black friday 2019 (november 29)

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    Mace Windu8 時間 前

    They could have gave us in 1884 Mercedes-Benz motor wagon or a 1893 Ford quadricycle in red Dead redemption 2

  82. author

    Nathan A. C.8 時間 前

    If gta6 becomes ps5 exclusive ima haft to forget gta exists

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    1875HIBEESFC8 時間 前

    Anyone else notice that Arthur is wearing a short sleeved blue shirt before he collapses, but he’s wearing a brown jacket when he’s being dragged away & when he gets to the doctor

  84. author

    SyPhOn 1238 時間 前

    I wont ever happen

  85. author

    Matthew Collins8 時間 前

    I've tried this 6 times in a row. It's been cash every time. Rip

  86. author

    Ray King8 時間 前

    Anyone mod for Xbox

  87. author

    Ire48 時間 前

    He writes LEOPOLD in the description but then calls him Leo P A R D ? Whaat?!

  88. author

    Chris Massey8 時間 前

    Gta iv is one of the worst games I've played its a walking simulator

  89. author

    cold water8 時間 前

    Why are ur videos recommend pisses me off

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    peace sign is the JDM peace sign that has also the Japanese flag on it!

  91. author

    Aaron Taylor9 時間 前

    It was Brian that said almost had you

  92. author

    Joel Pyle9 時間 前

    Gold glitch is fixed for the PS4 and the helicopter was gone on the police looks like they got everything fixed

  93. author

    PRPOGUYZ9 時間 前

    Confirmed, works Friday 17th January 2020, 12:33 PM

  94. author

    Chole Lane9 時間 前

    Yea they love stopping people from making money & trolling they are always doing both

  95. author

    Shamin Afiq9 時間 前

    the town is cursed because jesus said so

  96. author

    Rampage Clover9 時間 前

    Really wish you could line up all 16 of them

  97. author

    Alexander Barnes9 時間 前

    I can't access the immorgon on the ifruit app.. any tips?

  98. author

    Rampage Clover9 時間 前

    You should never flaunt your kill

  99. author

    EAST BALLERz9 時間 前

    Johnny K's death actually sad too

  100. author

    Alun Richards10 時間 前

    That was very interesting, took a lot of research I bet really enjoyed. Thanks.