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Best Week Ever.Best Week Ever.

Best Week Ever.

20 日 前

FaceApp ReviewFaceApp Review

FaceApp Review

ヶ月 前

Papers, Please!Papers, Please!

Papers, Please!

2 ヶ月 前

Minecraft Part 1Minecraft Part 1

Minecraft Part 1

2 ヶ月 前

Keanu ReevesKeanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves

3 ヶ月 前

E3 2019 SummarizedE3 2019 Summarized

E3 2019 Summarized

3 ヶ月 前



3 ヶ月 前

  1. author

    mey kim11 分 前

    No one knows if jack ever got the potato are not

  2. author

    Mr.classy Tooter11 分 前

    He used creative

  3. author

    Tobias LG11 分 前

    Next time for obsidian trap, use water and lava from dispenser

  4. author

    BosNeger11 分 前

    What is the most likes on a comment?

  5. author

    DarkusRebirth #KHS11 分 前


  6. author

    Bro Fist11 分 前

    At 2:03 he flies in creative

  7. author

    Dimple face Cassie ._. .___.11 分 前

    What? I’m not crying. No I’m just hot so hot my eyes are sweating that’s all. But in all seriousness congratulations I’m so happy that you found love and happiness. I hope the best for you and your future.

  8. author

    Aasiø Ali11 分 前

    His thumb nail face 😂

  9. author

    KingYas11 分 前

    When you realize this was a filler episode

  10. author

    Matthew McCollough11 分 前

    Does anyone know what you’re pack that is?

  11. author

    Zoe Stahl11 分 前

    Felix: *puts enemies in boats and blows up the ended dragon with beds* Notch: Wait, that’s illegal

  12. author

    Jenny R11 分 前

    Did anyone notice that In the video it said Jamescharles has entered the game

  13. author

    Kimyx3Angel11 分 前

    *Are you going to show us how mad medan ends? please dad*

  14. author

    SAHIB12 分 前

    How isn’t this demonetised ?

  15. author

    Winky 26812 分 前

    He thought fegei was the monster, but in reality, it was he himself Rip Fegei

  16. author

    remember my name12 分 前

    Pewdiepie should play on the 2b2t server and take it over

  17. author

    Bro Face12 分 前

    2:50 when you play bitch lasagna in india

  18. author

    EMINO12 分 前

    You should play w vanoss

  19. author

    100 sub without any video12 分 前

    I think i saw this machine in a japanese movie .

  20. author

    Bajwa YT12 分 前

    PewDiePie is Best 👇

  21. author

    StartKent12 分 前

    Hello, i am from the future. Feigi will die in 2 october He is like father to me

  22. author

    Marcello Montella12 分 前

    11:50 OI he’s breaking that dirt with a potato in one hit y u in creative Felix?

  23. author

    A Human12 分 前

    Sometimes I forget that they're adults...

  24. author

    Franek Formella12 分 前

    Has anyone noticed pewds flies at 2:03?

  25. author

    İnvisible Muffin12 分 前

    Rest in peace dillon

  26. author

    EMINO12 分 前

    Vanoss copy

  27. author

    Homer Simpson12 分 前

    Thougt it was Cry in the thumbnail.. I got so excited for a moment😔

  28. author

    Gage La Fleur12 分 前

    what the song name

  29. author

    Juice Box12 分 前

    Look at this he actually liked this video He lives!

  30. author

    Skrrt12 分 前

    but logan’s maverick died...

  31. author

    Zoe Stahl12 分 前

    How tf am I supposed to explain to my mom why I’m crying

  32. author

    Nick Matthews12 分 前

    I mean, theres virtually no chance that you see this message but I'll try anyway. You guys should make Death run courses for eachother.

  33. author

    Hasashi Karami Reborn12 分 前

    4:37 top 10 ways to prank an Irish man lol

  34. author

    Needmorebillie IN MY LIFE12 分 前

    Like if T - series won

  35. author

    Sloppy Pancakes13 分 前

    Doctor: how much per week do u play Minecraft? Pewds: YeS

  36. author

    ᴍᴏᴏɴ13 分 前

    No entiendo inglés pero quiero decirte algo... Te amo😔🤘🏻💕

  37. author

    Tanjoeng Hidayatullah13 分 前


  38. author

    zeus PRO13 分 前

    Лол, а почему название на русском?

  39. author

    Daniel Martinez13 分 前

    Do us all a favor and remove that mod it looks like shit

  40. author

    Adrielcapon13 分 前


  41. author

    Pauly Shore13 分 前

    Dat tan tho

  42. author

    Huzaifa Amin13 分 前

    These videos totally give them the opportunity to act like Real 9 YEAR OLDS!!!!😂😂😂

  43. author

    Master Gaming13 分 前

    We don't want filler episodes.

  44. author

    Flakey13 分 前

    A Wtf😂

  45. author

    MegaMonty13 分 前

    Felix's Minecraft playthrough is basically reality TV at this point

  46. author

    SweetGamer13 分 前

    You Can get rid of the raid if you drink milk

  47. author

    THE HORRER13 分 前


  48. author

    Trafford Hill13 分 前

    Wait hold they play multiplayer

  49. author

    Magician Kitty13 分 前


  50. author

    Dosh13 分 前

    Can anyone tell me whats the name of the song? 3:00 And wtf James Charles entered his server?!? 15:01

  51. author

    COFFE13 分 前

    At 2:02 pewds was in creative you can see him start to fly.

  52. author

    HiloSydeKilla13 分 前

    Jack: You’re evil! *Pewdiepie’s Evil Incorporated*

  53. author

    charzand13 分 前


  54. author

    Shayna Newman13 分 前

    Jack: removes block so Felix can’t mine tree Felix: PRANK-INATOR

  55. author

    oy mandem13 分 前

    Why were you in creative mode you CHEATER

  56. author

    I have a small pee pee, But13 分 前

    Anyone else notice when he slept it said James Charles joined the game

  57. author

    study10113 分 前

    It's amazing to see how much PewDiePie's channel has grown. After 8 years he's at 100 million subs.

  58. author

    CHOP CHOP13 分 前

    Pewds: *tries to prank jack.* Ladders: *im gonna end this man's whole career.*

  59. author

    DazeMakeVideos 9613 分 前

    PewDiePie are using creative?.

  60. author

    Rusu Mihnea14 分 前

    8:19 he used creative. C H EA T E R

  61. author

    Ƴυкเηε ._.14 分 前

    Why everyone do minecraft vidéo, fortnite got rekt, we all are happy.

  62. author

    Too lng14 分 前

    9:52 No one can do it... building a house while listening to annoying bells...

  63. author

    divat 1014 分 前

    He has a patatoe nametag in iventory?! I smell creative

  64. author

    Bartolome Zabalza14 分 前

    Este sube un video y vive 7 años

  65. author

    Hyp3r Str34m14 分 前

    shaders look horrible.

  66. author

    Mr Nolalife14 分 前

    Idk care if pewds says the n word and I'm black I just don't care

  67. author

    l6nely. exe14 分 前

    8:18 Felix is playing in creative 😳

  68. author

    Benji Bro14 分 前

    - did u do it? t-series - yes - what did it cost? - 120578 india songs...

  69. author

    Twisted Bonnie14 分 前

    *she broke the book*

  70. author

    i dont know idk14 分 前

    I think felix flew after jack was calling him

  71. author

    The fan Of undertale14 分 前

    2018 year of memes

  72. author

    Alexis Juarez14 分 前

    Very impressive but can you play a bass ?

  73. author

    Giacomo Rossi14 分 前

    T seriea

  74. author

    Local moi14 分 前

    Felix hiding he fact he used creative lol

  75. author

    The Headbanging Dog14 分 前

    Rip part 1

  76. author

    Orema Reacts14 分 前

    *I made 15 accounts to subscribe to you*

  77. author

    JayMarKay14 分 前

    6:45 my poo coming out of my butthole

  78. author

    Azzy14 分 前

    The respawn is wrong because felix kills the counsil of Watersheep, 1000% confirmed

  79. author

    LANCELOT14 分 前

    And this episode will entitled "torture"

  80. author

    Amay Srivastav14 分 前

    I showed this to a t series worker

  81. author

    Kids Brasil15 分 前

    Ta poxa

  82. author

    Zach Reno15 分 前

    I wonder if anybody will watch this in 2100

  83. author

    Sebastian Larsen15 分 前

    Hats off to that amazing intro!

  84. author

    Lorenzo Bucciantini15 分 前

    what a outstanding thing. It means a lot for you Pew, congratulations. Your goal is finally done

  85. author

    bunny15 分 前

    7:42 did he just say "there is jungles in fortnite!?"

  86. author

    Good Art Drawn Badly15 分 前

    plsss post another man of medan???

  87. author

    Ahmed Ali15 分 前


  88. author

    CN GAMER15 分 前


  89. author

    The Mr.Top615 分 前

    Turn off shaders

  90. author

    4oli15 分 前

    Jack does a goofy little prank on pewds Pewds : so you have chosen ... death

  91. author

    The fan Of undertale15 分 前

    Yes pewd

  92. author

    Skyezer15 分 前

    feign is gonna end up going back and killing everyone

  93. author

    mineguide9815 分 前

    to use elytra just press space while falling(including common jump) and then use rocket(just as an item(not on block)) its easy fella!

  94. author

    DavidD MLG15 分 前

    2:50 futuristic Hub minecraft collab

  95. author

    Lalitha Thirumala15 分 前

    Did anyone notice that feigi was shooting that creepy Steve at him?

  96. author

    Tnt Guy15 分 前

    Git mark to

  97. author

    K8 L3315 分 前

    The noise in the hoola video sounds like the beginning of youth of the nation by P.O.D

  98. author

    Big bee Memes15 分 前

    Spoiler alert You lose😭😭😭😭

  99. author

    KushedUpMarko15 分 前

    Best minecraft video thus far! Feigi will be in our hearts forever!

  100. author

    edward asistorga15 分 前

    your subs was already a million, play roblox