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  1. author

    Randy Mayfield3 時間 前

    At 4:00 he was about to go deep into a thought. Gale made a right turn and it was that moment was gone

  2. author

    Ben Rayonez3 時間 前

    Tyler Perry you don't need hellyweird ???...your a Ray of light from God....congratulations on your opening of your new studios. 👏👏👏👏👏👊👊👊👍👍👍.

  3. author

    carren ward3 時間 前

    I know a lot of the comments are slamming Obama Care aka ACA, & I get that as it didn't turn out well with many having higher premiums etc., but without it, the young woman wouldn't be covered to age 26 under her parents' insurance, and when she turns 26 and needs to find own insurance, she can't be denied coverage - which prior to the passing of the ACA, insurance companies could do that. Also, hospitals that are owed a lot of $ can pursue the recovery going as far as getting judgement liens on assets i.e. someone's home.

  4. author

    marker3 時間 前

    She gets payed a million+ a year she should cut some of that out of her own pay and fix the library and other things that need fixing in the University

  5. author

    Mephfine Lykwine3 時間 前

    They gave him a pumpkin head damn smh 😢

  6. author

    HOLLOW HILL3 時間 前

    more college mean more unemployed college graduates with defaulted loans which taxpayers pay in the end right...

  7. author

    Jorge Morales3 時間 前

    He's a super heroe

  8. author

    Leonard Paige3 時間 前

    "He said that are you gonna be on the nba. The kid: YES! The next young Brian Scalabrine I think that's how you spell his name

  9. author

    Snow White3 時間 前

    Be careful if they have build a fake case,, that happens alll the

  10. author

    gibbredav3 時間 前

    Jeez. When I was at LSU as an out of state student, my tuition was approximately $9,000/semester but I had a scholarship/out of state tuition paid. In state students financial responsibility was considerably less; hardly anything if they were TOPS recipients. Still, I had about $25,000 in loans when I graduated in '08. That will likely be about 3 times that amount these 11 years later.

  11. author

    Justin Moore3 時間 前

    How is this news? Black people and white supremacy groups have been saying this for decades.

  12. author

    native one3 時間 前

    Send this kid home , he didn't have anything to do with what happened to that young lady. He was mislead by police officers who wanted to get his uncle. He reminds me of my son who wouldn't hurt a fly. Let him go so he will still have a chance for a good life. Those aren't the eyes of a killer .

  13. author

    Elizabeth Cummins3 時間 前

    Fake news. This is propaganda so they will be justified in aggressive force against civilians.

  14. author

    Kane O'Toole3 時間 前


  15. author

    Rani Rich3 時間 前

    Swamp News Lies! They see how many Supporters stand with President Trump and yet intentionally lie with fake polls! Whistleblower laws do not trump Constitutional Law as three times + lying Adam Schiff is trying to play it. This coup attempt with accomplices not only will place a dark spot in our history for Democrats and this Congressional House, but will be a future education for Americans to jealously guard against. Acts of Tyranny, Treason will be met with GITMO singing : Swing low Sweet Chariot, coming for to carry me home ... Pelosi, no one is above the law, not even Democrats in Congress!

  16. author

    Roman S3 時間 前

    silly interview

  17. author

    turcanewyork3 時間 前

    Omg! Look at those beautiful blue eyes, no DNA needed, those Sinatra eyes .

  18. author

    w/ e3 時間 前

    “He said she said”? Lol. The dude had a button under his deck that locked his door so women couldn’t leave.

  19. author

    Sherry X3 時間 前

    Gayle is so freaking awkward and defensive (“We never thought we’d be part of it”). She is also just terrible and framed every question in a loaded/judgmental way. Can Norah come back already?

  20. author

    RJ Macoute3 時間 前

    A singularly beautiful animal. Apex predators are good for the environment.

  21. author

    Rio Brasil Samba Shows sambistabeauty3 時間 前

    We only want to hear Ronan Farrow talk about his gorgeous dad, Frank Sinatra

  22. author

    Message3 時間 前

    He is a great human being with a genuine heart above anything, you can achieve ground breaking success but in my opinion, it seems difficult to remain a grounded, humbled, respectable human being in the entertainment business. His humanity, love for our people and the diversity of our people shines right through in his interviews. No air of arrogance, superiority or the like, he is a true African King.

  23. author


    I also think that socializing with better friends like who I know.

  24. author

    christopher CM3 時間 前

    Its to small

  25. author


    Maybe my first yr is just starting to getting used to college, I do think that higher education is hard and might be better people like me. But even though making friends is hard for me.

  26. author

    Marcus G. May3 時間 前


  27. author

    MPR3 時間 前

    She didn't answer the question and Tony let her get away with that!

  28. author

    Janice DeLisle3 時間 前

    Many hours of enjoyment frm watching Mash -great actor and person!

  29. author

    f b3 時間 前

    Dude had a gun and wasn't listening the cops wanna go home at the end of the day.. sorry he is clearly pointing a gun at them.

  30. author

    -14 subscribers with no videos3 時間 前


  31. author

    1911beauty3 時間 前

    His TV and movie work does not speak to me personally. But boy am I proud that he has his own. His story is phenomenal 😄

  32. author

    f b3 時間 前

    He had a gun but no big deal...... wtf ever you dont run, the first thing the cops said was put your hands up now!

  33. author

    Cool Cat3 時間 前

    That King Kong movie was perfect marketing tool

  34. author

    Praxx Cobian3 時間 前

    First red flag was the welcome mat on this man's front door this woman clearly knew where she was even from her face she is clearly bullshitting

  35. author

    dxelson3 時間 前

    14 million peoole? I'm pretty sure it was around 30 million

  36. author

    Jacklin Gharibian3 時間 前

    I am so sorry to have to witness this loss of human life. The father and the daughter were both so young, and life was ahead of them. The current of the river was all too cruel and so inhumane, and it acted like a big monster or a terrible beast. What are the answers to all of these problems we face in distress and madness? How can we exist in the natural world with our need for freedom, abundance, good health, and peace, when the natural world is so harsh and when it acts against our need to survive and to thrive anytime we show a disregard for the rules of nature that we must obey?

  37. author

    Tyler3 時間 前

    Why mom? Who's attacking us? IT'S AMERICA'S FAULT!!!!

  38. author

    Make Sense3 時間 前

    Due to weight of water? 8 pounds per gallon

  39. author

    Martina Chavez3 時間 前

    A man that noone seen.....ya mom desperate but has not shed a had something to do with it...

  40. author

    Ray Shabaz3 時間 前

    If it was your child, what would you do?

  41. author

    oo aa3 時間 前

    This woman is absolutely disgusting

  42. author

    bkstacker 2473 時間 前

    A random attack you should be killed randomly just for saying that

  43. author

    Modern Savage253 時間 前

    You should be, you make garbage. This guy makes film student movies look like Richard Linklater flicks.

  44. author

    kenna luvs you3 時間 前

    losing a family member is not an excuse for violence!!!

  45. author

    Cesar cruz3 時間 前

    Sounds like Christopher Columbus coming back and the native A M E R I C A N S have to move AGAIN!!!

  46. author

    Nancy Drew3 時間 前

    Wow, sounds like a fair and balanced interview.

  47. author

    L uis Cruz3 時間 前

    Keep recording protect each other

  48. author

    JOY Lesile3 時間 前

    He has lose his mind not cooperating. What is he smoking 🤔😂💯💯

  49. author

    Jorge Cordoba3 時間 前

    El mencho is been protected by the Mexican government

  50. author

    DiuQui3 時間 前

    Beautiful job with this interview, Gayle. Thank you so much, Chanel, for giving a voice to so many women who have been assaulted and suffered in silence. Thank you for challenging our society's sick culture of blaming the victim.

  51. author

    Lavender And Honey3 時間 前

    dear old dad sinatra was nothing but a wicked abuser of women in the mk ultra program.

  52. author

    boreduser123 時間 前

    Host: Neil, can you tell us a little more about flying to mars? Neil: So there is this mis.. H: I see. Can you tell us why pluto isn't a planet? N: Ha, that one... H: Why did the chicken cross the road? N: Well actually, it's not so... H: Quick, point in the direction of where the moon is at this moment relative to us. N: I'd have to check my... H: Alright, thank you for coming. It's always great to have you on our show. Coming up next, we'll ask the people in the streets what they think about the pumpkin desserts we made from recipes sent by 10 year old.

  53. author

    Kara Middleton3 時間 前

    Just a he said she said?? Gail??? Wtf? They didn't mention that Farrow won a freaking Pulitzer for his Weinstein story. Obviously, they didn't read his book. Gail's questions specifically were aggressive and unfair.

  54. author

    F. I.3 時間 前

    The whitest black people in America.

  55. author

    native one3 時間 前

    I heard the same thing , skinheads , bloods and crips ,black panthers and mobsters a real melting pot.

  56. author

    TheMabes693 時間 前

    wow she has $$$

  57. author

    austin silas3 時間 前

    There is a God and God without question despises the Media image, does He not?

  58. author

    Miko Holt3 時間 前

    This is so dope, not only for blacks but for the world-- awesome

  59. author

    Mike Bell3 時間 前

    That door opens from the outside and there is glass break the glass and open the door!! omg stacking tables isn’t going to stop them!!

  60. author

    Jedidiah Pepping3 時間 前

    Texting kills more people than the AR-15. Better ban the cell phone. Funny how it's a law and still doesn't stop people. 🤔

  61. author

    Daniel O3 時間 前


  62. author

    Gtb_tway4 時間 前

    That's black

  63. author

    Aphrodittee4 時間 前

    Exactly! Amen! No is above the law! White Americans Think They Can Get Away With Everything! 😡

  64. author

    James Haughton4 時間 前

    why does not rand get a real job

  65. author

    Marty Wheeler4 時間 前

    Congratulations…… President Trump! The four stooges👒👒👒👒 are on the run for tax crime's! Pelosi has been the fake news Queen with a beer in her hand! The other Democrats are fleeing because ...AG Barr has a ink pen.... and Grand jury indictment paper's ready to sign! Ooooo....Boy!! get ready!!! Wild days are coming to the streets of America! Shàlom!🇺🇸

  66. author

    Roger Quintanilla4 時間 前

    Too many bad apples in Secret Service, CIA and FBI.

  67. author

    Valerie F.4 時間 前

    This is so amazing! I just hope the Elites don't try to destroy this man.

  68. author

    Cookie Cute as a puppy4 時間 前

    I doubt it..😑... she won’t go without a fight ...

  69. author

    Apex King2064 時間 前

    Look how successful Christian's are becoming in this secular world we live in ! Tyler , Russell , NF etc . Pretty cool !

  70. author

    Khalid Elhaigoune4 時間 前

    What about keeping your legs together or using a condom?🤔

  71. author

    Ultra4 時間 前

    The way they cant handle it and try to say he is a good golfer is hilarious. Stay mad media loons.

  72. author

    Idk Idk4 時間 前

    are dey gonna forget spm?

  73. author

    Autumn Mairee4 時間 前

    Paris Winery based in Cookeville, TN has came up with the PERFECT cotton candy taste it’s $20 a bottle but worth every penny honestly

  74. author

    Cecil Roberts4 時間 前

    Lol......shes half black! Lot of people fetishizing her and think shes 100% Japanese overlook the fact shes half Haitian. Lmao......Serena.....the one you hate is her idol! Coco looks up to Venus as well. Lots of black female tennis players owe a debt of gratitude to them! Despite you thinking their not gracious enough.....they love appreciate them.

  75. author

    ranae4 時間 前

    send this killer back o the UK to face the consequences.!!!!!

  76. author

    Russian Thotbot4 時間 前

    "Spillage"?! He done did something. "Do you poke it? Do you probe it?! Wtf ?!sumptin happened!

  77. author

    Jahzeal JR4 時間 前

    Cheeks are gonna get busted wide open.....ohhhh boiiii.

  78. author

    Russian Thotbot4 時間 前

    "Spillage"?! He done did something. "Do you poke it? Do you probe it?! Wtf ?!sumptin happened!

  79. author

    Okie Dokey4 時間 前

    When I was a kid my older brother who had been to Vietnam loved to watch MASH. Being about 8 years old I didnt understand the humor but my brother would laugh quite a bit. I am now 56. My brother passed away 10 years ago. Sometime I will watch a rerun on purpose and imagine the sound of Jims laugh. Funny how t.v. shows invoke a memory.

  80. author

    Inyalabudbud Punjabbidaliwad4 時間 前

    One word to explain everything.......Negroes:)

  81. author

    ZANEY Alexander4 時間 前

    That cop jumped out of the garage cut out like a pro!

  82. author

    Keith West4 時間 前

    You are a great an of god I love you my brother

  83. author

    bedshaped854 時間 前

    Deplorable interview! The host should feel ashamed attacking a credible whistleblower. And they call themselves journalists?!!!🤣 SN: Gayle King can be irritating af!

  84. author


    Doesn't it suck when people keep telling your secrets? LOL

  85. author

    Kenneth Kierbow4 時間 前

    Hollywood is in the same boat... with the NBA... HYPO....crites....

  86. author

    Lu Cho4 時間 前

    Sorry! FBI starting investigation because they don't receive much TAXES! Maybe they will worry about your pay roll later.

  87. author

    ZechsMerquise734 時間 前

    Top ten anime betrayals: Free market allows a girl to get her rich parents to let her travel the world promoting progressivism

  88. author

    Sez B4 時間 前

    Doesn't surprise me at all that there have been allegations. The guy is an absolute seed; particularly when it comes to 'starstruck' 20-something female fans and interviewers etc. And techniques are a total cringe also. "Let's hold each other by the wrist so we can feel each others heartbeat"? 🤮

  89. author

    Tropic Lightning2019-4 時間 前

    Just destroy the towers.. Lots of ways to do that.

  90. author

    Misses Witch4 時間 前

    His wife sent that girl to him ♥ It made me cry so much

  91. author

    joan smith4 時間 前

    Ronan Farrow should win the Pulitzer Prize for his work. He's a brilliant lawyer and writer who has doggedly investigated this story. THese men can't hide anymore and THAT is why they're so angry. This kind of behavior has gone on for generations in every workplace imaginable. And its past time that it stopped.

  92. author

    Tamara Sharp4 時間 前

    Damn! All got quiet for a minute there. 😳

  93. author

    S L4 時間 前

    Now, they are WeBroke.

  94. author

    Margaret Jackson Gray4 時間 前

    Good for you! Go for it!

  95. author

    Molotov With Lux4 時間 前


  96. author

    TellIT LikeitIS4 時間 前

    Meanwhile the navy came out recently confirming the existence of ufos....

  97. author

    Bob Jones4 時間 前

    Law enforcement is a psychotic cult.

  98. author

    ye yito4 時間 前

    The woman he raped is made of star dust, remnants of the big bang

  99. author

    Rein 184 時間 前

    492 white ppl hit the dislike button 😂😂😂🤷‍♂️😁

  100. author

    Asolnailik _4 時間 前

    This is my school